Do you automatically save your Windows Phone photos to OneDrive?

Windows Phone has been able to natively backup up photos you take for a long time. It's an option in your photo settings that allow any photo you take to save automatically to OneDrive. The feature is indispensable in case you lose your phone or if you have a device with limited storage space. Do you have it enabled?

How to back up your Windows Phone photos to OneDrive

  • Go to settings
  • Click on backup
  • Click 'photos + videos'
  • Turn auto upload on or off

It's super easy to turn on or off the ability to automatically save photos to the cloud. You can even select the quality of the photos to be uploaded. We're always around Wi-Fi and therefore choose to upload the best quality photo automatically.

Take our little Friday poll below and let us know which option you've selected for how your photos get saved to the cloud. Also, let us know why you went with that option.

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Sam Sabri