Did Nokia take 2.5M preorders for the Lumia 920? Maybe.

Nokia has yet to release a report detailing Lumia 920 sales, and until that time is upon us we can only speculate and estimate what said numbers will actually be. There's much anticipation to see whether Nokia has received such high levels of demand that the well established manufacturer simply cannot build enough Lumia 920s to throw at retailers and carriers, or we're simply seeing low levels of stock being produced at launch.

According to a report over at Yahoo China, pre-ordered (and purchased) Lumia 920 numbers have exceeded 2.5 million, slightly less than the total number of Lumia Windows Phones sold in the last quarter combined. If this is accurate, we are seeing massive demand for not only Nokia's flagship handset, but Windows Phone 8 as well.

We'll remain skeptical and believe that simply not enough stock is available, but there's always the possibility...

Rum: 7

If you haven't already read our in-depth review of the Lumia 920, we recommend doing so as it's a superb look on Nokia's latest innovation. We believe it to be one of the best options out there if you're looking at purchasing a Windows Phone, alongside the HTC 8X and upcoming Samsung ATIV S - each with its own unique features.

The way Nokia, Microsoft and partners have marketed the Lumia 920 (as well as the special deals that have been published) we wouldn't be surprised at a high number of orders for the device. Sporting a 4.5" IPS display with ClearTouch HD+ technology, 8MP PureView camera, 32GB storage, 1GB RAM, as well as Nokia's exclusive services and apps in the Nokia Collection, it's no surprise that the handset could be a popular choice.

Nokia moved 2.9 million Lumia Windows Phones last quarter. If strong sales of not only the Lumia 920, but the Lumia 820 too are present then we could see a large increase, which is exactly what the manufacturer needs in its current situation. As a slightly off-topic note: Nokia's stock has also been on the rise lately, as we've recently touched on - jumping 21% in just five days.  Today it was 7.5% higher at $3.56 a share.

Nokia has made sure that its previous Lumia windows Phone line of devices paved the way for an easy release in multiple markets. The Lumia 920 has been made available in the US, Europe, in Commonwealth countries, as well as Asia, which allows for a strong number of them to be sold (or at least ordered) by consumers in multiple markets.

Lumia 920 Meme

We've had UK retailer Clove inform us of higher-than-expected demand, with retailers across the country selling out within hours. Combine that with AT&T and Rogers where it was nigh impossible to locate a carrier store that has any in stock. Across the ocean was Telstra announcing on Twitter they were overwhelmed by the interest in the Lumia 920. It's an exciting pattern we're seeing across the board.

The big question we need answers to is: is the demand actual high levels of interest for the Lumia 920, or is it due to low stock levels?

Do we believe it to be farfetched that Nokia may have too many orders to get processed? Absolutely, to a degree. While neither Nokia or Microsoft are expecting majority of consumers to suddenly look and Windows Phone and think, "Yeah, I want one now!" they will have predicted a sudden surge with marketing, Windows 8 and more advanced hardware being made possible thanks to development in the latest version.

As mentioned in the opening paragraph, we'll have to wait for actual details and figures from Nokia. But it's interesting to speculate demand.

Source: Yahoo! (Bing Translate)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Great! now get Instagram to build an app for WP and the sales might even double
  • And snapchat
  • As to why the instagram ppl are being complete buttwipes, idk but we will see them rush some app out in a couple months
  • It's more that instagram is representative of how many appss are missing, and how clones like lomogram can't fully replace them.
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  • agreed.
  • Instagram and Xbox video support. That's it.
  • Never used instagram but isn't 4th and mayor so much better than 4 square? Just saying third party developers can make just as good apps
  • Problem is Instagram doesn't allow third party apps to post only view.  So unless there is a official app there is no way to post pictures.  Lame.
  • And with 10 million posts just yesterday Instagram is still growing.
  • Apparently it's more popular than Twitter now.
    I dream of Microsoft integrating Instagram into Photos hub!
  • Not surprising... I still don't see the point/appeal of twitter
  • weel then your missing a lot
  • Yes, I like 4th and Mayor much better and that is a fine example of how third party apps can fill the gap, provided the APIs are available. I don't use instagram, so don't know what the big deal is with that app in particular, but third party apps can fill the gap given the APIs AND the marketing to differentiate the excellent ones from the garbage ones.
  • An instagram app has most likely been in the works for a long time. Facebook bought Instagram and Microsoft is one of Facebook's earliest investors so it shouldnt be long until instagram hits.
  • Yeah, yeah, that's what people have been saying since the day fb bought instagram. But they've had more than enough time to produce a great app for WP8 & Windows 8. If they wanted to they would have. They won't look our way until the user base increases quite a bit.
  • In Addition to that logic... If Facebook wanted to be friends with MS (since they did buy quite a bit of stock) then why didn't they build the dedicated app for WP7/8 ? 
  • Agreed. Given that Microsoft had to make the mobile Facebook apps for WP7 I don't see them rushing to do an Instagram one.
  • I could see Windows Phone working on getting Instagram built in just like facebook, twitter, and skype. Tell me that wouldn't be legit.
  • Sure but at this point I don't care. Just give me a shitty app so I can join my friends on Instagram.
  • Does instagram do anything other than degrade nice photos? Is there an actual use for it that someone can explain to me?
  • Ok, I wasn't sure if I knew precisely what this did other than what you stated.  I'm heading over to their product site right now to research what otherwise seems like a silly phenomena.
  • Breal samsungs 10M gs3 record ftw lumia
  • Im really hoping this is true. This would be great news for the WP platform.
  • Good phone equals to good sales. Well, this is a hard-discussion sentence I just wrote, but you know what I mean, you get the point. 
  • Good selling equals good sales - marketing, availability, in-store and salesperson promoting, pundit and media buzz. Having good/great product, by itself gets you part way. The last missing link in the value chain is the table-stakes apps mentioned in other comments. After that, it's all about the merits of the platform and the synergy of the Microsoft and Windows ecosystem - which I believe is formidable, compelling, and competitive.
  • Then how do you explain the iPhone 5? :)
  • Bahhhhh, good sheep, good.
  • I can confirm one preorder. Have to start somewhere...
  • Yep me too.
  • Plus 1 I can confirm I have it in my hand white Lumia 920 at&t
  • I can confirm two. One for my grandma (red) and one for me (yellow). I got my yellow one on Wednesday, and I love it.
  • I preordered two, red and yellow but I got only the red, the yellow has been cancelled twice but I'm not giving up.
  • Preordered black on love it
  • I can also confirm I have one of their 2.5 million units :) And, what great even more....
    I've swayed my Mrs to leave BB for the Lumia 820, and two other mates to throw their iPhones for the Lumia 920!
  • Two...
    Yellow and red...
  • lmfao @ that meme
  • +1
  • Photoshop tip: set the black stroke to outside, that way it doesn't eat into the text
  • I hope so..
  • lumia 920 is not even out in china,india,africa,,i just hope the quality stays.. with all the down sizing i hope they can meet demands.. who said its a heavy phone??? shut you mouth.. hahah NOKIA FTW...
  • Add 3 more onto that number, parents and I just got new 920's today
  • A Nokia Lumia without "Children of Bodom" in the playlist, is a Lumia undeserved.
  • Would other Finnish metal be okay too?  I'm partial to Moonsorrow these days.
  • Just imagine how much better sales would be here in the US if the 920 was on Verizon, Sprint, and T Mobile. Come on, Nokia, get on the ball here!!!!
  • Exactly what I was thinking. They need to stop with all the exclusivity crap.
  • Same with the UK, I was about to pay £459 (what's that, $700 or something?) for a 920 from phones4u until the salesperson realised they are EE (Tmobile and Orange) only, so 70% of mobile users in the UK can't use em. The sad thing is, EE have done feck all to market/sell the phone, their websites are just full of iPhone this and HTC desire that. So screw you Nokia, I'll stick with my 710, because you dont give a shit about me. Cheers!! Im refusing to pay £600 (near $1000??) to get one from Clove...
  • Just get an 8X
  • I want drive and the other Nokia apps, and also I want the camera. The 710 to the 8x makes no sense as an immediate upgrade, id rather wait for the G2 WP8 devices than go from a fully fledged G2 WP7 device to a G1 WP8 device that doesn't offer anything substantial in terms of improvements over the 710, but may not offer as much in some respects, if that make sense?
  • Not to mention, the 800 and 610 are selling well now that they're dirt cheap. I rekon Nokia will have some good numbers for next quarter's report.
  • love it and so true. Windows phone is back and will be #1 again. What makes windows phone is start screen and live tiles blows away ugly boring iphone and android apps. I know they are selling 920 like hotcakes.
  • What do you mean by "again", lol
  • I think he means Nokia will be number one again, not Windows Phone
  • Maybe he/she was refering to Windows Mobile. Which was #1 at some point in time. Idk.
  • I mean windows mobile, and remember pocketpc days lol
  • "what if I told you, the Lumia 920 sold well" then I'd slap you and say "of course it did" jokes aside if this is true then its good for Nokia.
  • Well, i can tell that they are number one on prisjakt in Sweden. That is a pricecomparasion site. Lumia 920 is the phone most people look for. It's the first lumia to reach the number one position. And the phone isn't released yet (29th is the date in sweden). That shows that there is a lot of interests in this phone. 
    And 2.5 million is probably true. There is no reason for them to lie plus that we know that lots of people was disappointed with the new iPhone 5. And of course we get many sells from that, but for Nokia it's important to have many phones delivered before Christmas. Plus of course after Christmas if people get cash and stuff (and that big January sale). 
  • The Rogers guys tell me the Nokia 920 is a high demand phone to explain why they don't have one, or is it all smoke and mirrors???
  • A bit of both, I believe. They haven't been getting stock in huge numbers (my rep said about 10 a week) and they are all instantly gone. You still have people calling stores everyday and they don't even have demo phones out so it is safe to say that the demand is pretty high as well. Or I hope so anyways.
  • #next_pages_container { width: 5px; hight: 5px; position: absolute; top: -100px; left: -100px; z-index: 2147483647 !important; }
    ummmm the store in london ontario canada has a demo lumia 920. i wana get it but i dont no kidna wana wait for the cortex a15 chips to ship on phones. ya ya i know there is always new tech comin out but i mean when a9 came out its been out for a while and manufacturer's still use it.  
  • That's awesome.
  • I don't think this number is right though. While I was waiting for and having my order cancelled for the fifth time of the cyan L920, one of the supervisors for At&t told me that the preorders were about 3400 or so (not sure if the cyan version or all colors) with the first 2000 shipping on the 9th, the next 1000 shipping on the 10th and the rest on that following Monday. That doesn't include in store purchases on launch day and might just be online purchases so who knows? 
    How many markets has the L920 been released in? If China has already started receiving their shipments to sell, then maybe then.
  • dude. this is worldwide not America
  • Finish reading my whole comment. I mention that part.
  • You'd really trust some random supervisor on national preorder sales?
  • Really doubt that supervisor. For example, Elisa here in Finland had over 5000 preorders and counting when their PR released some numbers. I'd say other Finnish carriers are in the same boat. And Finland is a miniscule nation (5,5 million citizens).
  • I have the black one from AT&T
  • I bought a red from store and ordered a yellow at the same time. The red had vibration noise while the yellow had a bad speaker. I had to return the yellow because they couldn't order another. They reversed my contract. I will still receive the charging plate that I can return for a $50 refund. They replaced my red one with another. This one seems to be okay.
  • If this is true then this is incredible.  Im going to remain skeptical because of what happened to the Lumia 900.  But it is plausible.  This would definately put Windows phone on the map.  This would be incredible news!!  This would be amazing success.  It would create a halo effect and windows phone should blossom.  Then by the mid term next year when Surface phone and newer mid term windows phones release it would further keep blossoming.  I really hope this is true.
  • I cannot believe my cyan 920 just shattered...from a 2-foot drop on carpet! I can't believe this!
  • you do know that gorilla glass 2 is only scratch proof you know that?
  • Hmm maybe I should stop throwing my phone across the room onto my couch or bed :P
  • LOL. I did that once. But not across my room. which you are a crazy person to that. you can do that with a Surface though ;-)
  • Haha I do it all the time... I throw it around 2-3m - I figure the couch or bed will absorb the impact... Worked okay so far :P It's a HD7 too, which I don't think has gorilla glass
  • Thank you Danny but you are very wrong. How is Corning® Gorilla® Glass 2 different? Gorilla Glass 2 can be up to 20 percent thinner than the original, but still just as tough. This exceptional thinness enables greater design possibilities for slimmer and sleeker devices with brighter images and improved touch sensitivity. Gorilla Glass 2 is elegant and lightweight, but scratch resistant and durable enough to withstand the unexpected abuses of everyday life. source:http://www.corninggorillaglass.com/faqs/all
  • Oh yea. forgot about. that since I don't know much about Gorilla Glass or any type of glass really.
  • Well after an hour of intense beggin and threatening to cancel my 3 lines they sold me a white 920 as an early upgrade at $49 and a white charger plate. I still haven't recieved the black charger plate from my original ordr but no complaints here. I am very suprisedof how AT&T handled everything. Considering I purchased a white Lumia 900 at launch and had to replace a Titan (faulty usb) with another Lumia within a year of buying the Titan i figured my luck ran out.
    I am going to repair the screen on the cyan, if affordable, and probably gift the white one to a freind or sell it for the repair cost. The one thing ATT would not let me do is order another cyan, they said only online sells that color.
  • That can't be true, I did this two days ago with not even a dent or scratch.
  • Is it possible to upload a pic here? I have did much worse as well which is why I am shocked. No actual scratches on the phone, just broken glass. It looks like a corner break, just like my good ole' HD2,
  • Any glass type (even Gorilla Glass), will more than likely just break the glass with a single hit. You just got unlucky...
  • BS, show us pictures... I've seen the stress tests and the phone has been dropped from 5'9" about 2 meters on concrete and all it got was scratches. It had to be slammed on a concrete post to shatter. So I don't believe you and I feel you're a fanboy try to give the phone a bad rep.
  • http://img16.imageshack.us/img16/5892/wp0000231.jpg Fanboy? I just bought my fourth Lumia in the calender year (900 twice, 920 twice). Read before posting nonsense.
  • And by the way, the body does not have a single scratch on it. Before you call someone a fanboy try understanding that any phone that lands on the corner of the screen will likely shatter the screen.
    Here's a before shot with two of my 900's.
  • omg u fanboi u doctord dat image. haha
  • lol man, I really wish I did. I am phoneless for a few days though. I gave the cyan 900 to my mom to replace the Titan I passed down to her that has a faulty usb. My girl is traveling so to try to get her to convert to WP from android I lent her the white 900 for mapping. My 920, well I can navigate the screen with a sock on my hand but that's no fun. The ATT rep said it will be around 7 days for delivery.
    On a brighter note, i get another wireless charger plate and I qualify for the free Purity headset since I had to buy the replacement as an upgrade.
  • cannot believe it either
  • That's some real bad luck :(
    Shit, phonebuff dropped it from 50 feet, run it over with a tank, hit it with a tree and nuked it before it gave up...
  • I wish TMobile offered the the 810 back cover and the 8X in red. How the heck am I supposed to buy the red pill from Morpheus if he doesn't have one in stock? I guess I'll have to remain blissfully ignorant of Windows Phone 8 for awhile longer...
  • Numbers don't lie. And this is saying Nokia has a hit on their hands. Keep it up!
  • 86.35% of statistics are made up on the spot :P It's not guaranteed those numbers are accurate, but it is selling well which is good.
  • But if 79% of that is true, its still awesome! Lol
  • False
  • False false
  • I hope it is true. This is how windows phone can really challenge those two.
  • nokia is going to make me rich!
    I need to buy more stock.
  • bought Nokia stock at right time :) i think they ll continue going up especially with strong sales in europe and asia where nokia is known for quality
  • I hardly see any reviews with more than 100 comments.  Thus I think it's more of a case of very few units manufactured (because of issues from either MS or Nokia?) rather than a lot of demands.
  • you never know man.
  • Dude I work at a one of the busiest retail stores in the country and this phone is selling waaaaaaaaaay better than any previous windows phone has.  We keep selling out of the black model every time we get new shipment. At this store, we've probably sold more lumia 920s than all previous windows phones combined.  people would never, ever come in asking for windows phones and today this has changed. Regular people come in asking for the phone, not just techies.
  • This is the kind of thing that convinces me it's possible... What store?
  • On most sites, when WP devices are mentioned, I see a plethora of comments.
  • Comments on tech sites don't mean sh!t dude, sorry to break that to you
  • Well, my wife and I both got 920's.  My daughter- who is a die-hard iPhonian- shocked us both by saying she liked it.  She had an iPhone 4, and wanted a 5 for Christmas.  Well, this weekshe shocked us by telling us she wanted the black 920.  So Tuesday we went and she traded in her iPhone for it.  She loves it!  She said, "Well, I like the bigger screen, and they didn't change the iPhone much this time."  Ironically, my other daughter has a iPhone 4s , and the same day we had to go to the Apple store so they could replace it under warranty- she's had it 2 months and it never worked right.  I took the oppurtunity to stop by the Microsoft Store kiosk which is in the same mall and we all checked out the Surface.  Both girls loved it...Apple's armor may be cracking a bit.
  • No wonder, lumia 920 rocks
  • A die hard Apple fan boy friend of mine sent me an email earlier that he bought the Surface RT. I was shocked. He mentioned it a couple of days ago, but I didn't think he would do it. He spent an hour with it in the Microsoft store and fell in love.
  • Look if we want WM to establish as a serious platform then word of mouth is the most powerful form of promotion there is. This isn’t over, it’s up to us, you and me, to keep getting the word out.
    Was at HH tonight doing special effects, low light shots, City Lens, other, and just blowing people away as they pulled out their iPhones and Androids with envy. We also didn’t forget to say 50 bucks!
  • it's WP (Windows phone) not WM (Windows mobile). makes sense. since you're new
  • Your new :-). WM8, call it whatever you prefer, just please keep calling it out.
  • No. Please DONT call it windows mobile. Ever. That has a bad connotation. Anyone who has memories of windows mobile will not want to try this. The badness that is windows mobile is one of microsofts biggest hurdles with WP 7 imo
  • ^ This plus infinity!!!!
  • I shall never say it again
  • Windows mobile was just fine. The average consumer didn't know there was such an OS anyway. They are scared off primarily by the fact Microsoft is making WP, and secondly by the name Windows. Its been said a few times, if they'd had called it lumia OS, and move away from Microsoft, itd have hit the ground running far easier.
  • I am so fucking happy. I want to see Nokia above Apple..please people make it happen..buy Windows phone...its the coolest and most innovating OS.
  • Interesting that it's selling well given the maps fiasco
  • What map fiasco. You can still access the old maps from wp7 if you don't like Nokia maps. Go figure it out.
  • Not without working around it, they shouldn't have done it....period.
  • My mom bought one yesterday after playing with mine for 5 minutes. She was playing with it for a few minutes and figured out maps on her own. I'm sure that you can get over it and do the same.
  • He'll never figure it out, he just keeps going in circles.
  • @Round you mean that outdated iP5 with them funny maps...?
  • thats great... nokia will surely beat apple someday
  • You mean with WP OS right? Because otherwise Nokia already was selling more phones than Apple.
  • It's amazing how, over the space of a year, I was the only person to have heard of Windows Phone let alone own one. Now? Several people I know on Facebook own one. Its popularity has spread like wildfire here in the south of UK!
  • That's not to mention people I worked with all owning one!
  • Just curious, how reliable is "Yahoo China"?
  • Technically it's reprinted by Yahoo! News in China. The original source is Shanghai Securities News but the question is still valid. To be honest, we just don't know, which is why we question it a bit and put the rum'o'meter on it instead of flatly believing the news.  Still, with all the shortages worldwide for the device there's evidence to support that it is selling well.
  • Here's an article referencing it http://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/stocks-news-europe-nokia-shares-1443146...
  • We bought 2 the first day from AT&T. They were bought one hour apart and for the second order only black was left. We love this phone replacing E71's.
  • White and im sooo loving it
  • Awaiting my white 920. My iPhone friend got his 920 and my Dad got a 920. Everyone is stoked for this phone and tired of the same old iPhone..
  • I managed to get one. West Edmonton Mall store said they only got two in, so I got lucky in getting one of them, but only two in stock is pretty pathetic for the largest mall in Canada.
    So while they may be in demand, I think there is also an extreme shortage.
  • I bought my 920 off contract to dump my 5 month old iPhone 4S couldn't be happier! Best phone ever!!!
  • I'm happy for nokia but not really happy for myself. My 920 that isn't even yet 3 weeks old fell from a table yesterday. Don't worry i didn't break although it fell with the screen facing the floor but it left me with 3 light scratches and a thick one. Does anyone know how to get the scratches off my phone?
  • Buy a new one, we need sales. lol
  • Get a polish kit and/or a good screenprotector. I had some bad scratches on my old Gnex and it fixed it right up with invisishield, couldn't see the scratches even trying to look for it. Didn't like the rubberish feel of the invisishield though.
  • You know, last time I heard about strong interest it was about the Lumia 900 ... we know how it turned out. I remain skeptical.
  • My Dad and Brother both got 920s today instead of iPhones. That makes 4 total Nokia 920s for my immediate family now...still gotta work on my sister.
  • It's probably true in my opinion. iPhone and android have been dominated gadget world for too long and probably people are getting bored with the UI. I have 2 android devices and this is very boring. Pre-ordered 920 yesterday in Singapore and I still have to wait until middle of December..oh gosh
  • I have to say. I am almost fully satisfied enjoying a windows phone. I remember years ago owning all the new smartphones like the Nokia "fat boy", palm treos, BB 7230s, BB 8800s, Nokia 6682, WinMo, etc...
    Now we see advanced devices like android, ios, BB (we'll wait to see) and winPho7 +. Microsoft has released WP8, and their is a lot to be proud and excited about. Which is awesome. But I believe that we are in an age where to succeed big, you have to execute every move to as close to perfection as possible. I hope both Nokia and MSFT sell a lot of devices. They'll need the cashflow to continue innovating and hopefully give a completely new meaning to "mobile computing". My complaint here... There is still a lot of features that wp8 is missing in comparison to other popular choices out there. There is plenty if polishing required which I know MSFT is working on it.
    I think in order for them to go big (or else go home) they need to make their next release 'complete'?. As in add a lot of productivity options, connectivity options, security options even customization options.
    I'd like to be able to organize all my files and multimedia freely like I could in a computer. Because our phones are essentially our computers! So give the people what they want. True mobile computers. And if there's anybody with the qualifications to pull it off its; Microsoft. ( Go Nokia Quality too!) Some may beg to differ, but apple basically did it! They gave people devices with a lot of potential power together with simplicity, so that millions can do incredible tasks with them.
    WP8 has the potential to do the same possibly even more. Apps now are becoming so influential in their existence. But a capable OS I would think is just as important. So... I'd like to see all basic features ( the top 25 of requested features) added to the OS. And we'll see what developers can bring to the table on top of it all.
    am I far fetched here?
    Anybody agree?
  • I would prefer they released feature updates once a month rather than wait for one big update.
  • Yes OTA as often as they get fixes ready, kinda like Google is doing. This is how I think they will do it anyways after WP8 got the OTA function.
  • I do agree also with both of you. I hope they do that, at least.
    we'll see what their update in Q1 2013 brings us, analyze the user feedback and see whether they advanced the OS to either a leveled ground in comparison to other established OSs or just enough the make people happy (very temporarily).
  • Got mine from the Microsoft store. They said the shipment just came in and they had all colors available. I went everywhere else before Microsoft store and they had no other colors, only black and white.
  • This is awesome news come on Lumia and wp8 :D
  • This would be great news if true, I remember when i first got my Windows Phone (Lumia 710) my friends had no idea what kind of phone it was their all iPhone users, but just recently since the release of Windows Phone 8 they have all changed their tune and now asking me what Windows Phone is like, which i can only put down to the advertising here in the U.K it's been none stop if Lumia isn't sponsoring a t.v show or their isn't a Windows Phone 8 advert every few breaks in t.v ones with celebs and ones without i think have helped hugely! I also bang on about it being a unique OS and it being the cool one out of the crowd and doinf things different :D Hoping to get my Nokia Lumia 920! soon! Hail Hail :D
  • Wow, look how many comments. I've own one since day one of the release WP7, and I have to say that it's grown immensely since then. I remember 15 to 20 real comments on a site unless there were trolls trying to put the OS down by stating it was lacking C/P. In less than 3 years MS has done what apple and droid years to fix and has improved on other features even created some new ones. I am not saying it's perfect but I know I've made the right choice after reading the above comments MS has come a long way.
  • Well well... My estimate is that Nokia and HTC were shipping 360'000 WP8 per week before the US ans China launch of the 920. Around 500'000 per week now and should climb above 1'000'000 a werk in the two last weeks of December...
  • I bought mine in a P4U near Edinburgh. Sold out on the day they got them. One of my colleagues saw mine and decided to get it the following week in the same store. They told him the 920 had been selling better that IP5. How true that is I don't know (and assume they meant their store rather than UK wide), but interesting nonetheless.
  • I had several iPhones and several Android phones but I've got to say that the black L920 that I got on launch day is fantastic! My store only had 6 and I got the last one. I bought the L820 for the Mrs while we were there and she loves it as well.  The Lumia 920 is far and away the best handset on the market. It's durable, polished, simple to use and its build quality is 2nd to none.  I'll be sticking with this phone for some time to come.
  • All these comments are making me jealous. My yellow lumia 920'is arriving this week. We had to wait so long to get ours here in aus :(
  • Il Vice-presidente microsoft della Cina ha confermato che wp 7.8 arriverà nelle prossime settimane
  • I been using and watch on this w7app until now I reg and I have my own white 920 .. Its divine.
  • I hope to be adding to the sales figures soon. I have the Lumia 900 but will be moving up to the 920. I will give my 900 to my mother-in-law who has my old iPhone 3G. We also have an iPhone 4 lying around after my wife moved to the Samsung Galaxy III. The iPhone 4 is lying next to the iPad we don’t use anymore now that we have the Surface RT. Guess we are building an Apple bone yard. My mini-mac server will be heading there once I get an all-in-one running Win8. Actually I will redeploy it. My mac book will stay out of the bone yard for now as well.
    I look forward to the day when our phones will be like our watches. We will easily move our service each morning to the phone we want to carry that day. When going out at night we will pick a different phone. It will become a fashion accessory. 
  • Just replaced my broken cyan 920 with a white one. I haven't seen the white one in preson just yet. Can anyone tell me if it is the same as the 900 as far as the feel and finish? I really wanted another cyan but beggars can't be choosie right?
  • well since. white is high gloss finish of course. it'll feel alittle different
  • I'm glad to hear that Nokia is doing well but viability for the hardware is directly related to the platform. WP8 is an enormous undertaking in and of itself but it is a relatively small part of an over arching strategy that may change the way that mobility affects the consumer and the enterprise. As an IT Consultant, I am privy to how the consumerization of IT has proven to be a double edged sword. Microsoft is all too aware of this as well. The Windows 8 platform, as a whole, is complimented by enterprise class solutions that close the gap between what can be accomplished through consumer devices like iOS and Android to what can be effectively managed and SECURED. Naturally, Windows 8, WinRT 8, and WP8 represent the pinnacle of what Microsoft envisions but they have built a framework where other platforms can be managed as well through the Microsoft Systems Center 2012 suite. In fact, the only reason that iOS and Android is viable is due to Microsoft API's for enterprise solutions like Exchange. The underlying platform for Windows 8, in general, incorporates features that Apple and Google have on their wish list but they do not have the capability or the sheer depth to incorporate. While Instagram support may not exist yet, did you know that that Windows 8 supports a virtual TPM (Trusted Platform Module) and fully managed disk encryption through BitLocker? It also leverages application isolation through the use of a virtualization technology known as App-X. This is a derivative of another Microsoft technology known as App-V. The sheer depth of Microsoft's IP is staggering. With that in mind, many Enterprises are putting RIM, iPhone and Android mobility projects on hold in favor of using WP8. Consumer adoption bodes well for Microsoft because the enterprise will follow and many of them are already considering widespread adoption for mobility. All we are seeing is the tip of the ice burg. Microsoft may very well have a check mate for mobility that goes far beyond what any of us could imagine. They may look like the underdog but trust me when I say that the opposite is closer to the truth.
  • As a consultant, architect, and developer I presently don’t fear an erosion in the corporate world but this could be consumers leading into the next round visa-vi WP8, There see if didn’t say Windows Mobile
    Thank you for your spot on analysis InlineV. I am currently a decision maker within an Enterprise IT group heavily committed to Microsoft solutions. We have mobility pilot programs underway to help the process evolve. I spent 9 years at Microsoft before I left in 2009. It’s good to see their visionary roadmap start to come to fruition. On a personal note I own a Surface RT, Lumia 900, and today I became the owner of a Lumia 920. I had moved over to Apple for a few years but these new Windows platforms are compelling enough to bring me back. Like all things YMMV.
  • Spent 7 years there myself
    I'm looking to develop WP9 apps now but for other development I run a lot of VMs and can't find a touchscreen laptop with more than 8GB of RAM. If anyone sees one out on the web with these specs would appreciate a heads up.
  • ice berg is the name of a Jewish rapper.  Iceburg is a large mass of ice, typically with 90% of the mass submerged.
  • dbl post
  • I hope these numbers are correct. The Lumia 920 is so underrated.
  • Definitely low stock numbers here in Australia. Retailers are usually only getting 1-2 devices (majority of them black) per store and I'm having to call around every retailer in my area to try and find a white one. Forget it if you want red. There's probably only a few hundred devices here so far, contrary to what other posts say about stock being sold out - it's sold out because there's none to sell! Telstra only just started selling stock today at very, very limited numbers. 
  • Hello all,
    I want to do a research about a Mobile software engineering cocept and I want to do that by conducting a small survey of mobile developers. So, can you tell me if you can help me doing that by giving me your opinion about the servey concept when it's given to you here ???
    thank you all in advance