The Division receives long-awaited Xbox One X upgrade [updated]

Recently, Ubisoft hosted a livestream to discuss upcoming changes to The Division. While a lot of the information provided pertained to upcoming events and cosmetic items, the host also revealed that the Xbox One X patch was coming on April 12, 2018.

Updated March 18, 2018: Digital Foundry finally conducted its analysis of The Division on Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro. While both versions utilize dynamic scaling to maintain performance, the Xbox One X manages to hit native 4K almost all the time. In comparison, the highest recorded resolution on the PlayStation 4 Pro was 1800p, but gameplay actually revolved around 1700p in the majority of areas. The outlet also confirmed that Xbox One X featured better effects and assets.

According to the publisher, today's update upgrades the resolution to 4K and improves anisotropic filtering, reflections, screen-space shadows, and object detail. We tested out the game and it looks better than ever. Instead of the blurry presentation on a base Xbox One, The Division is now incredibly sharp and clear on Xbox One X. The most noticeable change has to be the way the characters and adjacent objects look.

It's unclear how this compares to the PlayStation 4 Pro version because there is a lot of conflicting information about the console's resolution. The latest report by WCCFtech stated that The Division ran at 1660p through temporal injection on Sony's system.

The Division is a third-person shooter which takes place in the United States right after a deadly biological attack. In our review, we said that the game "represents a massive ambition to combine a modern third-person tactical shooter with role-playing mechanics in a huge and connected world. Ubisoft's industry leading open-world design takes center stage, painstakingly reconstructing New York City wrapped in a near-apocalyptic vision of social breakdown."

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Asher Madan

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