Not only is there currently a high demand for IT techs, there is also the need for ITIL service managers who help get businesses aligned with their true IT needs. Have you always been interested in this line of information technology? Are you looking to start a new, lucrative career down this path?

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The training needed to become an ITIL pro is usually very expensive, and the time needed might not always fit into your already-busy schedule. What you need is a complete ITIL Service course that doesn't break the bank, and you need a course that you can fit around your life.

Windows Central Digital Offers right now has an ITIL Service Lifecycle Super Training Bundle for just $25. No, that's not a typo — that's 98% off the regular price of $2,400.

This incredible bundle is made up of eight separate courses with over 220 lessons for you to digest. Courses include:

  • ITIL V3 Foundation Training
  • ITIL Intermediate Service Offerings and Agreements
  • ITIL Intermediate Release, Control, and Validation
  • ITIL Intermediate Continual Service Improvement
  • ITIL Intermediate Service Operation
  • ITIL Intermediate Service Transition
  • ITIL Intermediate Service Strategy
  • ITIL Intermediate Service Design

After covering 40 hours of content that starts with the basics and works its way to more complicated aspects of ITIL, you'll be ready to start delivering premium IT services. Worried you don't have enough time right now? Access to this course stays open for your lifetime, so pick it up now and get to it when the opportunity arises.

Get started on a new career in IT with this $25 training bundle!

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If you've always been interested in a career in IT, why not be the expert who decides what is best for businesses? Demand is high — get started on your way to a new, lucrative career today.