The Division 2 Polarity Switch global event is now live for one week

The Division 2
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The Division 2

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What you need to know

  • Global event Polarity Switch is now live in The Division 2.
  • All agents and enemies are either positively or negatively charged.
  • Damage is doubled to enemies with the same polarity as you, with "shocking" consequences for hitting an opposite.
  • Event is live for one week with a bunch of new rewards to grind for.

The latest live event to take place during The Division 2's latest season, Keener's Legacy, is now live and it's a good one. Global event Polarity Switch is now available to play through, and while entirely optional, it adds a bit of fresh challenge and of course, some goodies to grind for.

Due to a "freak electrical storm" all agents and enemies have become charged, either positive or negative. Attacking enemies with a matching polarity to yours will deal extra damage, while going up against an opposite charge will lead to you getting shocked. Polarity can be changed in a number of ways, such as swapping your weapons or melee attacks on enemies, but you'll always need to be aware of what you're using.

Polarity Switch is running alongside the second week of the Luna League and each day there will be new challenges to go after in the hunt for the rewards at the end.

Polarity Switch is live across all PvE areas of the game except for the two raids and is disabled in any PvP areas including the Dark Zone. When matchmaking you'll be paired with players that are playing the global event only if you have activated it yourself, otherwise it's business as usual.

Also live today in The Division 2 is a balancing patch which was done server side, so no download required, which makes a number of changes to weapon damage, particularly in PvP situations. They'll be pretty frustrating to a number of PvP players but they're now live so hit the Ubisoft forums to check out the list in full.

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