DI.FM client Beem Plus gets sleep timer in latest update

Although DI.FM (Digitally Imported) now has an official app for Windows Phone, we shouldn’t forget the fantastic Beem Plus from developer Den Delimarsky. The official DI.FM app has some great features, but Beem Plus brings SkyDrive recording, Last.FM scrobbling, integration with the Xbox and Nokia Music stores and the ability to copy the track name.

Now, version 2.2 has landed in the Store and it take along with it two new features: Sleep Timer and a notification center (which actually came in version 2.1).

The Sleep Timer is in fact one feature that the official DI.FM app has that Beem did not. By heading into settings, you can set the music to turn off after 30 minutes, 1, 3 or 5 hours. It’s a great feature to use when wanting to fall asleep, especially to some enticing trance.

While the sleep timer feature is welcomed, we’re not thrilled with the location: diving in Settings to enable such a frequently used feature seems inefficient. The official app has it listed at the bottom of each page, making it used far more regularly.

The second new feature is the Notification Center. This was actually part of the 2.1 update, but we’re covering it here in this article. The purpose of this area appears to more or less a way for Den to communicate with those who use his app. For instance, he can pass on messages like the “Report bugs” alert that takes you to Github. While not a huge addition, we’ve always like the ability for devs to communicate directly with their audience.

We have also heard from Den that working on the streaming logic in the app is on his list. This is another area where the official app has a leg up, as it tends to buffer a lot less. Hopefully we’ll see that in the next update.

Beem Plus version 2.2 is a free app for Windows Phone 8. It’s also open source. Pick it up here in the Store.

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Daniel Rubino

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  • The Best so far!
  • OMG Yes!  I've been using stop the music app to do the sleep feature.  Now, I won't need to switch between tasks to make sure stop the music is the last active app before I drift off into sleep.  Sometimes I forget and the timer won't stop it cuz I fell asleep say browsing other stuff or using another app.  Also, BEEM plus is way better than di.fm's official app cuz i can record stuff, copy titles, and purchase songs (if they're for sale) on the market with just 2 taps.  So glad I got BEEM plus when it was free for a few days.  xD  
  • i really wish those features and the new UI come to Beem for Sky.FM too!
  • I second that.
  • Yes!!! Thnx Mr Beem!
  • Please release in Indonesia region! :)
  • Yes!!!!!!!!!!