The Division 2 huge Episode 2 update rolling out with new Pentagon missions and more (update)

The Division 2
The Division 2 (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Episode 2 content available today to Year 1 Pass holders.
  • Available to everyone from October 22.
  • Combined Title Update 6 changes add up to a huge update.
  • Free play weekend coming up.
  • Downtime scheduled for three hours from 07.30 UTC.

Updated October 22, 2019: The Division 2's latest content is now available to everyone, not just Year 1 Pass holders.

This week is a big week for The Division 2, and having been teased gradually over the course of the last month or so, the enormous combined Episode 2 and Title Update 6 release is here.

The headline act is the new narrative content, Pentagon: The Last Castle. This takes place across two main missions preceded by an intro mission that brings you to the Pentagon following an invasion of Black Tusk forces. It's your job to retake the last castle and ensure Black Tusk doesn't get their hands-on the secret tech that lies within.

Episode 2 also brings two new classified missions for Year 1 Pass holders only, and immediate access to the new specialization, the Technician. All players can however begin the field research to unlock the Technician from the off. Episode 2 narrative content will be available exclusively to Year 1 Pass holders for one week from October 15 before becoming available to all players.

It's the Title Update 6 part of the release that brings the most sweeping changes to the game, however. And the changelog is absolutely enormous. I highlighted a few in our preview, but you'll want to read the full patch notes to get a handle on every fix, buff, new feature and more. Some highlights are changes to the way the Dark Zone is populated, a new loot targeting system and a new map and game mode added to Conflict.

If it all sounds jolly exciting but you still haven't tried The Division 2 yet, there's even better news. Coinciding with the launch is a free play weekend, though the Episode 2 content will be excluded.

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Scheduled downtime for the required server maintenance has already begun as of 07.30 UTC and is scheduled to last for three hours. After that, it's time to gear up, agents. There's a castle to retake.

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