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Do not look for Nokia to return to the smartphone business in 2016, says current CEO

As Microsoft solidifies its rebranding of the Nokia mobile division heading into 2015, there is one rumor that just won't die: Nokia wants to make smartphones again.

Certainly there is nostalgia behind the iconic brand, something that current Nokia CEO Rajeev Suri clearly understands. However, there is just too much navel-gazing these days for 'clues' in Nokia's Facebook and Twitter posts that Nokia wants to make phones again. Luckily, Suri today made it clear that Nokia has no plans to return to smartphones.

Old news is not new news

During the original purchase announcement of the Nokia mobile division by Microsoft, it was made clear that Nokia as a company could not get back into smartphones until Q4 of 2016. After licensing out their smartphone patents and turning over all of their star employees to Microsoft, Nokia is now barren of nearly all of their mobile resources. That is after all, the point of the sale.

The problem is many people keep looking towards that 2016 date as some kind of jumping off point for Nokia. Would Nokia actually try to rebuild everything they just sold off to jump into an industry that nearly destroyed the company? If Microsoft is struggling in 2014 in the smartphone market, what chance would a nascent 'new' Nokia with no proprietary OS or engineering team have in the business?

Setting the record straight

Earlier today in a London analyst meeting Nokia CEO Rajeev Suri outlined Nokia's future business strategy. It includes Nokia's further development of its HERE Maps, Networks, and Technologies divisions, which have already returned the company to profitability.

For HERE Maps, Nokia is continuing to use Microsoft, Yahoo, and others as proxies for their mapping technology. Nokia HERE Maps will not take on Google directly but instead Nokia will utilize a B2B2C (business to business to consumer) policy.

Currently, Networks is Nokia's biggest play in the technology field where they still maintain many patents, including 4G and 5G technologies, which they will continue to license and develop.

Finally, the Technologies division is where consumer-facing products could return in late 2016. However, Suri noted that although Nokia may license out their brand in the future, they are not considering a return to direct consumer handsets. As noted in an excellent analysis by ZDNet's Jo Best:

"We are not looking to a direct consumer return to handsets per se," he said, but added that the Nokia "brand will return to the consumer world" through licensing deals in the longer term."

So yes, Nokia as a brand may live on in many forms, including set-top boxes, digital cameras, and maybe even smartphones, but not directly as Nokia-manufactured devices.

As mentioned earlier, the notion a CEO would steer his company back into a field in which they just left due to the division effectively failing would be a terrible idea. There would be too much risk in capital for the company whereas licensing the Nokia brand is a much safer and risk adverse endeavor to pursue.

In other words, let it go. There will be no more Nokia-developed smartphones.

Source: Nokia; via ZDNet

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • Good. That settles it.
  • The CEO is lying just like a politician: "No, I'm not running for office in 2016....liar!
  • They don't have the resources to try a gamble like that. They couldn't make it two years ago, why would they all of the sudden be able to in two years.
  • Nokia was sold for millions. And now they are making profit. They have money!
  • They'll merely license the name to a Chinese company that can crank out the phones cheaper and with less overhead. They'll make lots from licensing without any risk. There are lots of excellent Chinese manufacturers such as Lenovo nowadays.
  • Doubt it. They can't make iOS devices (obviuously) Android would cost them a fee and make them uncompetitive. Windows would be free, but they would be up against MS and other chinese manufactures doing it for themselves. There is 0 business sense in Nokia re-entering the smartphone market. (And no, just no, not even Meego. Don't even go there, before DJCBS chimes in with that nonsense)
  • You have it backwards. Android would be free for Nokia, because they own the patents to protect them from any troll tax. WP wouldn't be free unless its a small screen low end device. 
  • Nope. The one who hold the patents is Microsoft. Samsung, HTC, etc are paying royalties regarding Android to Microsoft. Not Nokia. They pay Nokia for hardware related patents. If Nokia making Android phones, they have to pay royalties to Microsoft like Samsung, HTC, etc. As for Windows Phone, no mater what screen size they pick, it will be free, since the limitation was 9" and under. They won't make a 10" smartphones, do they?
  • You're wrong again, my man. Nokia has TONS of software patents as well, being the INVENTORS of smartphones. Nokia pays very little to anyone to make smartphones, which is why their patent portfolio is so valueable long term, and why it was so important that they stop making phones. By them not competiting, they no longer have to comply with the fair use negotiation for licensing their tech.
    Microsoft has a long term patent licensing agreement as part of the sale, but no one else does, and has to pay the piper. 
    I should say I'm not just guessing, having been a smartphone journalist for a decade, and former Senior Editor of Symbian-Freak, I was able to see the development first hand of how the smartphone patent wars were semi-settled. Nokia is the base for all smartphones. Symbian is the Godfather, and if you want to play this game, Nokia gets a cut, each and every time.
    Oh yeah, its not just Window PHONE, but ALL Windows that's free. LOTS of sub 10" display devices running Windows 8.1, especially tablets, BECAUSE of this. It won't matter anyway, since going forward, there's only one Windows, and that's Windows 10.
  • sailfish  
  • Huawei maybe not Lenovo
  • Billions, actually.
  • You mean billions
  • I think you mean Billions.
  • they were sold for a couple billion, but that's not a good reason to go into an ultra competative market with razor thin margins.
  • The issue with Nokia was they were so heavily leveraged in the low margin/low end segment. If Nokia returned like an Apple, and only made one or two super high end devices, or maybe one running Android, another running WP, at the highest spec level, the profits would be much greater, and they certainly have the cachet to do so.   
  • You don't  just "return like an Apple". You have to earn your spot there at the top
  • Nokia was at the top AND PROFITABLE before they decided to go WP. EVEN WITH THE LOW END. Had they just dropped the low end (Symbian) and kept the high end as their focus (Maemo), they'd be still at the top. 
  • they are proftable since dumping the phone division. they just raised their earnings estimate for next year. why would they spend billiôns rebuilding their phone manufacturing and design division when they likely would break even or lose money like most of the android oems?
  • The sad part is since they didnt do Android too, we will never know. They went all in with WP. Wild thing is Motorola went all in with Android. And since some of the same things are happeneing to both companies we should compare them even more. Which brand is stil intact.... Until the day Motorola no longer exists, its name is erased from products, I feel Motorola is in a better position. Just from marketing, ads alone Motorola can make some extra money with its name. What can Nokia market?
  • Rajeev's Words:
    We are not looking to a direct consumer return to handsets per se," he said, but added that the Nokia "brand will return to the consumer world" through licensing deals in the longer term.
    "The Nokia brand is still extremely powerful and we see considerable interest in licensing. We will pursue it... in a thoughtful and considered way," he said.
    It will be interesting to see what the licensing deals yield for such a powerful brand. What OEMs will take part and exactly how those deals will be manifest in the industry. It does seem that Nokia will be "present" in smartphone industry in some form or another in future. It may not be what fans have hoped for, but it will be "something".
    If anything can be said about Nokia is that its a company that adapts! They have gone through so many changes: Papermill, boots, rubber etc!
    Change I inevitable. Thier thoughtful and considered "indirect" "re-entry" into smartphone arena via licensing of thier technology, as Rajeev puts "extremely powerful brand" which they have "considerable interest" and stated objective to "pursue it", might not look like the Nokia of yesteryear that had thier own factories & made thier own hardware; but thier collaboration with other OEM's as they liscence thier technologies will simply be a different representation of the Nokia name in the smartphone arena in the future. Rajeev seems intent to pursue it.
    Fans may not like the "next" iteration of Nokia's representation in the smartphone arena, but it will still be Nokia. It is what it is. Can't change the past. Embrace the future.:-)
  • The problem I see for Nokia is this. When they sold there smartphone business to Microsoft all there software engineers the design people everything about a Nokia smartphones went to Microsoft. Therefore. Microsoft mobile is the closest you ever going to get to a real Nokia. If they license the Nokia brand out to other OEMs dont expect the same build quality the same support the same design or anything that people grew to love about Nokia. If you really like Nokia design and build and phones the best place to see that real hardware in action is Microsoft mobile. Like it or not that's were all of nokia's star players play today.
  • It's a brave new world!:-) Me, I'm looking forward to Windows 10 and what awesome Lumia Microsoft Mobile will grace us with next year. I have both the 1520 and 1020 now. I won't be able to do the duo smartphone upgrade in the future(first baby on the way!!!! :-) ) so a 1530 or 1030 or some awesome middle ground between the two, or the McLaren would all be tantalizing to me! At any rate I'm on the Microsoft train and looking for some great things in both hardware and software next year.
  • Agree, looking forward to new devices in Windows 10. Awesome potential.
  • Face palm!
  • More like sound strategy. I seriously question the mindset of people who think it would be a good idea for Nokia to make phones again...after it nearly wrecked the company and they sold off everything. All I can think is 'These people need to really steer clear of running a business or making leadership decisions".
  • Agreed!! I believe that there is inherent value in the Nokia brand as it relates to phones and therefore a play to license the brand to another smartphone maker is a good move.
  • @Daniel Do you think Microsoft will eventually make a move to purchase the remainder of Nokia just for the patents it holds?
  • They couldn't afford  it. TOO valueable an asset, and Nokia would never sell.
  • There isn't much MS can't afford. Whether Nokia would ever sell the rest, or if MS even wants it is a different story.
  • If Microsoft really wants to they could do you know how much money Microsoft has. And if Microsoft really wanted the rest of Nokia they could buy it cuz even Nokia has got a price
  • MS wanted to buy here services (maps and stuff) but they refused
  • Microsoft might not have wanted to pay Nokia's asking price ;-)
  • They have lots of money that can afford buying my whole country
    And they know that Bing maps is not good so they will want to buy here
    But Nokia's CEO refused to sell it :/
  • Yep, exactly.
  • Yes, thank you Daniel. I scratch my head anytime I read about Nokia coming back, etc. Why when it nearly killed the company.
  • Nearly killed them because they focused on a niche phone platform.
  • What about if a bunch of old Nokia employees create their own ODF and work on what they think should be an Android phone. This would give that company good buzz. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Isn't that exactly was Jolla is?
  • Jolla is not Android
  • Yes it was created by ex Nokia employees.
  • Yup, I know.
  • There are a couple of startups in Finland trying to develop modular android phones (afaik not exactly the type that google's ARA is, but not sure). they probably have mostly Nokia folks in them, as does Jolla (speaking of, looks like they are about to announce a bigger phone: see countdown clock  on )
  • Thank you Daniel. I always had a hard time arguing with those people who couldn't get over the past.
  • While I TOTALLY agree, Daniel, I think it was unwise for Nokia to make this announcement. They gain nothing by making the announcement, but lose some of the brand loyalty by saying it in public. Now people that are Nokia loyalist can let the divorce sink in and start looking for a new love. 
    Its no different than your girlfriend you break up with. You pine away awhile, but as soon as you see her with another guy/girl, you get the tattoo covered and start sleeping with everything in town, and ignoring anything that reminds you of her. 
    I'd have let the fandom and dreams smolder. It was the mystique that keeps their brand relevant, and valued. Now people see they may license it to anyone, like Pantech or Huawei. No one wants that, and if its going to the highest bidder, no one will take notice.
    Nokia stands for something, and not just in name. If they don't license it to a company that can add value, it will be even worse a mistake, and this announcement just made that possibility seed in the minds of the fans. 
    What do you think about my perspective? (disclaimer: I'm a Nokia loyalist since 2005)
  • Those are just people with wet dreams of Android mating with the Nokia logo, playing in dome sort of tech porn fantasy, in their heads. There may be a phone with Nokia's logo at some point, but it wont be "official", and we know how people live that word, around here. :)
  • If Nokia is willing to license their brand name in the future, then why didn't Microsoft license it for, let's say, ten years?
  • They actually did with all non-Lumia lines such as Asha, S40 and X.
  • Aren't all those lines being discontinued with immediate effect since the MS restructuring?
  • Yet still many people think Nokia would fare well by going into Android instead. i always tell them to have a look at HTC's finances.
  • Yes look at the finances...and HTC still has its brand name intact on hardware. Where is this HTC doom n gloom coming from? Oh...old news, like some claim some cant get over that past about Nokia and its time to embrace the new Nokia...
  • I'm wondering if the "let it go" was a SO to Frozen lol
  • Agree. For now, as difficult as it may sound, let the rumors rest in piece. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Right after Sony starts developing a Walkman that successfully beats an iPod.
  • And after Shamesung stops acting like a bitch...
  • Well seeing as ipod sales are more niche customers it could happen
  • Not surprised
  • Now, will those Android fans STFU...
  • But they did say a Nokia branded "something" was coming out this quarter...
  • Could easily be a wearable. Or even software...
  • I suppose it could be anything, even a sports drink, but I'm inclined to agree with wearable, given their stated interest in the IoT.
  • Nokia power. With zero calories.
  • Did they, in that event? Well, they are supposed to say somethin gon Monday.
  • Ramzi Haidamus, President, Nokia Technologies, said something about a branded device coming out "this quarter" during his Q&A...
  • Cool. Hopefully we'll be wiser on Monday then. Hope it is not JUST the brand they have lisenced (like they did with TVs in the past) but a product that actually has some Nokia tech/IP/design in it.
  • Maybe lte modems?
  • Ok, I listened to Haidamus again. What he said was not in the Q&A, but rather during his regular comments. What he said was that Nokia "branding" would start this quarter. Exactly what that means, I guess we will have to wait and see....
  • Ok, thanks for checking! Heh, knowing how Nokia likes to hype things up and then reveal almost nothing, and their back and forths on brands/product names, would not be surprised if they would announce on Monday that HERE will be rebranded to... wait for it... "Nokia HERE!" :D
  • They are getting into wearables market..going to make diapers
  • Nokia Denim diapers, latest fashion lol
  • Daniel... Nokia changed to Nokia Networks in India... They made a contract with Airtel mobile carrier...
  • What contract exactly? That doesn't mean they're going to make phones again, they're still in the telecommunications business after all.
  • When did that happen?
  • Nope... Nokia Networks is a different...  branch(?) of Nokia.. Basically it is NSN or siemens accquisition by Nokia...
  • They got a contract contract to develop Airtel's 3G capabilities in Mumbai, Bihar and one more place I don't remember...nothing here...
  • There's a new version of Lumia help & tips but users are unable to update. Anyone know why?
  • This article can't answer you.
  • I updated successfully
  • A certain person died a little inside after reading this news :D
  • i know who you mean
  • More likely embarrassment because all the bs "insider" info has been proven to be just that, bs.
  • Not really because I chose to read things directly from Nokia and not from ZDnet or other "news" reporters ;)
  • That "believing" is a power draw to the brand name, and dashing those "believers" hopes hurts it considerably. I always knew it'd be an ODM, but others don't get the business, and were just waiting for another Nokia. Now they're going to let it set in, and realize Nokia won't ever be the same touch shelled, great camera, strong antennaed device they wish for. Brand value plummeted all on this statement.
  • Don't tell me you're arrogant enough to believe you're alone in the Universe...:P Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • We know who :D
  • Yeah, and I guess he's still living in Denial. Oh wells.
  • Ha, I know who you were talking about but couldn't remember his username
  • That's really a sad news! Was hoping to get a Nokia phone again!
  • Grab one of those already available in the market. They're gonna be precious memorable.
  • 1520 is the target!
  • 1520 is the best s.p. ever
  • This can definitely change and WILL change. Nokia may manufacture devices, preferably smartphones, but with a different name maybe. And yes, it will definitely be an Android based device coz that's where the profit lies currently. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Time to let it go man. Maybe go talk to a therapist, lol.
    "And yes, it will definitely be an Android based device coz that's where the profit lies currently."
    Once again, I think you need to do some actual research here. Most companies are not doing very well with Android devices as they are all being squeezed by Samsung on one side or Microsoft and its patents on the other.
  • "Time to let it go..." LOL
  • But the Nokia brand still carries a lot of weight here in India.
  • Still they were losing millions making phones. Nokia's name was in the basic phone market. That market is going down fast. In 2016, there wont be much basic phones selling. Already Lumia 520 os selling at $39.99 in US which is not too far from the Nokia basic phone price range. It's going to be smartphones going forward
  • Nicely said mate. :)
  • If I am not mistaken, Samsung has incurred a huge loss lately. Rather companies like Motorola, HTC, LG or even Xiaomi made profits lately. What do you call this scenario? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Daniel, you are such a fanboy. This is one of the most played out fanboy rhetorics out there. By that conclusion, only Apple and Samsung should make phones. The sad truth is HTC was going to be dead and gone if it had stuck with WP only. People tend to forget that it was the premier WP device maker before Nokia. They just didn't sell. Android at least has kept these companies afloat. They bounce back and forth from red to black but they are generating revenue that pay salaries and keep the organization going. With a less successful OS they would have had to shut their doors for good.   Also, years ago, the market looked similar to this, except the number one Android manufacturer then was HTC. If Samsung fans were like the way the Nokia doomsday alarmists are today, they would have predicted failures from all angles. They would have told Samsung to stay away from Android since it is HTC's domain.  Point is, markets change. Sometimes, all it takes is a well planned out restructuring. And, of course, a product that marketing can sell.
  • HTC was making Android and WPs.Miss management of the company is what almost sent them down the river.Not Microsoft.
  • I do not believe I have ever said HTC should have only stuck with Windows Phone, as that would have been suicide. Having said that you do not have to look far to find analysts and market researchers weary of HTC's long term prospects. Considering Samsung makes up 65% (or higher) of the Android market, yeah, they are a force to be reckoned with. After all, they hold their own Android Developer conference (just wrapped this week). I like HTC. I wish them nothing but the best. But the idea they have a cakewalk in mobile is a joke.
  • They sold all factories. And they don't have money to make phones. You should stop thinking about that possibility.
  • India factory??
  • That's wrecked as well. Employees laid off.
  • Nokia had  android smartphones but noone cared
  • Those were not even smartphones for that matter. The X series was the crappiest thing Nokia could have ever done. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • There's absolutely no profit whatsoever anywhere in the android-ecosystem.
  • HAHAHA shut some mouths around here.
  • Steven Elop hate posts incoming :P i expect great stuff from Nokia now that they got rid of their  struggling smartphone division  and sit on a big pile of money
  • Don't count on it.  Their network business is crumbling too.  Two massive failures in a row will do them in.
  • Their network business is crumbling? Really? What is the evidence of that?
  • Yeah right...everybody is talking positively about Nokia Network's performance...
    i can see below that you're a Nokia hater... Throw the BS and yourself out bro...
  • Make some brand which represents Nokia :P
  • Brand which represents Nokia...hmmm,Aikon maybe?? :p
  • Or rather Chinese people would write it as Nokai :v
  • I personally don't like Microsoft on the phone. It makes it less attractive
  • Then don't buy one. And remove the "Windows" avatar from your profile while you're at it :-)
  • Haha!!
  • Just GTFO.
  • Donny buy then. Or buy a Nokia sticker
  • Nokia Networks Signs 3G Contract With Bharti Airtel
  • They make network technology. Like 4g networks. They make deals like this all the time.
  • Nokia -Networks-.. Hint, hint...
  • DJCBS is going to be so upset. He's been SO sure that they would return to phones.
  • Lol hahahaha I can't wait to see his post Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Read my post below. You'll see I'm not concerned at all with Daniel's and ZDnet's opinion on this ;)
  • DJCBS I'm with you... A loyal nokia fan...  
  • Duh,they won't ,never thought they would
  • You know what every one said ms selling Xbox ones with out Kinect would be a terrible idea. Look what happened with that. We all know ms history with making cell phones.....not good at all but we all know nokia has historically made some awesome phones ! It would take ms centuries to get to that point that's why were hoping for a Nokia return because we know they make good phones . As of Microsoft there last attempt at making a phone was a bomb
  • You realize that the and manufacturing and engineering teams responsible for those awesome Nokia phones are now literally the teams making Microsoft phones right? The design or direction might change but there's no reason to expect the quality or skill to do so as well.
  • Do you not know the definition of purchase? Or are you being intentionally obtuse? The same people that made Nokia's "awesome phones" will be making Microsoft phones now. Same designers, same factories, same technology (which MS licensed). About the only difference is they swapped the word Nokia for Microsoft on the back of the handset. As a wise man once said: "Let it go."
  • All fathers of pure view are developing cameras for MS Lumia (juha alakarhu etc..) and work in MS
  • I really wish the same thing, I do, but it is not true: Note that the news is from 9th of May 2014. There will probably not be a 41 megapixel camera in iPhone 6S Plus, but expect something groundbreaking with that guy on Apple's almost unlimited capital, marketing power and engineering top notch teams. The question is: how much can one previous chief engineer contribute without his former buddies joining in? Also, what is Apple interested in making? They usually tone it down quite a bit. So far they only tweaked their 4S camera and continues to put in extras into it while Nokia revolutionized the industry completely with Pureview. I think Apple got stuck in a sand pit with their camera. They do not know enough things about optics to make something unique and great.  Still people ignored Nokia and bought Apple iPhones in droves, despite their boring camera. It only shows that the best technology does not win. It is all about marketing, pop culture status, trends, ecosystems and coolness. So I think that is the reason they hired the Pureview chief. They need him to tell camera tech engineers at Apple: "hey, do not worry! I will help you go from pathetic to groundbreaking just in time for launch in september 2015!"
  • Nokia is one of the greatest failures in the history of technology.  They went from the world's largest make of mobile phones to bankrupt in less than two years.  They failed to innovate and had their lunch eaten by Apple and Samsung. After such a spectacular failure, why would they want to go back and do it all over again?
  • They never went bankrupt. Also, it took Samsung more than 14 years to dethrone Nokia in 2012. Give credit where credit is due.
  • They were just incompetent towards fast moving smartphone tech and couldn't bear the low smartphone share(but still ruled dumbphones' share).
  • Don't forget the days when these DUMBPHONES got your back u DUMBASS!!
  • Microsoft has all of Nokia's key designers and developers. There is no "Nokia" anymore. Get over it and realize that Microsoft phones will be as good/better than Nokia could ever produce. Same people, unlimited resources. Think about it.
  • Nokia still has 75% of the people in house, of those who have developed the current Nokia technologies in use. Microsoft may have the designers, but Nokia has the technology and knowhow.
  • You are a bit confused i see...
  • You did not watch the CMD I see?
  • Don't confuse "Nokia" with "Nokia Devices and Services". Only the latter got sold off to MS.
  • Go read the Nokia website. You'll find out you're dead wrong about the "Microsoft has all of Nokia's key designers and developers".
  • Dude, just STOP! Join our cause instead. You're 90% onboard anyways. Surface RT, SP3, Onedrive, Lumias, and soon with that Xbox One you want. I'm a Micrososft fan and don't own as many MS products as you do. All I got that's Microsoft made is an Xbox One.
  • I already have the Xbox One ;P been playing AC Unity. But I've switched to a Nokia Z launcher powered Android.
    You gain one you lose one. (My keyboard, mouse and webcam are also Microsoft's ;p)
    I never said I hate Microsoft. I just like Nokia more. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Well its settled... If there was a time to buy a Nokia handset, the time is now!!!! I'm glad I have my 920, 1020, and 1520. As soon as the next 6 inch Windows 10 device is out, I'll quickly purchase it. And place my beautiful Nokia devices in a display cabinet along with my windows mobile 6 devices... Gotta love it!
  • Good..
  • I find this to be sad news because I've always loved Nokia and have been a Nokia loyalist since 2002. If that's really it for them making phones, then by 2016, I might very well go back to using an iPhone again if the current Lumias I own all die. :-/
  • Why wait!
  • The people responsible for making Nokia's high quality phones aren't gone. They just work for a different company. Just because they now work under Microsoft doesn't mean they forget how to make quality phones. Nokia is such a valued brand because of the quality of their engineering teams. If you recognize that, just realize that supporting MS is still going to be supporting the same people responsible for phones like the 920.
  • I feel your pain. Nokia is the only brand I've ever really felt affinity with....a principled company that did the best by its workers & gave us innovation after innovation.
    Hopefully Microsoft will be one of those brand licensees in the future....Nokia engineers making Nokia branded phones with the limitless budget of Microsoft backing them up (and Windows 10 powering it).
    My kind of phone!
  • Wait, how can you have been a Nokia loyalist since 2002 if you're "going back" to a phone released in 2007? Does not compute.
  • I agree,this worries me to some extent,waiting for the flagships to come out,hopefully Microsoft doesn't ruin the design which Nokia created,I've never been so in love since the IPhone in terms of phone design::fingers crossed::: Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Yay :D I'm happy about this.
  • Thats l620 what iam using now.. :)
  • Me 2,we need an upgrade :D
  • +620 :) gonna get either a 1520/830 :)
  • Not yet we had a perfect replace of nokia lumia 620, its a great premium phone with in its price point...
  • Actually, if you listened carefully to Haidamus, this is where you go a little wrong in my opinion:   "There will be no more Nokia-developed smartphones."   Most probably there will be Nokia-developed smartphones but they won't be manufactured by Nokia. They will license the technology (that they are constantly developing and improving) and the Nokia brand for those who may want to utilize them. Under very strict rules.
  • And then their will develop smartphones for Microsoft Lumia? Okay seems nothing different LOL
  • and there you go, another prove of those clueless anti-Microsoft persons who want for some reason Nokia returning and killing Microsoft, with android and all. You know Nokia failed years ago and they lived a little more thanks to Microsoft. why would they return? to fail again... I am sure that's the plan, to fail again and destroy their feet in the same rock twice.
  • No, maybe nokia will come with different strategy & plans. And we also love Microsoft but as OS maker and nokia as hardware maker. Don't forget Microsoft get pureview & many more technology license from nokia
  • "In other words, let it go. There will be no more Nokia-developed smartphones." A lot can change in two years. I would not rule Nokia out at such an early stage.    
  • 2 years is a long time in business.
    In the world of tech and mobile...even more so.
    On the surface it looks silly for Nokia to return to the handsets business which is what nearly killed them..but with the arrival of Windows Phone they were resurrected and performed reasonably well..regardless of however their performance would pale next to the iPhone and big Android handset manufacturers. They had a decent bit of momentum going before Microsoft took over....with the strength of their R&D I wouldn't bet against them returning to the handset business in a couple of years.
    This period away from the hustle bustle might do them a world of good. It might help them come ba l harder and stronger and though Ive used a number of mays and mights I hope to see Nokia making phones one day in the near future.
  • Except for the fact that the R&D for devices now belongs to MS. I think what of the hopeful comments her fail to realize is the monumental cost and effort it would take Nokia to replace all the assets it sold to MS. All for what? To jump into the low-profit Android fray and lose money like Sony and HTC? It's a great sentiment, but a lousy business logic.
  • ​Nokia R&D still belongs to Nokia.
  • Good, now we're sure about that. Pretty much everyone knows Nokia's former core business was sold to Microsoft, so people wouldn't be looking for a Nokia phone anyway.
  • They can't make phones for another 10 years with Nokia brand. But if they wanted they could make another brand. . Or they could swallow Jolla.
    Just a thought but its not impossible.
  • Mind you by the time Microsoft get a good phone out on the market, Nokia might be in the business again lol
  • They can make phones starting in 2016. Those 10 years are the time Microsoft has a license to use the Nokia brand on dumbphones.
  • In correct, they could, in theory, make or lisence rights to Nokia named/branded smartphones. MS has rights for 10 years for the Nokia name in feature phones only
  • I'm still holding out out for that Nokia Android phone
  • I am sitting on the fence on this one. 'The other half' is already running with the program anyway. Then there is Vsenn and of course there Vertu too. Oh its getting complicated in my head and waiting for 2017.
  • How come let it go?what the Nokia CEO said could be a part of their deal that to move all the Nokia fanboys to Microsoft?!there's always a chance!and now I'm waiting for Nokia to bounce back
  • Yet, the average consumer wont know the difference if they see an Android powered device labeled Nokia.
  • Guys Nokia is legend in mobile it created the mobile era with Motorola,I was in a heart attack when I heard Microsoft bought it, have you ever heard a Nokia phone having technical issues more than I phone or Samsung and who was pioneer in offline maps
  • Well, you can obviously choose to read what he said in a way that pleases you and calms down Microsoft Mobile fans. But the message that got out was "Nokia will not return to manufacturing phones". However, that same slide you posted served to identify what Nokia Technologies will be doing. Which means, Nokia will be doing the industrual and software design while leaving the manufacturing to others. In other words, it's the Apple model, where Apple outsources the construction of the phones. Which is different from what Nokia did (owning factories).   Perhaps you should re-read the presentation of Ramzi Haidamus, President of Nokia Technologies. To know that Nokia will develop and invest in: Industrial and software design, ODM management and brand; and still think Nokia will not put that investment to use in smartphones and other devices seems completely deluded to me. The only reason I see to think that is a complete state of denial. Sort of "No. No. Nokia will not return. We bought them. They can't compete with us in any way or we're screwed".   Suri was careful when he worded things. He said "not looking to a direct consumer return". You know who doesn't have a direct consumer relationship either? Apple. And any other company that outsources the production of their products. When Apple builds an iPhone, they don't build it. They design the hardware, the software and then license it for Foxconn to build it. What manufacturers like Foxconn do is manufacture phones under licenses from Apple, Motorola, Sony, even Microsoft. Do you really think that other OEMs (Sony, Samsung, HTC etc) are interested in licensing the Nokia brand to call their phones "Nokia" instead of their own brand? Licencing the Nokia brand, designs etc, means that whatever is produced under those licenses will be under the Nokia brand. Nokia then collects the royalties of that license and the manufacturer (Foxconn for example) does the business.     But hey, you keep believing and reading things the way you wish. If I was a hardcore WP fan and seeing that Microsoft is not putting their platform ahead of the others, I would also be praying to all Gods that the company that holds the patents to the phones I use would not return to the same space. Specially if they use another OS...specially one with 80% of marketshare.
  • While there is some merit to your argument, you're completely deluded if you thing that Apple and MS license the designs to Foncon and other ODMs and collect royalties. They pay them a certain amount to manufacture devices on their behalf. Heck Apple even pays for custom machinery and its install in Foxcon owned factories. If your scenario were even close to reality, Foxcon, not Apple and MS would be responsible for support, service, warranty and marketing costs. That simply is not the case.
  • Let me clarify what I meant: when the likes of Apple ask Foxconn to produce the phones for them, they do it under a contract. In that contract, Apple includes all the necessary licenses (from design to brand) so that Foxconn can produce the phones. Apple then oversees the distribution of the final result to consumers. In some cases, they do it through their own Apple stores. In other cases the phones are distributed by retailers (for example, in some European countries there are no Apple stores. The phones are sold by retailers and the warranties and service are done by other companies that Apple and Foxconn license for it). When you break your phone, the phone doesn't go to Apple. Or Microsoft. Or Sony. It goes to companies licensed by Foxconn and the brand to take care of that. Can you imagine if your phone had to constantly go to China for repair? It would be insane. The way companies profit from the manufacturing is by getting a part of the profits from sales. For every phone Foxconn produces, for example, they get a percentage of the sales price and the brand (Apple, Sony, Motorola etc) gets another. The money the brand (Apple, Sony, Motorola etc) get from those sales are royalties because they derive from the contract license they established with the manufacturer. What's in those Nokia plans available on their site, points out to Nokia refocusing on what exactly they do. For many years Nokia did everything. They designed software, hardware, they manufactured (remember the factory in India, for example), they distributed (there are Nokia stores in many countries). That model was obviously not sustainable. That model is what they sold to Microsoft and what Microsoft took in its hands to dismantle. The only way for Nokia to monetize its brand in that segment is by having it on devices (be it phones, wearables etc). But there are more ways to milk a cow. By only focusing on the design and technology and licensing the manufacturing and distribution to others, Nokia can minimize a lot of the costs they had in the past and that led them to where they are now. Nokia's model was not efficient anymore. They're building a new model. And I highly doubt they're investing money in areas just "because". They would be sitting on a pile of patents for nothing. If that was their plan, they would have sold patents to Microsoft. They sold none.
  • I don't disagree with the majority of what you said, and I do vaguely remember reading something about Nokia working on deals with manufacturers (though I can't vouch for the veracity of the source, as I don't remember). However, I would say this; if they do get back into even designing phones, that would be a herculean task and a big risk, even if they don't manufacture them. The money that would go into just hiring the glut of engineers of different stripes, marketing, etc. would be very substantial. Further, what you said about then just sitting on patents for nothing is a bit misleading. They makes heaps of money from licensing them. Assuming the settlement to still be in place, they make 1-2% of the gross from every iPhone sold, amongst others.
  • Samsung and Apple is why you will never see Nokia make another phone.Microsoft,HTC,Blackberry,Sony are already fighting for the leftover table scraps.@DJCBS Love yea man.Keep dreaming the dream!Lol!
  • Why do you believe any return of Nokia would be in the model used before? Has it occurred to you that Nokia may produce just one high end phone for the same reason Microsoft produces the Surface line? To showcase their own tech? Thought so ;)
  • DJCBS, I don't believe that Foxconn gets a % of the sales price for devices sold. I confess I'm not aware of the specific terms between Apple and Foxconn, but I've done a fair number of similar contract manufacturing deals, including with Chinese manufacturers, and in general, neither the Intellectual Property owner (Apple in this case) nor the contract manufacturer (Foxconn) would want that. It's a straight purchase of units produced. Foxconn may carry some or all of the inventory cost as part of the deal with Apple, but I'd wager that excepting those kinds of terms (inventory, drop-ship delivery fees, maybe some incentive and quality bonuses, etc.), Apple pays Foxconn a fixed price per unit produced. If Apple sells a unit at a loss or at a higher than expected margin, that's all on Apple and has no effect on Foxconn. That's the point of being a contract manufacturer -- you get paid for making stuff and don't have to worry about that messy and fickle consumer market. And for Apple, who is at home in that messy and fickle consumer market, along with the risk, they get the lion's share of the profit on the devices, with Foxconn only eking out a thin margin on each device manufactured. Still a lot of money to Foxconn due to volume, but nothing compared to Apple's share. And if Apple wanted to drop Foxconn and switch to a different contract manufacturer or begin to manufacture for themselves, unless their contract with Foxconn explicitly prevent this (maybe for a product already in production, but almost certainly not for any future device), they could do this at any time.
  • LMAO!!!
  • While I agree it is in theory possible that Nokia coudl design etc. a phone and have 3rd party manafacture it, saying "You know who doesn't have a direct consumer relationship either? Apple. " is just silly. Foxconn is not the one that the relationship with consumers, retailers or even wholesalers. ps. If anything on phones, at this point e.g. "our XX phone includes Pureview Camera Technology by Nokia"  is much more likely than a full on Nokia branded phone (i.e. one manufactured by the likes of Foxconn).    
  • This is exactly what I am saying, they will license the heck out of their technologies and make more than they were making trying to make the hardware themselves.
  • Was the imaging part of their smartphone business sold with the rest? Or is all that pureview stuff still Nokia only?
  • All the PureView tech remained in Nokia's hands. Some of the PureView team moved to Microsoft, mainly the team responsible for the implementation of the PureView tech on Windows Phone. However, the R&D teams responsible for the creation of the tech remained at Nokia. Microsoft bought the "PureView" brand though.   Nokia retained 75% of their talent. Which means only 35% of it was sold. And that's not counting the ones in those 35% that actually didn't move but decided to go somewhere else.
  • Ah, with 110% (75% + 35%) of their talent, that explains why Nokia was such a great company. :-)
  • As I said, Apple only interferes as they make the bridge between the manufacturer and the retailer. From the Nokia sheets, Nokia is supposed to focus on that too. Meaning, they can have the likes of Foxconn produce the phone and then Nokia serves as the middle-man between them and the retailers. That's what Apple does.   As to what you said, yes, that is also a possibility, of course. For example, I never understood why Microsoft didn't use that scheme to keep the Nokia brand - the reason WP sells in markets like Europe and India - on the back of their phones. Instead of that ugly long Microsoft logo they could have just placed the Microsoft Imperial Seal on the back and then put the Nokia brand next to the camera, much like Nokia had ZEISS there.   However, that doesn't maximize the potential of the Nokia brand. I do think that Nokia will have at least one phone produced in 2016. If only to serve - like the Surface and the Microsoft band - as a showcase to what their technologies can do. They present the Nokia 10, for example. A phone that has the best of Nokia's technologies in it. Then other OEMs will have the chance to license that tech from Nokia. I think the main problem here is that everyone just assumes when one says "return to phones" it's meant in the same scale as before. Of course not! That'd be insane. But to say they won't return, based on a distortion of what the Nokia CEO said and against what was presented by the Nokia leadership team, is just preposterous. 
  • I don't get that opinion at all.  I really see it as they will focus their efforts on designing technology and software that will be used in other companies products.  This way they just have to make something that the other companies want and then license it to them.  If there is a flop of a phone made its not sitting in a Nokia warehouse its all on the other guys, Nokia will still have their money from having licesnsed the technology to that company.  Additionally, they can avoid any real market share issues by making something everybody will want.  Make a technology that apple, android, and WP can use and you stand a chance at it getting put in all systems and making more revenue with less risk.
  • That is part of the plan. However, that doesn't maximize the use of the Nokia brand as they intend, since those companies will not be using the Nokia brand on their phones, obviously. Even if Apple licenses, for example, the camera tech from Nokia, they wouldn't place a Nokia logo on the back.
  • Why would they be interested in a system where 80% of the phones share 15% of the profits? That's just suicide and basically everyone is hemorrhaging money on it.
  • If their devices serve as a mean to showcase their technologies, they aren't seeking to overthrone Samsung again. They aim at showing the best of their technologies in the market where the most OEMs are. Currently you can see their tech on Windows Phone. But Windows Phone holds 3% of global marketshare. That's a terrible place to showcase anything. Look at their approach with HERE for example. Samsung went ahead and forged a licensing deal with them to put HERE on their Galaxy phones. And in 3 weeks, the Android HERE app was downloaded 1 million times. And the app is NOT yet on the Play Store.   You know, there's a reason why Microsoft is also launching so many things for Android ;)
  • Who builds their own phones, today? Nobody relevant to my knowledge? Then why would Ramzi even make this comment?!?! Why state the obvious? Because he wanted to shut the door for anyone with a pipe dream that it would happen. It all sounds to me that they'll continue making software for others to use but will never delve into manufacturing themselves or a vendor ever again. But, you're entitled to your opinion no matter how far fetched and desperate it appears to be.
  • If Nokia intended to NOT return to the phone markets: 1 - they wouldn't have restricted so much the use of the Nokia brand on smartphones by Microsoft (they granted a 10 year license to the dumbphones); 2 - they wouldn't be talking about maximizing profits of the Nokia brand on mobile; 3 - they wouldn't be making an investment plan in developing hardware and software design. Other OEMs aren't interested in licensing hardware and software designs from Nokia. 4 - They would have clearly said "We will not return to the phone business at all. Period." They said nothing of the sort. Not only because it's not true, but because Nokia shareholders wouldn't like it.
  • Nokia isn't Apple, so the one high-end phone idea "NO" Shareholders won't allow it.Keep talking in circles it's a pipe dream.Anyone with any kinda of investment in Nokia would not want to be back in the phone market.They will lose money not make money.They didn't sale their handset division for the hell of it they did because they were sinking.It's been proven to you over and over again.It's time to get over it and move on.Businesses fail all the time this is nothing new.You're just one of those guys that could have undisputable evidence in front of you and you would still have a ass nine response .Find it pretty fun that you will not go head to head with Daniel on he's post;)
  • Thank Goodness Nokia CEO has more sense then these nostalgic sentimental people.
  • Thank Goodness Nokia CEO has more sense then these nostalgic sentimental people.
  • Thank Goodness Nokia CEO has more sense then these nostalgic sentimental people.
  • Is it worth purchasing a Lumia 1520 now? Or more cool phones will be announced soon?
  • Apple doesn't have a direct consumer relationship? I have no idea what you are talking about, anymore.
  • Microsoft is great and do poses the resourses to make amazing things with Nokia's people and manufacturing. U know what maybe its just me but wouldn't it be better for Nokia to deny future plans while gathering teams and working secretly innovating before the deadline is reached and once again return with a groundbreaking design and features? I would do it like that as well as combing every piece of phone forum, review and company in finding out what consumers want and weaknesses of the competition.
    MADE IN FINLAND was a major selling point always.
  • Since when were they made in Finland?  My pre-MS purchase Nokia was made in Korea.  I bet if you look at almost any Nokia it might have been designed in Finland but was built somewhere else for much less than they could have made it in Finland.  Kind of like how apple says that their products were designed in California but built in another country.
  • :'(
  • 1 word-- Nokia N9
  • No, Nokia E71
  • It wouldnt be able to look like any of there old phones. nokia has the hardware and software patents but microsoft got the design patents in the deal.
  • Finally. Some common sense.
  • Alll fine.. But it is also true that some people still want Nokia mobiles back. The brand. Known for quality.
  • The Brand itself doesn't provide that quality. It's the people behind it in design, engineering and manufacturing. And all these people are now at Microsoft making Lumia phones. If people are true Nokia fans for their quality product, they should logically now be fans of the Microsoft Lumia.
  • It appears that you don't understand what conglomeration does to a company that is swallowed up by another company. If you do, you will know that decision on what to produce, where to produce, for whom to produce, etc are solely in MS hands now! And I doubt that they will not fail!
  • Skype being swallowed up REALLY affected how they treat Windows Phone.  It is the SAME designers and engineers that made those precious Nokia devices and that is what really makes the quality.  They even have the same boss to report to.  Strategic priorities might change.  An independant Nokia wouldn't have waited for Windows 10 to release a new beast phone, but Microsoft's strategy did.  When the beast phone is finally released, it will still be a beast. I understand completely the processes of aqcuisition and I also know that no two scenarios are exactly alike.  Microsoft bought brains and expertise in this deal and I hope they aren't planning to waste them.  I don't KNOW this, but I kind of doubt that they will.
  • I just have to wait and see, but would love ❤ Nokia to come back...
  • Let it go people ...
  • Idiots won't produce Nokia smart phones! It is a shame that Nokia collapsed!
  • Live with Nokia... Love Nokia ... ! Keep waiting and see !!
  • Let it go, indeed. The article that I assume you are loosely referring to was yet another back-handed attempt to thro shade on MS. They have been in the news lately on a good note... Surface sales, their earnings report, the MS Band, etc. Only natural that the MS haters get to foaming at the mouth and puting out crap to try and counter the 'good' stuff. 
  • all these "Nokia" hippies and the ones that are hanging to every thread of hope that they do return to manufacturing phones must be sadists who like to see it fail repeatedly. All these new "fans" of nokia where were they when the company was broke and dying until MSFT gave them life again, they have a second chance to live and do something else, let's hope they are not as stupid and naive as some of these bandwagon fans tend to be...
  • What phone is that pictured?
  • 620
  • Let's have this discussion in 2017? Maybe? :D
  • I find it amusing how often I hear people make fun of iPhone and Android sheep but somehow totally ignore their blind love for Nokia.  I got into WP because I trusted the Nokia name and build quality of their devices however it is the WP OS that will keep me here. I think people need to at least give MS the benefit of the doubt and see the quality of what they put out before even consider saying that they "suck" or are "crap" or are a "disgrace to the Nokia memory", etc....  
  • Exactly! Well said.
  • Nokia is just die... I'm sorry
  • Err...what?
  • Give it up guys, buy Lumia 830, the the last Nokia handset ever and be happy.. Nokia is not coming back to handset market, not atleast till it's floating in money... So I'm buying Lumia 830 for nostalgia sake...
  • I have just hated this Nokia Lumia (WP OS) because of this breaking news!
    Idiots won't produce new Nokia smart phones again, if they are just losers!
    Is Nokia name actually glued to losers as they are making me feel like one?
  • I'm changing Course/route! No Nokia: No true multitasking on WP: No real Android phone or Iphone Match: Just glued to losers deceiving me with tiles and low quality apps: So pissed!
  • Wtf are you trying to say?
  • This guy needs to up is med intake.
  • nokia was the worst smartphone manufacturer and buing it was the worst Microsoft decision.
  • go and f**k your self
  • Fucking myself is easier than you bold-tied with MS tiles forever while dying slowly with it on internet porns and nothing more! Blue idiot!
  • +1520
  • What the hell are you say? ,Nokia
    is the worst smartphone!!!,please read the history of Nokia and then talk, Nokia in the past 10 years where the best phones in that years with her Symbian OS.
  • Idiot yelling: 'Nokia!' on the street without proper orientation! Red goat: So ugly!
  • I will miss the Nokia branding but I know the phones will still have Nokia technology to power it and that is what matters.
  • i have WP because of nokia, I love WP because of nokia, i'm a WP fan because of nokia   so Nokia is everything for me 
  • Me too bro
  • Everything? It's a phone. Seriously, it's just a phone.
  • Unlike you, I'm a true Microsoft fan, because I love WP because of Microsoft and not because of Nokia. Good that Microsoft is getting rid of Nokia branding from their phones. I don't care about Nokia, really. And if they do enter the phone market again, I wish them nothing but failure if they don't go with Windows again, which seems unlikely.
  • Idiot talking with his anus; that's what you are! How could you say that Nokia will fail if they come back? Idiot!
  • Are you retarded or did your mom throw you to the floor as a baby?
  • Same here. Shame Nokia won't be around anymore. Let's see what Microsoft Mobile produces and the state of WP in the coming months. If it's terrible then it's time to jump ships to the iphone.
  • You do realize it's the WP that made nokia come to life and not the other way around lol  
  • Ok,If the Nokia brand come again and make smartphones that means that Microsoft will stop make Lumia or what??
  • If I am Nokia, I'm not looking to return to production of mobile devices. I'm looking at the bigger picture: continued development of next generation technologies and leveraging it through license agreements. Think of Nokia imaging technology and Nokia graphene tech in every mobile device. Nokia has continuously evolved during its history. Let's end the chapter on Nokia phones and move on to greater profitability.
  • Anyone who thinks they would do this ever, let alone any time in the near future is just plain stupid.
  • And you are one of the plain stupid people who think that they won't do nothing again!
  • ​You forgot..... IMO....
  • They could make Android style phones and people would buy
  • Says HTC and LG and everyone else that isn't Samsung.
  • Better everything with Nokia phones
  • It's pretty clear that Nokia isn't going to directly make phones anymore.  They might license the name, but that wouldn't really be Nokia.  Would you rather have a phone designed and engineered by the people who made Nokia phones great or would you rather have a phone that someone paid to use the logo? 
  • they lost money so much money
  • But don't rule out Nokia licencing the name to sometime else for smartphone use.
  • The Nokia faithful only want Nokia making the phones. They don't like that Microsoft was selling phones with the Nokia name, are they going to like some new company doing that?  Who would do it, anyway?  HTC, Sony, Apple, Samsung?  Maybe the Nokia ex-pats at Jolla would do it.
  • is there any way i can be a writer in Windows central???
  • Judging from the fact that you did not capitalize the "i" of the first word of your sentence and the pronoun I and the "c" of "central", the answer is no.
  • Yes, in the comments section.
  • MS Lumias are inherently Nokia quality, because its ex Nokia workers and designers and manufacturers that are making the phones. So they will retain the classic "Nokia quality indestructability" they usually had. Like the Lumia 520 that stopped a bullet in Brazil.
  • A Liar with horns; that's what you are!
  • Dude.... They bought the devices/hardware division including its factories and employees. Why wouldn't it be, it's Nokia people working on it. e.e
  • Wait and see what happens to the quality of MS phones after their deal is over!
  • Lets just wait and see on this 535 then and watch that it will be just as if not more durable than the other 5xx phones. Quit lying to yourself.
    Besides, it's the Nokia quality that makes it popular in Europe and lesser developed countries. MS can be extremely stupid with some choices, like when they started charging for gold, and how they tried to apply it to PC. But they wouldn't risk cutting down on the quality, which will essentially kill whatever market share they hold already.
  • It is better I follow someone, Nokia, who already knows the road than a blind man, MS, who knows not the road nor when to stop!
  • Dude, man cannot even direct its own step. Just leave it as a wait and see approach. Besides if they do 'Android' their phones will suffer like any other android because of the many problems it has. They probably wont be getting back into smartphones anytime soon that's for sure.
  • MS won't do better than trying to keep trendy tiles and making money maintaining other platforms without working to champion new innovation that will shake the mobile industry! I hate followers (E.g. MS) who won't easily learn how to lead!
  • Your mother was a leader in the whore house where she met your dad.
  • GOOD to see L620 up there :)
  • Makes sense. Why take all of that Microsoft money that they took to bail out of smartphones and then turn around and spend it trying to get back into smartphones, competing with Samsung, Apple, Chinese white box manufacturers and, oh yeah, MICROSOFT RUNNING ALL OF THEIR OLD RESOURCES? They're much better off supporting the mobile industry instead of trying to compete in it.
  • Sorry off topic but I really love the lime green color of the Nokia phone in the photo. Really wish the new 830 optional backcover came with this shade of green or hopefully new Lumia's going forward!
  • See I told you so
  • So flagship from Nokia on 2017? That would be interesting ;)
  • You know I would be crying a whole lot if not for the fact that this is Windows Central and not Nokia Central. I like Nokia but let's be honest they were like every other major mobile leader that was caught flatfooted when the iPhone hit. I mean people forget Mobile Nations had a Nokia/Symbian site that closed or that Nokia had issues for a long time before Windows phone deal. For so many people's sakes I hope Nokia makes them their dream phone that runs Android so they can say this is Nokia phone the world has waited for and yet few buy.
  • I want Nokia back. They will return.
  • Great
    I never wanted to see a good phone with NOKIA on it running android Sent via Windows Central app
  • I wonder why people are losing sleep over this. Stuff happens all the time. Take IBM and the PC for example. We can argue that they were more or less the Nokia of the PC world. Sold it to Lenovo and moved on. No big deal, still a profitable, respected and innovative company. I see Nokia this way, they've moved on to other stuff, doesn't make them any less awesome. Guys, let the mobile phone thing go, Nokia is doing other things now!
  • Well I'm glad.  My subdivision has prohibited me from carrying a Nokia phone around the neighborhood as I've dropped it too many times and caused numerous potholes and sidewalk cracks...
  • They have money, but not enough to atract the former employs and specislly to rebuild the factories. So yes, nokia as a smartphone btand is gone. As i've said it many times.
  • I suggest that Nokia can return to its Original Smartphone OS (Symbian Series) Because smSymbian series mobiles are out this Days but still rolling in social world..., they could be Rebuilt and Developed by programs..., but if Nokia Change to its Asha Series they will Face a Death surely...
  • What people was looking for is a Nokia phone with real Android OS , and after 2016 releasing a phone with Android won't be risky
  • People are crazy about this because they like Nokia and hate windows phone OS
  • Let it go,
    Let it go.
    There are no more Nokia phones. Let it go,
    Let it go!
    The Nokia phones are gone! Mic-ro-soft
    Is the new brand.
    Let the trolls rage on!
    The label never bothered me anyway
  • Nokia supported WP more than MS ever did!!! Now with this 8.1 laggy RESUMING shit.. I'm thinking of Lolipop but then again it's NOKIA Lumia 730 attracts me...!! There is nothing special in the OS..!!! Just low quality apps and no true multitasking!! I'm in confusion to buy 730 or a Lolipop phone!!! I'm sick and tired of these ignorance from Microsoft itself... But Nokia is the only factor I'm staying here.. :'(
  • then wait for Windows 10. and lollipop is such a thing google could again copy apple. Hell they don't even no how to make an interface.
  • Atleast I'll have all the apps...but Nokia's Camera work forcing me to 730 and it's look too!!
  • if nokia goes for android then they have to pay Royalty to Microsoft
  • I'm sure MSFT made them a noncompetitive clause that prohibits them entering the cell phone business for a few years...
  • I'm telling ya.... Microsoft's decision to remove the NOKIA brand from the phones is the worst they have ever made...
  • Didn't Microsoft layoff most of the Nokia employees? I think the Apple approach with Android mentioned earlier may work. Relying on Windows mobile to get them back in the game was a huge mistake!! Windows is awesome but they were in too big of a hole.
  • Microsoft laid off some factoryworkers, some marketing and salesreps. Not the developmend dvisions, not the people designing and developingphones.
  • Meh...
  • If Nokia is going to license their name to smartphones it will be the company they sold there original cell phones to. Microsoft and Nokia have been real close since the first Nokia Windowsphone was made. I don't see Nokia leaving Microsoft in the dust. Anyone who thinks Nokia will make a google based Android phone is living pipe dream. They also want Microsoft to die a horrible torturing death because they love Android. And are just Microsoft hating trolls who don't deserve to be here.
  • Let it go? I can't hold back anymore...
  • 1). Nokia is a brand name that is known throughout the world. To protect themselves and keep their name close to their products it only makes sense to restrict the naming. 2) Maximizing their brand on mobile means creating software such as Here maps, Camera technology and their various other Apps which they can improve upon sell and maximize their profits. Their name is directly tied to these technologies. 3). See #2 4). I'm afraid it is true. CEO speak is can be interpreted 100 different ways. You clearly prove that point. Nokia has spread been down that path and failed. To return to it would be adverse to shareholders (just as you stated yourself). Their goal is to maximize profits, and not to please fanboys.
  • 1). Nokia is a brand name that is known throughout the world. To protect themselves and keep their name close to their products it only makes sense to restrict the naming.
    2) Maximizing their brand on mobile means creating software such as Here maps, Camera technology and their various other Apps which they can improve upon sell and maximize their profits. Their name is directly tied to these technologies.
    3). See #2
    4). I'm afraid it is true. CEO speak can be interpreted 100 different ways. You clearly prove that point. Nokia has been down that path and failed. To return to it would be adverse to shareholders (just as you stated yourself). Their goal is to maximize profits, and not to please fanboys.
  • Everybody should look at what the word "acquisition" means in the dictionary.
  • I call BS on this one.  Mobile is the future and the company with worldwide brand recognition is going to sit on the sidelines and watch? Think not.
  • How's that working for BlackBerry.Brand recognition don't mean jack.
  • I guess its goodbye then. Adieu old friend.
  • Only 2 year remaining. Hasta La Vista dear Nokia
  • What was nokia's killer? =Symbian
    Did Nokia make a wrong choice with wp? =yes!
    Could Nokia reverse the effects? =yes with android!
    Can Samsung,htc,sony,lg,xiaomi live without android? =no! It will be a big mess!
    problem solved!
  • Is Sony making profits, no. Is Blackberry? Is HTC? With lots of new entrant's to the mobile market as well, Nokia would have to spend Billions to re-enter, its just NO WAY. They may license but it will never be a Nokia made phone, ever!
  • Look at what happened between Ericcson and Sony. Ericcson does what Nokia does now. While Sony own the Mobile phone Division, lock stock and Barrel. The same thing happened with Microsoft and Nokia, only Difference is Sony partially owned Ericcsons mobile division since the 90's. Also SonyEriccson made Android Smart phones, while Nokia went Windowsphone. But they both have alot in common, they both were bought out by companies that make game consoles, and the both made Gaming phones. (Nokia Ngage, and SonyEriccson Xperia Play). Also after Ericcson and Nokia's Device divisions got bought out they both made more money building Cellphone Towers. Like I say though If Nokia wants to license it's name to phones, Microsoft is who they should work with.
  • We are going to miss you all
  • After reading all the comments, I understood this.
    1. Nokia haters still say the same old"Samsung is the only survivor in the Android ocean" line. They couldn't come up with a better one. Did they ever heard of Moto G or HTC desire series??
    2. Only Nokia's CEO knows what he meant by that statement. Neither Daniel has a clue nor DJBCS.
    3. All Nokia fans like me whose first smart phone is a Lumia came to WP OS only because it came under Nokia. If there was an OS called rock(just for the sake of arguing) and if Nokia made a phone based on that then we would have went there. There dies the "Nokia will not survive in the Android market" argument.
    4. Unlike many other Nokia fans, I love ❤ the tile UI of Windows phone. But hate the unavailability of Google apps. (Only people who knows about one drive and one note in my part of world is Lumia users! LOL!). I use Google services on a regular basis for personal and professional use.
    5. Neither me nor anyone of you can predict the future. May be like someone told here, Nokia might come up with an energy drink or a car or a machine gun. Hell we will never know, they manufactured bullets and tyres in the past. LOL! So, lets wait n watch.
  • That link shuts every one's mouth I guess. Thank you for the share. :)
  • Well that's that
  • any way to become a writer in windows central???
  • We miss u dear lovable Nokia. No one can beat u. U r the one n only unbeatable pioneer in the mobile World. We always love u
  • Have to admit, Nokia also makes the best non smartphones.
  • Expected this! Sigh.
  • So are we likely to see a Nokia branded microwave? 
  • It was a good run :) Good luck Nokia. Always remember you as my first phone and my current smartphone - Nokia Lumia 630 which I love so much.