The Division 2 public test server now live on PC

What you need to know

  • First round of testing ahead of TU6 now live.
  • Focusing on loot targeting and the Dark Zone.
  • No story content will be tested from now on in PTS (Public Test Server) builds.

Ubisoft recently started detailing what will be brought to the streets of Washington D.C. in the next big update to The Division 2, and PC players can get their first look right now on the PTS. Title Update 6 (TU6) will come alongside Episode 2, the Pentagon themed content expansion, but from now on story content will not be available ahead of time.

Different to testing for Episode 1, we will not show off any narrative content (e.g. missions or Classified Assignments) on the PTS this time around to not spoil it for players that can't participate in the PTS.

It's a good move, because folks on console in particular who bought the Year One Season Pass which grants early access to the episodes were pretty hard done by and most of the content was spoiled before they even got to play. Instead, PTS builds on PC will focus on features not relating to the narrative missions.

There are two scheduled test periods so far, beginning today with the focus on loot targeting and the Dark Zone. September 24 will then see testing for a new exotic, balancing and bug fixing, with the PTS closing on October 1.

There's no launch date currently slated for TU6 and Episode 2 beyond October, but with the PTS closing on October 1 hopefully, the live release won't be too far behind.

The development team recently detailed the update, which will bring a host of changes to gear, loot and crafting.

To take part in the PTS you have to own a copy of The Division 2, and download the dedicated build from within the UPlay launcher. It's available to purchase from the Epic Games Store starting at $60.

Richard Devine
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