The Division's free 'Conflict' update lands May 24 with a new Incursion and more

Ubisoft has release the first details of the next free update to hit Tom Clancy's The Division. The Conflict update, which will land on May 24 for Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4, will bring plenty to be excited about, including the new Clear Sky Incursion, new gear sets, weapons and loot.

Here's how Ubisoft describes (opens in new tab) the new Incursion:

Pitting Division Agents against Rikers, Clear Sky challenges you to take back a formerly LMB-controlled anti-air missile site, restore safe passage to the skies over Manhattan, and reclaim supply drops stolen by Rikers.

The update also includes the addition of high-value targets, which present a challenge as you'll have a limited amount of time to take them out. Additionally, players will now be able to hijack your loot in The Dark Zone, making things even more intense.

For more, be sure to check out the trailer above. And let us know in the comments what you're most looking forward to when the update drops on May 24!

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  • Cool!! But I ain't feeling how Jerk Rogue Agents will be trying to hijack other players loot extraction....=( Oh well SQUAD UP!
  • Amen!!!!! I mean, I know that's part of the game but it still sucks.
  • Yeah i always put my loot and go now i have to protect it, so now its impossible to enter dark zone alone:P
  • Another drama queen, guys come on. Think before you comment. So what, you call the extraction, you wait and when it comes - you DONT put your stuff immediately, you wait for last seconds before departing, then you PULSE and if no one is there you put your stuff on the rope. EASY. Stop crying about it. Also you can use it against rogues for baiting. Get 9 green items and put it on rope and they might go rogue because of that trash. Trolling all the way.
  • I kind of feel the same. I was level 192@30 and 45 in DZ when I stopped playing. A big part was that I felt "defenseless" against the more powerful/better players in DZ. It was just no fun to go in and get killed/robed by 210+ players. Having them cutting the rope after a loot has been attached to it would make the feeling of the game even less pleasant.  I think that the Division needs some serious matchmaking where you can play with/against players that are about as weak/strong as you are. I mean, who would even start to play this game now?
  • They are adding a new 201+ DZ tier so those players won't be in the same tier anymore
  • I liked the game a lot, but the lack of folks to play with consistently eventually chased me off. I might purchase it again someday, as a "Complete Edition" or something, but I'll definitely want to find a new group of players before then.
  • What platform do you play it on? Cause i always find players in seconds literally :P
  • I get instant groups almost all the time on XO. Are you on PS4? Posted from Windows Central for XL
  • I don't want to do group finding, I want people I actually WANT to play with, meaning a group of folks with mics who coordinate. Group finding in MMOs is often a crapshoot that I lose.
  • So you don't have enough friends?
  • I have enough friends, but not enough of them play The Division. Usually playing Neverwinter, Halo, or DOOM with them instead.
  • Cool, none of my friends play those and I've gotten to know some pretty hard-core division players also.
  • meh I might check it out but my interest in the game is gone
  • Hackers paradise!! At least R6 Siege is playable now
  • I enjoyed this game but I'm past it, between Uncharted 4 and Ratchet & Clank I'm good until I can get Quantum Break on sale
  • Meh. Game is still broken as hell. Seriously, they banned half of the players for exploiting and cheating instead of fixing the game first. The problem of the Division never was the content, the problem why its worse then destiny was at the beginning, simply is that the division was and still is broken as hell, unbalanced and the enemies are bulletsponges like the world has never seen em.
    But well. Instead of fixing the exploits, the servers, the server security and implementing anti chest mechanics they doing content updates. Sent from windows central app for windows 10 mobile
  • Bulletsponges? You are not playing Call of Duty mate. Its RPG. Go play Diablo on higher difficulty and see if the demons are also spongy.
  • So youre fine with the fact that need about 2 mags for a normal enemy ? Sure. Up yours then.
    Hell even in destiny you don't need 2 Mags for normal enemies. No matter on what damn difficulty or what weapon. And those are bullet spongy as heck. But division ? Division totally blew **** outa proportion .
  • 2? Sometimes you need 8. Dont know how far you went but sometimes there are far more stronger enemies and especially in PvP. Yes I am fine with it because again, it is an RPG. How would your level matter if everyone would get killed like in real life?
  • Borderlands is an RPG too. And yet it has no bulletsponges . But balanced enemies. Being an RPG does justify over the top bullet eating enemies that simply ruin the dynamic and fun Sent from windows central app for windows 10 mobile
  • Thats far from true. I played Borderlands so I know. I am telling this again and wont repeat myself, there is no other way for RPG. Otherwise it wouldnt scale with level system.
  • Well it works in borderlands and in destiny to have less bulletspongy enemies. Actually in borderlands unless you fight bosses or play on ultimate vault hunter you won't find any bulletsponges like in the division. Same goes for detsiny Sent from windows central app for windows 10 mobile
  • Also , I played just through the story and was done with the game. Because those bellet eating enemies are just there because otherwise you'd be finished everything there is within 10-15 hours. With those enemies in place you need 30-35
  • Well that would explain everything. If the enemies were easier, there wouldnt be any motivation for grinding and getting better gear - endgame. I guess your DPS is not much hence why your comments. My is around 200k DPS and I put down everyone quickly.
  • 200k dps... A game is broken when your weapon dmg scaling is up there. Destiny was grind as heck as well but had much better progression and scaling. But not for me to judge. Division is broken despite bulletsonges and stuff Sent from windows central app for windows 10 mobile
  • It is not. There are people with 300k DPS. Dont want to offend you but you sound like "newbie" who didnt put much hours into this game so dont really understand the whole concept and stats in this game.
  • Well I played for around 20 hours. And I got the picture and saw how the game works and what it offers. :D And what I had was basically a good looking game, with exploits, bugs, cheaters and the most slowest gameplay and shooter feeling of all time due to slow progressing, bulletsponges and no dynamic shooting as promised.
    And grinding. And dude I played 300hours of black desert and over 2k hours of destiny , I know how grinding works and have no problem with it. But grinding plus bulletsponges that take minutes to kill, is in no way fun to play. And when cheaters and exploiters ruin the rest of your experience then yeah. Its a bad broken game.
  • 20 hours :X
  • Like I saud. After 20h I had a picture. And twas a broken one.
    Or well black desert took more time to grind all classes up to 55. Within 2 weeks.
  • But well its my job to be critical, and see all the small things there are and not be one of those " well.. It looks nice and ehm the sound is good and the controls as well " guys who think paying 60$ for that broken thong is okay.
    Same was destiny at launch.
    Less content even, but solid and working and no cheaters and dynamic gameplay. So as a gamesinner, and game critic the division failed due to being buggy broken weird scaled game with cheaters exploits and the most repetive, boring buleltsponge grinding ever done in a game. If you enjoy that. Good for you. If I would be less critic and less of that guy who sees all the broken stuff and says it out loud I may or may not even like the game more. And would play it more then 20 hours. Sent from windows central app for windows 10 mobile
  • Uhm if it takes you 2 mags to kill someone you need a better weapon or you need to stop missing so many shots. Shoot in the head
  • I do nothing but headshots. Still 2 Mags with headshots... That's a new record for bulletsponges.
    Anyway. I had a not good experience with this game and when you're okay with slow , stomp grinding that makes you wanna quit because of the ammo of bullets the enemies suck in. Then in my opinion I don't like playing the game. It just breaks the flow. The dynamic and the speed of a shooter themed game.
    Destiny and borderlands really showed how its done. Borderlands better then destiny yet destiny and the decision compete on the same pile of categories.
    But well if you like the philosophy of the division then I am happy for you. Really am. If you can look over all the flaws and nonsense then I truly would like to be you and spent time in that game
  • Hahaha, I thought the same thing. It's an RPG folks.
  • How can i get new viber?
  • The loot hijack feature seems like it will exacerbate the problems of the pvp element of The Division (the majority of the endgame) with the overpowered groups of rogues tinkering their gear scores to farm lower level players. In the earlier days of the game this feature would be excellent, there was real trepidation and uncertainty in the Dark Zone encounters, now the gear system is screwed and its guaranteed you'll be attacked by trash talking Safe House campers creating a stratified community where its very difficult to progress.
  • I just want them to fix the Path of the Nomad set problem. Life regeneration upon death doesn't work ever.
  • I'm pretty sure that MarcoStyle's guy on YouTube will do a video on the new update and tear it to pieces. He always finds exploits and etc. His videos will show him one shot'n other players and cutting their loot down lol.