Disney's latest game, Nemo's Reef, surfaces for Windows Phone 8

Fans of Disney's Nemo will be able to join the cute, little fish and his friends in the latest time management game to hit the Windows Phone Store. Nemo's Reef enables players to construct their own beautiful habitat and make a home for all their favourite Finding Nemo characters. Are you ready to help Nemo and his dad, Marlin to create the best reef in the class? Swim past the break for the full read.

If you're a fan of the story and adventures Nemo and friends get up to, this is a must-download game for your Windows Phone. Already available for both iOS and Android, there are over 50 kinds of fish available to enhance your own world, providing some scope for development and advancement, as well as personalisation.

Nemo's Reef

You'll be meeting Dory, Gill, Bloat, Bubbles and more as you progress through the game. But it's no simple swim as you'll have to find different combinations of plants and decorations to delight and excite Nemo's friends, as well as other exotic fish. Mysterious fish are more difficult to come by, requiring you to plant rare seeds and attempt to attract them.

The game itself is free to download, but you have the option to go with in-app purchases if you choose. When starting up Nemo's Reed, the game will ask you to link the game to either your Windows Phone or Facebook. Linking the game to the social network includes numerous social benefits, but if you're just wanting to get stuck in and play through with Nemo, the device option is just as good.

It's worth noting now that this is an online game and requires an active Internet connection.

Nemo's Reef

Once you've established your name and connected to Disney's cloud, the game will download some content and then it's time to get started. Since Disney is clearly targeting not only adults, but a younger audience with Nemo's Reef, it's super easy to get started. If you're used to other management games on the platform, you'll fit right in here. Prepare for some tapping. 

Vitality represents the population of ornamental plants, rare plants, fish and guests within your reef. The higher the vitality, the more chance you have of growing rare plants and whatnot. Sand Dollars join Algae and Pearls as the in-game currencies, but fear not as there are quests and easy ways to make enough to advance.

You can download Nemo's Reef from the Windows Phone Store for free (Windows Phone 8 only - 72MB) - note there are micro transactions included inside the game, should you wish to get ahead.

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