Is Microsoft listening when it comes to Windows phones?

As Windows Phone users, it's not hard to think Microsoft doesn't care about us. With a lack of hardware, no feature updates and a platform that's essentially dead, is Microsoft still listening?

Does Microsoft still care about Windows phone loyalists?

Even the small things, such as not updating full flash update files (FFUs) or releasing firmware updates to fix hardware specific issues. I still have to go back to build 10586 on my Lumia 950 if I want to reflash. HP continues to update its FFUs for the Elite x3 whenever a new firmware is released, and yes it still releases firmware.

Microsoft doesn't seem to care anymore. What do you think? Is Microsoft listening? Head over to this related forum thread, and share your two cents:

Discuss: Is Microsoft listening?

Let's face it... there are not many of us left, comparably, to the global mobile community. We test, we send feedback, we deal with the highs and lows but we are faithful. I just got a replacement 1520 for my failed one... and I have an 830 and a 925... oh and a HTC 8x too. I'm tired of the endless upgrades to get back to the OS version I want... and I can't imagine it would be very...

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