The Division 2 has its location (possibly) leaked thanks to E3 2018 poster

The Division 2 is set for a big reveal at Ubisoft's presser later this week during E3 2018, but the upcoming connected world shooter's location might have already leaked due to promotional art at the LA convention center.

The leak comes via ClancyElites on Twitter, and shows off what appears to be a Washington D.C. locale, judging by the background architecture. The promotional art also shows off what appears to be a crossbow, a grenade launcher, and various other weaponry.

The original took place in New York City following a widespread viral outbreak, leading to the total collapse of the local government. The "Division" itself is a secretive military organization who comes in to force as the last line of defense when all social infrastructure breaks down. Judging by the destruction in the background of The Division 2 poster, it looks as though the anarchy has spread far beyond New York, perhaps consuming the entire nation.

As always with these sorts of leaks, take it with a pinch of salt until the official announcement, but this one seems pretty legit. Stay tuned as we hunt for more juicy E3 2018 tidbits throughout the week.

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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