You want to enter the world of IT but don't know where to start. Well, system administrators are integral to IT departments the world over and the money is quite good. Fair enough, you want to become a system administrator. Linux/UNIX is a popular operating system for servers and IT infrastructure, so to learn it would open a door to a world of possibilities, but where do you start?

You need guidance – from the basics, right up to the complicated stuff that only system administrators need to know. But you also need flexibility. Maybe you're working a full-time job right now and don't have the time to spend commuting to a school, sitting in class, buying textbooks, the whole nine yards. You need accessible courses that you can take on your own time in the comfort of your own home, where you learn best.

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Linux Essential Bundle

Eduonix offers a series of courses that are directed toward making you an IT system administrator. These 108 lessons are jam-packed into 24 hours of content that starts with the "Linux for Absolute Beginners" and works you up to the "Fundamentals of Unix and Linux System Administration. You get lifetime access, 24/7 so that you can learn on your own time and in your own time.

This many lessons would cost you over $200 anywhere else, but through Windows Central Digital Offers, you can save 82% and pay only $39 to get the Linux Essentials Bundle and work up to becoming and IT professional. You'll learn how to secure your system, manage the network, and debug it when malware attacks. You'll even learn all about backups and data storage so that you can enter the IT field with a wealth of knowledge that's begging to be put into practice.

You want to become an IT professional and being a system administrator is a great way to become an important contributor to the IT team, while making a decent amount of money. Learning Linux and UNIX is invaluable in the industry, and Eduonix has the courses you need to become successful. Don't go paying hundreds of dollars, though – pay only $39 for lifetime access to over 24 hours of lessons at Windows Central Digital Offers.

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