Do you still recommend Windows phones to family and friends?

It wasn't all that long ago that I was comfortable with recommending Windows phone to my family and friends. I've been doing it since Windows Phone 8 launched in 2012, and until recently I didn't see a reason to change that. In fact, in 2014 I switched my significant other, and her parents, over from iPhones to Lumia devices, which they love to this day.

Is it irresponsible to recommend Windows Mobile?

Obviously, things have changed since then. Recommending a Windows phone to someone today may not be as good of an idea as it was two years ago. I'll be honest, it was literally up until about a few weeks ago that I was openly recommending Windows phones to friends and family. One time, on a bus, I was using my 950 XL and someone asked me if they should get it. I said absolutely. If you're in the Microsoft ecosystem, go for it.

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A lot of people are using Microsoft software and services, so it probably isn't a surprise to hear that a lot of those people are interested in a phone by Microsoft. The unfortunate thing here is that Microsoft doesn't do a very good job of advertising the fact that it has a mobile platform, and it doesn't do a very good job of remaining committed to the platform. Although it claims it is committed, recent actions say anything but.

For example, Microsoft recently dropped support for devices like the Lumia 930 and Lumia 1520, which according to the company were dropped due to poor feedback from Insiders. Instead of seeing that feedback and fixing whatever issues Insiders were experiencing, Microsoft decided to just drop support. I'm not kidding, Microsoft literally killed support for devices that are more than capable of running the latest version of Windows 10 Mobile, because it couldn't be bothered to fix a few issues.

The Lumia 930 and Lumia 1520 are more than capable of running Windows 10 Mobile and the Creators Update. In fact, in most cases the Lumia 930 and Lumia 1520 perform better with the Creators Update compared to the Anniversary Update, so Microsoft killing support for those devices is odd. Blaming Insider feedback for that lack of support is even odder. I'd like to think Microsoft would have fixed those issues, not leave them in the dirt.

A failed commitment

What's more, Microsoft's transition to "Feature2 builds" for Windows 10 Mobile has painted nothing but a negative picture for current Windows phone fans. It's becoming increasingly clear that Windows 10 Mobile is now in some kind of maintenance mode rather than in full-fledged development. Feature2 builds are compiled once, maybe twice, a week compared to the daily cadence that Windows 10 Mobile builds used to be compiled at.

Because of these recent advances in Microsoft's "commitment" to Windows 10 Mobile, I'm struggling to continue recommending Windows phone to my friends and family. My significant other is currently looking for a new phone after using the Lumia 950, and I can't recommend a Windows phone of any kind anymore. She's used a Lumia 635, Lumia 735, Lumia 830 and a Lumia 950, all based on recommendations from me. Now, the best I can do is suggest an iPhone.

It's sad.

That's partly due to the fact that there's no real new hardware for consumers on the market, not in the UK, where I live, at least. And it's also due to the fact that I just can't trust Microsoft with Windows 10 Mobile anymore. If I were to get an Alcatel Idol 4 Pro with Windows 10, will it be supported in two years? There's an essence of uncertainty when it comes to Windows 10 Mobile right now, and I think many Windows phone fans are feeling it, too.

Due to Microsoft's lack of communication and failure to prove its "commitment" to their platform, I can no longer recommend Windows phone. In my mind, Windows phone is the best kind of phone experience you can get. I dislike most Android home screens, and the iOS home screen is boring and static. The Windows phone Start experience is the best home experience of any mobile platform. If only Microsoft would put some effort into the dying platform.

Right now, however, it feels like Microsoft is responsible for the current situation that Windows 10 Mobile is in. What do you think? And do you still feel comfortable recommending Windows phone to your family and friends?

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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  • Yes I still recommend it
  • still recommend Smartphone with Win10Mobile ? Are you serious ?Are you on drugs or ? I would not recommend Win10Mobile to NOONE. I am no longer friend of  Win10mobile. Buying Lumia 950XL was my biggest purchase fail of 2016. I was lucky to get rid after 4 months for  no more than 40% of its original price -  was a waste of money, nothing else. But live goes on and I am happy with my iPhone 
  • you just used double negative
  • Yes, absolutely.
    I do recommend 950. Great phone, great OS.
    Sync perfectly with my Surface, share the same interfere/apps that I am using on daily basis.
    If I am happy with the phone/OS, why not recommend?
  • I've been with Windows Phone from the beginning (got the HTC Arrive a few days after it launched on Sprint).  The 950 is a poorly made phone running a poorly made, unsupported OS.  And it's not getting better.  Since the Creators "update" installed yesterday, I've had multiple reboots, some rebooting again during reboot.  I did a hard reset this morning to see if that would help, but now (after restoring from backup) I'm still having weird unlocking issues.  If you recommend a W10M device to someone, you're an a**h***. You can get a Moto G4 for like $100, and it'll do everything better.
  • Some people just don't want to let go of their delusions even if Microsoft directly screamed at them "THIS OS SUCKS AND WE WON'T WORK ON IT ANYMORE" they'd still say "works great. Syncs with bla bla bla" as if same apps on other, more capable and integrated platforms don't "sync".
    We are living in the age of "alternative facts" after all.
  • AgentTheGreat, I think your "facts are the "alternative".
  • I love windows 10 but until the future about the OS is clear, there's no way I can recommend it to anyone... developers have stopped providing what little support they used to give....people who bought Lumia cause I recommended it now wear a disappointed face and keep asking me when things will change...
    I have no real long as it stays that way, i will steer everyone clear of Windows... i will still be around waiting for the next big thing... In the meantime, i plan to switch to Nokia/Android and keep Windows as secondary...
  • No I wouldn't recommend it to anyone because the recommendation would be ignored and i will lose points in credibility. If Microsoft is not releasing news to boost confidenece how could a user hope to do it? Microsoft are not even selling windows phone anymore.
  • Why exactly cant you buy windows phones?  
  • I don't see why you got so many minues. While I don't agree with you that buying a Lumia 950 is a bad decision in general, you are right that we should not recomend somebody to buy a Windows phone at this moment. Buying a Windows phone last year was a good decision, though you may not like what you see at the beginning, and it was without any doubt the best possible decision two years ago when we used to be able to buy phones which later got w10m upgrade. But right now we don't see any new phones, so we can't tell what is the future of w10m. For all we know Microsoft could really shut down its development in 2018, so I ain't recomending a Windows phone to anybody right now. I would tell them the facts about w10m, and I would leave it to them what to decide, and if they come to buy a Windows phone I would support them, but I wouldn't be telling them into buying a w10m phone.
  • Well I do all the time, but I first ask what are you going to be using or how do you use your current phone. If they say just to make calls and txt and facebook, then I recommend it. You can get a Lumia 640 for the taxes and fees of any phone you try to buy from a carrier.
  • I could recommend windows mobile to some of my friends who don't care about getting useless apps like Pokémon Go and who want to buy a Lumia 950 xl for about 250Euros, with a great camera. I've been using a 950xl for 1.5 year, it is a treat now with the new Creators update... and I've got all the apps I need, and even more.
  • You're an idiot. So why are you still reading these articles? 950xl is an excellent phone, and underestimated. You either didn't give it a chance or, as I said, you're an idiot spouting off crap.
  • Nope. I've had a 950 class for 1.5 years and i was also getting the consistent reboot problems with creators update. PoS.
  • Then you need to get it repaired. Any device can have manufacturing issues. I have no reboots ever. None ever.
  • Damn brotha! Is it really that serious? It's just a phone.
  • I buy iPhone 7 but it sucks,the csmera is like a vga
  • desperate fanboys voted you down :))
  • I agree. After 3 years of WM experience, I have been using iphone for 5 days. I can say that windows phone is not a smartphone. Never again!... No official app!!! Even instagram!!! It was stable, I agree but so was my nokia 3310. Bye bye Microsoft
  • What's the use of recommending anything to anyone if they can't get it.
  • I would have to agree. AT&T is no longer offering ANY windows based phones. As a matter of fact, the only windows based product they offer right now is a refurbished Surface 3, and that is only available from web orders.
  • Or the use of recommending what the CEO won't carry or recommend? 
  • Exactly..... MS has pulled all of their WP's out of MS stores, and has started selling iDroid devices...... MS doesn't even recommend it.... What idiot would?
  • Don't miss the "I told you so" train. Azure and O365 can't maintain their crazy growth forever, and even with it MSFT revenue is lower. Once Azure/O365 growth slows (already has), people will begin to wonder about Nadella's utterly inept consumer leadership. All the flowery speeches, and elbow rubbing with Michelle Obama won't bring consumers back.
  • Didn't Microsoft stop selling Lumia's, couldn't find any on their website.
  • Erm ... why exactly cant you buy windows phones?
  • I'm using windows phone from day one, loved the lumia 800, after that i used a 930 but after the 950 xl i was realy wondering wtf went wrong. Slow........ if i could install windows 8.1 on my Lumia 950xl i would!!!! Windows 10 is that slow! Come on, the user experiance is freaking bad. I realy hope the creater update will bring my phone back to life. So i can't recomend it anymore. I use a galaxy s7 and boy is this phone fast. I kept my 950xl as a backup. Shame on Microsoft!!!
  • Yeah shame on them for destroying the platform we surely loved
  • running lumia 640 lte and waiting with baited breath for creators update. its ironic that this CREATORS update basically CREATED THE DEATH OF WINDOWS 10 MOBILE! What the hell is CREATIVE about that. HUAWEI 9 MATE and NOUGAT here i come as only a year ago i swopped my samsung A5 2016 for this microsoft lumia 640 LTE thats going nowhere except down the **** hole   
  • If you want Creators Update now, activate the "Windows Insider Program" on your phone. When it reboots, select the "Preview Build" level (but not Slow or Fast ring) -- It's like putting your phone at the front of the line for all stable production releases.
  • If you want Creators Update now, activate the "Windows Insider Program" on your phone. When it reboots, select the "Preview Build" level (but not Slow or Fast ring) -- It's like putting your phone at the front of the line for all stable production releases.
  • I recommend it after I qualify the following:
    Do you have Verizon or Sprint?
    Do you need banking apps?
    Do you purchase from carriers directly?
    Do you need the new apps on the block as soon as they are released?
    Do you mind buying a phone that you can't replace at a brick and mortar store if it breaks?
    Do you mind people looking at you like you are crazy when they see your phone? If all answers are no then I recommend windows phone!
  • " Do you need the new apps on the block as soon as they are released? " More like "Do you need apps at all? Because everybody is leaving this sinking ship so choose wisely."
  • Still wouldn't recommend it......
  • Who cares what people think?
  • I just bought 2 HP Elite X3 with dock for l;ess than $400 each at the Microsoft Store - Love them!!
  • I'm a fan, and I'm sure I would like them to... Not love, like, because all of the apps are gone now......
    But, I wouldn't recommend the X3 to a non WP fan... The X3 is DOA.
  • Which store?
  • Some expensive coasters right there :)
  • Interesting.  That phone looked good but unaffordable for me.  I recommend second hand markets for this reason.  If my 1520 dies I might consider your approach.
  • No, I can't responsibly recommend something to anyone that I'm not sure will be supported in the future. Nobody can.... Plus, as it stands, iDroid is worlds better than Windows on Phone.
  • Surely this is a simple question. How much is the device?
    Does it do what you wish it to do for the period required.
    Are the applications sufficient for what you require.
    Are there additional benefits.
    Does it fit into your workflow. In my particular case our household has owned outright five windows phones at a total cost of £150.
    They fit with my Microsoft workflow, my daughter has all the critical social networking apps she needs
    and my wife has a phone, photo notetaker and all the accessibility aids she requires, I can listen
    to French internet radio in the car and read Le Monde via the app. If there is no replacement available
    from Microsoft when I need to replace them. I will buy the Android or iphone solution available at the
    best price. By that time, I suspect I will be swopping out for a 10 bob phone Android with MS apps for calls
    and using a Surface style Windows tablet for everything else mobile. Now what's the problem?
  • You are insane. I'm rooting for Windows and I can't recommend the W10 Mobile software, or any of the current hardware. It simply isn't on pace with the competition. I was an avid WP user from 11-15. When I finally left due to a lack of new hardware, I saw what I was missing. 
  • And so do I. With pleasure and passion. 
  • I love my WP but seriously, no well meaning individual can recommend a product the manufacture has abandoned.....and don't tell me they haven't abandoned it, they just have.
  • I highly recommend Windows 10 for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the potential. My 950 has become more like a PC to me (I have not bought the HD500 yet, but will very soon to use the external monitor and keyboard!)  I have inserted a 1TB micro SDXC card and store most of my work on that card. There are a few bugs I have to fix, but I find that Microsoft is far superior in terms of tech, experience and potential than Apple/MacIntosh. I just got a scan recommendation when I restarted the phone. (I just click "No" and go from there. Clicking "Yes" will trash the card.) Really, I have not seen another phone that is supposed to be able to increase the storage to a Terabyte like the 950. Just my two cents!
  • I recently switched to an HTC 10 because it was given to me for free.... That said when I'm setting up someone "new" to smart phones I generally put them in a Windows Phone because the OS is SO clean and simple. After switching to Android I keep thinking to myself the average user would be super confused with it. I stayed with Palm as long as possible...same reasons.
  • Yes, of course
  • Yes, I do recommend it, but I feel like I am playing Russian Roulette with friendships/family.
  • I gave my L735 to my mother, so I guess it counts as recommending. Seeing as the 950XL is still 350-400$ here, I had to get a mid-range Android and the hardware and aluminum build is quite nice for less than 200$
  • It is either a recommendation or a ploy to get momma to keep cooking for you, Lord knows that no one cooks like momma!
  • Her old phone gave up so we upgraded her to a smartphone
  • My granddaughter is getting my Lumia 928 since the ringer just died and she doens't need it as a phone but as a mini tablet with a great camera. No more Windows mobile for me. Just got an Android tablet (8in Asus with SquareHome tiles interface), Lumia 640 will be gone in a year replaced by Android, and future laptop will be a Chrome book. I'll have Office 365 if I go into private law practice, otherwise Google Docs is all I need at this point.
  • If you have an Android tablet already, maybe you should reconsider buying a chromebook.
  • That's actually also the absolute best phone they ever made in the Lumia WP series. Did eveything the L920 did but better and more compact. I just regretted updating it to W10M when i did. Eventually got rid off it! :( 
  • Mihai, you should have bought a Lumia 650.
  • I would just recommend it to family but not friends.  I dont' want to lose friends.  Even MS doesn't recommend it, why should we?
  • Obviously not. That said, will always keep an eye out for a new device / OS
  • Used to, not anymore. Can recommend Outlook, SwiftKey, and Arrow though.
  • Agreed. MS has plenty of apps and services that are good for Mobile on different platforms. The overall package is simply better on iOS/Android
  • For me the Outlook account keeps failing to sync the contacts(only option to manually add the contacts to the Google account) and the keyboards annoyingly display only 3words on the prediction line compared to the MS keyboard where I had more and could swype them to get the word I wanted. Also I had to stop playing Asphalt 8 because my saves didn't work on Android. I was looking forward to using Groove as well, but couldn't use it in my region(I just wanted the music player app)
  • The outlook issue is really bad on Android I can't even add new contacts to my account cos d next day all the added contacts will b gone
  • Yes! If I had known this I would have never upgraded and stayed with WP. I tried everything.
  • Arrow is so good...
  • Agreed, Arrow is awesome. If Microsoft ever made an Android phone with the default launcher as Arrow, I'd pick it up tomorrow.
  • Same here
  • Microsoft is sad..... This pisses me off.
  • They're not sad! If anything they're finally back on W10M and hardware because they need time to slide into Surface phone which will arrive. The full PC phone has to be the next move and it will be!!!!
  • Just like "soon" (tm) is a good expression to describe MS's approach to mobile, so is "too late" (tm).
  • No, I do not.. S8+ on order...
  • Thinking of the s8 too, it's the most gorgeous phone I've ever seen.
    The downside tho is its android 😩😩
  • The problem its not Android, the problem its Samsung putting garbage on their phones....some day we gonna see an a S8 with a clean Android on it and it will blow any phone around it
  • Absolutely not, even when an avid User I would recommend the iPhone to older folks or those already familiar with or in families that used non-Windows PCs or Mobile devices
  • Absolutely I do.
  • Why?
  • Becasue regardless of the current situation. Regarless of the downward spiral.... It is still the best damn OS out there. The most beutiful interface out there. Period. 
  • Agree 400%
  • Last 3 years Yes, Atm No. (we need new devices and a roadmap) 
  • Perfectly said. This is exactly how I feel.
  • No I do not any more. Its embarrassing. I have also stopped showing people things on my 950XL, it generally fails or they get bored waiting for response from it.. Incredibly sad.
  • The last build is faster and more stable :) 
  • Much agreed in that. My 950 is running the best it ever has, loving my 950.
  • Recently got a 950 xl to replace my 950. still have both. they both are running great atm on newest builds.  I do recommend.   I only came back to Windows phone after 10 was realeased before that only Android Nexus devices. Dont miss android at all.  To me its like wishing for all the features i want or finding a custom ROM that adds the things im looking for but tbh even the Custom ROMs never did everything i wanted.    Win 10 phones can do everything i want and with latest builds they do them perfectly just wish it had a night light. (can adjust the color i know just would be nice if it had like full windows)   I have trouble recommending android phone and iphones cuase its all about the apps and how breakable they can make the phones so you have to upgrade.    I work around alot of phones every day. 
  • Is there anything left to show them at this point?
  • L950/XL have great cameras and screens
  • All of this year's flagships have much better cameras though. And the Pixel from last year still leads in blind tests.
    I don't use my 950s camera at all anymore. It's age shows.
  • They absolutely do...
  • Than what?
  • Definitely not, but only since a few months. Microsoft can still turn this situation around if they really want to. But I don't think they want to. They don't want to compete in this space anymore. That is my opinion. And I think that they will further improve their services on iOS and Android.
  • Six Windows Phones amongst my wife and kids. My daughter's 735 seems to be on the blink. Now what do I do? Switch her to an S8?? iPhone 7?? Look for another 735 or 950 on eBay?? Thanks for the clear choice, MS...
  • Buy her some decent Android device like Xiaomi, or iPhone.
  • Consider the LG G6. Curved displays are more prone to shattering....
  • Get her a Moto G5. You'll save a few hundred and still get a solid device.
  • Switched my kid from a 550 to an iPhone 5c I got off eBay for $160 (brand new unopened). Definitely the right move.
  • Gave my kid my Nexus 5 and she uses my 950 since i got xl and she tends to reach for the 950 over it. Shes 7 and into minecraft so that could be more of it than anything . the only thing she uses the nexus 5 for is youtube. 
  • If she was happy with her 735, you could get her a 950/XL/Alcatel 4S
  • I think he wants her to get an upgrade....
  • Problems with Verizon keep the recommendations at a minimum tho 😖
  • Microsoft won't be pushing the C.U, to the Lumia 735. Once the 735 disappears, there won't be any Windows phones available for Verizon Wireless customers to consider until maybe 2018 or 2019 when VZW is supposed to have it's 5G network up & running and the existing CDMA network closed off to new activations.
  • Have I said screw Verizon yet on this comment thread? I don't think so: "Screw Verizon." I promised I'd dump them a year or two ago when they were playing update games. My lumia 928 just died, so I'm off to my first GSA phone in a while. I'll never go back to Verizon. I made a promise and I'm going to keep it.
  • Left Verizon over a year ago for AT&T and never looked back. Even saving money with additional lines. Daughter's 735 is unlocked and on AT&T.
  • Good luck with AT&T.  They have terrible customer representatives.  After years of bad service, lies and dare I say outright efforts which caused me to contact the Better Business Bureau.  I have since made huge efforts to have nothing to do with AT&T.
  • All of them are perfectly happy with W10M. Wouldn't want to switch. MS is missing the boat on getting the younger generations hooked. Leaning on getting her a used 950 for about $180.
  • Give the kids surfaces and theyl go for the phones when they come out. its a smart move IMO. My daughter loves her surface. 
  • Just reset the 735 to Windows Phone 8.1 and upgrade it back to 10. It will work perfectly like new. Use the Backup features before you do it though, so you can reload all your apps and Start layout automatically. It frustrates me even more that Microsoft cut support from my Lumia Icon because every problem is fixed by rolling back and re-upgrading. Also, note that if you reset your phone using the feature in Settings, you will be missing features that are from Windows Phone 8.1, like brightness levels... So use the reset program on your computer to roll back, then upgrade up again.
  • The brightness levels were in Settings/Extras/, Display or Brightness
  • Correct, but those go away if you reset Windows 10 Mobile. However, this is a component of Windows Phone 8.1 for most phones. I am not sure about the 735 because I don't have one, but it's best to reset to manufacturer settings and then upgrade instead of wiping it and installing the clean OS. Just to be safe.
    For example, my Lumia Icon was on Windows Phone 8.1, and part of Nokia's installation of WP8.1 had those features. I installed Windows 10 Mobile, but recently I had problems, so I used the reset feature on my phone, which wiped it and reinstalled Windows 10. Nokia did not include those Extra settings on Windows 10 Mobile, they did it for WP8.1, so I lost those features and cannot change my brightness below high. I don't have a 735, but it's wise to use the PC program to reset it for this reason.
  • This is what I meant by "on the blink". Let me know if resetting it would fix this. Her 735 has an Incipio cover, but she's still managed to drop it several times. Now in certain places around town...her school, where she babysits, etc...she sees 4-5 bars on "H" or "H+" but can't make a call, do SMS, or any use data. If she connects to local Wi-Fi, she can do data. Strangely, when she brings the phone home and connects to our AT&T Microcell, she can do calls and SMS. We thought it was the cell strength in town so she brought her brother's 950 around with her but it worked fine. Seems to just be her phone not working on (some) cell towers but fine on the home Microcell. Thoughts?
  • If you purchase any AT&T equipment on secondary markets be prepared for harassment from AT&T.  They behave like "Ma Bell" of the bad old days.
  • 2 ATT 950's since last summer, bought off swappa. Never an issue using on ATT.
  • On a lumia 735 build 14393.1066, brightness levels are in settings/extras/color profile. Just set brightness on low, medium or high and can set levels. It looks that finally they upgraded the design of that menu after a year and a half
  • Get 950xl, Alcatel Idol 4s, Elite x3 or the Acer Jade????
  • Evillama, get her a Lumia 650, she'll love it and it's only around $150.
  • Thanks. I did look into that since my two boys have 640s already too. However, one of the reasons I got the 735 was because we have Qi charging pads throughout the house and in our cars (hers too) and the 650 doesn't support it. :(
  • Yes...but my friends list has shrunk for some strange reason.
  • That comment made my day 😀haha spot on!
  • Lol
  • ;) The winner today.
  • No, I'm switching myself later this year to the Huawei P10 plus.
  • Not anymore.....
  • @zacbowden If they are coming from the cream of the crop Win10 Mobile device in the Lumia 950, why are they seeking any other devices? I think the problem with the Windows Mobile market is that the lack of differentiation really did hurt the platform. One device wasn't necessarily going to do anything better than the other, except when it came to cameras. The Hardware didn't offer enough incentives, and the software experience didn't improve enough as you switched manufacturers or generations of a device.
  • I tend to agree with you.  However, this brings up something I've been thinking about.  Manufacturers and carriers like Android for the ability to customize it in order to differentiate products from one another.  And then there's the iPhone which just has one supplier so the differentiation is between the iPhone line and all the other Android phones.  Maybe given how locked down Windows Phone/Mobile is in terms of UI and even hardware support (e.g. specific Qualcom SOCs) there really is only room in the phone market for at most one Windows phone manufacturer.  The Windows phone market was essentially 100% Nokia for a while and then Microsoft after they acquired the handset business.  Maybe that wasn't just because of their special partnership deal; maybe coalescing around one vendor was inevitiable. If that's the case, then trying to tackle phones with a PC approach where Microsoft provides the software and partners provide the hardware is DOA unless Microsoft does something drastic like allowing significant UI customization or open sources the base platform.  Because otherwise, if Microsoft isn't the one making the hardware, they'll be dependent on their single partner like they were with Nokia.
  • If differentiation is an issue, why do android users always want their phone to be as close to AOSP as possible?
    Android maker interfaces are the biggest complaint, next to hardware performance.
  • Fanboys will always complain, while consumers won't care. AOSP sounds good on paper, but it's quite bland and boring in my humble opinion. I think OnePlus has done a better job with their OxygenOS, than Google with theirs. 
  • They want the latest Core code features, and a code path that doesnt prevent them from getting the latest updates. But yes I agree, as Android matured the need for differentiation was reduced because the Core product did more and more of what people went to different manufacturers for. Microsoft honestly with all the reboots never let Windows Mobile mature. But notice that when they were at their peak, Nokia provided a lot of differentiation in their devices on top of the Core OS. Once they were absorbed into MS the platform faltered again.
  • Nope, no app ecosystem, no devices. RIP
  • Not at all
  • Not sure if this question is serious...that said, no I do not. I will not go into details because everyone knows why, whether consumer or business. MS has the ability to fix this PERIOD! Will they? That remains to be seen. Enough with playing around...put up or shut up! Will I consider their best effort? Of course, I'm all about innovation. But I will not put up with half-assing when it comes to recommending products or services that people depend on as their daily driver or livelihood.
  • I have an 830. I won't upgrade to a new model until a roadmap is released. In this case"no news" isn't good news. Phones are expensive, don't want to get stuck with a newer unsupported device.
  • No, but I will still use windows 10 Mobile until it's really dead because of Microsoft itself
  • Me too, and it IS clear the failings of Windows Phone/Mobile rest entirely on Microsoft. They have had a good system but have deliberately not marketed it well, or rather at all. The key thing that gets people to buy things is marketing and MS has not marketed anything but Azure and Surface well over the past few years.
  • Having switched myself to iOS, I can see now how far behind Windows Phone is from the competition in terms of ecosystem. Couple that with Microsoft's commitment to avoiding mobile development on their own platform, I have actually steered people clear from Windows Phone. And given how unpopular that platform is, it's actually not something I need to do much at all these days. But yes, I also find it irresponsible to recommend Windows Phone these days.
  • No, the lack of apps and Microsoft services available in my country are the problem.
  • I still use my 950/XL as my daily phone, but stopped recommending it 30 days ago. Most of the people I recommend Windows Mobile to need a good phone, camera, txt, and a few social media apps - so was a good fit. But currently not sure of MS’s vision for Windows on Mobile, so can't recommend it anymore. Especially that MS does not make any hardware, makes it even harder to recommend.
  • I bought around 6 - 7 Lumia's and distributed each to my family members..
    And now sadly I've lost interest ..
  • No. Wouldn't be fair to them.
  • What is wrong with WPC lately with all the crying about Windows Mobile. All my families are still on Windows Mobiles, and we are perfectly happy with it.
  • Same here
  • They are just stating the facts as they are! Also, if they do not do this, Microsoft will not even care about the OS! Hopefully, all this effort from WC team convinces Microsoft to break their silence!
  • Of course I do.
    I also recommend them to stick wet fingers on wall plugs and to go tease famished lions.
  • This is funny.... Reminds me of the Darwin Award.
  • Yep can't stand android and far better than the alternative in iPhone where its buried behind iTunes
  • Nah. No point. Nothing going for it if your honest with yourself, I had to just jump ship after years of waiting and waiting for the apps and they never did deliver   im using iphone 7 plus now , it's great.  But I have ordered the new blackberry keyone.  I just fell in love with it. It looks good. Best original looking phone on market.  I like to be different.  Really looking forward to 5th may or around 
  • funny the blackberry look being origional now. use to be all you saw.
  • I guess it's true what they say about history
  • Yes, I recommend it. Though it's a consistently harder sell... Windows on phones might get much more attractive with Windows 10 on ARM, but that option is practically still a year out. Had it been possible to download a Windows image to install on Android devices such as Samsung's Galaxy 8/8+ (I bet Apple's products are forever locked), for instance through the WDRT, then it would be much easier for people to switch. I think they tried it with one of Xiaomi's products earlier, but whatever happened to it? Phones should work just like PCs: buy the hardware with your choice of software - and switch it up if you want to.
  • No, I'd like to keep both.
    Phones are temporary, family forever.
  •'s dead now really
  • In the past I have convinced numerous folks to choose Windows Phones. Not now as nobody has a clue as to what happens next.
  • Not anymore. I myself have gone to android with the moto G5 plus, I have given up on the Windows on a phone platform. It just goes nowhere, especially concerning app support, it is all on IOS and Android but Windows only gets more desktop support than mobile from developers. Still I will miss the livetiles, they were the reason I went to Windows Phone over Android and IOS in the first place.
  • Still gonna use it, not gonna recommend it.
  • Lol of course not
  • No. Not anymore. MS is fu@%££% this up like an ass.
  • I would if Windows Phone could still be found, and when I did recommend it I always said a warning that if they want lots of apps and games they wouldn't like it. I gave my old Lumia 830 to my dad a couple months ago and he loves it, wondering why it isn't popular.
  • Absolutely Not owned 2 of them before. Android has a better Eco System and every app and type of phone you need. It will only get better and better in terms of phones, abilities, apps etc. Windows cant even enter the game. I also tried hanging in there with Blackberry, I guess I really like the underdogs but Windows is only holding on do to the Amount of Money it has. Blackberry gave up and joined the winning team and their physical keyboard phone for Android is an intriguing choice because of the build quality and look stands out from other Android Smartphones.. Windows guys, get a Pixel Xl and tell me you are not convinced!
  • Yes, I do, if need basic apps, maps and voice navigation system, camera... without installing so much thing, a YouTube app without ads and long time battery, home is windows mobile phones, I have L1520 my wife same, my father and mother have L640, my child's L830 and brother in law and his wife have L830, my nephew have that same model...
  • I do love my 950 XL and W10M but I also wouldn't recommend W10M to anyone unless they are a diehard Microsoft Fan. 
  • Should have asked Dona this question...
  • ^This
  • Best response!
  • Classic haha
  • She doesn't care about WM10. Shes using an IPhone.
  • Nope, I can't do it anymore for the same reasons you already presented. I'm European too, from Romania. So no Alcatel Idol, no HP Elite. We can still buy in Romania, Lumia 950 and 950 XL unlocked but somehow I strongly doubted that those models will ever receive any software update after Creators Update. Which, by the way, as it has been stated by Windows Central editors, is more like a minor update for Windows 10 Mobile. In the past I have converted my wife, my mother, my father and a few friends of mine to Windows Phone. Right now I restrain myself from doing that.
  • No more, It's like Introduce a new friend to everyone, but it is already dead.   
  • Noticed Zac's Twitter post was back in Feb. A lot has changed since then albiet only 2 months. For me, I can no longer recommend something that is mired in uncertainty. We all know Windows 10M as it is presently constituted is DEAD! Next maybe Windows on Arm Devices. They however will be more like a mobile PC' 1st, Phone 2nd. Even still if UWP doesn't mature and grow it and even perhaps Windows 10 could be in trouble. Have already received my GS8+.... I pray to someday return to something great from Microsoft!
  • Only to my mother, because she's used to it and likes her Lumia 650. I couldn't possible recommend it to anybody else though. Not anymore.
  • It's really sad that MSFT is not doing anything at all. They really don't care!! The *feature2* update is just crap. It's something just for the sake of it.
  • Well, MS did it in the past the same way. Remember WP7.8?
  • No, its only for ms fans and geeks.
  • Nope.
  • Never have, never will, not until it becomes a worthwhile competitor to Android on Smartphones. It's lagging significantly behind Android in terms of both apps, versatility and, it's a spyware haven you have no control over, unlike Android where XPrivacy + Disable Service give you fine grain control over data mining. 
  • Not anymore. Microsoft is basically recommending the GS8 by featuring it in their stores. Why would I recommend what MS won't publicly commit to in a real way?
  • true
  • As I wipe the coffee from my nose after snickering...   No.
  • No i dont, i mean i love my 950 xl but i dont care about apps others do, at first i made my whole band to get lumia but now, they want snapchat and more apps, now i ask them are they still using the apps they tell me no XD some want to get back but after win 10 gets more reliable
  • Click bait.
  • what
  • Absolutely not.  There is nothing about Windows Mobile right now that would give me confidence to do any sort of advertising on their behalf.  At this point, If asked my opinion, I am quite certain that I would talk anyone out of going with WM.  This is a complete 180 degree change in my stance from just 2 years ago.
  • Consumers should avoid Windows Mobile, but enterprise user can get nice features from HP Elite X3 since it offers Virtualization capabilities on vPro enterprise desktops and laptops. So the answer it depends, if my friend or family member works on a big company, I would try him to convince his boss to adopt Windows Mobile for work!
  • 100% NO. Its feature phones, lack of apps and lack of a way forward. Iphones are the best to use now. pass on everything else...At least with iphones you are getting a stable OS, any app that you want, any wearable that you want, any accessory you want. with Windows Mobile you get a second rate device, flaky OS, and no apps, wearables and accessories at all. It's beyond me why anyone would want a MOBILE device that you can't do mobile things with....
  • I did mobile things with my Lumis 950 and I'll miss it as my daily driver.  It's most definitely NOT a feature phone, but  Microsoft is really shooting themselves in the foot with this whole assumption that if they alienate the users, we'll leave, but still use all MS services.  Right now, I still have Office365, mostly for OneDrive, but when that subscription ends, I'm done. Groove is set to expire any day and I've already converted my playlists to Play Music and Spotify.  (Still choosing between these music services. I'll do the 3 month Play trial that came with the GS8 and then decide) I went with the GS8 because I find iPhones too limiting and always a step or so behind in putting the latest stuff in their expensive phones.  Besides...that screen.  I also love the synergy between the Gear S3 and the Galaxy phones...much like I assume the Apple Watch and iPhone have.  I felt the camera of the GS8 was (slighty) superior in my eyeball test between the two and camera is a main consideration for me...and another area I felt abandoned by Windows Mobile/Phone.  To answer your curiousity, there are still people who have flip phones. Nokia is even bringing their legendary candy bar back.  The only mobile things some people think about is talking, texting, photographing, browsing...and apparently playing snake in color now. :) 
  • It is getting to that point.  Where there are no apps available for windows 10 mobile.  so feature phone is accurate.   Make calls, check email and message.   I could not use banking, paypal, square, for making and receiving payments.   We try to save money where we can,  there were no apps for that on windows moible,  there were no rental car apps,  or hotel apps like we use on IOS either.   Just web wrappers.   Waste of time.  The time we were on 8.1 and windows was growing was exciting,  there were apps coming etc...Here maps was AWESOME for nav, the 1020 camera was amazing for travel photography,  etc.  Then Nutella took over,  introduced 10,  everything went backwards.  Even in desktop.  Alot of feautres were promised,  and not delivered upon.   Microsoft still gets my vote for desktop use,  because I cannot stand MacOS,  and chrome is not up my ally for a main system.   But windows 10 is gone for mobile use.   It's just to far behind.   I was using android,  but IOS is more stable,  the apps are better,  and the way things integrate with IOS is better than the way they do on android.  Plus,  IOS is must more fluid,  scrolling on IOS is butter....but on android,  it still jumps around etc. 
  • Oh, and it is not stuck between a rock and a hard place. Instead, it is being crushed by the rock and the hard place was a place of their own making.
  • No way.
    There are much more compelling alternatives available now.
  • Used to. Now it is with the caveat to wait a bit first. No reason to buy a device that is DOA.
  • i would if phones were available..i still use mine and probably take it as far as it goes
  • The same here.  If only there were hardware...
  • No. Because eventually they will realize they hate it and I will be responsible for that.
  • Only if they're complete newbies to smartphones and don't want to spend a whole lot. The Lumia 6xx models are great for newbies or those who just want to do specific productivity things on their phone. The non-Snapchattin' type.
  • I still feel bad for having people get it on my recommendation back in the day and then just 6 months later their new WP7 wouldn't upgrade to WP8...not to mention, "hey, can I get the _____ app?"  No, not yet.  It either never happend, or it was functionally incomplete or it was eventually abandoned/pulled. I certainly wouldn't ever recommend it now. If they are rabid Windows fans then they already know about it. If not, then it will be just disappointment.
  • I do recommend them to my family because Iknow what their needs are,but Isimply cannot recommend them to my friends because my generation will mostly get upset about not having snapchat, however in past I did manage to get one of my friends over.
  • Never again.
    I recommended to my parents a lumia 520 and a 730 because they wanted a cheap and good smartphone, back then no android phone could match lumia 520. both phones worked fine until now, if was an android phone it would probably not lasted this long.
    Also i thought that lumias were easier for elder people.
    But most of the time thing were harder to do compared to android.This year i bought moto g5 plus for them and they are loving it, they told me that is much easier than windows phone, i see them using android now and they almost never ask me how to do stuff, is just more intuitive.My father even after two years sometimes still asked me how to do something on his lumia.
    Also there is so much apps, and better apps compared to windows phone, even microsoft apps are better on other platforms.
  • No, not anymore. I guess we were wrong about Ballmer. He wanted MS to be the kind of company that produces new machines and programs that change the way we live and work, he was just horrible at pivoting and recognising trends. The new MS is trying to be Oracle. Something you don't look to for innovation. I really do believe that the Hololens and Surface Studio were more than likely developed during Ballmers time and too far along to cancel, so that's why we have them. I no longer think there is any future in Microsoft devices though. I can see a time in the not too distant future where all the MS Stores are closed. I can imagine that the Hololens development stalls and we never really see the product (which is what it looks like now). I can even see them farming out the surface line to Dell or Lenovo or HP along with the Surface Studio. I can Even see them abandoning XBOX after all is said and done.
    I can only dream of what's going on in Redmond, but if I were to guess, there is a powerful group of people who want to ensure that quarterly dividends are paid to shareholders. The best way to ensure this is to not extend in to new markets and bolster revenue generating markets like O/S, Server, Cloud and Productivity. They pushed Ballmer out and won the board room. What we are seeing now is the true ambition of Sataya Nadella and it is NOT GOOD!
    If you want to see change and big things coming from MS, the first thing that has to be done is getting rid of all dividends to shareholders. If they can do that, then all the worst elements in MS will abandon ship. It will also bring in money for creators to change technology with surplus R&D funds.
    If they don't do this, they will continue to try and sell subscription based Office Suites that will force many to look to alternatives like Google Docs (being used in many school districts now). I hope they realize they are cutting the goose open to find golden eggs. You can't undo the damage they are doing right now.
    I am a huge MS fan. But, I had a bad experience with the MS Band 2. It kept cracking at the strap and I kept replacing it (5 times in one year). Even with that hassle, it was a pretty awesome device, so I was hoping they would fix the issue with the band 3. Then, they cancelled any future band deployments. I had already had a sinking feeling about the phones, they just weren't getting any better. My wife had a 950, I was on my second phone, went from a 1020 to a 950XL with a dock (that I never use). My wifes phone would continually reboot so she told me she was giving up on the phone. When she went to get an iPhone, they had a 2 for 1 sale so I gave in and got a 7+ with my wife.
    It's sad but relieving at the same time. Now I'm just like everyone else and can do all the things they can do and get all the apps they can get. I just wished MS would have done better, or just done more to make what they had better. It's like they give up if they aren't the best selling product 3 months after it's launch. THe minute they get a complaint, the products gone! Not fixed, not engineered better next time, just f****ng gone. I can't be loyal to that when it keeps leaving me behind.
  • also my opnion. and one can find the better microsoft mobile software (office, onedrive etc) on android. sometimes I have the impression mr. nadella might be on payroll of g..... ?    
  • "If you want to see change and big things coming from MS, the first thing that has to be done is getting rid of all dividends to shareholders." What? Are you high? Or just truly clueless about how corporations are run? Dividends to shareholders is the ONLY thing that matters. Without dividends, shareholders will dump the stock, causing the price to tumble, causing the company to go bankrupt. The fact is, Windows Phones have been losing money for going on 10 years. How long are they supposed to keep dumping money into it? Its over. Windows Phones have failed. Microsoft is exiting the consumer phone business, to re-focus on their strengths. They have no choice, as it is FAR too late to get into the mobile game now.
  • I got my parents and sister on Windows Phone over the past several years. I will be switching my parents over to Android this summer, and my sister will not be far behind. So sad. Like always, it's not as much about where Windows is now, but rather that there is no communication on where they are going. Can't trust them.
  • I do recommend Windows Mobile but I'm hoping that the rumor of a Galaxy S8 running windows comes true!!!
  • Yes, I no longer can recommend Windows Mobile. My love of the platform began with the Lumia 920 and Windows Phone 8 and continued through to 950 (even had a Windows Phone 7 in the family). I love the OS and the way the ecosystem works well together amongst the different form factors, albeit with less apps than I like. I moved back to Android (on an LG V20) due to a particular app I needed that was only on iOS and Android. Given Microsoft's lack of support and commitment and the falling off of what support there was by developers, I can no longer recommend it to anyone. Sad day.
  • Unfortunately not. When it was time for my wife to upgrade she got an iPhone 7.
  • If the CEO won't recommend it, then "no, no I don't".
  • Only recommend to the friends I never want to hear from again.
  • Nope.
  • I can not. Windows Mobile is not in a state where non-fans can use it. Harsh reality. 
  • I think a non-fan could use it. BUT I wouldn't feel confident that my phone would be supported for very long.
  • I got my 1020 in Oct 2013 and I think I found out not even two years later that I couldn't go to Windows 10.
  • No s8+ arrived 2 days before. ......please look for my 950xl on willhabendotat and on ebay......
  • yes there are plenty of good second hand 950s and 950xls about. I just bought one to replace mine which had a fault
  • Yes I do and will continue recommending Windows phones where it is a good fit for their usage. The teens and young adults of course want Snapchat and other apps-of-the-day that simply will never be available for Windows. But older adults and especially elderly find the Windows platform quite easy to use, especially if some care is taken with setting up the home screen. My dad who is 86, thoroughly enjoys a Lumia 640XL on which I've made the phone, email, Edge, News and Weather tiles as huge as possible, and hidden everything else. He couldn't care less about "apps." I made sure the five or six documents from his laptop were synced to his OneDrive account so he can access them from the Office apps on the phone. My sister-in-law is still happily running a Lumia 1020 on Windows 8.1, it does everything she needs and takes great photos of course. I'll likely upgrade her soon to Windows 10. And I have a couple of spare 640s that have been borrowed from time to time when a family member's expensive iPhone or Galaxy was going in for yet another cracked screen replacement. They are always astounded when I tell them what I paid for the phone new, roughly equal to one or maybe two of their monthly payments over two years.
  • I impose it on my family but friends I'll only speak of it when asked about it.
  • Being completely honest, I don't know why I'm still reading these features. Every days Windows Mobile This, Windows Mobile That, Blah Blah. Any excuse to write content when NOTHING is actually happening with the platform. Daily speculation, often contradictory.... I mean, go for it. More power to you, but really. It's getting a bit silly isn't it?
  • What would you have them write about while staying topical?
  • This site is no longer called "Windows Phone Central" it's "Windows Central." Plenty about Microsoft and Windows to talk about besides a basically dead mobile OS.
  • Nope, might as well recommend a Palm Pilot or a Symbian device as a windows phone. I picked up a ZTE Axon 7 Mini for $200 at Best Buy, great little phone.
  • When the choice is between iOs, Android and W10M, it is clear that if would recommend Windows.
  • Not so much.
  • Nope can't recommend it with limit apps little to no facebook support. The OS is great imo if u have a flagship device but the apps are pretty lacking
  • No, given Microsoft lack of commitment to their own products, it will be highly irresponsible to recommend a Windows phone. Besides, there is no one that I hate enough to burden MS on!
  • I would rather recommend them to invest in Venezuelan government bonds than to buy a WM. They will likely lose big time with both, but with the bonds its still not 100% /sarcasm
  • This is funny...
  • Hell no. Regretted every one.
  • Heck no! 2 out of 7 windows phone devices have left the family already. 2 more will be gone in the next month or so. As much as I'd like to keep a windows phone around for dev work and experimenting, i'm going to get my money back while they are worth something to someone.  It's nearly impossible to say it does anything of value better than android or ios right now. Don't get me wrong, there are things I prefer about the UI, but not much.
  • The best you can do is not recommend iPhone to anyone, ever. Recommend any Android phone rather than apples non user friendly tech-less crap.
  • why?
  • Til death do us part! The number one reason my family got off of it was because of snapchat and fodder of the likes. To each their own but I am happy with simplicity at it's finest with a twist of innovative technology mixed in.
  • Yes. Ever the optimist and loyal fan.
  • My entire family uses Windows Phone but I am giving my wife my iPhone and I'll be purchasing a new one for myself in the next few months.  Over the years, I've converted nearly my entire family - mother, sister, brother, wife/kids, niece and nephews, etc. to Windows Phone but that ship has certainly sailed.  MS literally did everything they could to destroy yet another great platform/device. The sad thing that I don't quite think MS quite understands fully is how much this does affect their "services" division.  For instance, I am now slowly moving away from all MS products - as much as I love them (and it would be hard for me to even list them all).  I want a cohesive experience so I now have a new iMac, an iPhone I am using more primarily as my daily driver, and now my wife and I will both be using iPhones and Macs.  This now means we are converting to iCloud, iTunes, Facetime, etc.
  • I tried to always use my outlook mail to register to sites... since I have an android, I use google mail because it's the first option shown and even sites have that form of login integrated.
  • I've loved Windows phones over the years but I have NEVER been able to recommend it to others because of the lack of apps.
  • No way. Not now I have a Pixel XL.
  • Most people I know are into using their phones for apps. That's the only reason why I wouldn't recommend it because I've always loved the way everything works and it really is a shame that it has come to this
  • Only to the people I don't want to be friends with lol
  • I will still recommend windows phones to my friends and relatives but the problem is that at present no windows phones are available for sale in India.
  • No not anymore. Microsoft has failed to deliver and improve. Moved to Android and never looked back. Too bad, I really liked the phone initially.
  • crazy, I am on extended vacation here in the Philippines. I have two 950xl's and two high end Android phones. VIVO V5's: My wife and I use both. No matter what you may think the 950's work just fine. One is on the production os, the other on the fast ring. we get no reboots, no failures, and everyone we introduce the 959's to they admit the OS does things better than the androids. I do not dislike the vivo's but they are not all that better than the 950's.  I also gave a 1020 to my wife's daughter, and she uses it and loves it.  So .... Yes I still recommend these windows phones. To bad Microsoft is so lousy on marketing and has way to many know it all android lovers.  Aw no one gives a rats ass anyway. 
  • Not really anymore...but then again I'm older so why do I care what you use.
  • Nope. I was recommending them a year ago, getting squishy about it six months ago, but after the "Galaxy S8 Microsoft Edition", I absolutely cannot in good conscience recommend them anymore. So since my (and my wife's) 640 was getting a little long in the tooth, I got us a pair of G5 Pluses. I miss the dark theme throughout the OS, Cortana is not as good, and I miss the week view in Outlook's calendar, but otherwise, wow.....not even a week in and I'd have a hard time going back. Still using as much MS stuff as I can too (Outlook, Arrow, Next, Bing, etc.), and it's far better than I expected.
  • I only  use Outlook and Bing (because of rewards). Other than that, I'm done with MS services on my Galaxy S8 NOT Microsoft Edition. 
  • Nope. Its too risky.
  • Nope.  They can't even rollout the Creators Update to everyone at the same time. And that with a market share of 0.1%. A complete failure. 
  • I love my Lumia 950XL and will never give up this phone nor Windows mobile until MS completely kills it and just abandons the OS forever, and then, only then, will i grudgingly switch to Andriod. I would recommend W10M to anybody, but like others have said, you are taking a huge chance. W10M is not well liked, apps are pretty much zero compaired to the others. I get made fun of in my office for being the ONLY Windows fan.
  • Microsoft Apps are better on IOS and Android, so sadly its a BIG no from here.
  • Not entirely true on android.  Offlce lens stinks, scans are all dark.  Weather is only showing 4 favorites. Outlook has some odd ui issues I can't get used. Groove doesn't have swipe to change tracks. Cortana doesn't feel complete.
  • What are you using on Android instead for weather?  I tried Weather Channel. What are you using for mobile scanning?  I had to pull out the 950 yesterday to scan something as I heard the Android version doesn't do multi-page into one document.  I do use Outlook, but...
    Cortana is OUT
    Groove is OUT
  • I"m still using MSN weather, the location part works fine for me which is what I care about and the widget seems to be accurate and looks nice on my faux windows phone launcher.  I had accuweather, weather underground and weather channel installed, but I didn't want all of them running so I'll try one at a time. I haven't searched for another scanner yet. I"m dissapointed in office lens. I hope it gets fixed because it was my go to app on windows mobile. 
  • Why would you user Groove when Google Music, Apple Music and Spotify are much better and are all available on Android is beyond me.
  • Well the big reason is I just switched, I have a groove subscription already and I wanted to see what it's like. Spotify is good and it integrates with Waze which makes it easier to use in the car.
  • Of course I still recommend they try it, but I'm also upfront about the shortcomings. Basically, I tell people that they have to be happy with the phone as it is "right now." If you buy it thinking it'll get some massive update or improvement, or thinking that a missing app will become available down the road, you'll be disappointed. If, on the other hand, you're happy with the experience out of the box, then by all means go for it. It's still my preferred OS over Android or iOS. In fact, when my contract is up in September, I'll be ditching this iPhone 7 and picking up a 950XL to replace it.
  • I always recommend the Windows phone to my family and friends.  Every single time someone asks "iPhone" or "Android" - I respond with "I LOVE my Microsoft Lumia 950".  The biggest push back I seem to get from people is "there aren't as many apps" or "the apps I use aren't available on Windows phone".  I tell them that is my complaint also about the apps but in my experience - the Windows phone is more durable than the other two and lasts a lot longer with good operating systems.  I tell them that I always pray that Windows gets more apps developed but in the meantime I have the best call clarity, the best operating system and the best cameras.  Great phones and I hope you don't stop making them.
  • What apps do you feel you are lacking? Every time I see someone complain about apps, I see banking apps and Snapchat listed. I love 35 seconds from my bank, and Snapchat is totally uninteresting to me. What else am I missing?
  • Still recommend.Elite X3 and Acer Liquid Jade Primo are hard to beat.Office suite,Xbox,20 mp camera,Groove music and Films.I agree,it is not a toy with thousands of junk apps.Sync with all MS hardware,laptops/tablets and desktops.All which keep my stuff safe one the Microsoft Cloud.
  • Hard to beat? :)))) LOL. Now this is a good one...GS7,7 Edge, Huawei P9,P10, OnePlus 3T, etc etc are much nicer, excelent specs, and most important: don't have a mediocre OS.
  • Not anymore.  I got many family/friends on Windows Phones through the years, but when Microsoft stopped caring, so did I.  I moved on to an iPhone late last year.
  • I recommend it often but I always mention the massive disclaimer before hand regarding apps and lack of support.
  • Yes/No. but I get to brag some key features of Windows Phone like continuum and features whom I though windows phone was the 1st to. like tap to wake, hey cortana, glance?, living images, UWP, etc.. somehow, they are amazed by it..
  • I took all of my family off Windows Phone years ago because they couldn't stand it. Only me that continues with W10M. Would not even mention Windows Phone to people, let alone recommend them.
  • I wish I could!
  • Are you trolling us with this article? Lets say that 10's of thousands that still have such legacy device do recommend it, the question is what kind of face the recipient puts when presented with an ecosystem with nearly no third party support. Please take pictures of such occasion. Lol
  • No not anymore. I loved my 930 and the software is still way better than the "others", but no new hardware for a long time, fewer and fewer apps. How can anyone recommend such a disaster to anyone?
  • That's for sure and I still talk about how great the Windows Phone is.
  • Somewhat of a loaded question because of the lack of devices in the channel for consumers to buy.  To the extent they already use it- yes i would recommend it.   What i cannot recommend is anything apple because of cost and proprietary connectors, cost of accessories, replacement etc. Nor  can i recommend anything android becuase of google.  If there was a way to use android without google - i might consider it myself. So basically without windows mobile devices i cannot recommend anything.
  • So you would recommend Windows phone...only because it's not Apple or Google? You know, I'm starting to notice this pattern among the die-hard fans here: they stick with W10m simply because they have a pure hatred of anything iOS or Android. I never see them boasting about how great their W10m phones are, just that "it ain't Android or iOS". Is that how low it's gotten for Windows phones? This is like supporting a presidential candidate simply because he isn't the "other guy". I used to recommend WP8.1 because it ran beautifully on even the lowest-end hardware. Denim was very polished, rarely (if ever) saw glitches. It looked nice, and it was very easy to use. It was a nice mix of iOS and Android. WP8.1 had a lot of great things about it. With W10m, all of that is GONE. I can recommend Apple because of the fantastic support and ecosystem. I can recommend Android because of its amazing functionality. I am not going to recommend W10m just because "it ain't the other guy".  
  • It's not hatred - simply put: The 2 choices that are not Windows have their own drawbacks. Both are unacceptable in opinion.  Apple has a closed ecosystem and forces you to spend more money than should be based on what people actually do with the phone.  Much valuable functionality (SD cards, wireless charging, USB compatibility) is lost. Devices are more fragile and replacement is expense, as is insurance. Plus - iOS as a UI still sucks and no one should have to use that. Google is google - you are their product.  They don't care how/why you use the phone as long as they collect your data.  I don't want to do business with them nor would I ever recommend anyone do.  Their entire business is based on a scam. Advertisers would be smart never to spend a penny with them.  I don't want them collecting information on me or any of my friends/family that communicate with me.  Unless they are willing to pay up to the individual for the use of their personal data I would recommend staying far away from them.  Android isn't  worth the privacy intrusion. Choices are good for competition.  The lack of choices without Windows on mobile is scary and unfortunate.
  • It's because fanboys do not have any other reason, and then they start to invent one :))) When you have such a pathetic mobile OS, it's almost impossible to find something to defend it :)))
  • Sounds like a question for April Fools day.
  • Absolutely!
  • nope
  • Only if they know what they're in for,but the average user that just needs talk and text and the occasional email then yeah,a "power user",idk,I guess you have to consider how tech savvy one is
  • Ain't no reason to do that. Our discussions, concepts and ideas are to no avail. Microsoft has its plans and strategies. And we do not have the slightest idea of those.
    Which, again is part of Microsoft's plans and strategies. Ignoring Microsoft's mobile plan should be our best strategy
    - at least Microsoft boldly outs themselves
    with whatever they want to come forward. -
  • We have stopped recommending Windows Phone/Mobile devices at our company as of last week and started switching clients over to Android or iOS based on their budget, Microsoft hasn't even bothered to comment on their own mobile platform. At this stage I personally cannot see anything Microsoft does will gain people's confidence again anytime soon, they have pushed users, OEM's, partners, developers and loyal contributors to a point that they have nothing to lose on the platform/ecosystem making the relationship extremely fragile... Here is a perfect example: Once we start using Android and iOS without Edge then we will start using third-party browsers on our mobiles such as Chrome which has an amazing ecosystem by itself then we start paying with Google/Apple Pay and etc... there may a point that we'll try more of Google/Apple or third-party services and begin to see the convenience of it all compared to Microsoft's ecosystem which is currently very poor then that's when it gets dangerous as this is what Microsoft has been relying on so far (their services) so once we stop using and recommending Microsoft's devices, platform, services and apps; how will Microsoft's financial projection look then. Conclusion; Mobile platform is/was key and they need to fix this fast before is too late, they need to get devs, OEM's and partners as well as users back on their side because currently not many trust Microsoft any longer after unethical treatment in the last couple of years. It is truly sad as Windows 10 Mobile was starting to look good however too many apps and services have left the platform for us to keep going as it is, Microsoft is going to have to pay for the popular apps and devices to get people on-board again.
  • You perfectly expressed my thoughts exactly.  My entire family is slowly moving away from all Microsoft services.  I've resorted to memories of "the good old days".  Go back and read some old Windows Phone Central articles and see how bad things have really got - progressively worse month after month.  It's pretty disgusting as a matter of fact.
  • I used to, but now it's more like making fun on them and i just tell them to go with android or ios device.
  • only.the last few weeks! They said about a year ago that it was in maintenance mode because the cost of keeping it doing something was cheaper that trying to shut it down. No, I am no longer recommending Windows on phones. My wife will be getting a Samsung in June and will migrate to the google suite of services. Should we be thinking of setting a date when we officially kill off windows phone. MSoft will never do this (window rt anyone?) it whimpered away when Windows 10 came out and Windows phone is doing the same.
  • I have alreay moved to an iphone 7+. While I still have an active O365 Personal subscription valid until 2018, I will not use any of their services anymore besides my outlook/hotmail email. Onedrive will stay there but I'll keep it just for the data I have on it. MS does not deserve anymore my attention and usage of their products. Apple and Google for me all the way. For what I want, Pages is more than enough, Google Drive and/or Icloud Drive are great. The only MS product I will still use is my xbox one. I think this is the only thing that remained ok, at least for me.
  • They don't MAKE Windows Phones lol 😅
  • For its seamless and smooth OS I recommend Windows 10. and Windows 10 Mobile only for its user friendly character. Lovely.
  • No, I do not recommend it, anymore. And for myself, I'm keeping an eye on Apple because that's the only other ecosystem I've bought into, even if the UI is tedious...
  • I have a Nokia 830 & would not part with it! Doesn't have HELLO, but who cares! Get may Emails, send Emails, phone calls, beautiful pictures! Got all the latest updates to Win10 (Except the last one). Tells me where I am, the nearest bus stop, the time the next bus arrives etc! Would not leave home without it! Am 88 & the oldest member of the Win10 Forum & was in computers before ther was conputers! I have 2 Surface Tablets, 1 PC & 2 Intel STK Win10 Computers! Put that in your pipe & smoke it! Apple is in trouble, don't know which way to go! I could name several Huge computer companies that went broke! REMBER IBM! Tully  
  • :) and MS will soon follow IBM.
  • Yes still a fan as my Lumia 635 is still working ok.
  • I have used Windows Phone for years, and as a phone, it functions fine.  The obvious shortcoming is there are virtually no third party apps for commercial use.  In fact, there seem to be fewer and fewer apps of any kind for Windows Phone.  I switched both my adult daughters and wife to Android phones, and they are quite happy with those (and of course the wide range of apps available).  My adult son, who rarely uses his phone, still has an older Windows Phone device.  Microsoft clearly dropped the ball big time on Windows Mobile, and I doubt they can recover.  I certainly would NOT recommend Windows Phone to anyone who has uses beyond calls and text (and maybe email).
  • when is the funeral for Windows phone? Has anyone asked Microsoft? I don't mind having a zombie phone for the rest of my contract. Just be nice to know. Think I'll send them a message.
  • Most likely you'll get a riddle as a response...they do not have the balls to tell the truth.
  • Sadly, I don't.  The 1520 was my favorite phone of all time, but now I have went to a Note 4 (yes, I know, I need to upgrade this too).  I will be getting a Galaxy S8 (Microsoft version with Cortana) and the Galaxy S3 Frontier gear with it next month.  If MS kept up their game, I would have got a Microsoft Band with my brand new Surface phone.  Still loving and will ALWAYS recommend Surface though and Microsoft in general.
  • I Recommend iPhone the last 4 Months. I am tired 2-3 Years Now the Same Crashes, the Same Low Responsiveness, the Same Bugs, the Same Application - Game GAP, the Same Bad Settings and much more. I Recomend the Below Devices: 1st iPhone 7 Plus 256GB. 2nd iPhone 7 256GB. 3rd iPhone 6S Plus 128GB. 4th iPhone 6S 128GB. 5th iPhone SE 128GB. Those are the 5 Best Devices in the Market for Me Today.
  • I still recommend W10M... but it usually gets me laughed at
  • have tweeted them asking for the date of the windows on phones funeral. #windowsphonefuneral
  • Everday the apathy grows larger and larger...answer: No.
  • Well totally agree with this article. Sadly recommend today a window phone is like recommend a black and white tv. Is sad but the blame is on MICROSOFT the lack of comminment with the mobile plataform is something to think about. It is hard to believe that a tecnological company like microsoft has been so blind, careless and irresponsible with users that trust in windows mobile device, let die an excellent plataform with a promisori futeere Its incredible that a such amazing plataform has been discarded with no  explanation. In my personal opinion such irresponsible actitude will cost in the future. I understad that this is a bussiness but harm has be done in trust for the future of any microsoft brand devices 
  • Oh yes I still recommandes Windows Phone Mobile to all. My experience with Lumia 920, 1520, 930 and now with HP Elite X3 was and is excellent !!! Jp from France
  • no, not until microsoft lets android apps run on windows mobile. signed,
    retired lumia 950xl user, waiting for android app support someday
  • Absolutely not any more, how long do you have to wait for basic features in Windows mobile 10? I bought Lumia 521, 630, 830, and 950. Enjoyed all of them until now because of incident happened to me . My son had animal show in school in the evening. Everbody was recording and capturing photos with their smartphones​. When I tried to take some pictures screen went black after clicking on camera button to take pictures and Lumia 950 put me in the unexpected situation that I never expected. We came home without taking any pictures, because after going to blank screen I had to take off the battery and restart . It happened few times couldn't take even one picture. I missed some important moment to capture it. Finally tiered with recovery phone every time. Plus I have Mugen power battery 6200 mAh but it still don't last a day for normal use. I bought Moto z play with 3510 mAh battery and with same use it lasts about 35 hours at least. The camera is not the best with Moto z play but 70% is good compare to 100% Lumia 950. Even with Lumia 950 I couldn't take movie more than 5 or 7 minutes continuously. Always get so hot that it's gonna explode than camera shut Downs. I am waiting for Nokia 9 for later this year though. I will go for Android only with Nokia legend name. Microsoft needs to make Windows mobile 10 snappy system first.
  • Hi I just bought my Lumia 950 XL and it works fine, Cortana is very helpfull and since its a dual sim I only need one phone, therefore I still recommend Windows Phones to my friends.
  • Nope, not anymore
  • I would love someone to love it when I am using, I can really tell someone to buy windows phone because I know there are alot of disappointment I enjoying just because I simply don't care. WP would be a matter of choice. In other not to take blames.
  • W10M is in a desolate state, wherever I turn something isn't working. And MS is not showing enough commitment to change that. So no, I would not recommend it to anybody.
  • But I'm still using Lumia 730, baught it when it was launched. Still runs great!
  • I tell them I like my Windows phone, but I can't recommend one because there is no option on Verizon and I don't think the platform will be around much longer. I have most of the apps I need but would like to see other ones.
  • Definitely not anymore! I recommended it to friends and family for several years, but recently my wife and I made the switch to android devices and are very happy with them. We enrolled several apps for android that we use in the company I work in, and I had to make this move. I was quite surprised how easy this change was for me and how stable and fast Android works on a mid range Galaxy A3 2017 dual sim.
  • Only to my worst enemies.
  • Oh hell no!!! I used to recommend them to everyone, but not anymore.
    I was able to convince at least 10 people to get a WP, but the app-gap made them move away (mostly to Android).
    BTW, I think some manufacturer should buy the rights to build a phone with a Pure-view/Carl-Zeiss camera. That is the only thing I miss from the high-end Lumias.
  • Sorry, but one of my best friend misses the Windows Phone 10 last possible free update day and he cannot update his Lumia 640 XL for free anymore. He thought that the update comes without any user interference! And now it´s too late?
    That´s why i cannot recommend Windows Phone to any one at all!
    Does Microsoft think that such Windows Phone policy gives some kind of a advance to Microsoft?
    My opinion is, that everyone who wants upgrade his/hers Windows Phone to version 10 should be allowed to do so, and free. If the phone is cabable to update it (certified).
    There is not so many Windows Phone users, to discriminate anyone of them!
  • What are you talking about? Phone updates are always free.
  • what are you talking about? ... Its deliberate false comment like this that damages the community as a whole.
  • Depends if there not fussed for the app gap and want a phone 📱 that will do the job simple to understand phoning texting emails YouTube etc then yeah,
    if there more for gaming this app that app then no its preference at the end of the day
  • I should buy a PC running OS/2 and a Palm Pre
  • With the removal of the generous amounts of cloud space for backups, the lack of newer, better devices and the lack of commitment by Microsoft, I can't recommend the platform except in those situations where a usable, very inexpensive phone is required and the user does not require anything not already in the app store. My parents are a perfect example because they don't need Snapchat or Instagram or other social media platforms. They just need a phone with maps and navigation and email and possibly Facebook.
  • I couldn't agree more to this article!
  • i don't recommend anything microsoft anymore except when there is no alternative, smartphone, cloud, music, smartwatch, etc... for the simple reasons that you never know when microsoft will abandon the product and that they just don't test their **** anymore. ex. just got an email 8 weeks after sending my band 2 in for repair and they can't replace it and will refund me half what i paid for it even though still under warranty until jan 18, Microsoft has become the new IBM, they just suck so badly! :(  
  • I haven't recommended it since WP7. WM6.5 I used to recommend regularly.
  • wp yes, to certain folks, w10m? never, for a moment I thought RS1 was it, but no, I cant recommend it even today, almost 2 years after release
  • Its noting wrong with the phones, its the MS who cant handel it as they should with there WP OS.
  • Its noting wrong with the phones, its the MS who cant handel it as they should with there WP OS Win 10.
  • Nope. We stopped buying and recommending Windows phones years ago in favor of Samsung Galaxy phones -- first, the Note 5, then Note 7, now we have Galaxy S7 Edge's while we anxiously await the Note 8.  Why? It seems like Microsoft dropped everything that was good about Windows Phone and headed off in some odd direction that benefits no one. Case in point -- one of the best features of the Windows Phone back in the day was the People Hub. In particular, the fact that the phone was people-centric; instead of having to go to every app to see if that was the one I had the conversation with Mary about puppies in, I could just to Mary in the People hub, and see all of my interaction with her there. The feature orginally came about because of User-focused Design, they had interviewed people about what they liked & disliked about the iPhone back then, and having to go to multiple apps was one of the top things they hated. So Microsoft fixed it in the Windows phone. And yet, what was the first feature to be deprecated? Yup, the People Hub.  Fortunately, when I got my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 running Android, what did I discover (besides not being disappointed that apps weren't available?) -- that's right, I go to someone in my Contacts, and lo and behold, all my interactions with them are there. Oh, and of course, despite Microsoft having basically created precision stylus-based devices back with the original WindowsCE based products & phones, to get a real functional pen on a phone nowadays, it's back to Samsung Galaxy. Microsoft should just give up on phones, or if they really badly want to manufacture them for some odd reason, put Android on them. After all, they already prioritize Android & IOS for their mobile app development anyway.
  • Still do. Personally I had to switch away only because one single application - GOOD for Work is not supported anymore by my company for Windows Phone.  
  • You're absolutely right: Microsoft is 100% responsible for the condition the Windows phone arena is in.  And, yes, with virtually no hardware available or being heralded, what exactly is there to recommend? I went from being one of the biggest cheerleaders to virtually a nay-sayer.  If someone asks me what I'm using, I won't shy away from sharing with them. But I know longer try to convince people to switch.  Heck, MS makes it better for people to stay on their iPhone or Android device by making almost all their software and system available--and FIRST and BETTER--on those devices.
  • Never again. At least not in the near future.
    Last time I recommended MYSELF a 950 XL, because I had jumped ship and started using Android with a Moto X Pure Edition which started to to show problems with the touchscreen. I have always loved Windows-On-Phones (since the Lumia 710, and regardless of the multiple names given to the OS) and thought it was time to give Windows 10 Mobile with a great piece of hardware such as the 950 XL. Got by the end of March, had it for a month: had to return it because of an almost useless camera module and the reality of how behind and unsupported the OS is compared to the big two.
    I am back to my faulty-screen Moto X Pure Edition.
    Couldn't be happier.
  • I like WM environment too much! But Mr. Zac Bowden was accurate, the future says to us that we will have to join a diaspora from Microsoft mobile ground. M$ is saying goodbye to mobile world, hence scalded cat is afraid of cold water, too. I will use my 950XL, my 640 xl, my 630, my 920 and my 930 'till the end, but I'm buying a new phone to my wife and the elected are between an HTC  M10 or 11 and SS8. I prefer IOS, but Apple's battery gap, earpodgate and the prohibitive price of Apple's products in Brazil make that option unreliable.
  • For 6 years I did. Starting with the HTC HD7 running WP7, Lumias 900, 1520, 950 XL, and even HTC One M8 Windows, I loved WP. W10 Mobile however was a huge disappointment. Slow, buggy, and not as visually pleasing as WP8.1. The lack of updates from MS also is discouraging. Finally, my wife and I both switched. I got a Galaxy S8+ and she got the Galaxy S8. I felt like a traitor, until I realized that the lack of loyalty from MS drove me to this.
  • no. not anymore.
  • Recommending a windows phone to family and friends = Sucking out fun from their life!
  • I too like WP start screen and UI. And I feel that Android's home screen is boring. But when I say this to anyone, they label me as FANBOY.
  • Satish, I am with you. Android and iPhone screen and ui IS boring!
  • How to recommend a dead product, available nowhere, with no support and no futur?
  • Very simply my latest windows phone the 950 XL is the best on the market. I have owned it since Dec 2015 , my coworkers, when their phones do not get signals , mine does ( We travel the world all with the same phone provider.).Office docs , groove music, awesome pictures, massive storage space, dual sims, replaceable battery are several of the big benefits. This phone and this operating system are perfect for work.
    My only complaint is lack of airline apps, American airlines does not have an app. That is very annoying. So if I would highly recommend Windows phones to anyone who uses the phone for business..
  • Sadly, I really can't anymore due to the app gap. Even though you can use Edge to access many mobile sites that perform just as good as the app (and pin the site to my start screen), its not the same convenience to most people. The app gap is just to wide. Even If android apps could run on Win10 I don't think that would help. Microsoft is on its way to becoming IBM to many folks. Corporate brand yes... Consumer brand no... :( Microsoft has to really redefine what a "mobile device" is as they have redefined PCs with Surface or else...
  • what phones?
  • Take a wild guess ...
  • No. The app ecosystem is just as Ash said, "... is Jack and sh*t and Jack left town"
  • I'm not sure I would "recommend" a windows phone.  What I tend to do is explain the pluses and minuses of the Apple, Android, and Windows phone ecosystems.  For certain kinds of users, a Windows phone can make sense.  I have a Lumia 950XL, and I'm very happy with it.  I do have the leather back from Finland which gives it a more upscale look.  There aren't any apps that I'm screaming to have, that I can't get on the Lumia 950XL, but that's just me. I just received the creators update ( 15063.251) --it's saying that my SD add-in card is inaccessible because it's write protected -- I'll dig into that later. If I had to recommend a specific non-windows phone, I don't know what I'd suggest.  There's something about Apple and iPhones that leaves a bad taste in my mouth.  Over on the Android side, the choice is dizzying.  I guess I'd look to any phones that offer Alexa support -- as I'm heavily into Echo and Dot devices (I have four -- an Echo two Dots, a Tap, and I just requested an invite for the new Amazon Look :grin)
  • No, I don't recommend it anymore. So I own a 1 and a half year old Lumia 950. This phone was 5 times at the repair service (3 times unrepaired) and it is still not fully stable. So it comes very often that the display is showing yellow, some times a reboot helps and somethis I have to reset to factory then it works fine again. ....   So it should look:     Microsoft did NOT make a big deal from it that they stops to produce smart phone anymore, and it dies every day a bit more.....    
  • Hell no
  • My parents, both in their 70s, always used Lumias as their smartphones. However, they asked me advice to move to a different platform and I set them up to buy iPhones later this year. Not only they cannot buy a decent phone to replace their aging 830 models, as Microsoft never brought the X50 line to Brazil, but the apps, although mostly available, are far behind in terms of funcionality in comparison to their iOS and Android counterparts.
  • Negative. But that would change with a new Windows 10 phone size device, or Surface Phone. Ideally one that could run apps AND programs.
  • Yes and it will always be yes 😀
  • Never ever..
  • I did. Now I wait till I hear something from Microsoft. I can't recommend a phone to someone that may have no future. The last time I recommended a windows phone was to my brother and he hates his Windows phone hahaha.
  • Only to enemies.
  • Nope, stopped recommending it about half a year ago. About the time that the famous retrenchment was announced. With the launch of the X3 I was still hoping for a push in the right direction, but things have only been going downhill since then. All this has stimulated me to look outside the MS world for services, I have replaced edge by chrome and Bing by DuckDuckGo. My daughters will be getting an android phone soon and this next pc will be a Chromebook, in this cloud driven world its pretty easy to get things without MS.
  • No, No.  I did and look a fool.  People happy when they go back to iOS and Android, why? APP's. 
  • I wonder, what would it take to get Elon Musk to become CEO of Microsoft? Or for that matter, Jonny Ive? These people would probably be the best thing that could happen to MS and ensure the future of the company....
  • Throw your money into junk but dont buy a windows phone. they are the most ugly phones, charging is painfully slow, even when you are using their dedicated charger, to top it all even with the official charger you every time get to see this message "device charging slowly..." None of the applications are stable (Phone, messaging, Calendar, Camera etc, name it and the app is unstable)
  • I did it for many years with every new device like HP 6945, HP910c, HTC HD2, HTC Focus, L830, L1020 and L950. Not anymore.
  • Nope. Stopped that already some time back.
  • Sadly I have just given up on Windows phone, I love the lock screen and home screen with live tiles but after upgrading my 640 to Windows 10 , which I thought would improve matters, it's the same old slow clunky phone as before, alongside text with photos and downloading and uploading problems I've had enough. Real shame.
  • No I've abandoned. It's dead.
  • Hell no, and I haven't for some time. There's little to no support from developers or even Microsoft.  I wanted for so long for Microsoft to succeed in the mobile arena, but it's clearly not going to happen.  Wifey and I just switched Android with the Galaxy S8 and we couldn't be happier.  Microsofts own apps are miles ahead of what they offer on their own platform.  Whether MS intends to or not, they are killing their own platform.
  • I recommend Android with Launcher 10. A few minutes of tinkering and you basically have a Windows phone with all the Android apps.
  • Let me show you.
  • I've temporarily retrenched from giving advice on phones.
  • I loved my windows phone. i hated that att would not come through with the upgrade to W10 even though it was promised - bought my 3rd and last windows phone AFTER windows 10 released.
    If I could have bought an unlocked windows phone at the MS store 2 years ago, i might have done that. 2 months ago i abandoned the windows phone for a pixel. miss the live tiles and better email management, but i now have phone that has the (few) apps I wanted.
    Microsoft seems determined to drive people away. update to windows creator created a problem - I cannot save new word (2013) files. Perhaps an indication I should move to google docs, sheets, etc.
  • It's a shame you missed out on the 950/950XL
  • God no. Why would I? I haven't since 8.1, when Microsoft still seemed to somewhat care. There are absolutely no benefits in someone choosing windows phone over an Android/iphone.
  • Absolutely not. Microsoft has given up on WM for now, so I have too. I still love my Lumia 950's camera, but I'm not going to get someone else into a dead ecosystem.
  • NOPE, I gave up a little over a year ago, and didn't look back.  I'm very happy with my Samsung Galaxy S6 Active.  It leaves my old 950XL in the dust.  I was a loyal window phone user since it came out, Microsoft gave up on the platform so I did too.
  • Not any more. I tried to go back to my 930 but several apps I used have gone, and the Windowsphone ecosphere just isn't there any longer, which is very sad because the platform had the potential to be great. This is another typical Microsoft story of taking something, making it fantastic, before ruining it with extra, unnecessary bells and whistles and then dropping it because they can't make a killing with it!
  • I love my Alcatel Idol 4s! It does everything I want in a Smartphone, but I wouldn't recommend W10M to anyone used to another phone ecosystem.
  • I'm glad I left Android behind and never liked Apple. Love my 950 XL!
  • After the last experiences with windows camera bug - jpg.thumb files - I cannot. Run, run, run Forrest.
  • Which cam? My 950 XL and my wife's 950 work great
  • My 1520 runs nicely on the Creators Update, even without a hard reset after all the preview builds. I completely fail to understand why it is killed off. To me it signals that there is a discontinuation coming up and that available devices are the last of the Mohicans. Result is that I would no longer dare recommend buying such a device. I might be forced to by a device Google comes up with this year, but remain curious what Microsoft has in store beyond the curve. ARM based devices have a promise, for notebooks and tablets too. 3-in-1 is what I really want.
  • Android and Apple also drop OS vers and hardware. The 1520 is old in hardware speak
  • Absolutely YES! i recomend Windows Phones. it has taken a long time but nobody can say that the W10M is not moving forward and getting better. My best expericence hardware is the 640XL , for a long time I didnt want the large screen , but now that i have 5.7inch will be my normal moving forward. Just so functional. and very good build quality. As far as hardware, just look on Amazon nobody can argue with 100 to 200 bucks for these phones when Iphone and Samsung are well over a 1000 bucks.. As for Iphones ... suppossed camera genius , i constantly meet people who want my 640XL to take picutres and send these to them , when they have the latest Iphones... In real world situations the pictures the 640XL takes are better there is no denying it. Sure Microsoft is making huge mistakes with its mobile hardware and platform , this latest not supporting creators on 1520 and 930 .. or 830 they seem intent on causing yet more existing customer rejection - and that has to stop. Anyone on the fence or wants to change or upgrade one more time, grab the 640XL it will be worth the experience.  
  • Obsolescence is similar for Android and Apple
  • App gap is too much.. Wont recommend to my family or friend. Though am using Lumia 950 and have been using windows phone for the last 6 years, my next smartphone wont be a wimdows phone ☹
  • As a business user, I have many more apps than I need
  • yes still love using it and regularly recommend to friends and family
  • I would most definitely NOT recommend windows phone anymore. I left the platform for good last December and haven't looked back since. I'm in love with my new Galaxy S8 plus, which is everything a windows phone should be: excellent camera with OIS, wireless charging, always on display (glance screen) & retina scanner. This phone is what the 950 & 950 XL should have been.
  • Only if MS vows to launch more lumia/windows phones. And also, if brands like htc, samsung and sony will also launch windows phones.
  • Not anymore.
  • Not again until MS steps up It's commitment.
  • Unfortunately no with the exception of those who might already have a Windows phone. The selection of phones has disappeared, and Windows 10 Mobile is so clunky. Maybe it's because I'm running it on my 640 XL, but it is very buggy. I hang on because I do like Window 10 Mobile from a design point of view and I don't care about Snapchat or Pokemon, but I don't look forward to having to go to Android. I had an iPhone once, but I'll never go back to that.
  • Just like for any OS, keeping your hardware current keeps headaches to a minimum
  • Win 10 is great on the 950/950XL
  • No. And I never have. I love W10M but I know it is just safer to recommend an Android or iPhone.
  • Sandly no... Microsoft has kill it :(
  • No. We'll see Win 10 on x86 and Arm, which includes phones
  • Yes, if I knew somebody looking for a new phone I would recommend it, but one of the whole problems since the beginning, is that people do not care if it is better, they want to stick with their janky OS. IOS users are pretty much crack addicts, they cannot even think of using something else, and Android users do not care that most of the OS/technology has been stolen from one company or another.
  • Not a chance would I recommend it now. I would recommend Android now simply because it works well with the Microsopft ecosystem and its very easy using Squarehome 2 to set up a very close approximation of the WP tiled UI too. Side by side (950 and S6 Edge) my two home screens are remarkably similar, almost identical apart from slight differences in the icons on the tiles.  
  • I actually work with the person to determine what best meets their needs (regardless of platform) Cheers, BR
  • Nope unless they just want a phone and don't care about apps
  • I have many more apps than I need or use
  • I just got my pre-ordered Galaxy S8, and I love it. Sad that my Lumia 1520 was forgotten by Microsoft. They have zero loyality to their customers.
  • It is normal for support to be dropped for old hardware and OS. All manufacturers do it
  • Hell no.
    I had/ still have Lumia 1020 as backup phone, just because it has excellent camera.
    Currently using iphone 7 plus.
    Why I would not recommend windows phone, well Microsoft screwed us twice. First came the lumia 700 series with windowsphone 7 and they PROMISED, that those users would get wp 8 on their phones. What happened, Microsoft said, sorry, we do not give wp8 to those phones. Then wp8 came with huge set of limitations. no 4 core support etc. No nokia could not build the phones they wanted, since the wp 8 operating systems was so limited. Then game lumia 1020, with awesome camera. After a year waiting the price to drop, I finally bought it and was happy with it. 8.1 came and they promised wp 10. It would be have been nice to have nice phone and sync it nicely with windows 10. While later, microsoft said, we will not bring wp10 to your phones... screwed us second time.
    Then here maps went off... and the final blow from microsoft, was to majority wp users who were still using wp 8.1, we will kill skype...
    What pissed me off there was the cancellation of THEIR OWN SOFTWARE in their OWN OS. Second part which pissed me off, was that skype in WP 8.1 lacked so many features, which were quickly made in ios and android, but not on their own os. Which was clear indicator that microsoft said, yes, we screwed you again sucker. Then so many news articles, that no more lumia phones or pretty much phones at all, wp 10 enviroment, and over a year, there has not been nothing positive coming on wp 10, everybody is quessing, in any given day now, wp10 will be history and another disaster for microsoft. So now I am recommending not buy microsoft products. I even recommend people to use good libre office, which more and more people are starting to use. I guess other people too are fed up with microsoft policies... I am not fan of apple products neither... I hate it when I am extremely limited what I can do with the phone and everything has to go via stupid itunes... and android family has too many malware... not good at all...
  • Win 10 on my 950 & 950XL is great.
    It is significant that business uses Microsoft products. We'll see Win 10 on all formats
  • No. After owning a Lumia 900(Death by hot tub), 920(Death by hot coffee), 1520(Death by drunken hulk smash) and ending with the 550, I've thrown in the towel and bought a S8+ this past weekend.
  • Too bad you didn't try the 950/950XL
  • No offense but recommending a windows phone right now is just stupid. Microsoft can't seem to make up their mind with what they're doing with it so why would I recommend it to anyone. It only makes sense for business users, not regular consumers, nope. 
  • It may be slow, but business drives the OS. With Win 10 available on desktops, laptops, tablets and phones, commonality and best integration will ensure there will always be a Win 10 phone.
  • Until recently I had never owned any smartphone other than Windows. I prefer the interface over Android or Apple. But I am done with it and it's a shame, but this is Microsoft's own fault. I have switched over to the LG V20 and it's a really nice phone with an excellent camera and hardware specs. 4 gigs of ram, quad core Snapdragon, quad HD screen, 64MB of storage and just a nice big flagship phone with a removable battery, and SD slot. If Microsoft gets their act together with Windows phone I would switch back in a heartbeat. I tried to avoid having anymore Google in my life but Microsoft pretty much forced me. I have stopped recommending Windows phone.
  • Not anymore. I use an iPhone as my work phone and I still use a Windows phone for personal use (Alcatel Idol 4S). Love my Windows phone but wouldn't recommend it to friends or family as the lack of apps would be brought up over and over again. Hoping for a Surface phone one day that I can recommend.
  • Usually when people ask me what phone to get I tell them that Samsung Galaxy is a great option if they want Google echo system, and of course iPhone for the most common choice. The reason I do not recommend a Windows phone is because of simple experiences like taking pictures breaking. (ive' commented and posted so many thoughts on this that I will not repeat it.) Microsoft also does not do any favors when they abandon phones that are 2yr+. I understand that from a support stand point it's difficult to ensure 100 types of headsets work, but Microsoft has created that problem themselves. iPhones keep getting updates regardless of age (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong) but the new features won't  work if a device does not have the hardware for it. Their commitment and message to the platform is also so vague that its flares up all kinds of rumors that are not so positive. This impacts developers perception and consumer which in turn affect their commitment to the OS even more. We used to be 7 on Windows Phones. We're down to 2 in the family. I'm hanging on for personal reasons and because I can't justify upgrading for the sake of upgrading. My Lumia 950XL is working well, but my cousin's Icon is getting dated and because he's on Verizon -- I don't see him having a lot of choice in the matter as well next time he needs to upgrade. It's almost like we feel stuck! #firstworldproblems
  • Obsolescence is normal for Android and Apple too.
  • No, not anymore. Sometime in the second half of 2016, around the time the 950s stopped getting into Stores worldwide, I stopped recommending Windows 10 Phones to friends and family... I mean, I could recommend myself hoarse, but where were the Phones??? As for me, I am on the Budget BLU WIN HD LTE, which runs Windows Mobile 10 very well. The Battery doesn't last as much as it used to and the Display has developed some sluggishness (which 'appears' to have gone away when I swab the screen with liquid soap :)) but it has almost all the bells and whistles I need, as far as Hardware is concerned: Dual SIM, External Storage, LTE, etc. The Camera is terrible, but I have my old Lumia 920 for that - it isn't exactly the 950, but it is all I have... Oh, and the 920 works just FINE with a Samsung Wireless Charger I picked up, at a third of the cost of the Wireless Charger designed for the 920!! Lucky me!! Now if you ask me whether I will wait for the Surface Phone (or the Surface Device with Phone capabilities), the answer is a definite Yes! And once the device is available, I will go back to recommending it to everyone too!
  • I like WM environment too much! But Mr. Zac Bowden was accurate, the future says to us that we will have to join the diaspora from Microsoft mobile ground.
    M$ is saying goodbye to mobile world, hence scalded cat is afraid of cold water, too.
    I will use my 950XL, my 640 xl, my 630, my 920 and my 930 'till the end, but I'm buying a new phone to my wife and the elected is between an HTC  M10 or 11 and SS8.
    I prefer IOS, but Apple's battery gap, earpodgate and the prohibitive price of Apple's products in Brazil make that option unreliable.
  • I just bought a 950 for my wife. She loves it.
  • Why do you need a phone that is supported for 2 years when you buy a new device every year? Most Android phones out there are not supported anymore. Even if your phone is not supported, it does still work, so don't complain about that.
  • Yes, I recommend but devices are missing at the stores.
  • I fully agree with you on this, I've got the same feeling.
    Adding to this: Microsoft is not even adding new features to their own apps on WM.
    Quoting Alex Simons, director of program management at the Microsoft Identity Division about the new "Password Bypass Feature":
    "A few people have asked if this works with Windows Phone version Microsoft Authenticator. Windows Phone makes up
  • Sad but true.
  • No.
    End of. Platform is dead. I got a pixel xl.
  • Definitely not.
  • I don't suggest it but I do defend it. My recent defense of Windows 10 mobile was last night at a T-Mobile store. I wanted to get a new device because of the current state of mobile, and one of the sales reps asked my current phone to better suggest a new phone. Once I said Windows Phone, the Android-fan rep jumped out of his skin and just said everything incorrect about Windows Phone, I had to defend it.
  • Great going, mate! I don't get many people asking me for phone advice, but I do defend Windows phone at any sight of incorrect information
  • I still recommend it...but with friends like me who needs enemies...
  • Man I didn't recommend WP to my family even when the platform was doing "well." I know my family well enough to know that they would kill me if they bought a WP and --insert social media app or popular game-- wasn't there.
  • Lots of Windows Phone articles last few weeks regarding it's slow and painful demise etc etc. It's a dead platform to me. I've been with it since the Omnia 7 but the lack of anything resembling support from Microsoft or word on future strategy has put me off for good. Still using my Lumia 950xl but wouldn't recommend anything to friends and family based on the limp ecosystem. I'm on the lookout for my next phone and it isn't windows unfortunately. MS only have themselves to blame. They'll spin of the phone window insiders and leave existing users to rot.
  • My experience says that Android and Apple drop support for 3-4year old phones. Why should you ***** about Microsoft doing same?
  • yes I still recommend. I am in argentina bought my 950 one week ago and I found it amazing, coming from android and 930, 735, etc. the experience with the ui is the best comparing work android and ios. Sync perfect with my PC. All reports on this phone are interested, could not find the negative points this is because android and ios put a lot of money on the pockets of the so called experts. Come on Microsoft.
  • In good conscience due to ppl having limited resources, I don't think I can recommend anymore
  • I do recommend both 950XL and 1520. I love both. With Creators Update...
  • Yes!
  • I recommended it to a fair chunk of my family. There would of been probably more than 10 of us using it. Biggest regret i have is recommending it. Not 1 of us are still using the platform daily any more
  • I still am I own a 950XL It never fails me, people think I'm stubborn but it doesn't matter because I'm still fond of it, Android and Google don't feel right and iPhone isn't attractive (tiles are so much better)
  • I will decide after build conference!!!
  • yes I still recommend windows to people with reservations. I am self employed in construction my icon did me well and I switched to at&t so I could get a 950xl, which I like. Rest of my house uses iphones. Tried android few years ago between w7 and my icon......lasted a moth don't see the attraction. If microsoft doesn't get their **** together ill go iphone. I it doesn't make sense, I bid a job and follow through with my commitment and fix my mistakes, which happen to everyone. Microsoft as a LARGE corporation needs to man up and stick to their commitments, fix their mistakes, and last but not least, make a decision. I like windows but am not opposed to another os, ie iPhone, if they can't stand up and do something. The rhetoric is of no use, do nothing and nothing will happen. I look forward to the day I can carry a mini pc in my pocket that will also make calls. Dream on I guess. Anyway if microsoft makes a commitment im on board, if not cya. BTW I dumped Verizon after 20 some years, had the phone number before my carrier was bought by Verizon, said good bye to them, Microsoft's no different. Need to be with dependable and believable people.
  • I used to recommend windows phone all the time but about a week ago my friend asked if he should get one and I had to say no. When he asked why I asked him if he use lots of apps and he said yes so we went through the apps he had and only a few were available on Windows. It's do sad that they could never get the app problem fixed because I think if they did they whould be around 10%. But I still have my 950xl for the foreseeable future
  • I think that people are becoming too dependent, and too invested in, apps. It's a bit like being back in school where people won't "hang out" in a particular mall if it has a GAP instead of an American Apparel, or refusing to eat in McDonalds instead of Burger King.
  • Not anymore!  I'm still using my 950XL (which hasn't gotten the Creators-but-doesn't-have-any-new-creator-features update) and will do so until it dies. After it dies or MSFT pulls the plug on it's own software services running on it (which I happen to believe will occur before my 950XL physically dies), then I'll make a decision and it will probably be to Android. Even if MSFT comes out with a roadmap, I just don't see them having the staying power to play in a consumer focused market like phones.  I know they are trying to develop a new market for a new type of device but I really don't see them doing that in a consumer market.  MSFT just doesn't do consumer market stuff.  In the enterprise, they can make an arguement of why their products perform better and only have to convince a handful of people to get some massive committments from the enterprise customer.  Trying to do that at the individual consumer level for MSFT is way beyond their reach.  It isn't in their DNA. Since this comment will be so buried in this thread, I don't understand the whole eco-system battle that MSFT is trying to win.  I have gmail and accounts.  I'm not spending any money on these and if they start charging, I'll move.  I do prefer MS offerings but they aren't making money on their cloud services to me.  Maybe this is a long play on their part but it seems like it is too easy to bring an offering to the market that can quickly compete against them. Lot's of negative articles on here.  Maybe the WindowsCentral folks are trying to bring down expectations knowing that "the next big thing" is coming from MSFT.  But that will be another reboot and solidify the fact that MSFT has no idea what the individual consumer wants and that MSFT doesn't have the staying power to follow through.
  • I needed a new device and just bought one brand new lumia 930 for 150 euros. Cannot think about switching to Android!
  • Absolutely! All the others belong at Toys-R-Us.
  • I had been a strong supporter of windows phone just few months ago, and still hopeful, though with a LG V20 in my hand I don't think I'll do that
  • I recomanded to my brother,he used android 6 years,he buyed lumia 950 and like very much,the camera,how work.Not missing anyone apps for him.
  • No. Not anymore. I have converted many people into Windows Phone, now I will challeng anyone who recommends it to me, if any. LOL. I finally jumped ship just recently due to lack of apps and support for Windows Phone. Why carry WP and other phone just to get through my day when I can carry one device that does it all?
  • No not anymore. I tell them to wait until they produce their Surface solution to mobile if that is to ever happen. Seems every day Windows Phone just gets more and more bad news. For the first time in a long time, I have to consider Droid or iPhone when my 950 is due for replacement.
  • Absolutely YES! i recomend Windows Phones. it has taken a long time but nobody can say that the W10M is not moving forward and getting better. My best expericence hardware is the 640XL , for a long time I didnt want the large screen , but now that i have 5.7inch will be my normal moving forward. Just so functional. and very good build quality. As far as hardware, just look on Amazon nobody can argue with 100 to 200 bucks for these phones when Iphone and Samsung are well over a 1000 bucks.. As for Iphones ... suppossed camera genius , i constantly meet people who want my 640XL to take picutres and send these to them , when they have the latest Iphones... In real world situations the pictures the 640XL takes are better there is no denying it. Sure Microsoft is making huge mistakes with its mobile hardware and platform , this latest not supporting creators on 1520 and 930 .. or 830 they seem intent on causing yet more existing customer rejection - and that has to stop. Anyone on the fence or wants to change or upgrade one more time, grab the 640XL it will be worth the experience.  
  • Well i have been using a LG v10 android phone for the last month and i am ready to go back to my Microsoft 950xl l miss the camera. customization. And pinning. And more
  • I would (will) get Windows phones for my (near-elderly) parents. They don't care about Facebook, Snapchat or most apps in general. So long as WhatsApp is working, they'll be fine. Though I must say WP 8.1 is better for them than W10M. I may also recommend/donate Windows phones to some of my completely anti-tech friends who still use feature phones. I think they'll just use the browser and email in addition to calling, SMS and camera, so a Windows phone will entirely suffice. iPhone is overpriced Apple prison, so I'd never recommend it to anyone. Android is fine, but requires a lot of work to start looking ans working the way you want it, unless you want to be Google's b...uddy.
  • Yes, I recommend with "Conditions Apply". If they want a smartphone which "can" run some apps (at times) and mostly check emails or sorts. * 90% of your apps won't work smoothly.
    * Don't think even about many popular apps.
    * You'll have no confirmed future vision about what is going to happen to your smartphone.
  • Of course not; who in their right mind would recommend Windows Phone at this point?
  • Would you care to elaborate a bit? What are your unfulfilled needs that separates you from those not on their right mind?
  • No way! I didn't leave my 950XL just waiting Sept for Redstone 3. If it gets better, I'll stay. Other way, I'll leave for Android.
  • No, unless its my parents or grandparents, then I would recommend it only for sheer simplicity, easy to plaster a couple large tiles on the home screen to launch the dialer, or calendar etc. To anyone else that uses apps, I would not recommend also because there is no more new hardware available.
  • Do you still recommend CRT TV sets and VCRs to tape shows? What a ridiculous question.
  • I fail to convince myself if windows phone is a valid option.
  • Of course i recommend. Options like windows hello, continuum, windows 10 office experience, very strong camera, dual sim, micro sd, 4k hd videos, linked mailbox, great maps options and better navigation than google maps, 3d builder and scan, pinning the most important things, live folders, easy folder managament, usb type c, regular updates via fast ring... These are the most important things for me and for many people.
  • I would have if microsoft were to be consistent with the updates and bug fixes. Am I stupid? Why would I recommend win10 to anyone? I would be recommending a soon-to-be-dead phone.
  • "My significant other is currently looking for a new phone after using the Lumia 950, and I can't recommend a Windows phone of any kind anymore. She's used a Lumia 635, Lumia 735, Lumia 830 and a Lumia 950, all based on recommendations from me. Now, the best I can do is suggest an iPhone.
    It's sad." What is sad is that you would recommend your girlfriend an iphone... Why would you do that? Here´s a better idea: Why not ask her to hold on to her 950 until next year since there is nothing on the iphone that she will gain (except for apps, but im assuming she does not care about that since she has been using lumias for a while) and a lot to lose. She can easily hold on till next year while we wait for something interesting to launch. I honestly have to qualms with recomending windows mobile to anyone who only uses the main apps we all do and does not care for Snapchat. Especial now that one can get a 950 or 950 XL for fantastic prices on amazon.
  • Love my 950 but would not advise anyone to get one until clear what ms plans are
  • As a consult I recommend companies that use Macs to use iPhones. Those who have Windows PC I recommend HP Elite x3. Personally you can use whatever pleases you.  
  • Yes, still recommend it (with a few caveats), and use it for my small business.
  • Still the best OS. But to recomend the OS I would need to recomend a device. So, atm I'm not recomending Windows mobile OS, however, I do not recomend any other OS'es either.
  • Surprisingly, yes.
  • It was never a responsible thing to do to recommend a W10M device.  On the other hand I regularly recommended wp8 and wp7.  W10M was a poor performing,  poorly developed,  and poorly supported OS,  that even fans should have abandoned long ago.  I moved on a year ago,  and I just bought my wife a Galaxy S7 Edge.  No more lag,  no more random reboots,  and all the smart device compatibility and apps I could ever want.  All I had to give up was the Windows Phone Start Screen.   Fair trade to me. 
  • I no longer recommend Windows Phone and I have steered a few people clear of it too. And it's really sad... I love Windows Phone! The Live Tile interface is a joy to use over Android and iOS.  But with lack of app support and lack of support from Microsoft themselves, I can't recommend a dead platform.  I love my Windows phone but I'll be moving away from it once I can afford to, and my choices are Android which I hate, or iOS which is wicked expensive!!  Sad days indeed...  :( But if Microsoft do cop on and start to support mobile again and release so new phones, I'll certainly take a look.
  • Definitely yes.
  • No
  • Agree fully. Very happy with my L930 which is getting a bit long in the tooth. What next. The market here is worse than the UK so it looks like android, snif.
  • Microsoft must helping Windows phone user , windows phone like addicting, number of users will never increasing.
  • This is still possible? What would you recommend? The 950? Really? Constant restarts and random shutdowns for both family members that still insisted on going WP deal with this still and I have to tell them I told them not to go this route after WP8 died.
  • Since Microsoft doesn't, I don't either.
  • I probably would if an affordable price is important and lack of popular apps are also not important.  The Lumia 950 I have is a great phone and serves my purpose. 
  • I wrote off Windows Mobile when Microsoft or HTC (depends on who you asked) wrote off the HTC One M8 for Windows. If Microsoft actually gave a crap about Mobile and there were devices to choose from, I'd still be a dedicated user and fan of Mobile. I'm reluctantly on Android device that has already been upgraded to Nougat, so at least there's still commitment there. As soon as my 1 year old HTC was left hanging, I stopped recommending Windows Mobile.
  • I don't recommend anything to anyone anymore.  Every device (iphone, windows phone, android, etc) has its problems and I'm not going to saddle myself with having to answer questions and be guilted into anything if the device frustrates someone else.  
  • +100
  • Got an Idol 4S for someone. Guess what...plagued by the headphone jack problem. Waze doesn't work. And apparently, Win10 Mobile is winding down. Great. I wish I got an Android.
  • I used to be a huge supporter of Windows since WP7 and one of thier biggest cheerleaders. I was one of the few people I knew that used a Windows phone. My first smartphone was a Nokia E71X that used the Symbian OS, Windows is the only mobile OS I have used since. I still love many things about WP, but there are too many frustrating and underwhelming things about the current models that make it difficult to reccomend it to anyone whose friendship I value. There was a time when I would pull out my Lumia 1520 and I was confident I had an enviable device. The camera, the live tiles, Cortana, etc. I am using a 950 now, and I honestly kind of hate it. I still love the OS, but the phone is so meh, that I actually hate using it. For me I'm still holding out hope for the Surface Phone, and that I might be vindicated, otherwise I might have to switch to Android. As a side note I hate Apple so much that I absolutely refuse to buy their products.
  • Based many comments here, and from my own experience, the Lumia 1520 was the last great Windows Phone.   
  • What?? How can I recommend w10 mobile. What can I boast of? Too many apps in store? Apps always crashing? Phone restarting unnecessarily or what? I'm happy for w10 mobile to die. I just hope my contract expires soon and I'll move to a different platform.
  • In all honesty I don't. I love the platform but when even Microsoft is not showing it love anymore how can one honestly recommend it. It shows a lot of promise and has some truly has some uniquely useful and different features but unfortunately for now they mean little.
  • Agree with you. At least now they show no love to us.
  • WM10 made my 1520 unusable. I can only imagine how its going to kill ppl's 640 devices.
    Irrelevant though.
    I've moved to android, and even though I hate it with a passion its STILL a better experience than MS turned windows phone into.
  • TBH no. I won't recommend it. Love WP and my Lumia but sorry not at this moment. I'm now waiting for my next android to come.
  • I don't recommend anything to anyone. Let them choose for themselves. That ways there are no hard feelings towards you if they have problems (and you can have problems with anyhing you buy). These articles are jsut click-bait. Yes, they work because here I am responding.
  • I still use my lumia1520 and will do so till it dies. As for a new phone, I will never buy an apple product so that means I will be obliged to buy an android phone ...or perhaps I go back using an old flip phone
  • Of course I am! I will actually buy a couple of Lumia 950's to have as spare phones now that the price is way better than a year ago. I don't need lots of apps and the phone is perfect for me, my wife and my parents in law (all using Microsoft/Nokia Lumia phones). #IWillNotSwitch!
  • No. I recommended Windows phones to 3 friends and 5 family members. All of them listened to me and bought a Windows phone. They all switched to Android the following year. The app gap is too large. I felt bad recommending them after it was all said and done. Never again. And this is coming from someone who's been using Windows phones since Windows Mobile 6.0.
  • Sorry about that mate, that can really be embarrassing.
  • I could recommend it to Satya, just in case he wants to switch from his iphone pro. Nope!
  • I am from India. Let's see.
    1) My parents. "Hey mom/dad. I know you need a smartphone to just make skype calls and just attend voice calls and texts. Let me get you a $600 phone". Oh!!!
    2) My brother/sister. "Hey. It is time you start using smartphones. Let me present you Lumia 950. It has awesome camera and super internals". Sibling: "Ah... Free phone. Does it have clash of clans?". Oh!!!
    3) My elder brother/sister. "Hey. It is time you upgrade to new phone. Let me buy you a Lumia 950/XL". Sibling: "Is that a new Android phone? Does it have Google Maps support for our travel?". Oh!!!
    4) My uncles/aunts. "Hey. Why don't you buy a Lumia 950/XL? It has less number of games and apps so your kids will not be nagging you for your mobile and you can spend more time with your kid rather than give the phone to your kid and get some peaceful time. Oh, by the way, the feature which gives limited access to kids that you find in my previous phone is gone. So give it to kids at your own risk". Oh!!!
    5) My friends. "Hey. Wanna buy a similar phone to mine? It's cool". Friend: "I am not stupid. That low end phone(950XL) you have takes few seconds to just open photos. Even more time while taking pictures. Do I look like a stupid? You throw that away. Let me find you a good phone so that you can be in Viber and Hike, and even like the status in those messengers". Oh!!!
    6) Myself. "Hey let's upgrade......". Me: "Stop right there. You own the f***ing 950XL. It IS the latest and greatest of Windows mobile available here, even though it is old phone. And no spare parts or even spare battery to buy. Either hold on to it for next 2 years or switch to iPhone, which we hate. See. No choice. Shut up and sit tight. It might take another 2 years at the least." Right now, I cannot convince myself to get a Windows mobile. If I suggest one, I will be laughed out.
  • no
  • First phone was a Kin 2 on Verizon and now us a 640 XL.I love using WP but would not recommend to anyone I know.Hopefully early 2018 we will see something from Microsoft that might get the blood flowing again
  • No, without a clear commitment for the os and a strategy for developers - i.e. bring any code you have we do the rest - because no company apparently wants to rewrite something to appeal to windows (desktop) because the assumtion is everybody has either android or ios available - so no need for a double visibility.
  • No i don't recommend Windows Phone anymore. As a matter of fact I'm switching my wife to android.
  • I feel so strange reading comments from people complaining about so many problems with their phones... I have no clue what are they talking about... I currently manage 1 Lumia 950, 2 Lumia 930, 1 Lumia 650 and 2 Lumia 640 and I experience no crashes, no restarts, no lag, no abnormal behavior... Everybody in my family loves their phones and this is why I chose to buy spare phones just in case I won't find anymore in a couple of years. Same hardware & same software can work in a different way or is just the user experience/expectations?
  • I gave up recommending it earlier this year. I even stopped that fan boy groan when friends or family pulled out their iPhone or Galaxy. For me at least, W10M is the most enjoyable experience to use and as a developer myself it is also the most enjoyable development experience too but even now I'm using an iPhone simply because my 950 died and I couldn't get hold of a new Windows phone anywhere at the time. I really do hope MS release new hardware at some point because I really do miss my live tiles.
  • I still recommend windows 10 mobile but just Lumia 950 - 950XL and Alcatel Idol 4s and for sure HP Elite X3 hope soon there will be Surface Phone
  • Even though I prefer and use it, I'd never recommend it to anybody else. Of course not!
  • In 2013 I purchased my First Lumia 620w8 and used it for a year , before which I used several Symbian and android phones. I was really impressed with the tiles which was unique and rest of the OS were similar. I lost the phone after a year so purchased a Lumia 930 in 2014. I loved the OS, so recommended all my family members to buy Windows Phone. Now[04/2017] in my family we have L520, L535, L540, L550, L930 and I recently purchased a Hp Elite X3. I still recommend the OS to all my friends and family. I know it doesn't have so many apps like android and ios. Windows Phone is much better than all other OS in all other ways. Till Microsoft support Windows Phone I'll support them. Windows is only for professionals and executives. ;) 😂
  • Absolutely not, and it's ironic because I love my Lumia 1520 and very often people keep telling me what a beautiful phone I have and then I proceed to desccribe all its virtues. Just a few months ago coming from Europe, my seat neighbor, a girl from Israel, insistently wanted to know where she could buy one. Now I'd feel embarrassed recomending a Windows phone to anybody for one reason only: I love my phone but Ive lost all confidence in Microsoft future support for their mobile platform. I might recommend it to my ex-wife though :)
  • Interesting article. I am and have been a very satisfied Lumia 735 user for two years, only recently beginning to get disappointed by the lack of available apps but at the end of the day, that's not what I'm using the phone for. After all this time the battery still gives me two full days and all the tiles work ok. The screen is easy to use,and I would say Microsoft should never have gone into phones and tablets with windows 10. It's just too goddamn awkward. Ease of use and easy downloading is what we want these days, not having to navigate our way through a plethora of questions and possibilities. Windows 10 may be fine for the desktop but for mobiles and tablets it's an unmitigated disaster. Interstingly, I have an Acer 1-10 tablet-laptop running Windows 10, and three months in I can say I'm just about getting used to it. The tile display and the menu suck, I'd much rather have Windows 7 or 8.1 but you can't have everything.
  • I recommended Windows Phone for ages, often eliciting ridicule fron my friends, and I used to defend the platform tooth and nail because I felt it had a direction, a greater idea, and the interface was unbeatably beautiful and simple. But I cannot, in good conscience, recommend the now slow, unreliable hodgepodge that is Win10 mobile. (And yes the latest builds are faster, but not nearly fast enough, when compared to the competition). I'm sticking to my L950 in hopes that one day Microsoft actually devotes time and effort to this platform, but my contract ends in September and I might just jump ship when renewing... This, coming from someone whose first smartphone was a Windows Phone and who has never owned any non Windows Smartphone... Quite frankly, Microsoft abandoned us and I've got better stuff to do than tolerate their buggy software when there is no improvement in sight. I'm not happy about this. I love the Microsoft ecosystem and jumping to Android will be hard. I'm also quite annoyed at the fact that this means less competition on the OS market which will make it ever harder for any other firm to enter, especially if even Microsoft, with all their resources, has failed.
  • Nope.
    Smartphones are now like cars. Everybody wants one for a different reason. We would all like to own a Lamborghini, but if you need to haul bricks and lumber, you better get a pickup truck (or at least an SUV with a trailer-hitch.)
    When pressed for a recommendation I ask "what do you want to do with it?" (same question for car recommendations)
    If all you want to do is Snapchat and play the latest, hottest mobile games, and social media trends, get an iPhone. You'll be happy with it.
    If you are techie and want more control of your phone to do cool things with it, get a good Android Phone.
    Face it. Windows Phone is dead and Microsoft is just picking over the corpse for anything useful.
    When my 950 comes up for renewal in the summer I will get an Android Phone, so will my wife and son when their 640XLs need replacing. The lack of even common apps is just too hard to deal with anymore (thanks Google) no matter how much I love the platform.
    It reminds me of the Atari Mega 4ST computer I once had. I LOVED the computer, but hated not having any software or support or peripherals for it (and I managed a computer store that SOLD them) so I built an WinTel PC and I have never looked back.
    It's time to move on from Windows Phone (The Atari ST of smartphones.)
    Will MS come out with something cool in the mobile space in future? I'm sure they will.
    When they do I will look at it seriously, but for now, I'm done with Windows Phone (as I type this on my Surface 4 Pro.)
  • Not anymore. Get rid of the glitches then Yes.
  • Yes, everyday. Especially now that the idol is so cheap
  • Sorry, no. I'm in the process if switching my wife over from a Lumia 640 to a Galaxy ON5.  I got tried her complaining about the lack of apps and not being able to read her yahoo e-mail.  I'm sticking with my 640.
  • I used to want to scream and throw things at the TV every time an ad said 'download our app' and there were the ios and android logos. But I'm way past that as well. I still tell people how much I love Windows Phone but can no longer recommend. The slow demise of Windows Phone started several years ago when the Axis of Evil, oops sorry I meant Google and Verizon put the first nails in the coffin. Back then Windows Phone had over 10% market share and if a decent app platform emerged it could have been a serious contender. But the day that Google decided to make all it's apps for iOS and never for Windows Phone was the day the inevitable slide began. Far too many high profile, potential trend-setters who could have been great advocates of the platform and spread the word to many, were already reliant on such things as Gmail and Google Maps. They instantly saw that Windows Phone was a no-go area for them and so it began. When Snapchat joined the Axis all those millions of teenagers whose first phone was a 520, for example, knew their next phone could not be Windows Phone. A real shame. I know that my love of WP is based to a large degree on aesthetics. I had been an iPhone user for nearly six years when I upgraded from an iPhone 4S to a Lumia 930. I could not stand how white everything was in iOS, and with every update things just got whiter and whiter. That Jonny Ive has no taste ☺ But I know this is hardly a reason to recommend the phone to others. I have no interest in Android. I think it looks ugly. An ugly mess of desktop icons. That's one of the reasons I love Windows 10 on PC so much. The fact that I could get rid of that messy set of desktop icons for a far more elegant live tile solution. My 930 is still great, Creators or not. I shall hang on and wait for the Messiah.
  • Yes!
  • I once said"only the literate's use Windows Phones"and that is the truth.I'll always recommend it to anyone unless you're an 80s hate tech type guy.
  • Yes. I still love my 950, and when I get a cellular Full Windows on ARM product, I will love it even more.
  • As heaven is my witness NO. I feel that I have corned myself, my business and a couple of friends with Windows Phone. I am really hoping to hear something, anything, which could me from getting a GS8.
  • Of course not!! how can i recommend something that i can´t buy anywhere? And i am a happy 950 owner!!!
  • After having vast experience with Android and some experience with iOS it is quite easy to recommend Windows.
  • Agree. Windows Phone just makes sense if you use a PC on a daily basis or program one, like I do, for a living. The gui is familiar and therefore faster to navigate than Android or iOS. When I tap a tile I know exactly what's going to happen as opposed to 'What the hell is This going to do?' or that 'Oh crap I didn't want to do that!' feeling in the pit of my stomach when dealing with Apple or Android. I'll stick with my WP as long as it's available. If it goes away, I may just give up on smart phones altogether.
  • Sadly no more, even though at the time of wp8 and 8.1 I convinced more than 10 people to get a lumia. But now I can't even convince my brother, because of lack of snapchat of all missing apps. Still rockin my 950
  • Convinced 2 other fam. members 5 years ago, we have all been onboard since then, however one member wants something else these days. I did my part
  • Yes, definitely.
  • Short answer. No. Once normal people find there are no useful apps on the platform they tell you in no uncertain terms. A new phone is often a two year commitment and for the last two years we havent really seen Microsoft being committed. Having said that my wife uses Windowsphone and has a 950. She likes the camera and mostly uses Facebook. If she needed anything else it would not be something she could really use.
  • Why the **** not. Of course.
  • I recommend it to.people I know will be satisfied with the platform. Not app.hungry users. Otherwise I immediately tell them to stick with iOs or Android. Worse is to.lie or mislead potential users of win10 mobile.
  • Yes, by far the best mobile operating system. No, Microsoft screwed the pooch.
  • Just no
  • Yeah, I still recommend them. Every now and then I find people complimenting me on how cool the OS looks on my phone, and other times I just recommend W10M phones to relatives for their ease of use. I've turned a handful of family members to them and they've liked them a lot. The 640 is specially welcome.
  • When the Lumia 640 and 640XL came out, I was easily able to recommend Windows Mobile and Windows Phones. A friend of mine adopted one when she saw that the 640 was $99. Unfortunately, hers lasted 9 months and then the screen cracked. (Mine lasted 18 months by comparison until the touch screen become incredibly/overly sensitive somehow and became unusable...) When the 950 and 950XL came out, the reports were that W10M was half-baked, so I waited... Now with Creators Update, the 950/950XL are amazing phones. Continuum is such an epic feature. I have 1 dock at home and 1 at work. Unfortunately, Microsoft has been radio silent about W10M and the next 'big thing'... And Creators Update was only half of what it should have been... (Still good, though.) How can I recommend a phone/platform if it looks like Microsoft has taken their proverbial foot off the gas and is coasting now?
  • My Surface Pro still ran Windows 8, not 8.1, the last time I recommended a Windows phone to anyone.
  • I recommended Windows Phone to many people. My wife has one, my best friend and his wife have one. However, I recently bought a Galaxy S7 but hated it and sold it to my son a few months ago because I preferred Windows Mobile OS so much more. A few months later, I got so fed up with Windows Mobile issues, particularly Bluetooth, and the very large app gap, that I bought a OnePlus 3T with Android 7.1.1. It's so fast and charges even faster than the already quick Lumia 950. There are many differences which I will learn but I will return to Windows IF Microsoft does something about it. I'm not holding my breath though.
  • I can't recommend windows phones anymore. I loved my WP while it lived (I accidentally dropped it and it broke) I had to buy an android and I hate it, I miss my WP every day... but WP is adead platform. You can argue that it still has a living user base, the OS is still being worked on... but the platform is dead.
    How can you recommend windows phone? The userbase is diminishing by the day, devs are slowly stopping to develop apps and more importantly, there are only 3 phones supported by MS right now. Yes, the OS is faster than any on the market (Hell, my L1020 was faster than my Huawei and the later has a proccessor thrice as powerful) but as a mobile platform; in my opinion; it does not offer a solution, it only offers limitations. The platform is dead, twitching like the freshly removed tail of a lizard, but dead. I feel that the responsible thing to do is to recommend a good android phone with a good android build (because most OEM builds suck balls) or an iPhone (an old iphone if the user is on a budget) but a windows phone? I really can't. The app gap killed it, the lack of new affordable phones killed it and while saturating the market with low end phones was not precisely a good strategy, at least it had a market. People demanded a flagship and saidd that a flagship would save WP but the people able to buy a 600$ phone is the minority and you can't save a business with a minoritarian market. Specially if you have an app gap. That one was the killing shot. You can't have a platform with no apps. You can;t expect people to switch to your platform with such a nasty app gap. You can say that the mobile sites do the same but if I buy a car I want a combustion engine, not the flinstones version of an engine. Can you really recommend WP when you know the first thing the new user will do is to try and download all his apps and he will find only 50% of them are 1st party, 30% of them are 3rd party and the other 20% are web wrappers at best? Can you recommend WP when the person who buys it will always be the one left outside. A friend bought a tabletop game to play with his kids and it uses an app... that exists only on IOS and Android. That's a simple example of why WP is dead... whoever says the app gap does not matter is a lier or a blind person. I know I will get a lot of downvotes but this is my opinion. I wholeheartedly want the platform to rise and be something that will allow me to do what I can do right now with my phone, but I have to wait. I can't commit to a platform that will instead limit what I can do and I can't certainly recommend a platform I can't comit to.
  • Thank you for the level-headed majority for NOT rwcommending WM for NON-wm fan friends & family. I upvoted you all :D :S
  • To be honest with you no. I Just hope know on asks. The reason I bought my 950 Lumia was out of loyality & I wouldn't do it again. I have been with M/S 4 around 25 yrs. I have been a PC Insider 4 over 2 yrs. & moble around 6-7 months both on Fast rung. It just isn't the same M/S any more. I did a hard download not long ago & a guy from the Insider group said I shouldn 't have done that to MY phone.Then he said he was the head of the Insiders & would he would have asigned a couple of Insiders to help me. Really Dona Sarkar is, he didn't have a clue that that I was 1 & there isn't many who have been around as long as me. I informed him of that & mentioned it was MY phone, but I would be happy to selll it back.Then he put some kind of grivence on my acc, saying how dare I talk to a M/S employee like that, well Alex for a $1000.00 " what is a customer ". Then after yesterdays release, MSFT anounced if you didn't accept less Privetcy that you couldn't use YOUR phone. I am afraid to go to the bath room because M/S may be followiing. I had DL some Firefox browsers for piece of mind & guess what on their own they all lost Java Script on all of them. I not only did a hard reset, I had to rest my PC 6 times 2D & no sleep for 3 & the M/S tech thought it was funny. All that & about 2 wks. to get everything right all because someone at M/S thought I should have a outlook acc. instead of my 9 yr. old live acc, that every one knows me by. In Feb my credit Card on my M/S  acc. was hacked for $150.00. I am very honest & about Mr. Gates age & some people like that & other people would like to see me gone. That's ok, but I believe there are a lot less clumsy phones out there for around the same money. I am begaining to worry about 10 which I was a real evanglist for. The good Lord only knows what will happen to me for saying that. I because an Insider because I wanted to be part of something & help people & I am not going to lie to them. I hate this, I loved M/S for a very long time. I have been told that I should keep my mouth shut, but I won't . 99% of you people are good people & I am proud to be just a customer like most of you.
  • I used to recommend it, but as today, all the people who used a Windows phone for my recommendation is now using an Android or iPhone, only just a bunch use Windows phone today, and none of those devices are supported for the Creators Update, just my Girlfriend's Lumia 640 and my Lumia 650 are the only supported devices I personally know that are going to get the Creators Update, not even my Mother's Lumia 735 (which used to be mine). So, as today, I recommend just iPhones, I don't really like Android. The only think I wait as today is that Microsoft do something to change that.
  • I just give them my older devices or extras. Gave my mom 950, nephew 950xl, have a spare 950xl that I can give to my niece. For people who just uses the phone normally, apps are not important.
  • No. I do not. This is a different posture than six months ago, when I was still buying up really cheap 920s, putting them on the fast-track and gifting them to folks. Someone asked me about a 640 on TelCel. I told them to go buy a nice Samsung. I really like Windows10Mobile. My wife and I still use it. However, we don't know Microsoft's commitment to it, so I have a hard time recommending that folks commit their hard earned dollars.
  • It was a long way to realize that Microsoft really killed this beautiful platform. With my Lumia 1520 in my hand I recommended and convinced many folks I met from the cold about this phone.
    I live in Germany and for many the Iphone is too pricey and they did not want to bother with the Android OS and test and buy apps when they could get the important stuff directly in one OS. Here Drive+ was and still is the killer. Office lens turned some into followers. And anyone understood the OS logic right away. Usability ++.
    I reverted the update to win10 mobile. And will use the 1520 as long as the screen gives. There's plenty of computing power. But since last fall I hesitated to recommend any new windows phone to anyone. And last Christmas I fitted my teenager kids with cheap but powerful CUBOT devices that run Android 6. They are happy with my selection. Have access to any app they want and they take the greatest care with their phones. And for me it will be then an Android phone as well. Some Chinese companies are getting the best hardware for a reasonable price out. Considering the average life cycle of two years, I don't need much support, nor Android updates, It will be then android 8 or ten, whatever the Chinese put on that phone. I wonder what Microsoft will sell in the future. The times of desktop computers is over - and more and more folks I know are doing everything with a wearable computer. Since Microsoft decided NOT to be part of that game, what are they then selling? Their OS and Office software can be relatively easy substituted. For some that change has already happened. They are using Google products strict and only. Amazing twist in the computer world. I wonder why the upper management at Microsoft does not see it. It might well be that in the future it will be play stations only for them.
  • No I cannot in good faith recommend a Windows Phone as there are none that work on Verizon and only 13 able to upgrade to Windows Phone. I myself am now stuck with an IPhone 7 Plus and many time curse at Mcrosoft for abonnement . ! Windows phone was the easy one to learn how to use and I just loved the Camera which is still the best as far as I'm concerned.
  •  The easy answer for me is no. I'm not going to work harder at marketing Microsoft than it does. MS has yet to learn commitment matters. It had a loyal following, and all it needed to do was service that following. It may not have grown exponentially, but consistent commitment and innovative new products on a yearly schedule would have worked over time. If MS landed on the beaches of Normandy, it would have retreated inside of a day or two. Build a quality product, commit to it, fight for it. Let people know they won't be abandoned. I like my 7+. As for recommending it, nope... people can find what they want. They don't need me.
  • I still like my Lumia 950. It does everything I need it to do. I totally agree with it's not for everyone but the richness of the content and OS is quite refreshing. I recently got an iPhone great deal from my employee program but I don't like it. It is so static and plain boring. I keep switching to my Lumia. All my friends call me crazy but I like it and it is so much better than when it started. It is starting to mature and they should complement ot with some great new hardware. The CEO can say they are bending the curve but until then follow the trend. In the stock market u follow the current until something groundbreaking happens. If u want to keep engagement up push out more products.
  • As much as I love my 950, and have loved my 710 and 925 before, it is hard to recommend W10M today because of the lack of choice. Too few hardware choices, and too much uncertainty with regard to W10M itself. Until MS clarifies the situation, there is just too much doubt about the future. Hopefully, they will provide some clarity soon, but I will not hold my breath.
  • It depends on what they want from a phone, the app gap is a defining factor so when someone asks my first question is what do you want to do with your phone. If they want all the latest games and apps then I suggest Android but if their needs are more like mine then I always suggest Windows mobile. That's said, the app gap is even getting to me.... Just got new Virgin cable TV but no Windows mobile app to work with it, also got Sonos system but again no Windows mobile app. It's really not there easy things should be, especially with Xamarin making it easier for debs to port apps over.... Grrr
  • I sure would. 😀
  • I definitely recommend WM phones. However, with a caveat. My wife was converted to the 640xl and then the 950xl. She has loved both, but she read a negative article the other day and pretty much freaked out. I couldn't even asure her this time. I shrugged my shoulders. What could I say??? So, saying this I would still recommend to MS fans, strangers no, but I would also say that iCrap and oHSnapDroid suck butt and do nit recommend the **** they peddle. So???? WM is the best OS hands down. The others are nothing to me, so if one day I can't use my 640xl, Idol, X3 or 950xl then I'll go old school can and string because it would still be better than the other poopoo.
  • yup. I also suggest they pick up a VCR.
  • You can't even begin to imagine how many windows phones have been purchased because of me. The past year almost I just stay quiet though cause almost all those phones have been dropped of support and there is nothing even announced so I can know the course of things in order to recommend. Before I could use the "but it's gonna be windows 10. Full future support cause windows 10 is here to stay." Was as easy as that. And performance i didn't need any help. Now I dunno wtf to think. If I'm not considering another wp for myself for the time being that says a lot...
  • I have been a die hard user since it was Windows mobile 5 vs Blackberry but Microsoft has completly dropped the ball a few too many times.  When my daughters Windows phone came up for renewal a couple months ago I got her a Droid, and I think the same will happen for me and the rest of my family.  Even things that used to work on Windows phone don't any more.  My bank dropped the app after a long time supporting it and even FaceBook messenger doesn't work anymore.  Whoever was in charge of the Windows Moblile platform at Microsoft shoudl be publicly fired, and I mean publicly because that's the only way to get any public interest in this platform back.  So they wrecked the desktop interface to make it work more like a phone and then abandoned thier actaull Mobile platform.  Way to go Microsoft!
  • No way can I recommend it anymore, a couple of family members who have a 950XL are already annoyed at the lack is updates on the Facebook app which is in dire need of this. It's missing far too many apps now also.
  • No, the hardware is not compelling enough, or even readily available in a lot of cases. Love the OS, just highly disappointed in Microsoft at this point.
  • Only to some people.
  • No, I cannot recommend WM Phones anymore. It is still an excellent idea that hasn't and I don't think will ever reach it's potential. I just bought a Nexus 6 at a really good price. I hope that in the next 6 - 18 months MS get's it's head out of it's butt and realize what they have before it's too late for them.
  • Please upvote my answer regarding Windows Phone, something most people don't have :D
  • Why do you ask?
  • I'm one of those poor 1520 owners who still love my phone.  A recent survey seemed to indicate the 1520 was a favorite Windows phone of all time.  I know companies jobs are to want customers constantly buying new product but some of us really can't afford this.  In spite of feeling punched in the gut I still support Windows phones to people I know personally as well as strangers asking me, "what is that?"
  • i still do even though i get bullied for doing so by friends and colleagues :(  I tell them apart from the app gap the rest is a better experience comparing to iOS & Android from my experience with all three platforms. 
  • No more recommendation from me since the people I got to know do not want to pay for a device some hundred bucks simply to play a guinea pig for a niche mobile platform. It is sad and I no longer trust in Microsoft's commitment either; although I am using my Lumia 950 XL as long as it is feasible for me.
  • Yes, I still recommend to people who commit to Windows platform and does not use an iPhone.
  • Absolutely! My buddy and I were just talking at the local Barnes and Noble, and I told him, "Remember when I recommended that you buy a Saturn? Well you can trust me on this too. Because the market will be dominated by Windows Phone and Blackberry." I haven't heard from him since I recommended that Theranos stock. Probably living the good life and forgot about little ol me.
  • i still do even though i get bullied for doing so by friends and colleagues :(  I tell them apart from the app gap the rest is a better experience comparing to iOS & Android from my experience with all three platforms. 
  • YES
  • Why don't Microsoft make a live tiles launcher for Android to commemorate their own funeral?
  • Only to people I know, just to make sure the app selection is good enough for them. For other people, I always say, that I'd recommend them Windows phones by heart, but if apps are important to them, go with iOS (or maybe android). Btw, I reached a point, where I don't find phones that important and interesting anymore. Not just WP, but iOS and android became boring to me. I can carry a 2in1 in my pocket (a thin and light 10 inch one isn't harder to carry than a phone 😁), and it does way more than any phone. And this way, my phones just got another meaning: 5 inch portals to the Windows ecosystem. But I guess others like to do everything on their phones 😀
  • Simple answer is NO. Been a WP user since win mobile. Bought the 950XL when it came out. Next phone will probably be an android. Really disappointed in MS. A surface phone will not resuscitate it. WP is dead. No matter how hard you shake the cage, Polly parrot is deceased.
  • Hell no. My last purchase was the HTC m8 one of the most expensive phone at the moment and there was no even an update to win 10. I gave it to my mom and since then I'm with android. Is not even enough for old people.
  • I recommend my Galaxy S7 Edge with Launcher 10 lol.  Seriously, I still use my 930 and 950, but I am more frequently using my S7 Edge.  I get a lot of comments when people see my "windows" home screen on a Samsung.  Even the guys in the AT&T store get a kick out of it.
  • Difficult to recommend a Windows phone since there is no such phone available in the Microsoft Store. My 950XL has a broken glass; it still works without problems but I would like to replace it before it falls into pieces. I would like to get a 950XL again, but nobody sells it anymore. I don't want HP, Alcatel and Acer are not available in my region, so I have no alternative in the Windows world. I don't like iPhone so I would probably chose a high-end from Samsung. I would dearly miss the Windows start screen and the tight integration into the Windows world.
  • no no and never ever...........
  • I recommended the 950 to a friend just a month ago but due to the current state of windows on phones I'm definitely not recommending, not by any chance cos I think it's very bad considering the state of the ecosystem. I would rather wait for the next big thing from Microsoft and recommend that rather (the no screens mobile devices running windows10 😂). For now I'm even switching so y should I recommend
  • I LOVE and still use my 929. I won't give it up until its dead..going on four years now. I would recommend it if it was still available and if Microsoft didn't turn their back on it.
  • At this point in time no. I would not recommend Windows 10 mobile. I myself am looking into getting an android phone. I have loved using a windows, loved the interface and how things just worked with windows 10. But with the uncertain future and complete lack of apps, I just can't take it anymore. At this point I think it would be better for Microsoft to develop their own version of android that looked and worked like W10M. That would be stellar! Then I could have all the best of the OS with the support and apps to go along with it!
  • Wait a minute, Zack told in the latest podcast that he stopped recommending wp to friends and family bc wp was dead.
  • I used to, but w10m was a bit of a mess last year and I got an LG G4. Now I recommend LG (G4, V10, V20, G6). I didn't think the app situation was as bad as I thought it was. Turns out, there are a lot of apps that Android offers that w10m doesn't. I really, really miss Live Tiles though. And I miss how well w10m used the sd card. Android is a mess when it comes to external storage, still. It really amazes me how bad it is.
  • Sometimes I talk with my friends about it, but I will not recommend it.
  • I converted roughly a dozen people over the last few years and I can no longer recommend them to those people. The sad part is that these people all want to stay on Windows Phone but they have no upgrade path as far as hardware is concerned and even if they did, they would be buying a phone that is running a dead OS. The part the pisses me off is that I went out on a limb convincing people to buy in to MS and Windows Phone, people who were only considering Android or Iphone. And now MS has made me look like an idiot from going to bat for them.
  • I used to but now people just kind of look at me funny if they find out I'm still using a Windowshone.
  • I would only recommend it to someone I hate. :D I feel sorry for anyone still using Windows Phone.
  • Yes. I recently got 640XL for my dad and 950XL for my GF. Both like it for different reasons...but bottom line is they do like it.
  • After contributing to the BETA tests with my Lumias, including the 1520 and MS leaving me hanging? It's sad that MS had the best mobile OS - experience-wise, but I'm not supporting anyone who does not support me back, or who's intentions is to feed on customers' for its own gain. Come to think of it, they screwed Nokia... I got burnt from Lumia 900, 920, 1020, 1320, 635, 835, 1520's (3), 640XL - almost bought 950XL. But since the news came up about MS only supporting 13 devices, it's time to move on. Why would anyone when Microsoft's own CEO doesn't even give a 'Rock'?  #NeverAgain
  • I always struggle to understand Windows 10 Mobile users. The OS is not the best. Yes. There is a dearth of apps. Yes. There are only a few highly specced supported phones out there. Yes. And as for Windows Insiders, you basically set the tone and pace for the developments of the OS, and the resulting curtailment of supported phones. A question, then. If Windows 10 Mobile, as the result of whittling down supported phones to just one, became the OS we all dreamt about, would we all be happy to, 1) purchase this one handset, and 2) recommend it to others? And remember, the more units there are out there, the more likely apps will be developed for the platform. In other words, MSFT becomes Apple.
  • Those are hypothetical questions only Microsoft can answer.  The truth of the matter is Microsoft dropped the ball on their mobile (phone) business.  Indeed you will always struggle to understand if you're only looking at the Windows Mobile users...
  • Microsoft could have been fine with taking less focus on the stupid US market and spent more time dedicated to other countries while they go through this shift.
    This shift from Windows 8.1 Windows 10 is partly why there is silence. I think Microsoft would have been fine continuing to advertise Windows 10 Mobile and making the effort show support for the platform.
  • Delusional ass windows fans. Saddest thing I've seen
  • No I do not recommend Windows Mobile to anyone anymore. I remain committed to it myself, despite the fact that there are very few updated hardware options that I can trust will remain updated through the next 1 or even 2 major updates. I still love the OS but folks want something special about the products they buy, and let's face it, MS is not stirring the pond very much on Windows Mobile with bringing in new and exciting options. That being said, should MS wake up and realize they actually have a mobile OS to work on and update it regularly (I mean, a significant update once/year, really? can't be that difficult), I will immediately recommend the OS to friends/family again.
  • Absolutely, no more
  • Other than those rare occasions when someone catches me with a Windows phone in my hands and ask "what phone is that?", never another mention.
  • Nope, not now windows 10 mobile happened. Even if I did recommend Microsoft windows phone, there is very little you can purchase here in Australia it's either Hp elite X3 from Microsoft store or excess stock of old 950 and 950XL Microsoft branded phones from all other retailers.
    I'm replacing my Lumia 930 when it finally needs updating (which looks like very soon now support has been dropped) and following Nokia over to android and recommend it to anyone who sees my current phone.
  • If you can find any on the shelves, buy it. Great phone, I don't really car about apps that much. A secure OS that does not break, now MS why can't I find any on the shelves?
  • Surely I will recommend lumia devices to my friends but i am afraid that Microsoft could suddenly drop services.......
  • Last Friday a friend asked me about my 950xl, he liked it, he liked the look of the OS and was looking to move out of iOS. I had to tell him, it's a great phone but I don't recommend it to people due to the lack of support. 😣
  • They are still up there with the best​, that is no lie... I have had more issues with my Android in the past year than I ever had with WP... Maybe just bad luck? Well my mates have same issues and except them as the Android norm... Idk.. I still tell them they are the best but tell them not to buy if they rely on apps...
  • Not recommending windows phone anymore
  • I have no one to recommend them to. I converted Six people to WP/WM at one point. They would ask about when we would get various apps. I told them the. "Soon". Then when Nadella took over and killed Nokia, I knew the end was coming. All six have left the platform and MS services since ICloud is setup by default for backing up.None of them have need for a desktop. All have purchased Ipads since it syncs and they can respond to notifications.  I'm the lone holdover. I dropped my 950xl two weeks ago. I now have a severely cracked screens. Since none of the screen repair shops have Lumia screens it's gonna cost $200+ to fix. So I might as well put that on my new S8+! Nadella will be the beginning of the end for MS.
  • It pains me say this, but why would I? Most of Microsoft's own employees don't use it. I on the other hand will ride this out to the end.
  • I can't in Good conscience, recommend Windows phone to anyone..
  • I would recommened the HP Elite X3 or the 950/950XL because of the coming Redstone 3 updates that will make these windows smart phones have more fearures and be closer to the Smartphone Pocket PC devices than we see today. In 2016 a microsoft VP indicated that Microsoft would deal with  with Windows mobile in 2017 so I expect a Duel screen Surface Mini tablet with a Windows 10 mobile Smart phone inside it''s case and able to run full desktop  PC programs best run in it's continuum mode. the surface smart phone will come later
  • I only recommend it to old people.
    There's just isn't enough content to recommend it to anyone else.
  • *straight to the comment section. No need to read. (this may be my very first time doing that)*
    Lol!!!! No! Them days are over!!!
  • EFF NO! I wouldn't advocate my worst enemy buy a W10M device. It's simply not competitive in any meaningful way. Windows Phone used to offer REAL benefits, an elegant and speedy user interface that looked like nothing else around. Today, we're saddled with the lethargic mess that is W10M. I don't even visit the Windows Store anymore; if there -- on the off chance -- happens to be a big-name app available on the platform I don't even bother installing it since I have no faith that it will be stable, work properly or even offer basic functionality. It's sad, but true.  Proponents of this operating system can claim that it's alive, argue that it hasn't been nixed by Microsoft, but actions speak volumes. Redmond has ignored the phone space for years, playing us all for fools in the process. Whether they're continuing to develop W10M is irrelevant to me as, in my opinion, it's been dead from day one, shipping in a state so appalling that it couldn't even be labled pre-alpha. IMO, frequent updates count for nothing when you're just spinning your tires and going nowhere. Gaining three steps every other month is irrelevant when you're 300 paces behind the competition and they're accelerating their lead every day. Just my $0.02.
  • How can you submit this your PC OR wp .
  • Well, I can't recommend Windows 10 Mobile too, plus after they killed support for high end devices like 930 and 1520.
  • I bought a Lumia 640 back in 2015 and recommended a 1520 to my uncle, but honestly there will be no more recommending to anyone. I switched to iPhone SE in July, 2016. The App gap is incredibly immense in China that Lumia users can't even get a well supported basic instant message App.
  • I wouldn't recommend a Windows Phone to my worst enemy, because after all my worst enemy is still a human being deserving of some respect. Seriously, it's akin to recommending a Blackberry 9900. Let's go back in time to when phones had no apps! I'd rather have a flip phone.
  • phone 8 era, yes, Win10Mobile, not for now since there's no clear direction. One feature that won't make me switch to different OS is the camera app's HDR - to edit the photo after the shot is taken. If you can recommend a phone that can do the same and on par with my 950XL's image quality, I may consider to switch platforms. :)
  • No No and No!!!
  • No
  • no
  • No, never.
  • I never recommended it while I was using it, I let my family and friends make their own choices on how to spend their money, if they ask for advice, I tell them the Pros and Cons of the Windows 10 Mobiles I used, None seemed interested when they learned the Windows 10 Mobile had very view of the mainstream apps like Apple and Android. Since I changed to the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, I'm able to do 100 times more with my mobile, than I was with the Windows Mobile. There has to be more to a Smartphone than just a good camera. By not recommending is always a good thing, when they make a bad choice, it wasn't because I told them to. With phones costing between $600 and $900 each, that's a lot to make a mistake when buying a phone, or anything really. Advise don't recommend.
  • Yes I do! I love my Windows Phone.
  • While I still use a 950 as my daily driver and I make fun of Android and iphone users every chance I get, I can no longer in good conscience recommend WM to anyone. There's too much uncertainty. Hell, Satya Nadella and most of the Microsoft employees don't even use WM devices. If that doesn't speak volumes, nothing does. I will use the phone until it breaks but once it does, I'm going over to a mobile platform that Microsoft supports.
  • Oh yes.
    But we want new gadgets by Microsoft and by others company,
    For example Xiaomi, Samsung and ...
  • Look, I am still on a Lumina 1520 and my wife says she is not giving up her 920 until it dies.  I am running Windows 10 Mobile, she is on Windows 8 Mobile, and we are happy.
  • No, definitely not.
  • I agree with you.
  • I do still but day by day it has been more and more difficult. I'm am this close |__| to getting ready to save for the samsung galaxy note 8
  • Yes, I have done so in the past as well as recommended Windows Phone to the company I was the Senior IT for, and I still would. I have both parents and other friends and family on Windoes devices. Each of these did not need specific apps such as SnapChat but they needed reliability and ease of use, which Windows Phone/Mobile provides. Of course it has become harder to give this recommendation, especially now that it is near impossible to purchase any WM device, other than eBay and other specialty locations (even MicrosoftStore is no longer selling phones in Australia other than the HP x3). I'm continuing to keep my hopes up for developing news over the next months to see what is said at Build and other events that Microsoft is holding this year still. Until Windows Mobile is officially announced as finished I will continue to use and recommend it. Apps are not the thing that has held back Windows (Phone)/Mobile as we get a fairly solid ability to use the native web site of services which IMO provides a much better and cheaper alternative for companies than them having to build yet another app for another OS. Ridiculous. I use many services web linked to my Start screen which give me a great experience, without the 'app' wrap which is more economical for companies. It is only because the web experience was horrible on the early Apple and Android devices they HAD to use apps as a means of interaction with consumers. I have quite a number of services weblinked on my Start screen that once had an app, or have never had one, without an issue (i.e. PayPal, eBay, ServiceStatus of companies, etc)    
  • I'm using 640xl and still recomment any of lumia devices to people around me. I know they rarely buy a wp but I like to show my opinion, so what? I dont care about apps. Who wants to hang with me, have to use apps I use. If not I dont give a beep and live my good life with my wp. So yeah I love wp. But why I cant type in the comment box? I have to type on evernote then copy paste to the cm box. Onenote faced the same thing, cant delete. But yah lumia still the best lol.
  • Have a 950XL. Not as good as Lumia 920 or Lumia 1520 which I used to own earlier. Recommend Windows Mobile? You are joking rite?
  • I recommend it, but not without making clear the drawbacks. I'm not going to full on persuade someone to switch ecosystems if it won't work for them. I try and find out if Windows 10 Mobile is right for whoever I'm talking to. No, I don't know what the future holds, but right now and today Windows 10 Mobile runs and feels great so I'm comfortable recommending it if someone is genuinely interested.
  • Depending on the person's usage of apps, yes I would still suggest a Windows Phone to people.  I still like my 950 and despite being unable to get a new battery for it via Microsoft without sending in the phone, and therefore I needed to order a new OEM battery via AliExpress, I am still satisfied with my experience with my Lumia 950. That is not to say that I believe that Windows 10 Mobile has long term "legs".  I have every expectation that Windows 10 on ARM will replace Windows 10 Mobile.  Nor do I expect that the launch of Windows 10 on ARM with some new paradigm device will be significantly succesful in the short term. Microsoft is simply between a rock and a hard place in the telephony segment.  A Surface phone with Windows 10 on ARM will not solve Microsoft's short to medium term dilemma in the telephony/mobile PC segment.  Windows 10 on ARM on a device with telephony functions is entirely a long term move and is fraught with the possibility of failure.  Microsoft's potential success in such a market segment is largely dependent on Google and Apple failing to extend their dominance over mobile into a unified mobile(cell phone)/computer ecosystem.
  • I have dual eco systems in my home an Apple environment and a Windows environment. I have been an iPhone user since 2007. I love the device but after 10 years I wanted something different. I was looking to get a Windows Phone but unfortunately the way Microsoft has been dealing with this platform has made me stay away. I love my Surface and would love to be able to sync all my windows devices to a phone since I am never without it. I have that luxury with my Apple devices, but I built my company using the Windows platform. I have looked at the Lumia 950 and Alcatel Idol 4 S, but the OS debacle has me scratching my head. Would it be supported in a few years, are any apps going to be ported to it? I understand why Windows phone is flailing and it all comes down to marketing. There isn't any. I couldn't bring myself to buy a Windows phone and I can't advise anyone else to take the plunge. At least not until there is more visible and actionable support for the OS, devices and end users. I don't know who is running Microsoft's marketing division but they need to be replaced and until there is significant changes I will keep buying the iPhone because the support Apple provides should be something Microsoft should copy. Create a great cutting edge device, support the OS, the Users and market the crap out of it. It is working for Samsung and Apple. I think it is a proven model that can work for Microsoft also.
  • I used to recommend Windows Phones since WP7.5/7.8 when I got the Lumia 800. I got a co worker to get a Lumia 1020, I got my wife to switch to a 1320 from her Galaxy S3 and she loved it that she picked up a 640XL later on. I got her mom onto a 630, then she got the 640. Her aunt also picked up a 1320. But now? My co worker switched from her 1020 to a Galaxy S5, my wife switched to an iPhone 7, her mom has a Galaxy S6, and I don't know what her aunt has now but it isn't Windows. So I'm the last one with a Windows Device, the 950XL. I love this phone but do I still recommend others to get a Windows Device? No. And I don't see myself recommending Windows to anybody else unless MS comes out with some magical thing that changes everything and only if MS can prove they can commit to their new platform / device for more than a year. For all of the issues noted in this article and many other reasons over the last year +, it would be a disservice to those people if I suggested a Windows Phone. And all this fault falls squarely at MS's feet. You can't blame developers and you can't blame your customers for your own failures in your own marketing, failures in your own support and failures in your own OS and hardware..... And when MS drops device support because it's easier than fixing those minor bugs and can't give anybody a single straight answer as to wtf they're doing or planning, why would anybody get one of those devices? What's to say if you get their next big thing that it too won't get dropped in a year when Satya changes his mind again to go do something else?
  • Yes i will recommend, but for backup phone only .
  • There's a one in ten chance that I'd recommend it to anyone. It's not that it's a bad system, if you stay off of the fast ring it seems pretty stable. The problem is that there seems to be so few people who primarily use their phone for productivity as opposed to primarily a source of ADD-like entertainment. On my 640 I primarily get news, email, edit average spreadsheets, listen to audio books and general web surfing. For a Windows compatible smartphone without any contracts using a capable, inexpensive MVNO that cost under $100, that's a bargain. My first year having this phone including service cost lest than what a lot of people spent on the latest iPhone. I am productive and pretty happy with what I have. Now, is that enough for the average person who also needs the street cred of having a phone they can show off at happy hour?? I'm not even going to try to convince anyone to switch, however my wife loves her 640 which we bought new for $30. I will say that I am scared "witless" of when the 640 will be dropped from support. I personally haven't seen the value of any phones costing $200 or more. They're really nice phones but I don't need to drive a Bugatti to run my errands. I just hope that I won't have to eventually succumb to switching to Android or iPhone because there was nothing better available...
  • If MS would reconsider the Lumia brand. Like a 1050xl with dual processor and put a updated 41 mp cam in it. I'd purchase it in a hot minute. Probably recommend too.
  • I do as a joke. What to recommend if there are non coming and no support from the company itself.
  • Hmm, is a problem,Microsoft should have come out publicly to inform us if no hardware will come out again,
  • Yes absolutely! With caveats!!! If you're not bothered with no bank or corporate apps. If you value privacy and don't want to have google crawling through your life and listening to everything you say. Then hells yes I recommend Windows mobile. There are plenty of people out there like this.
  • Never
  • I am not a Windows fan, I am a NOKIA fan. That is why I got my first Windows phone and as soon as NOKIA hits America with an Android Candybar I'm out.
    Lack of apps.
    Lack of support.
    A increasingly unstable phone (crashes at least 2 times every day)
    Do I really need to continue?
  • No I have moved on. I live in Germany which phone would I recommend.
  • If they were elderly or poor and wanted a solid phone to do basic stuff, I would recommend a $50 Lumia 640. It really is a nice "basic smartphone experience." Upgrade to W10M release preview ring, pop MSN News, Weather, and Sports on there, Outlook, Calendar, Facebook and Messenger, and you've got a pretty nice setup for someone who isn't a big app hound. For any other model or any higher price, then the answer sadly is no, I can't in good conscience recommend someone go in for $300 or more on something Microsoft may drop next week. I say this as someone who's been a fan since the 900, upgraded to 1020, and who is currently using a 950. Microsoft has done its level best to tarnish all the good will they had in the Nokia days. Next year I will probably buy a Sony mid-ranger, or perhaps one of the HMD Nokias.
  • I give it the triple "A" test: hardware Availability. useable Apps. cArrier service. drawing a blank on all three, as no phone is available for Verizon, apps are being dropped right along ( and no new apps are being developed). I guess it would be ok to pick up an unused one at a rummage sale for $.50.( for camera)Other than that, no, I cannot recommend Windows phone to anyone.  
  • No, I don't. Never did in last 2-3 years.
  • No.
  • I recommend it to the people I know that don't care about care about all the bullshit apps that everyone thinks are what has "killed"Windows Mobile. I don't really understand why everyone is worried about the platform. Sure it may reboot, but that is what truly makes it forward thinking. It would be nice to have more hardware options, but how often does one need a new phone.i had a920 which I loved and ran for 4 years, now I have a950xl. I'm good. If I can someday have a full Windows PC in my pocket.WOW! not sure how useful it will really be unless using a screen keyboard and mouse, but way cool. Great in a pinch without it, but easier to just take a few steps to my PC.
  • It's Sad, but no. Not anymore. The article again fully reflects my mind. I live my 930, but now I'm looking for a none Windows Phone. I've also convinced friends to buy one. But I can't anymore.
  • Personally, yes I will continue to use the platform.  I'm using a HTC One M8W and it's running 15063 quite nicely.  Recommended it, no!  What Microsoft says and does it apparently different and worse, cannot be trusted.  I share many comments in how my devices interfaces with my laptops and frankly, I just don't care about the number of apps.  I will admit I'm surprised at how many 3rd party apps still work on it.
  • What I want to know is with almost all of the windows fans practically giving up on MS, how will MS get anyone to buy into anything 'new' that they may have to come out later this year or early next.
  • No i dont, not at the moment. I did recommend it up until Christmas, after that I recomend Windows 10 Mobile, but not to buy as your primary. I recomend people try it as a secondary or work-phone.
    I find Windows 10 Mobile to be a wonderful OS. I prefer it in every way over Android and iOS. It's only down side in my eyes is the apps. I have a Android as back-up and people say "Oh I see you finally realised you need a proper phone, Windows isent good enough" To this I say, can you see I am using to phones, Android and iOS is so bad I cant even put my primary sim in it. It is so bad that even the amazing and necessary apps cant bring me over.
  • With the leadership change I hoped the decade of bigotry would end. But it turned out nothing really changed. Microsoft is still not getting understanding the modern customer and any changes they did seem purely cosmetically. Great feedback and suggestions in the feedback hub are not put into reality for years. Cool design ideas for Mobile are left to rott. I am utterly disappointed in Microsoft. They created a mobile os that could have been great but stopped dead in the water. Big promises were broken. Were is the "Cloud first, Mobile first" mentality Nadella preacher so often? I see neither. I would like to jump ship and get a different phone running either Android or iOS but as nad of a support Windows 10M has at the moment, it is so far ahead from a GUI perspective that I scream in frustration when trying the other OSes. Very frustrating, as I am now stuck. I also recommended to friends and family to get a windows phone and the ones that did are now stuck and I feel bad. For my father it is still okay as the biggest advantage of the OS still works for him and that are the huge live tiles and the easy to operate functionality; he does not need the newest apps and as long as the ones he got accustomed to continue to work, all os fine. But Friends that are more apt in technology are screwed and need to look elsewhere yet again.
  • I am the biggest fan of Microsoft and I also used Lumia 535 , Lumia 710 , Lumia 525 , and now I am using Microsoft Lumia 650, but I am very disappointed from Microsoft response , specially for complaints , I always recommended Lumia to every one but due to their negligence about updates i will further don't recommend Microsoft to someone,
    Another major issue is that we can't get any accessories of Windows Phones in our country, my home land is Pakistan, and here a huge crowd of Microsoft fans exist , but no one have any excess to buy them , I purchased my Microsoft Phone online an my original charger was missing,
    In short Microsoft must launch his devices to every country of the world 🗺
  • Zac is right, there are no devices to recommend in the UK anyway so how can you recommend an OS without devices?  I think MS fans will have to wait quite some time  before they can propmote moblie devices running windows again.
  • I have a Lumia 930 and generally like win10 although it has it's issues. I didn't even know they dropped support for it, although i haven't received and insider update in a while (FastTrack) and i cant revert to normal, tried refreshing, tried their phone software to to revert to a production build but crashes. I like win phone generally but i doubt my next will be win10. Honestly I'm looking into getting a Fairphone next which runs an open OS, but otherwise it will be android. Shame as i actually prefer the clean interface if win over iPhone and android. My IT manager 'lol'ed' me for having a win phone that's what MS is fighting against as well as their own poor support for their own platform.
  • Nope, not even to a stranger
  • lol you feel guilty about recommending win mobile, but have no issue recommending a closed system.
  • For me, if windows 10 mobile gets Cortana bot intergration, hell yes I'd recommend it. I'd also get one. I'd take voice "skills" over apps any day. We will find out next month.
  • Yes definitely recommend
  • No !
  • I m using Lumia 730 with Windows 10. But can't able to use Facebook. Some useful apps still not there in Windows store. So ill not recommend to anyone.
  • Boring and static screen as an argument? LOL
  • I dont. No apps. MS could do it and they failed. Sad. I was with them since 2011. HD7 - was the first one. Apps is a key obviously. How hard was simply pay devs to keep rolling versions for the platform? So now I use 640 lte and my friend gave me Xiaomi Redmi Note 3. It was bricked, so I had to flash it. It is so much better then 640! So that is it for Windows Phone in consumer market I guess. Farewell
  • My thoughts exactly
  • I would like to recommend it, and used to, but not any more. There are almost no phones to buy anyway.
  • Absolutely not. It's not even stable any more. It's struggling to provide even basic functionality. MSFT has abandoned mobile. They've all but said it with their actions. If anything, they've proven they're just not able to compete. I'll wait for my 950 XL to break or maybe I'll just order a GS8.
  • Can't we just do a poll? That would save us all the rime of reading this dribble. I'm guessing that less than 1% of 1% of the phone market would recommend windows phone. RIP. Nice fail, MSFT. Could not have failed worse if you tried... Now you've lost OS on top mobile, on top of browser, on top of email on top of audio player. What's next to screw up? SFDC acquisition is probably next.
  • Yes only for backup only
  • I would definitely still recommend Windows Phone. There are lots of users here in South Africa and I rarely hear complaints. I just bought a Lumia 950 with Windows 10 Mobile and am looking forward to using it until the Surface Phone or next Microsoft phone appears.  
  • Yes I do
  • No.
  • I can't recommend Windows 10 mobile anymore. In fact I'm considering switching to android when my 930 inevitably dies. I'd happily recommend the OS but there aren't any decent handsets to run it anymore.
  • I only recommend it to people who don't need the latest and greatest flashy new app on Android or iOS. It's still a great mobile platform, and I believe in it (that it could work) and I actually prefer W10M over WP8.1) so that's why I back it with my own money, but recommending it to regular people comes with an astrix.
    You have to educated them, they have to know the pro's and cons of a Windows based smartphone. I have a hard time recommending it to general consumers that aren't as entrenched in the Windows 10 ecosystem as I am.
    Honestly they are better of with a iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, even though I wish things would be different by now.
  • No. How can I, if I moved to android myself, long back.
  • Not a cat in hells chance of me recommending a windows phone. I had a windows phone for two years because the battery would last a couple of days between charges, but the downside was it either didn't have any decent apps and the ones it did have when it upgraded they weren't compatible and as the phone got over a year old, the battery deteriorated and needed to be charged every day, so no I would never recommend a windows phone to anyone, there is a far bigger choice of android phones that have better specs and compatible apps to download, I've had my fingers burnt once and it wont happen again,
  • No I don't.  It was a hard sell to start off with; people didn't care as much as me about integration, ease of use, camera specs.  Most were comfortable with the android or apple and were happy to use it - they have the apps see.  After all many MS apps performed better on the fruit/droid platform.  The consequence is that the phone is now driving the laptop/tablet platform.  After years of supporting Windows phone platforms my next will probably be an Android platform - I like the new Kodak phone, but then Samsung do look nice.  If I have to switch to '90's icon interfaceI might as well find a feature that is exceptional, oh and the apps, for banking, online travel checkin, device integration, even LinkedIn jobs (hang on who owns that?) .  So if MS don't support/promote it why should I? 
  • In this transition time, I recommend it for old folks who cannot handle the numerous android screens. Many prefer the simple windows interface. For geeks, I let them be. Let them take what they want. As for me, just keeping my ears and eyes on the horizon for the next...if it will be anyway...big thing to come along. Otherwise, once a windows fan, always a diehard windows fan as I am more comfortable with this OS, even if we are only 3in the world using it, I will still use.
  • No
  • No. Not anymore.
  • Yes I still do recommend Microsoft Windows Phones. Just because they might not get updates in two years doesn't mean the phone will stop working.
  • I really loved WP. Still, would, creators update on 930 is amazing but other than few basic apps, and MS own apps, there is nothing..... Moved to Android because apps I need work there but not on WM anymore. Tied to MS services, and MS services the experience is barely bearable on Android.
  • I think Windows 10 mobil is the best mobil OS at this time. Would I recomend it to friends? Well, it's hard to recomend it, when there is no phones to buy, don't you think? (I live in Norway, and if you are lucky, you can choose between Lumia 640 that is about 3 years, and Lumia 950 that is about 1,5 years old. Some stores has none at all.)
  • Of course not. You must be an idiot if you recommend it. The device might become useless within any next day. Any day a crucial app like WhatsApp, Facebook or your banking app could be removed from the windows store. That's one hell of an uncertain future. I can still manage with the apps that are available but i don't know for how long.
  • Lets face it, Windows phone is dead for customers. MS is still working on it. Personally I've wasted more than 10 years and God knows how much money. Several windows phones and accessories. A software giant not making it in the mobile genre, dissappointing. Will get a Samsung S8 now. Future PC or Tab won't be windows. MICROSOFT GET OUT OF MY WAY. Considering to sell my Xbox One at the same time, and get a Playstation
  • I usually say "It is a very good system in principal, problem is it is totally dead and abandoned by microsoft" So no, I have stopped recommending windows phones. I do like most of the people I meet, I do not see a reason to make them suffer.
  • ಇಲ್ಲಾ . ನಾನು ಮಾಡೋದಿಲ್ಲ
  • No
  • Yes i do recommend 950xl this is a super smartphone if you know how to use it 👍
  • I've never recommended Windows phones because every person I know requires something that Microsoft and Windows 10 Mobile never brought to the table, developer support. I don't think any of them would pay $200+ for a phone with no support behind it.
  • Yes 950xl..but there is no phones are available in the market..and the statement of MS to discontinue manufacturing Mobiles was wrong. 950xl super phone waiting for the new generation of Windows 10 phone
  • I still buy my parents W10M phones. It's the only smartphone ecosystem they know. They been with Windows since WP7. They're happy with it and I never have to show them how to use it cause they figure everything out for themselves. If they stop making phones altogether, I'll transition them. However, for people who are dependent on certain apps being available, I push people towards Android or iOS. 
  • Ya of course......1000 times yes yes yes😍😍😍😍😍
  • Stopped several years ago. Why would anyone recommend it over iPhone or the Galaxy brand? I don't have that many friends to begin with.
  • No, I do not
  • Of course but newer one.
  • I have been a windows phone suporter from the begining, starting with Nokia and moving onto Windows mobiles. I also use the windows surface Pro4. To say this has been an easy experience would be wrong...sadly. I am an avid windows fan and thought that having a windows mobile and a windows lap top would be seemless, however I have faced one challenge after another...and continue too. Im still hanging in there for a miricle but the amount of time I spend trying to fix problems has started to outweigh the productive time and so im now at a crossroad and faced with the decision to perservere or to move on. I actually dont know what to do at this point... so would I recommend a windows mobile? Would you?
  • "however I have faced one challenge after another" can you elaborate what issues you ran into to?
  • of course. But I might be a-typical. I only use Edge, I only use Bing and I stay far far far away from the Google / Android Evil Empire.
  • I hate to say it, but I no longer recommend Windows Mobile to anyone. I started using using the Windows handheld/mobile platforms since before they were phones (HP iPAQ, Dell Axim, etc.) and I stayed on the platform all the way through to the 950 (including many HTC models, and the Nokia 920 and 1520). I still feel that the current Windows 10 Mobile OS is the best mobile OS available at this time, that's just the OS. Most people don't buy their mobile devices for the OS, rather they depend on the available apps, both built-in and 3rd party to get them through the day. Ultimately, the OS's features were no longer enough to keep my family on the platform. As a tech guy, I was the last holdout in my household, but ultimately, the lack of apps put the final nail in the coffin in my home. I really like my iPhone 7 Plus and I like that regardless of what app I want to use, it's available on iOS first, and generally best. I miss my live tiles and some of the OS features, but not enough to give up everything else. I think that really is the crux of it. Windows 10 Mobile as an OS still appeals to the techies, but for the average, non-technical user, it's not about the OS, it just doesn't have enough real-world mainstream use. Yes, there are a lot of 3rd party replacements for the mainstream apps, but honestly, it's just not the same. It's a shame, as truly believe Microsoft really had/has a wonderful platform and it's still my favorite, I just can't keep being an evangelist for a platform that even Microsoft seems to be letting it die on the vine.
  • You know what the sad part about all these comments are? Someone at Microsoft is probably looking at them and using them in the wrong context, or even without context. I could totally see someone going to whatevers left of a decimated phone division and saying that a site dedicated to windows phone users is overwhelmingly negative about phones, you guys must suck at making phones! If they do, point to this comment and remind them they are the problem, lack of investment or innovation or follow through is why the phones suck. The people who made the phone and UI did a great job, too bad they work for morons....
  • Absolutely not. The disappointment from the extreme bugginess, poor battery life, terrible keyboard, and pathetic app support would be too much to take.
  • LOL, are you kidding? Why would I recommend someone by a phone with no software support from a company who shows 0 interest in supporting it? I still use the phone, but I stopped recommending them for others about 2 years ago. I told my sister to switch. My friend's 640 XL broke over the weekend, and I told him to get something else, even as he said he wanted a 950, because there is no justification to pay Microsoft hundreds of dollars for constant neglect. As much as I hate Google, I pretty much have to go with Android next because Microsoft simply refuses to provide its fans with a device. Last time they said they had a device for the fans, it ended up an overpriced, poorly supported also-ran with a creaky chassis and little for standout features.
  • ATM I wouldn't, the OS is fine. App support from Microsoft is mweh, the app-support from third parties is worrying. (and the candy-store avatars in windows mail are really annoying, option to switch them off asap) No I honestly can't recommend it, but I'm also not sure if I would choose iOS or Android.
  • Unfortunately I agree, by not making any new hardware or promoting the platform, Microsoft is essentially killing the platform by neglect. They are also selling out their fans who stuck with them through thick and thin. I could never again recommend the platform in such a situation.
  • Love windows phone, had 7, 8 and then 10. But now much as it pains me I'm on android. How refreshing to have a phone that just works, apps that just open without a wait. Wont recomend to anyone, though i hope MS get there act together and I can come back. Not even sure what phone I could have bought if I'd stayed, only buy cheap phones, and that options seems to have gone. Xiomi Redmi Note4X for £140, no brainer.
  • Want me to speak the truth?
  • Windows should develop their own line of android platform rather than following the Alphabet of it. This could save their mobile platform from getting burned out
  • I dont anymore
  • I used to recommend - even few colleagues, friends and family is on Windows Mobile Phones because of my recommendation.
    But now....absolutely not...not until there is no clear indication and information, what will be the feature of this OS at all.
    I still have my Lumia 928, running RS2 - in fact it runs pretty well. But the constant drop of apps push me to other alternatives (currently I'm with iPhone 5C - not very happy really, but better than no any support and apps at all). I also had before Windows a few Android phones, but was not happy either. If the future changes to good for Windows Mobile, I'm on it again :) Hope dies lastly.
  • Yes I would recommend. The Windows Mobile 10 is better than any other Mobile OS I have experienced and I have experienced all.
  • I, with all joy, recommend windows phone 10 mobile. Simply for its user friendly interface even lack of apps does not bother. There is one CORTANA is there to pick up any job for the user. Proud to recommend
  • I still recommend, albeit qualified.  I tell people that if they use Windows PCs or tables and want the OS that works with your Windows device, is the most intuitive, easiest to learn... look at Windows mobile.  Then I tell them that despite the fact that it is a great OS, the company head doesn't give a hoot about it or the usersm and seemingly will eventually kill it (as the users will keep fighting for it and will go down kicking and screaming).  It is a great OS, and if by chance someone (who cares) gets to supplant Nadella, if properly marketed with make some substantial growth.
  • I am really disheartened that the Lumia 1520 is no longer supported!
    My 1520 is working perfectly well. It was not chip and I do not plan to replace it anytime soon.
    The Microsoft attitude was arrogant and uncalled for.
    I long that they change their mind and start supporting the Lumia 1520, for it is perfectly capable of handling the Creators update.
  • Sure I recommend it and would buy a new one if needed. 650 works great. All apps I really need are available. Is there a serious alternative out there?...
  • I don't recommend it as they are no longer being sold. I love my 950 but tomorrow I'm replacing it with a Samsung S8, I'm keeping my Lumia and will jump on the train if and when Microsoft shows that they aim to continue the development on Windows 10 mobile and if third party app creators give their support for the platform.
  • I have the HTC WP8.1 with Verizon. Love this phone fantastic camera stereo speakers. Unfortunately I thought this phone would get a WP 10 update when I got it, not yet. Since I don't like Apple and Google phones I'll use this until it dies'.
  • When someone asks me for a phone recommendation, I start out by asking them "How long are you willing to wait for the latest and greatest phones?"  Think about it - if you want the latest tech, it is always 'Tomorrow, Next Week, Next Month'... or in Windows Mobile - Maybe Never. I have several variants of WM10 - that I'm willing to loan and let them play with (if they are on Verizon).  I have yet to have someone say they did not like the phone - only that the apps were limited. I share that I'm waiting, fairly impatiently, for the next 'little' thing that comes from Microsoft, and I expect it to be in the form-factor of a Surface Phone (80% Windows 10, all-day battery, connected tablet AND you can use it as a phone)....
  • I have finally given up in the last three weeks, mainly due to the support I am receiving as regards finding a genuine battery for my Lumia 950 XL. I have been using Windows Mobile since around 2007/2008 (Imate K-Jam was my first. Mobile 5.0 with the exchange push addition) i was asked to conduct a survey two days ago by Microsoft (not sure if it was prompted by me contacting them) I have taken the liberty of including my rant below as it goes a bit further then just mobile which is why I have given up. It may read a bit disjointed mainly due to the fact that I was typing it online where you get a letterbox section to type in so you lose the drift of your rant but here it is anyway. Would be interested to see what others think. I could have written a lot more and it is the first time I have really criticised them to this extent. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Microsoft need to start listening to their customers and stop buying up companies and coming up with ideas and then dropping them shortly afterwards and decimating the market in the process. (Nokia comes to mind here). I will start where I believe the rot started for me (plenty of people including hardened Microsoft contractors would say it started well before this) The dropping of Media Centre in Windows was the start. Some people would find this strange but it was one way to get into the consumers living room. It was by far the best PVR and still is in my opinion by miles. No other one is as simple to setup and use. Once you had a hub in the living room (I don't count Xbox as an alternative as it is too game focussed) Microsoft would have had the ability to tap into home automation and security. Currently a big gap in the market especially if you are Windows house as most IP cameras do not have apps that work on Windows phones and for some cameras that is the only way of monitoring controlling them. (UWP already having issues in this sector which means Windows 10 will have issues medium/long term Next, the maps program, which worked quite well under Windows phone 8.1. Seems to have got worse since the vias update which was greatly needed. I know this as I have just come back from a long trip in Europe and with the latest maps it was sending me up mountains looking for gruffaloes. The inability to create a route on a PC which has a larger screen thus allowing you to easily plot a route and then save that so it goes to your phone is sorely missed, I mean the whole route not just the favourite place which is currently the only part that can be transferred to the phone. Microsoft are missing a trick again by not having a home hub aspect ultimately making things more difficult. I would like to be able plot a route with proper through vias or better still what google maps has which is to drag the map to where you want the route to go. I would want that route saved for future use in the cloud and then once it is on my phone for me to go to my car place the phone on a pad which would keep it charged and if the car has a screen transfer that route to the car. All other stuff could be transferred in this way, appointments, live changes to appointments etc. I can't believe this is difficult to do but of course, the reason this can't currently work and my real gripe is the following. The loss of direction with Windows Mobile 10. Without handsets people will not regard Microsoft as a player and will not buy into solutions (like my suggestion above) that Microsoft come up with no matter how good it is. Mobile is the answer UWP is dead without it, developers have abandoned the platform which means Windows 10 itself is on precarious ground. I was always critical of Android/IPhone users who kept banging on about the app gap. Unfortunately now we have gone to Windows Mobile 10 it has started to affect me. Security/banking/bespoke apps all missing from Mobile 10 and unlikely to appear any time soon. For the first time I find myself agreeing with those users that I would have heated arguments with in the past. You need traction at the low end which was working under Windows Phone 8.1. Microsoft think that ideas like the surface phone will save them and are hoping to emulate Apple by creating very high end phones at high prices. Forget it, only Apple can pull that one off as they have already captured all the sheep/idiots that will blindly follow a platform that is not that great regardless of what the price point is. Microsoft will never emulate that as they are hated by many people and it is increasing by the day. Even Microsoft's last foray into mobile 10 with the Lumia 950/950 XL has been a disaster. It has a replaceable battery that is near enough impossible to find, I know as i have been trying to find one and support have been absolutely useless in offering a solution. So even if an enterprise user wanted to buy whatever comes next. What's the chance that a year down the line Microsoft pull the rug on it and users are left with a useless piece of metal/plastic which only looks good as a door stop. All the enterprise users I have spoken to would not touch Windows Mobile. One of my current clients is a large university in London. They were going down the route of recommending Windows Phones as the platform of choice and i was gladly showing off what I had. What a big mistake. as the plans have now been dropped and users are just buying what they want. Does Microsoft really believe these users will come back? Your die hard windows fans are leaving. I know as i am a Microsoft partner and i am looking at other platforms to recommend or better still pulling out altogether from IT. To me Microsoft WAS IT! Not anymore. My last piece of advice, get a new CEO as the current one does not have a clue. He said mobile was the focus. He needs new glasses as mobile has come and gone. I expect this comment will just end up on the usual stats list with no one taking any notice. Go on, surprise me and contact me (My email address) I would be glad to have a conversation and tell you what is really happening in the real world of technology. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A rant I know but I was not in a good mood when I wrote it Lou
  • I still recommend Windows becuase it works on all of my devices. Yes, there are some hiccups here and there but in over all they system has yet to disappoint.
  • I think that's why I got so annoyed. I don't believe you can pinpoint Microsoft down to any real roadmap in any of there Hardware/Software solutions. They love changing and dropping things on a whim. One of the best ideas I had seen was the Family Room on Windows Phone 8.1. A fantastic way to aggregate information for personal as well as business use. Unfortunately I found out about it too late (which may have been a good thing as I did not end up recommending it too much) as true to the Microsoft way they did not market the idea and then dropped it with the excuse that it was not being used for it to carry on as a service. Everybody that I knew that had a windows phone was not aware of it. They have kind of replaced it with Group Me. I don't know anybody who uses that and it is not as versatile or as seamless as the Family Room was. The other problem with Microsoft and i am probably coming at this from a business user angle, is that there are too many ways to accomplish the same thing and in the end people lose interest in your recommendations as there are too many. I feel you have to mention all the solutions as there is no guarantee they will still be there next year.
  • I have used Windows phones for past 8 years, currently Lumia 930 Win10. I absolutely love the way Lumia 930 works. I dont care about all the missing trashy apps, even some of the missing more desireable ones. The way Win10 works on the phone suits my logically based engineers brain. Its connectivity with all my data on my computer and the Msoft suit of products is brilliant. I thnk Msoft have seriously missed a trick on the type of people to focus marketing to. I would rather continue using my 2 year old Lumia, or even the previous 920 I keep rather than go to Android or even worse iPhone. As Vodafone abandoned Windows phones, despite being with Voda business contract since 1987, I would rather leave them to get a Lumia 950 from Carphne Warehouse. Yes I would recommend Win10 phone. I had a chat session with a senior sales person at Microsoft who gave me written assurance that Msoft would continue supporting Win10 mobile.
  • Of course I recommend Windows Mobile to users who are interested in a smart phone rather than a flashy toy.  I have no idea why Windows Central is talking the platform down the whole time.  My son has an Android phone that hasn't received an upgrade for years and never will.  But it still works fine.  Just let users enjoy their hand sets and celebrate how great they are.
  • I agree in principle that it is the best mobile platform by far unfortunately, or not, depends how you look at it, since phone 8.1 things became very integrated. So if Microsoft decide to killl a service the phone starts to become a problem. The reason people like windows phone is because of the integrated services. I am currently sitting here with my Lumia 1020 (8.1) checking whether my OneNote books will synchronise (Happily it looks as they now will) I use these extensively from my OneDrive personal/business/sharepoint libraries in my business as well as some from clients who have given me access. It's crucial to my work and yet last week OneNote on Phone 8.1 decided to stop syncing it was working fine on Windows Mobile 10. There were threads on this forum saying it was a Microsoft issue. So no matter how much I love Windows Phone/Mobile and even though in this case it did not affect my main phone on 10 there is always that fear that if Microsoft reboot again or whatever you want to call it I could be left with a phone that does not do what it successfully did before, impacting on my business. That's why I think you are now getting so much negative feedback on here. There is no guarantee that the phone will happily carry on working further down the line and with no new phones, and it pains me to say it, it is starting to become a risk. So why would any established letr alone a new business take the risk?
  • I would certainly if there were any handsets available and I could be sure it would be still around in 12 months time. I have a lumia950. The experience with w10m is the best so far and it has all the great apps for business social media photography gps tracking and  sat nav which I need.
  • Stepped away 2 yrs ago and haven't regretted it..seems Microsoft has money on their side and the losses seem chicken feed to them,as for consumers investing in windows devices,they have been left out in the cold and angry
  • No because Microsoft don't know what mobile user need & i think the company mobile division use their mobile as secondary option
  • No. It is irresponsible at best and setting your family and friends up for failure.
  • For me with how things are now its a no. To be honest i still have my lumia 640 XL but it gives me pain it struggles some times and its natural with only 1GB ram  for its specs at this time it does the job. But there are many things i would love to do with it and instead of "there is an app for this" all i think "there is another way to do that" thats a huge problem we all know that. Window 10 mobile as a smartphone is kinda dead. Even the developers that remain in the platform are very restricted to many things (lack of features). We are not going to see anything new in its current state that is frozen.
    Also with microsoft wants to make it to the next mobile device era my thoughts are that is too early for this and that smartphone era is still far from ending. Remember when microsoft created the first tablet pc ? Few years later iPad was here and it was successful. I believe that if whatever is that microsoft planing for the next era is going to be repeat history if they dont wait until the time is right and then we will see the iNextgreatthing that it will the same thing but more mature. Or maybe not ! Its just my opinion. Oh and win32 emulation with windows on ARM sounds really bad idea to me.... i hope that its more like native thing than emulation thing.....
  • I absolutely recommend the windows phone to others. I have owned an iPhone, blackberry, and android phone and the windows phone operating system is still far superior to the others. Apps are not that important to me, as I am a leader in thought and action and not a follower.
  • I absolutely recommend the windows phone to others. I have owned an iPhone, blackberry, and android phone and the windows phone operating system is still far superior to the others.  Apps are not that important to me, as I am a leader in thought and action and not a follower.
  • I still recommend WP with reservations based on the lack of future path. The story is "you're going to buy a new phone in a year or two anyway, if you're not investing significantly in media you can't transfer and if it has the apps you need (it does for me), why not use the phone you can best customize for yourself". That said, I'm mad at MSFT about Windows Home Server, Zune, the Kid's Corner in WP, and the Windows Phone/Windows Mobile.
  • I feel as if MSFT and others would pay more attention to this if you actually incorporate into your evaluations the MSFT feature (similar to Google's or to the Mac Pro) of "this platform subject to being killed-off without an upgrade path merely because we (vendor) screwed-up the marketing and despite the fact that the loyalists and early adopters who are our best customers adopted the device/platform." instead of writing your evaluation as "it's awesome. (end of review)" and it's a shame they killed it off (commentary).
  • Even if you did want to recommend Windows 10 phones to others.....what would you point them to?   There's really nothing available at retail *to* buy.   You're left with sight unseen devices online from Amazon, and those are devices which are getting long in the tooth themselves.  The Lumia range is from 2015 and the Alcatel is a mid ranger from last year. Just for hardware support considerations (who do you go to if your phone breaks, needs a new screen, or whatever), recommending the platform is difficult.
  • I stopped recommending it one year ago, it was pretty obvious that W10M was going to be such a failiure to me. I've been living happier than ever with my iPhone, and perfectly running some MS services. My love to the platform began with Lumia 800, my first disappointment came with the Windows Phone 8 update. So I bought a Lumia 1020, the best camera phone ever, then came the second let down, No Windows 10 (although it was Ok, I didn't want to bet on a platform full of bugs <-- kind of third disappointment), so I gave up and decided to not waste money on MS garbage.
  • My daughter's Lumia 1020 has served her well, but it's definitely time to move on. I've run through a number of Windows phones, and am currently using a 950. I love it, the OS is great, and I'm way ingrained in the Windows phone OS, I'd struggle to move to something else. I've been suggesting she get a 950, but now my enthusiam is waining. It seems like a dead end. Since she keeps her phones until they start to fail, it would probably be ok for her. For myself, I'm really struggling to figure out what next. Don't like Androids, don't want to get locked into the iOS eco-system. And no future for Windows Mobile. Surface phone, when/if it emerges?
  • My daughter's Lumia 1020 has served her well, but it's definitely time to move on. I've run through a number of Windows phones, and am currently using a 950. I love it, the OS is great, and I'm way ingrained in the Windows phone OS, I'd struggle to move to something else. I've been suggesting she get a 950, but now my enthusiasm is waning. It seems like a dead end. Since she keeps her phones until they start to fail, it would probably be ok for her. For myself, I'm really struggling to figure out what next. Don't like Androids, don't want to get locked into the iOS eco-system. And no future for Windows Phone. Surface phone, when/if it emerges?
  • I'm having a problem even recommemding it to myself with my next 'phone.  Being honest, I think I'll be leaving Windows Phone after having one since WP7.  Lack of apps, lack of support, the operating system is still beta and Microsoft itself has lost interest.  It's entered its death throws as an operating system for mobile telephones.  Do I go back to Apples iPhone or will I go Android for the first time? Andoid looks the best choice. 
  • It looks like I'll be leaving my Win phone because of the lack of app support. Just bought a WiFi sprinkler timer but it is tied to ios or android for those features. All businesses I deal with (including healthcare) have ios and android apps. An android emulator would be helpful or cross-platform converter for developers might ease the creation of mobile win apps. Microsoft is a software company. It could make the apps for these businesses. If the new surface phones are powerful enough, then they could run regular Windows programs. However, this timer doesn't have a way to run from a regular computer. All 3 of my sons use their phones more than their computers for doing what use to be computer tasks. Of course, I've yet to have a hard drive failure on a phone. That's why I'm writing this on my phone.
  • I don't anymore, unless it's someone who has no friends (HA!). I think its a wonderful UI, easy to understand and most of the main apps are there, believe it or not. But those who have friends who have iOS or Andriod phones will be comparing the apps and services. Windows Mobile is so far out of the mainstream now, that it would take me recommending it to someone who is either tech savy, is willing to learn a new UI (if they're coming from the other two), and really likes the ease of use, without worrying about what their friends have.
  • Yes I do. Unlike some commenters, I have never had any significant issues with any of my Windows phones, nor has anyone in my family that uses them. I have been a Windows phone user since Phone 7 and now use a Lumia 950, which has been a nearly flawless phone. I get comments from people with Androids and Apples, quite frequently, on the quality of the display and the photos that I take. When I demonstrate the phone to people who have never seen or heard of a Windows Smartphone, they are amazed at how clean and functional it is, and usually comment that "it works just like my computer at home." One thing I do and have always done is to power cycle my phone once a week or if I take a long trip, I power cycle it when I arrive at my destination. This seems to take care of a lot of the issues that I have heard others talk about, as my sister was not power cycling her Windows phone and was having a few minor issues. Those issues have all resolved now that she is on the power cycle schedule. So, yes, I will continue to recommend Windows phones until Microsoft stops supporting them; which I hope is never, as I very greatly dislike the alternatives.
  • Yes I love my Windows
  • I see the way a LOT of people use their iPhones.  They have a few key apps that they use: facebook, Messenger, iMessage, a bank app and maybe a few others. if they're younger, there are more social media apps and games. Apps are a BIG deal to others. I get that.  But I no longer can recommend WP simply because I don't think Microsoft cares for the phone.  They never really marketed it in the US.  It may sound crazy, but I don't think they know how with some products. When I pull out my Windows Phone, people have been actually confused what it was. They said, "I didn't even know Microsoft made phones." How do you sell a phone when people don't even realize there is a whole different platform.  People didn't reject the WP. They didn't know that WP even existed. I'm talking about in the US.
  • Nope. I no longer recommend Windows anything.  My wife and I had a Windows desktop, two laptops, two windows phones and a Surface Pro.  About six months ago we became fed up with the problems and deep-sixed all of it.  Now we have an iMac, two MacBook Pros, two iPads and one iPhone 7.  She still has her Windows phone because it sits, unused, in her car that requires it for emergency services.  We haven't looked back.
  • Meh i left months ago, held out for years started from a 520. But when all the apps in my lil island gets development on android or iPhones it only made sense to leave, my banking apps utilities no one coded for windows in my country plus the lack of updates and specific apps pushed me over the edge. There are still so many lil features that is done so much better on windows phones but i can live without them. I am now on android i recommended quite a few persons back in the days and they got the phones but now, i honestly can't 
  • Nah I am not that mean to my friends and family.  Most of them are looking for some form of app support.  Or they get attached to these fleeting yet interesting games with about a 1 week attention span.  Windows Phone is not for them.  I don't think I would recommend it to anyone at this point.
  • Do I recommend W10 mobile??? Bloody oath I do and then some! run android from day one and then went to ios.... Discovered Windows mobile by accident after using my wife's 640xl she was given for work.. Within 30 minutes of playing with it i was sold! The operating system was so dam clean... Picked up a 950 the next day and never looked back. Never had any issues.. No reboots here.. Best damm phone I have ever used by a country mile. Love it.. like others have mentioned I'm not interested in catching Asian cartoon characters so the available apps have more than covered my needs. Not once have I wanted an app I couldn't find! Best thing is they are fair dinkum apps! Not some dumb arse piece of software written by some kid in his out house.. Reading some of these nuff nuff comments sure is entertaining.. I didn't realize there were so many people suffering from mummy and daddy issues.. I never want to touch another OS again.. EVER..
  • OMG cry somewhere else already. I think the alternative fruity and Droidy Mobile Nations sites may be hiring.
  • As much as I still believe it's the best phone os, and far superior to either ios or Android, currently due to extremely concerning retrenchment strategies and a lack of hardware and interest from Microsoft how could anyone recommend it right now? My family and friends and everyone I have recommended it to in the past have all moved on. No apps, no handsets and no obvious and communicated future for the os has all but forced us to move on even if reluctantly. Windows phone should have been the number 1 os, it held such promise. 
  • No I wouldn't, not now but I did convince a few of my mates when there was potential for the os a couple of years ago, they still have them now, but have already said that when they next upgrade it will be something else.... They like it but same story, "other people have these stupid apps and I want them too"
    Can't really argue with them.
  • You are quite right. I cannot recommend it. I love the platform. I just upgraded to the Alcatel Idol 4s and I love it too. But MSoft has lost my trust. If T-Mobile had had any decent Android phones with available financing, I would have switched. I will do that with my PC too once my Idol can no longer hang. No more Windows for me.
  • yes I would recommend the windows phone 950 XL to any man who would like to have a phone that works well. However I do believe that Microsoft should start convincing the app devs a bit better about supporting their apps. I also believe Microsoft should show a bit more what the phones can do. Most of all Microsoft should state it very clearly that they fully support the current windows phone users and that new windows phones will ship. So far we have seen the hpx elite windows 10 phone and the acatel phone. When that has been written I still gets plenty of updates for my win 10 950 XL mobile. I also do not miss any apps for now. I love the phone.
  • Nope never, no one buying my Lumia 640 no market sell value i want to buy another phone, but no one buying my phone :(
  • It does seem as though Microsoft is working toward losing its most dedicated customers by ceasing support for those already purchased and still usable devices. Whether this is about selling new equipment or simply poor business tactics isn't clear to me but it is clear they really have no logical rationale for doing as they are.
  • No, because of missing or not the same level apps as in android or iso. W10 by itself is great!
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  • I have been slightly obsessed with this article the last few hours. I just had to come back and comment again. I guess this was triggered by my change of heart and not going with the Insider Preview build. As someone who has recommended WP so much over the last few years and then planning to abandon Windows completely as soon as my new Idol 4s gives out, I am complete frustrated I cannot recommend or show off my phone! It is fast, stable, opens very large numbers of tabs simultaneously; the display is beautiful and responsive; it feels fantastic in my hands! It is a work horse with plenty of power and fast storage. Yes, the camera sucks in low light, but that and MSoft are the only negatives on this beauty. I am glad I got the phone for now. It works better than my kid's iPhone or my spouse's Android. But the lack of support and direction are insurmountable going forward. What a conundrum to be in! I am a loving and loyal girl, but you have lost my faith, MS. I don't like you anymore at all.
  • Sadly no, I came to WP from various N Series Nokia's (N70,N79, N8) and have had a 920, 1020, 950 XL. GF has a 535 and I had bought a 2nd hand 950 to replace it recently which I'm using whilst my XL is out of action.  However, once i get my 950 XL back from the torturous repairs process B2X have put me through for a simple screen repair (albeit on a phone bough in the US) I am seriously considering flogging both 950's on eBay and washing my hands of the whole thing. Not a comment on the phones, loved them all, will probably hold onto my 1020, and on balance I think I prefered the 950 to the XL! Never been hugely bothered about the latest apps, it has the ones i would use but the writing is on the wall for future developement. Sad, but I feel entirley abandoned by MS and when I was once happy to have something different to the usual iPhones or Androids, it now seems a fools errand. 
  • No, no way! And no one should because not even Microsoft is. No one wants just a phone, which is what a Windows 10 Mobile smartphone is becoming, with virtually no support from MS and/or developers. In the world of smartphones you are only as important as the QUALITY of the apps you provide for your OS. And you need a special OS to get there in the first place. Windows 10 Mobile had potential but never really stood a fighting chance. On the mobile front they are out and with no chance of ever getting back. I also think Microsoft is moving towards becoming a software and cloud company only. They are not Apple. They have to compete with OEMs offering top quality products running Windows 10 at a fraction of the price of MS branded devices. Even Apple is slowly going down and they have the advantage of the OS running ONLY on Apple devices. Look at how the Pixel Chromebook went away once OEMs flooded the market. And I predict the same fate for the Pixel smartphone. It might get to a 3rd generation but I can't see it hit more than that. Even if Microsoft can make a mobile device running full Windows and with cellular capabilities it will not fly. It will at least be a great way to repay their fans and quite a final bow.
  • I come across a lot of people with iPhones and Andriod phones; even knowing the status, I still recommend Windows phones.
  • As a phone, and as an OS I have absolutely no qualms about recommending a Windows phone. It's a slick clean OS with a consistent easy to use GUI and a mature set of features and capabilities. It's a world away from the overly busy world of Android which looks like an explosion in a candy store, and where ever manufacturer seem intent on rebranding and remodeling it, so that no two phones from different manufacturers function in the same way. Or the walled garden of Apple where far from owning your phone you are essentially being allowed to use it by Apple, so long as you use it the way that they want you to use it and don't have silly ideas like wanting to use an external joypad for gaming, or to connect to a non-Apple device. Windows "just syncs" with the rest of my Windows 10 devices. No faffing around, or having to hack\crack things. It literally synced with second of my logging in for the first time. I'd happily continue to use my Windows phone as is until it breaks.
  • Of course I do.   Whoops. Millions of Android phones are wide open to hackers:
  • Most of the apps on my Lumia 640 don't work after the recent win10 update. Anyone else having this problem? I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling them to no avail. I just get an error whe it tries to install.
  • Yes, i still do.
  • I'll wait till next public event at Build 2017 to see what Microsoft has to say. I just hope all of these talks are only rumors. Thinking of the OS as a UWP sounds weird to me the idea of cutting the phone business. Maybe they are going to ralent their investments in new smartphones, but they will continue upgrading the features for phones to bring the same experience across all its platform. The transition to this new platform has been painful for the Company as well as loyal users, but I think it's worth time and finally will bring us to a successful end. Once the platform is consolidated, Xamarin will be the key for developers to spread the apps across all kinds of devices.
  • I'll wait till next public event at Build 2017 to see what Microsoft has to say. I just hope all of these talks are only rumors. Thinking of the OS as a UWP sounds weird to me the idea of cutting the phone business. Maybe they are going to ralent their investments in new smartphones, but they will continue upgrading the features for phones to bring the same experience across all its platform. The transition to this new platform has been painful for the Company as well as loyal users, but I think it's worth time and finally will bring us to a successful end. Once the platform is consolidated, Xamarin will be the key for developers to spread the apps across all kinds of devices.
  • Stopped recommending. Sad because it had great potential. Its dead now Microsoft let it die on the vine and the really awful thing is that they are leaving customers in limbo by not telling the world what if any plans they had for the platform are. There was a small window of opportunity where windows phone could catch up with Android and IOS as a platform, but that's long gone now. Having both Android and iPhones, all of my relatives have Samsungs and I have just left Android for iPhone and can't see any other platform that is going to touch IOS in the future.
  • YES! The Edge browser works. Messaging ties well to Speach Recogization ... nobody wants to hack a mobile with a .2% market share.
  • Rather than recommend Windows phones, I tell people that I am very happy with my Samsung ATIVS on 8.1 and do not wish to change it until absolutely necessary. By then, I am hoping Microsoft have a product that I can consider.
    Apple and Android "snobs" annoy me and I hate the idea of being forced away from Windows.
  • Microsoft seems to be busy writing applications for Android phones. They have written apps such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook for Android. Cortana is available on Android.
    Microsoft now has a Store on Android called "Microsoft Apps". This app has all of Microsoft offerings including the People app for the Android platform. Microsoft's strategy must be this, "If you can't beat them, join them." If you are feeling neglected, Microsoft will give you plenty of attention on an Android device. Microsoft, as a competitor, has always managed to get underneath a rival competitor's skin. Perhaps Microsoft is readying its fishing nets, and plans later to reel them back in to the Windows mobile platform? The thing with me is, I would not buy another smart phone, be it an Apple IOS, Google Android, or Windows phone, unless I could replace the battery myself. My Lumia 925 I thought would last a lifetime. It lost its "oomph" within two years. I am a do-it-yourselfer kind of guy, and my Lumia 925 was literally built around the battery so that the battery resides in the middle of the device itself. There were so many pieces to uninstall to get to the battery. I backed off after training and learning what procedures would be involved. So I never started the repair. My windows phone dead. Twice I lost support for mobile banking. I even switched banks for Windows phone, once. I went from Chase to Wells Fargo. I am much more educated now. I purchased a Samsung Android device with beautiful AMOLE display for seventy bucks at Walmart. The back plastic cover snaps off to get to the SIM card, SD card slot, and battery. I can move apps from the phone to the SD card with Marshmallow 6.0.1, (Android OS). Why would anyone recommend any phone with a battery they cannot replace themselves? It would be awesome if an additional charger were supplied. One could keep a spare, fully-charged battery on their person, if needed. In a nutshell: Would I recommend a Windows Phone?
    No way. I love the Windows Mobile Platform too, but my Nokia 925 always wanted to hang around life support equipment. Twice abandoned by banks for mobile banking. I am happy to be able to afford such a beautiful smart phone with a replaceable battery. I have access to banking apps galore, my OneDrive Cloud files. I can choose my own Email app, currently "BlueMail", Program launcher "ZenLauncher", beautiful stunning backgrounds some that are "live" waterfalls. I can choose a beautiful Dialer app "RocketDial", keyboard app, and messaging app. Widgets for current weather conditions live on screen, and widgets for Calendar. Now I have an 3D animated brilliant glowing butterfly as my program launcher. The environment here is so thick with developer apps. It's as if Reagan from the Exorcist is throwing up developers in here...non-stop...great distance...this place has so much to offer, you will not feel neglected here at all. Android...sorry to say leaving Microsoft...but Android is just chock full of life. It is astounding. Seventy dollars and a replaceable battery...and a Samsung phone can do everything the Google Play store can throw at it. Except for a compass. My Samsung has GPS and works well with Sheldon's Whip. Camera will take a picture of a check for you with mobile deposit. All you have to do is center it over the check. Keep your SIM card and never lose your number again. Upgrade as often as you like. Lost phone? There is a find my phone feature here too. SM-J120A. The same size as my Nokia Lumia 925. So...sad to remember where I have been, but I am so happy with where I am now. And it makes sense for a weak and meek person like myself. I don't have much money, and this phone keeps blowing my socks off. I called Windows my play dough because you could customize it and mold it like clay to suit your needs. Android Google offerings bury you in play dough. Something different and just as beautiful is always around the corner. No problems to report either. Thanks for your time. Just torching my journey's path for you to follow...though I know you won't and/or don't want to. I apologize. I was forced to switch too. I am so sad to be here and say these things. I don't want to leave smart phone will cheer me up, so full of life it is. I fell in love with Windows Phone...what a shame to be forced to leave such a good old friend.
  • good ol' times of removable batteries are gone. fewer and fewer manufacturers are taking this road. they go after thin and sealed, fighting water, fire, earth, wind. as long as the battery is not galaxy note kind it's ok.
  • No I don't. Recently a workmate accidentally put his 640 in with his washing and damaged it beyond repair. He asked me what to get so I advised on the Moto G4. Him being a normob might not be aware of all the apps that are disappearing and the lack of new phones coming out in the uk. He is very happy with the Moto.
  • I do not. The lack of apps and the buggy OS hold it back.
  • There's no way I could, with any conscience, suggest it any more.
    That stopped a year ago when the last Lumia phones were being canned and the culling of the Apps really picked up momentum
  • Zac did admit in the recent podcast that he has stop advocating windows mobile to family or freinds. I did so almost an year back.
  • Absolutely, I recommend Windows 10 phones to family, friends and clients.
    Especially if anyone uses Windows 10 on a PC or laptop, Win10 is an excellent choice for tablets and phones.
    The point is a single OS on different formats (all sizes) as needed.
    With Microsoft's focus on x86 and ARM, there will always be a phone format.
  • Nope. Last model I recommended was the Lumia 650, so not since then. After that, 3 or so have left the platform (all for iPhone).
  • I have never recommended Windows Phone to family or friends, reason being they can barely use Android, or are already in the Apple ecosystem.. So to avoid headaches, and not to disturbe their digital way of life.. I wont. I have only met one other person with a Windows Phone, and he just switched. But getting to the main point, WIndows 10 mobile is dying, so no I would not recommen to anyone except a techie.   :-)
  • Ok. Here is the problem as I see it.  The average "smart phone" user is not really tech savvy and doesn't understand the difference Windows Phones offer.  Number one that I hear all of them complain about is no expandable storage on their smartphones.  Well, Windows 950 and 950XL both have expandable storage. Number two, can't change the battery out.  Windows 950 and 950XLs  have removable backs that allow you to change the battery out. But despite these two standout features, they then tell me that they don't want to trade out their Iphone because they can't "Facetime".   Sorry, but the expandable storage and the removable battery are features that trumps Facetime and Android apps any day.  Windows phones rock.  Period.  As far as the other comment I've seen about XL not being sold any more, absolutely not true.  And, the glass on my XL is tough.  It's the reason I replace my Lumia 1520 since that screen broke twice.  I still have it and use it like a tablet around the house.  But the gorilla glass on my XL has taken a beating with 'nary a scratch on it.  I don't like the looks of the home screen on Iphone. Ugh!  and the Android, just as bad.  They can't compete with the cool looking Windows tiles.  And, BTW, if you saw the new movie "Get Out", they were using Windows phones.  950 or the 950xl I think, you can clearly see the word Microsoft on the front of the phone.   I know I am rambling but as I mentioned one thing something else about these phones pops into my mind that I need to share.  I'm really suprised other commenters aren't as enthusiastic.  I guess they don't realize what a gem these devices are in the arbitrary world of the smart phone.
  • yes..... I still tell every one that I talk to get a windows phone .. some of us still like are windows phone. and would like to get some new ones on verizon.....
  • I have had a
  • I dumped my Android phone when Nokia introduced their windows phone. A phone that didn't crash was more economical on the battery and sync effortly with my PC. I was so impressed with it I encouraged all around me to change which they did and all agreed. My mobile phone contract came up for renewal a week ago and I had to do what 6 months ago I thought would never happen I had to go back to Android as I had no other option other than carrying on with my 3 year old windows phone. I feel let down and think that Microsoft has handed the market to Google and let down millions of devoted windowsphone owners. Lack of advertising in the UK and lack of support to developers must be a large part of why they have lost market share. HSBC doesnt have an app neither has the Nationwide Building Society, largest in the UK. Now I have to tell my friends and family when they want to upgrade their phones they only have Apple or Android. Microsoft is going to end up the same way as DEC and IBM if they dont pull their finger out, 25 years ago they were the leaders in the computing and technology market place where are they now, Kodak didn't move fast enough where are they?  
  • I don't recomend it anymore. People recomend Android to me!
    My brother rolled his eyes when saw what I've bought last year (Lumia 535). He had Nexus 5 at that time, and now he has Xiaomi 5, or something like that. When I saw what his phone can do, and that I have slow phone, unsupported for anything and any app (that exist in Store somehow, accidentally), with camera that makes odd pics with some lighting grains (my Samsung s5610 was making better), needing to download one more app from Microsoft to make my song a default melody... I'm afraid that he was right, like always (intelligent guy)!
  • I did untill Microsoft started dropping support for the older Lumia phones. I just got a Samsung S8, due to the need for two third party apps that I needed badly. I am givning my Microsoft 950 to my Sister and waiting patiently for the Surfact ARM/phone device. I will come back to a Windows device and will try to keep the rest of my family on Windows, but it is getting harder with every passing day. After two days with the Android, I really don't understand why anyone would chose an Android or an Apple over a Windows phone. If I can maintain my sanity till a new Windows phone type device is released, I will likely be an early adopter and will upgrade my family to it ASAP. I hope Microsoft will actually advertise and "market" their new device, something that didn't really happen with the earlier phones.