Do you still recommend Windows phones to family and friends?

It wasn't all that long ago that I was comfortable with recommending Windows phone to my family and friends. I've been doing it since Windows Phone 8 launched in 2012, and until recently I didn't see a reason to change that. In fact, in 2014 I switched my significant other, and her parents, over from iPhones to Lumia devices, which they love to this day.

Is it irresponsible to recommend Windows Mobile?

Obviously, things have changed since then. Recommending a Windows phone to someone today may not be as good of an idea as it was two years ago. I'll be honest, it was literally up until about a few weeks ago that I was openly recommending Windows phones to friends and family. One time, on a bus, I was using my 950 XL and someone asked me if they should get it. I said absolutely. If you're in the Microsoft ecosystem, go for it.

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A lot of people are using Microsoft software and services, so it probably isn't a surprise to hear that a lot of those people are interested in a phone by Microsoft. The unfortunate thing here is that Microsoft doesn't do a very good job of advertising the fact that it has a mobile platform, and it doesn't do a very good job of remaining committed to the platform. Although it claims it is committed, recent actions say anything but.

For example, Microsoft recently dropped support for devices like the Lumia 930 and Lumia 1520, which according to the company were dropped due to poor feedback from Insiders. Instead of seeing that feedback and fixing whatever issues Insiders were experiencing, Microsoft decided to just drop support. I'm not kidding, Microsoft literally killed support for devices that are more than capable of running the latest version of Windows 10 Mobile, because it couldn't be bothered to fix a few issues.

The Lumia 930 and Lumia 1520 are more than capable of running Windows 10 Mobile and the Creators Update. In fact, in most cases the Lumia 930 and Lumia 1520 perform better with the Creators Update compared to the Anniversary Update, so Microsoft killing support for those devices is odd. Blaming Insider feedback for that lack of support is even odder. I'd like to think Microsoft would have fixed those issues, not leave them in the dirt.

A failed commitment

What's more, Microsoft's transition to "Feature2 builds" for Windows 10 Mobile has painted nothing but a negative picture for current Windows phone fans. It's becoming increasingly clear that Windows 10 Mobile is now in some kind of maintenance mode rather than in full-fledged development. Feature2 builds are compiled once, maybe twice, a week compared to the daily cadence that Windows 10 Mobile builds used to be compiled at.

Because of these recent advances in Microsoft's "commitment" to Windows 10 Mobile, I'm struggling to continue recommending Windows phone to my friends and family. My significant other is currently looking for a new phone after using the Lumia 950, and I can't recommend a Windows phone of any kind anymore. She's used a Lumia 635, Lumia 735, Lumia 830 and a Lumia 950, all based on recommendations from me. Now, the best I can do is suggest an iPhone.

It's sad.

That's partly due to the fact that there's no real new hardware for consumers on the market, not in the UK, where I live, at least. And it's also due to the fact that I just can't trust Microsoft with Windows 10 Mobile anymore. If I were to get an Alcatel Idol 4 Pro with Windows 10, will it be supported in two years? There's an essence of uncertainty when it comes to Windows 10 Mobile right now, and I think many Windows phone fans are feeling it, too.

Due to Microsoft's lack of communication and failure to prove its "commitment" to their platform, I can no longer recommend Windows phone. In my mind, Windows phone is the best kind of phone experience you can get. I dislike most Android home screens, and the iOS home screen is boring and static. The Windows phone Start experience is the best home experience of any mobile platform. If only Microsoft would put some effort into the dying platform.

Right now, however, it feels like Microsoft is responsible for the current situation that Windows 10 Mobile is in. What do you think? And do you still feel comfortable recommending Windows phone to your family and friends?

Zac Bowden
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