Did Halo Infinite's release month just get leaked by a donut ad?

Halo Infinite Donut
Halo Infinite Donut (Image credit: Microsoft/Krispy Kreme)

It's no secret that Halo Infinite is easily the biggest game coming soon to Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S later this year, and that it's also one of the most important releases for the franchise as a whole. There's a lot riding on the game, as fans are hoping that Halo Infinite's innovative campaign structure and sandbox-driven arena gameplay will return Halo to the limelight. Because of this, fans have been eagerly anticipating a release date for the game, but so far, one hasn't come.

This might no longer be the case, however, as Halo Infinite's release month has potentially been revealed...by an advertisement for donuts. That's right — a Tweet from the verified Xbox Mexico Twitter account has possibly suggested that the game is coming during the month of November.

"Why wait for November if we can start the festivities now?" the advertisement reads. "Xbox Mexico and @MexKrispyKreme, we celebrate 20 years of the Master Chief with a special edition Halo Infinite donut. Available July 30."

We were expecting the game's release window to be publicly revealed soon since the winter season is only a few months away, but we have to admit that we weren't expecting to learn about it this way. It's important to note that the ad could be referring to the date of the 20th Anniversary of the Halo series, too, but it's impossible to say for sure — maybe Halo Infinite and the 20th Anniversary are being celebrated? Either way, it's weird that we might be learning of Halo Infinite's potential November release window through a dessert ad, but we're not complaining. We will be if those Halo Infinite donuts are exclusive to the Mexico region, though.

Halo Infinite is expected to launch for $60 on all current Xbox consoles as well as Windows 10 (and Windows 11) PCs. The singleplayer side of the game looks like it will cost $60, although the multiplayer will be free. The Halo Infinite beta is also going live for the first time from July 29 to August 1, so make sure you sign up to help 343 Industries test the game.

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