Disney Infinity 3.0 for PC has a bleak future

We're (sadly) no strangers to hearing support for apps and games is being pulled, but the news this time is that the PC version of Disney Infinity 3.0 looks set to go no further. In responding to questions from fans, Disney Interactive seems to have confirmed that development has, for now at least, been ceased on the PC version of the game.

The news was outlined by one fansite this past weekend. The official support channel responded to one question as such:

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The VP of Production for Disney Infinity, John Vignocchi, had a similar message:

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Until this point all content for the games characters and play sets was contained within the initial download. The new wave that's about to hit that includes the forthcoming Marvel Battlegrounds play set and a whole bunch of characters including Disney's legendary Baloo, all require an additional download to play. The PC, it seems, will not be getting that download.

It's a big step from Disney, though not necessarily a complete surprise. Recently the company confirmed that there would be no 4.0 release this year, instead focusing on delivering content to the current game. But the PC version isn't as slick as its console counterpart, with both the Windows Store and Steam littering with bad reviews. And while you can still buy figures and use them with the PC, it requires entering a code instead of using the base. But they're not necessary and you can get most of them cheaper via IAP.

But without the figures the game loses a lot.

So, for now, PC players have gone as far as they will go. No other versions of the game are affected and will be getting the Marvel Battlegrounds patch imminently. As for the future, we'll have to see if Disney considers the PC worth its time.

Richard Devine
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