The Division 2 story mode totals 40 hours at launch

The Division 2
The Division 2 (Image credit: Ubisoft)

Ubisoft is gearing up for the launch of Tom Clancy's The Division 2, its latest entry in the shared-world shooter franchise. With a move to Washington D.C. streets, players can anticipate a variety of gameplay improvements, backed by promising end-game content. And it now appears the game's story mode has seen love – totaling an estimated 40 hours at launch.

As detailed in a post to Microsoft's Xbox Wire blog, developer Massive Entertainment reportedly claims a "40ish hour story mode" complements the package. Playable both single-player and cooperatively, agents can expect a considerable journey in the months ahead.

The Division 2's narrative kicks off six months after its predecessor, during the swampy heat of the east coast summer. Although details are limited, players can expect to rebuild the city, fighting rival factions, and tracing the virus' past. And with the new locale, Ubisoft promises a "1:1 representation" of the capital, with famous landmarks and landscapes to feature.

Expect to learn more on The Division 2's story mode in the weeks ahead, before the game's slated March 15, 2019 debut.

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