Discussion: Is the Surface Pro Core i7 faster than the iPad Pro A9X?

Claiming a speed increase of 1.7x over the iPad Pro, many have been wondering how exactly Microsoft arrived at that conclusion, considering the Surface Pro's internals and software are so wildly different from that of the iPad Pro.

The Surface Pro sports fanless Intel Core i5 configurations and a beastly Core i7 configuration, complete with Intel Iris Pro graphics. The iPad's custom A9X chips grant Apple's tablet great speed and decent battery life, but ultimately, they are designed for mobile use.

In a discussion on the Windows Central forum, our users have been debating the intricacies behind Surface architect Panos Panay's 1.7x power boost claim.

Few posts I read are saying that the i7 based surface pro is only 1.7x faster than A9X. Wondering if it's true, in sense that i expect it to be a lot faster and not just 1.7x. I am not sure which model is 1.7x times faster.

vishal mehta1

The Surface Pro (2017) aims to represent the culmination of Microsoft's 2-in-1 tablet efforts, with boosted inking capabilities, the latest processors, and impressive 12+ hour battery life. Stay tuned for our full review, and jump into our forums to discuss it in the meanwhile!

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