Dirror's touch mirror brings Windows 10 to your walls

Do-it-yourself smart mirrors have become sort of a thing on the internet recently, but one company is serving up ready-made digital mirrors that should appeal to Windows fans. German company Dirror is selling what it claims is the "world's first digital mirror," with Windows 10 powering all of the smarts inside.

Essentially, the idea behind a digital mirror is that it's an easy way to get a quick peek at things like the news, weather or stocks as you're getting ready in the morning. Of course, with Windows 10 on board, Dirror highlights the fact that its mirror will let you browse the internet, stream TV or even do some light gaming. Whether all of these things are practical in a mirror is up to the user, but it is neat regardless.

Of course, if you want to get your hands dirty, there are a number of ways you can make your own smart mirror using something like a Raspberry Pi and an old monitor. But for something that's ready to go with all of your favorite Windows 10 apps, Dirror's offering isn't a bad idea. Just don't expect to be doing anything too intensive, as the Dirror is powered by a 2.4GHz Intel Cherry Trail chip with 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage.

Getting your hands on a Dirror may prove problematic depending on where you are in the world as well, as it only ships to Germany, Switzerland and Austria. It's a tad on the expensive side as well, with 3 sizes available starting at €970.

Thanks to Filip N. for the tip!

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Lol, people make be getting more than they ask...
  • You'd have to rename her to Sir Mix-A-Lot first. ;-)
  • Haha, €970.
  • The lowest price I found on their site is 2070 EUR, which is even more of a joke. Self made must cost a fraction of that and can be custom made to fit one's expectations in 100%
  • or you can win one! http://www.dirror.com/dirror-newsletter-registrierung/  check it out
  • MS sould start giving these to content makers for product placement. These look good.
  • Or Sir LimpsALot, if you know what I mean ! 😏
  • Note to self: Buy stock in Windex.
  • The live tiles are perfect for this kind of device.
  • Wow 😲
  • I don't really know how these devices work but from the picture with the time displayed, it can simultaneously be used as a mirror and smart device. This would be quite useful if say you're watching a YouTube tutorial for hair/make up while doing it. Interesting. Man I want a smart home.
  • The hardware part is incredibly simple, its simply a screen and a two way mirror, the software part can get quite complex, but a microsoft employee posted his to Github > https://github.com/evancohen/smart-mirror which you can use to create your own
  • Cortana would be a must-have for this type of device.
  • Wow nice!
  • Good device for Home Hub.
  • Disney could cash in big time with "Mirror mirror on the wall..."
  • Disney could cash in big time with "Mirror mirror on the wall..."
  • Looking forward for this being on a transparent pane of glass like in the Microsoft Future videos.
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  • No apps it will never sell, ah ha ha ha
  • W10 has millions of apps! W10M on the other hand does not!
  • Because I've always wondered when abouts we will be able to play light games on our mirrors. The future has arrived lol. All in all though, interesting technology. Bit pricy, but interesting. Can think of a few good uses for this, if they fully take advantage of Cortana
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  • Check it out! http://www.dirror.com/dirror-newsletter-registrierung/ - they even let you win one DIRROR