The Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update is only coming to 13 eligible handsets

Microsoft may be dropping even more Windows phone devices from its list of supported handsets with the Creators Update, as a new report from ZDNet today claims that only 13 handsets will be eligible for the Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update starting April 25th.

The list is pretty depressing, with only the Lumia 640/XL, 550, 650 and 950/XL being the only Microsoft-made devices eligible for the Creators Update. All other Lumia devices, including the Lumia 930 and 1520, have been omitted from the list, meaning it appears they won't be getting the update.

Microsoft issued the following statement to ZDNet when asked if the list is true:

Beginning this month, Microsoft will release the Creators Update for Windows 10 customers including those using Windows 10 Mobile. As has been the case with pervious Windows updates, a device may not be able to receive the Creators Update if the device hardware is incompatible, lacking current drivers, or otherwise outside of the Original Equipment Manufacturer's ('OEM') support period. These devices will continue to receive security and servicing fixes according to our OS support policy. The full list of supported devices will be posted on the Product Lifecycle page soon."

So Microsoft hasn't exactly confirmed that they are dropping support for most Windows phones, but at the same time they haven't denied it either. It'll be an interested next couple of weeks to see if the list of real or not. For those curious, here is the full list of devices that are rumored to be getting the Creators Update on Mobile:

  • Alcatel IDOL 4S
  • Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL
  • HP Elite x3
  • Lenovo Softbank 503LV
  • MCJ Madosma Q601
  • Microsoft Lumia 550
  • Microsoft Lumia 640/640XL
  • Microsoft Lumia 650
  • Microsoft Lumia 950/950 XL
  • Trinity NuAns Neo
  • VAIO VPB051

This is an odd decision if true, as the Creators Update actually runs better on older hardware than the Anniversary Update. Hopefully Microsoft has an explanation if the list is true, as the "fans" deserve at least that.

If Microsoft is killing support for all those older devices, then it begs the question, what happens when the next release of Windows 10 Mobile arrives in the fall? How much longer do the Lumia 550, 650 and 950 have? All very important questions.

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

Zac Bowden is a Senior Editor at Windows Central. Bringing you exclusive coverage into the world of Windows 10 on PCs, tablets, phones, and more. Also an avid collector of rare Microsoft prototype devices! Keep in touch on Twitter: @zacbowden.

  • Yeah, right. My Lumia 930 runs CU almost like 950. Don't see a reason why it's not included!
  • With how few supported devices there actually are for W10M, this definitely stings. The 950s and listed Lumias aren't even that much newer than the 930.
  • It's ridiculous, hilarious! According to list, 550 is way much superior than 930/1520. That logic is outrageous..
  • 😂
  • With no new hardware coming (talking to you Surface Team) what are consumers supposed to install these future updates on?
  • I am planning to install them on my connected pens.
  • :-) :-)
  • Greg Murphy has confirmed Creators for the Cerulean, check the comments area of the Indiegogo page. #ThisIsOurMoment
  • They have not even hit 100, let alone the 4000 required. It will never see the light of day.
  • Not with that attitude... I don't get it. What's the big attraction to route so hard against it and try so hard to keep others from wanting it?
  • If Cerulean gets funded, then congrats to them. However, I'm looking for a flagship level device an not mid-tier. I like to buy phones that will have longevity, and not getting a flagship device shortens that longevity. I understand not everyone can afford the high end device. I'm just speaking for myself. I also do not have a desire to get a third party device from an established company let alone a startup. Third party has been spotty at best, and Cerulean doesn't have the funds to make their devices. How can I trust they'll be around in 2 years? Honestly, since they're getting so much help from Microsoft, it would be nice to see Microsoft acquire the device and release it themselves. Sure, MS's support for mobile hasn't been encouraging lately, but at least they have the capitol to support the device.
  • Hey, I like high end too. I'm currently sitting on a 1020, a 1520 and an Idol 4S Windows. What I don't have is more choice. I'm investing in that for the future. As for 1st party devices. Lumia is gone and not coming back. Surface on Mobile or whatever they will call it is still an unknown time away. Will it materialize? Can't say. When will it release? Can't say. Cerulean is the ONLY W10M DEVICE that I know of which is announced thus far for 2017. Our phone world just shrank again. I want to see it grow. A list of OEMs that made WP that have dropped support for the platform includes: Acer, BLU, Cherry Mobile, Diginnos, Freetel, HTC, Huawei, Inversenet, Jenesys, Kruger & Matz, LG, Lumia, Micromax, Samsung, Unistrong, Xolo, Yezz, Zebra... But this doesn't seem to bother anyone as they wait (for noone knows how long) for Surface Mobile and full desktop in their palm. And that will be very expensive in first gen and have growing pains. High end is fine. I agree. But a platform can't exist just on prosumer hardware. It needs low end right on through or there isnlt enough base for more than 2 or 3 makers. Is that what we want? 2-3 very costly devices a year if we are lucky? Do you truly see that sustaining us? It's why I'm supporting Cerulean and their 2017 model the Moment. If you don't want us sliding into oblivion, you should support it as well. You don't even have to pledge for one of the 3900 phones needed. You can donate any amount your conscience and wallet advise. Go to the page and click the "Back It" button and enter an amount.
  • Just let it die. Microsoft cannot afford to spend anymore time on the Windows phone dead end. The quicker Microsoft gets away from Windows phone and into something with a chance of success, the better. Windows phone is holding them back. It has almost been a week and they still have not sold 100 devices. What more proof do you need? People do not like Windows phones.
  • No. I won't just let it die and you can't make me. Are you related to Elmer FUD?
  • Apple get by fine without a full range from budget to premium, but that's another kettle of fish really
  • I prefer to buy a higher end device and keep it for 2 - 2.5 years rather than a mid-ranger every year or so. I might even stretch my 950 to 3 years if there's nothing compelling (phones are a bit stale all around at the moment)
  • It will sure make these future releases go smooth for MS. No worries about overtaxing the servers with everyone trying to download at the same time.
  • Maybe that is the point....If devices continue to be dropped and no new ones come out eventually there will be none left to get anything other than security updates. We won't know until it happens, I'm on a Lumia 950 until 2018 anyway and I know it should get security updates until I'm ready to get rid anyway. Not in a rush to buy something just because it's new a shiny
  • 550 has Microsoft scribbled on it, whereas the other two have nokia on them.
  • 😂😂
  • It's much like OEM..original equipment manufacturer..those which holds Microsoft logo(unlike lower end like 535) gets CU.
  • The 950 is actually 2 years newer than the Icon/930/1520
  • Guess that depends how you look at it. The 930 came out a long time after the Icon despite being the same device.
  • Yes the 950 is newer but this enters the uncertainty problem. 950 and XL are now 17 months old and no longer getting support from Microsoft. At what point do these get dropped as "no longer compatible with updates"?
  • This fall. Coming soon.
  • My lumia 822 running CU laugh at this notice.
  • Nice!! So CU really works on Lumias 82X... Is there any missing major feature or any annoying lagging on your 822?
  • My hacked Samsung ATIV SE is running creator's update (via Insider).  It works just fine.  I just wish MS would start letting us people that have proven W10M will run on other devices, that are not on their compatiblility list, to get it without hacking the registry.  The funny thing too is that the hack is making it look like the Lumia Icon (929); those aren't on the list but yet I have it.  Maybe it's because I have it through the Insider program; so that begs the question: If it runs fine through the Insider program why is it not being made available as an RTM for those phones?  It tells me the Insider program for Win10M is a joke.  
  • Hey, at least you can run current apps. Other than that, welcome to the club. Would be interesting to see market share numbers of whether there are more Windows Phone users that Microsoft has abandoned than those they're still supporting.
  • Its been clear for a while for me, they want to get rid of the 950 stock and also ensure everyone buys the surface phone. I have been a dedicated fan for many years and I am done with Microsoft. Now they are selling an android phone. Android sucks in comparison and the millions of apps are old and mostly only work on phones. I don't see any path for me. I cancelled all my subscriptions today. Amazon treats me better! Ill just go without a phone as I don't even talk on it anyway!
  • Does this even make any sense?
  • That was a great story think I'll sleep better tonight
  • hehe and they downvote me for switching to Samsung S8 wake up people
  • Did the Galaxy S4 get nougat?
  • It's stuck on 5.0 lol (that basicly means it got 1 minor and 1 major update).
  • My old Samsung Galaxy S4 (Verizon Wireless) went up to Lollipop 5.0.1 and Samsung said that was as far as it would go. A security patch was issued not too long ago, but I had already pulled the SIM from the phone. I use the S4 as a WiFi data device when I'm home as opposed to running down the battery in my current smartphone. I wanted to replace my S4 with a 950XL, but, Microsoft chose not to submit the 550, 650, 950 & 950XL for CDMA certification, and, the only Windows phone carried by Verizon Wireless is the lower end & aging Lumia 735.
  • With Android's open platform there could be another group making more current version compatible with older phones such as CyanogenMod.
  • You mean LineageOS.  CyanogenMod is no more. 
  • I'm actually deciding whether to go for the Samsung Galaxy S8+ Microsoft Edition or get the Alcatel Idol 4S with Windows 10. I'll still be in Microsoft's ecosystem either way, but with the S8, I'd be able to ride out the wait for the "Surface Phone or whatever it is" and be able to have a phone that works with my car in the meantime. But the Idol 4S is just awesome. I'm not planning on paying for any games or apps for the S8 because I've already bought into the Microsoft app and software ecosystem so much, but I will be able to use better versions of Microsoft's apps, have more app options available, and have a phone that's newer than two years ago.
  • JoshNay, I have the Alcatel Idol 4s if you are on t-mobile it's better than the 950xl except for the camera, which is still very good. I would highly recommend it at half the price of the S8 and the full win mobile 10 experience can't be beat.
  • If you're OK with what's going on with Win10M, get the Idol.
  • Currently I have no path forward with Microsoft on Mobile.  I HAVE to use Verizon in my area and if the 735 isn't going to get the update (officially), I see no reason for Verizon to keep selling it.  Only a matter of time before my phone cannot keep up to bigger, and better things. This stinks!  With Microsoft's silence, no longer is there excitement to keep us faithful in the trenches.  We need new phones and will have no choice but to jump ship before something new is actually (if at all) released.  It will be too little, too late I'm afraid...
  • I'm stuck on Verizon as well. My Icon runs CU just fine, so this makes no sense.
  • I'll chime in as #3 on an Icon. And while I could jump ecosystems, it would have a cost (part of my work value is the ability to connect anywhere and in Maine Verizon has tons better connectivity than ATT). Further since I like to use the good camera on the Icon I'd be more inclined for the 950/XL. But how long before those are rather suddenly put to pasture? Didn't ATT restart selling the 1520 only to have it dumped now? So if I buy a 950 and an XL (I'd need two to jump systems), would they also be thrown out of the bus in 6 months? 12 months? I really don't like iPhones (and I'll pretty much take almost anything to avoid Android) but at least they give you several years of regular updates and when something is about to fall off the update wagon you are given months of warning. I think we'll need some official confirmation. But when you are at the bottom of the market you do everything to WIN customers. So what will MS do to keep the people that it just said "sorry we didn't know till today, but in 2 weeks we won't be giving you updates". If they did this type of thing on the desktop/laptop market they'd be shown the door and we'd all be using Macs. I can only imagine that Cook just bowed down in prayer because they couldn't have given him a better present.
  • If Windows mobile OEMs are waiting for Verizon Wireless to roll out it's next generation network and close off the existing CDMA network before making devices available for us VZW customers to consider, it looks like there will be a two year wait as VZW is targeting 2019 for the network changeover to happen.
  • Seriously, why would u go for either?
    MS will kick them to the curb very shortly, just like they've done with everything else WP related.
    It's over, MS now sell and support Android
  • I love my Alcatel Idol 4S! Upgraded from a 640. Got it for $288.00 at T-Mobile. This can hold me out till Surface. Third Party Developers are really good as well on some apps. Perfect Tube has so many more features than the official YouTube site or any official app on ios or android also.
  • Seriously...that's not even a question. Get the S8+. There won't be a Surface Phone.
  • Get the S8. Who knows how long you'll need to hold on to your new device for? At the very least you can be confident that both the S8, and the Microsoft apps available for it, will be updated regularly for the next two years, if not longer. It's also a premium device that makes sense as a daily driver.   Windows Phone is waaaaay too up in the air right now. And there's no telling what's happening with it or if Alcatel will continue to care about the device they put out.   It might hurt, especially given your mobile purchases, but make the smart decision... dump the windows phone, get the Android, and live inside the Microsoft ecosystem in another way.
  • If your going to do that get the lgg6 over the s8 the price will be less can use the same apps as the s8 and imo it's a better phone to. I got the G5 last year's when PayPal left windows Mobile as i use it a lot and even though i still perfer windows mobile i have enjoyed this phone a lot even picked up a 360 watch to go with my band 2. I hope Microsoft have something big in the works but only time will tell.
  • Yep. I switched to android when I was informed my HTC ONe m8 wouldn't be getting the upgrade to W10M at all. (Yes, I know that was HTC's decision... I also know MS didn't seem to give a **** about that decision.) Not surprised at all to see continued device pruning, irrespective of specs and performance.
  • We didn't down vote you for switching... We just downvoted you for being you. Don't you now have an Android forum to annoy?
  • I just got used to MS since my Lumia 810 is black listed!
  • I loved my Lumia 810. T-mobile killed that one.
  • dammit, the 930 is sweet with creators update!  .... let it stay on insider at least?
  • Oh cool, so does this mean I can join the Insider program and install CU on my incompatible 735 and 830?
  • Yep. I'm writing from my 830 running CU
  • Hey, Unktjc, do you know if it's possible to reset the 830 to 8 after putting it on 10 in the Insiders Program?  Is it suppored in the DRT?  I have the 830, and would like to try it on 10, but I want to be able to restore it to 8 (with all the good apps), if I decide to do so.  
  • Yes, it is supported :)
  • Yeah, luv my near new NOS 930.
    MS can go fk themselves, they aren't going to fk me over again!
    Years of loyalty and they treat u like a peice of *****
  • The key phrase seems to be the device must be within "the OEM's support period." Support for older Lumias has apparently dropped off. Note that the Mouse Computer Madosma Q601 made the list, but the Funker W6.0 Pro 2 did not. They are the same phone, rebadged Moly PCphone. Obviously Funker dropped support and Mouse Computer did not. They launched within months of each other and way after Lumia 930. Alcatel still supports the no longer for sale Fierce XL. I see it on the list. Microsoft must have asked Microsoft, "Hey Microsoft, which phones do you support?" To which Microsoft answered, "Thanks for asking Microsoft. I support the following..."
  • This will be why, but imagine if this was the case with PCs....If you only got Windows 10 PC updates for pre-built machines until the company stopped supporting it - There would be outrage lol. Maybe one day we can just buy a phone and run what we want on it.
  • Yes I also don't know why 930 & 830 not added...
  • Very surprised about the 930, it's got to be a mistake that phone runs W10M just fine
  • Just run in release preview to pick up the update
  • For now.  
  • RP for mobile doesn't have it ATM, and I think that the devices that got cut won't get it that way either.
  • Yes, Microsoft, please tell us why if true. And even then, we'll further worry about your commitment to Mobile
  • Worry? Why worry about what M$ is going to do with Mobile, if their going to support the phone you paid good money for or if they are even going to be around in 10 or 15 years? I've been a Windows phone user since 2002 and this is the final straw. I'm done "worrying" about my phone. I've got enough problems as it without stressing over my phone's OS maker. Samsung Galaxy 8S+ here I come!!!!!!!
  • Lol stress. Continuing to use my 950 costs me nothing - but hey, have fun budgeting for your $800 switch.
  • More like $250, with the benefit of a vibrant app store.
  • Where is it $250????
  • His imagination.
  • Exactly this, I'm not switching from my 950 until sometime in 2018, I'll keep it until there is a point in switching or buying a new W10M if there is one at the time.
  • The article said phones that don't get the update will still get security updates. That's something.
  • I couldn't care less about security updates. I also never got a security update on my phone (as a seperate update; I guess they bundle them with OS updates). Not getting features is a whole new level.
  • "Security updates" and what is that? And how long? And what parts of the system? Perhaps they'll define it like extended support in the OS world, we'll see. There is going to be a mix of "fact" and "rumor" here so we'll have to see. But general terms like security updates didn't work out too well for Win 10 users who didn't get the Anniversary update. So I'm not keen on that pasture.
  • Don't stress. Get a flip phone that won't need updates the s8 will get no os update in 4 years if best.
  • Maybe that new nokia is looking good after all! HAHA!
  • It is. It's definitely a decent mid-ranger.
  • If you buy that phone your doin