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Disney+ Xbox One app now available to download as service lights up

Disney+ on Xbox One
Disney+ on Xbox One (Image credit: Disney/Microsoft Store)

What you need to know

  • The Disney+ app for Xbox One is now available to download.
  • Disney+ launches today, bringing Disney's extensive catalog of movies and TV under one streaming roof.
  • You can grab the Disney+ app (opens in new tab) from the Microsoft Store and subscribe to Disney+ (opens in new tab) for $7 per month now.

Disney+ opens its digital doors today after months of anticipation, and the official Xbox One app is now available (opens in new tab) for consoles, too. The app gives you access to the full back catalog of movies and TV available on Disney+. Given Disney's buying spree over the last decade or so, that's a wealth of content, covering everything from Star Wars and The Avengers to Pixar and Disney classics.

Disney+ has been the subject of much hype for several months, as it represents the first time the company's extensive lineup of content is available under one digital roof. Disney is also pushing to make sure Disney+ is available across practically anything with a connection to the internet. Along with Xbox One, apps are coming to Android, the Apple App Store, PlayStation, Roku, Samsung and LG TVs, and the Amazon Store.

Where to find your Disney+ apps for download

If you're ready to dive in and lose your free time to Disney for the foreseeable future, you can grab the Disney+ Xbox One app now and start watching on your console. To get started, though, you'll have to sign up for the service (opens in new tab), which costs $7 per month.

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  • bring this UWP to windows 10 (it's just a checkbox)
  • @DontBeEvil10 No need for a weak UWP app on W10 desktop when people can use a fully powered and fully functional desktop site as described here by Daniel Rubino.
  • I agree Bluey, the PWA option is great and do exactly what Daniel described on my websites however there is no download option at the moment with the option described. We have Surface devices at home and no way to download on long roadtrips or on a plane at the moment. I would have to use my iphone to download unless they release an official app. Not sure if the download option could be added without an official app?
  • After Star Wars has been ruined I have a distain for Disney. But to be honest I have Netflix and Amazon Prime already. Won't get rid of Prime because it also includes free Amazon Music and free delivery on orders from Amazon. And I won't get rid of Netflix because there is just way to much Netflix Original content I'm invested in. From Altered Carbon to The Last Kingdom. Another steaming service is absolutely a no go. And all of Pixar and Disney kids films are on Sky Cinema all the time anyway. And that has been confirmed not to change. So sorry Disney. You need much more than Marvel and Star Wars. Both of which I'm very tired of now.
  • People should not use Disney+ and other services actively working to create lock-in by limiting content availability. This is a very bad development that destroys the customer side of the business.
  • I'll take issue with it if they stop selling their films on Bluray, so long as that format is still available, I'll use Disney+ as a supplement.