Developers: Geo Augmented Reality Toolkit (GART) now available for Windows Phone

We mentioned the Geo Augmented Reality Toolkit (GART) it back in September. The toolkit was designed by some folks at Microsoft and aims to make it extremely simple for developers to make augmented reality apps for Windows Phone 7.5 Mango. As we wrote back in September:

"The best part about these tools, once again, is Microsoft's emphasis on simplicity. With as little as six-lines of code, developers can begin to make their own AR layers to existing apps. All the sensors are handled for them and there's a "drag and drop" design"

The tools have finally been reviewed internally and v1.0.1 is now available for download. So what say you, developers? Can we have some kewl new AR apps? Get those creative juices flowing and make us a proud.

Source: Codeplex; Check the demo video after the break...

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Awesome, I hope some good AR apps land soon!
  • our AR-App is coming soon. We are working really hard to publish it within the next few weeks. You find details on:
  • Looks great, thank you for your work on this! This would be amazing with ski applications built-in. Like having a resort map on your phone in AR.
  • Thank you :)
    You may further describe your idea on If it gets enough points, we will implement it ;)
  • That's pretty cool.
  • Hey guys, I'm the author of this kit. Thank you WPCentral for providing some great press. I'm really humbled by the uptake of the kit in such a short period of time.I'd love to know which application that is in the screenshot at the top of the article. It looks very sharp and I really like the graphics.My e-mail, blog and Twitter are at the bottom of the CodePlex site now. Let me know if you guys build something cool and let me know if there's any way I can help.Jared Bienz @jbienz