Disney Infinity 3.0 for PC has a bleak future

We're (sadly) no strangers to hearing support for apps and games is being pulled, but the news this time is that the PC version of Disney Infinity 3.0 looks set to go no further. In responding to questions from fans, Disney Interactive seems to have confirmed that development has, for now at least, been ceased on the PC version of the game.

The news was outlined by one fansite this past weekend. The official support channel responded to one question as such:

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The VP of Production for Disney Infinity, John Vignocchi, had a similar message:

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Until this point all content for the games characters and play sets was contained within the initial download. The new wave that's about to hit that includes the forthcoming Marvel Battlegrounds play set and a whole bunch of characters including Disney's legendary Baloo, all require an additional download to play. The PC, it seems, will not be getting that download.

It's a big step from Disney, though not necessarily a complete surprise. Recently the company confirmed that there would be no 4.0 release this year, instead focusing on delivering content to the current game. But the PC version isn't as slick as its console counterpart, with both the Windows Store and Steam littering with bad reviews. And while you can still buy figures and use them with the PC, it requires entering a code instead of using the base. But they're not necessary and you can get most of them cheaper via IAP.

But without the figures the game loses a lot.

So, for now, PC players have gone as far as they will go. No other versions of the game are affected and will be getting the Marvel Battlegrounds patch imminently. As for the future, we'll have to see if Disney considers the PC worth its time.

Richard Devine
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  • Massive suck.
  • If you can stream xbox to the PC is there truly a need for need for the PC support? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • There's a need for an Xbox One, for starters. What if you don't have an Xbox One?
  • Buy one.
  • Why don't they just make it a universal app?
  • Wouldn't help the Steam version, would it? The point is that they're not developing it at all. Nada. Not right now.
  • That'd be good for Microsoft, then, showing the benefits of UWP and the potential for the Windows Store to be better than other stores.
  • So how would continuing development, even in this way, help Disney? This game is insanely popular, if its pulling PC support that's probably because no-one plays it on PC. You can buy this game on literally every console plus the Apple TV. You need people to play the game to make it worth continuing. It's already 'better' in the Windows Store because it has Xbox Live.
  • Glad someone gets this so I don't have to type it out. :P They tested the water, it's ice cold, and they're staying well out of it. Makes sense to me.
  • A lot of people have nice computers and have no need to buy an additional gaming device. Some people have wasted their money on a game that they will have to get an Xbox and a new copy of the game to play it again. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Well they can still play with existing content as far as I can see? They just won't get updates/dlc?
  • Correct. Everything up to now is fine. Anything that comes from tomorrow, not fine.
  • I haven't even heard of this game before today :p
  • To do that you must have not set a foot inside a ToysRUs or Gamestop in 3 years or watched much TV since the ads are on for it all the time.
  • I've only seen it in the Xbox store, but nothing compelled me to try it.
  • Well all these things are not in India..
  • What even is Disney infinity?
  • A "toys to life" game. Place a figure on a base and they show up in your game. XP and info is stored on the figure so it can be played at a friend's, regardless of what platform they have.
  • Ok. And then? You just view them or how does one go on? :O
  • Sounds like Disney Infinity will be UWP only as soon as Microsoft releases Windows Store on Xbox One in couple months.
  • This is crappy, even though the game is really bad. It's just an excuse to sell toys, so their decision makes a bit sense. But still crappy.
  • I'm not a fan of Toy Box, the user generated content, but the actual playsets are fun. Especially if you have kids. Nothing like seeing little girls defeat Darth Vader using Elsa and Anna from Frozen.
  • It's good for kids, of course, but well, it is what it is. It comes off as a very casual video game aimed at the younger kids, like the LEGO games. And it's not like the concept is not original, but it's still designed to sell expensive toys.
  • The game is really bad in your opinion. Some of us enjoy it. Lots of people enjoy it, as it happens.
  • Yeah, of course it's my opinion, otherwise I would have said something like "this game is generally considered by the public as being bad", and then cited a source.
  • Glad I have it on Xbox One. Looking forward to the Marvel Battlegrounds set tomorrow for some Smash Bros. style gaming with characters I actually like.
  • Mines not coming until next week :( Still before the UK official release, but still.
  • So the thing to me is the pc/app versions were meant to be a play on the go type deal, hence why they are free. My son uses the toy once on his wii u, and now its tied to our account. He can access all his toys, discs, and toy boxes he's built on literally any device in the house or car. Seems to me the ipad/android gets more play than windows/steam hence the cut of pc support.
  • Actually PC support historically by Disney has always sucked. My guess is few retailers actually bothered carrying their good PC titles(think powerplay)
  • They should talk to Microsoft about making the PC version based on the XB1 version, like is being done with Quantum Break. The UWP could fix this, in some ways.
  • Problem is, no-one plays it right now. Sure, it's buggy, but if no-one downloaded it to begin with being a UWP won't change that. The Windows Store version already has Xbox Live. It already has access to the content made available until now. But it's being halted. And the only real reason would be because no-one plays it.
  • But if people aren't playing it because it's buggy, it's something that could be fixed. My statement was more to say that they don't need a PC version if they go through the UWP, though. They could build the XB1 game to work on both. Get USB support for the base, rather than the digital character whatnot. I'm not asking them to save this project by any means (I've never played one of these, not do I want to), just a mention that there would seemingly be a way for them to let it continue without having to commit heavily to development.
  • Weird thing is, Xbox One accessories work with Windows 10 just fine. I have no idea why the damn portal for this does not.
  • Have you seen Disneys track record on PC it sucks though you can blame the retailers that didn't carry the better games label powerplay & instead carried Disneys edutainment titles
  • Traitor!!!!
  • I must say there is a huge problem that Microsoft must understand..... The availability of these games via windows store as apps and a large file to download is not everybody's cup of tea. So it will be a better solution for us to have an offline purchase option..... As we used to have in previous Windows versions....
  • "But the PC version isn't as slick as its console counterpart, with both the Windows Store and Steam littering with bad reviews. " To be fair a lot of those Steam reviews are people complaining that game really isn't free to play. I don't think they understand that you need to buy the toys and playset. For me the game runs better on PC than my Xbox but I don't play it on the PC since it's only 1 player there and this is a game I play with the kids. Either way this sucks. 
  • the two I previously mentioned have unique move sets and has a lot of visual and context effects used and if they were put in right now it would destroy the app and cause it to crash. It's easy to wait and see what happens before jumping the gun       Worry not people the main problem isn't there being cold it's optimization issues I currently obtained vision from marvel and Baloo and they were fun to play however i I got the one thing that can change this whole charade  if we're not supposed to have it on apps anymore how come I still my web cards I got with them still work      
  • Cody Larson is right. This was a pretty big update.New moves, playset, characters. That said, I still want PC. PS4 player here.