Developers now receiving their free handsets from Microsoft [Updated]

Microsoft strives to maintain a good relationship with developers on the platform. Free tools, promotion, work camps, sessions, events, communities, support and now free handsets to get them started (opens in new tab). We recently published a photo of these handsets being prepped for shipping (opens in new tab) and delivery. Fast forward a few days later and we have reports of developers receiving said Windows Phones. What's the mysterious device? A HTC Surround, which is surely to please many with the level of support they're receiving from Microsoft.

Gary Holden, a technology enthusiast and developer, has received his Surround and has been informed by the software giant that this handset makes up for the majority of ones being shipped to developers. We, of course, are already aware that this Windows Phone has been discontinued (opens in new tab) at more than one carrier.

Update: We've just received word from Microsoft that developers will be receiving newer handsets as well, now that Mango devices are hitting the shelves. Nokia Windows Phones will also be given out to developers (opens in new tab). In the months up to new handsets being released, Microsoft continued support for developers by providing first generation handsets. The image posted on Friday was actually a batch of Samsung Focus S and Flash devices.

Source: Gary Holden

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • I guess they had a few left over...
  • LOL, right?
  • At least they put them to extremely good use.
  • Ive had one for 11 months, it's a pretty good unit. Glad to see the remainder are being put to good use.
  • leftover headsets to devs instead of feeding the market months ago AND funding an urgent CDMA strategy with modern phones for Sprint/Verizon.Microsoft acts like a rinky-dink copany sometimes.
  • Microsoft can't force handsets onto CDMA carriers networks, if the don't ask for more phones nothing anyone can do.
  • Im sure there was some news a couple weeks ago about a few networks were already taking these off their shelves, maybe they werent selling so well, thats why they have surpluss to give out to developers?Still, its better microsoft give them out free than they end up in landfill or something, plus it keeps devs happy :D
  • Wow. No 2nd Gen devices? Bummer. You'd kind of think they'd give devs the latest and greatest to work on (at least a Focus Flash)rather than leftovers of a 1st Gen handset that wasn't all that popular to begin with. I sort of thought that was why they were holding off sending them was to wait for the new devices to show up. Well, better than forcing them to purchase one on their own, I suppose.
  • Brandon Watson on twitter says that all devices sent out where Samsung devices and not HTC...
  • Yeah.. I saw that too... a shot across the bow of WPCentral. :)
  • Article updated, we mentioned that the HTC Surround made up for the majority of devices being sent out at the time, which - using first generation devices - was true against the LG Quantum. We were now made aware that the handsets were in fact Samsung 2nd generation devices being shipped.
  • That's definitely good news. For what it's worth, I thought the Surround was a good idea. If they can make a phone with good speakers that would be sweet. I didn't consider the Surround because there was no keyboard, but I also doubted that the sound was anything revolutionary. That would most likely come from an audio company like Bose, KEF, or someone like that.
  • Well HTC owns beats by dr dre so we'll have to see on that (even though i think dr dre's are **** compared to say...seinhieser, bose)
  • I hope these devs can deal with random reboots and dust under the screen