Does Apex Legends support NVIDIA RTX ray tracing?

Apex Legends
Apex Legends (Image credit: Electronic Arts)

Does Apex Legends support NVIDIA RTX ray tracing?

Best answer: Unfortunately, Apex Legends doesn't have support for ray tracing. If you want to test out ray tracing on your RTX card, check out these other games instead.Has ray tracing support: Battlefield V ($30 at Amazon)Another with ray tracing support: Metro Exodus ($50 at Epic Store)

What is ray tracing?

Ray tracing is a special type of lighting technique made possible by NVIDIA's latest GeForce RTX GPUs. At a basic level, ray tracing analyzes environments in games and dynamically changes how light illuminates them based on things such as where objects are and what characters are doing. For example, beams of sunlight streaming through a window would light up a dark room much more realistically with ray tracing on than it would with it off.

Because ray tracing is such an advanced rendering technique, and because most graphics cards currently can't handle it, only a very small amount of games have ray tracing support, and unfortunately, Apex Legends is not one of them. Still, it is an amazing game nonetheless, and it's also free. Due to that, you should definitely check it out.

What games support ray tracing?

Currently, there are only two titles that support the ray tracing feature: Battlefield V and Metro Exodus. This is disappointing, but thankfully, both of these games are fantastic, so you definitely won't be dissatisfied with them.

Battlefield V is the latest entry into the hit Battlefield franchise, taking players into the thick of the World War II setting in an unconventional way. Instead of fighting in the conflicts that often get the most focus and attention from other developers, Battlefield V instead focuses more on the lesser-known battles of the war. In addition, the game also comes with an extensive suite of multiplayer content that's sure to keep you enthralled for a very long time.

Metro Exodus is the third installment of 4A Games' hit post-apocalyptic shooter franchise, blending tight gunplay with tense horror elements and creatively-designed open spaces to explore. It's a fantastic experience that takes Metro to new heights all while remaining faithful to what made the series popular in the first place, and it just might be the best-looking game ever made, too.

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