Does Lenovo Yoga Book C930 have a microSD memory card slot?

Best answer: Yes, Lenovo's Yoga Book C930 has a UHS-I microSD memory card slot. You can use it to expand the Book C930's internal storage, or you can use it to quickly and easily transfer files between compatible devices.

Does the microSD card stick out the side of the Yoga Book C930?

The Yoga Book C930 has a tray that pulls out of the left side of the laptop's base to hold the microSD card. When inserted, it sits flush against the edge much like a SIM tray on a phone, and indeed on LTE models — currently available in European markets — it's a dual tray for both the SIM card and microSD card.

If you'd like to use a microSD card to expand the internal 128 GB or 256 GB PCIe solid-state drive (SSD), there shouldn't be any risk of it or the reader slot being damaged during regular use.

What transfer speeds do the Yoga Book C930's microSD card reader offer?

The microSD card reader in the Yoga Book C930 is capable of handling UHS-I class cards and their relative speeds. UHS-II class cards will be compatible with the reader, but you won't get the same performance.

In our own testing, the microSD reader managed to hit 65 MB/s read speeds and 37 MB/s write speeds using a Delkin UHS-II microSD card that is technically capable of 300 MB/s read and 100 MB/s write speeds with compatible hardware.

How much storage can the Yoga Book C930's microSD card reader support?

On top of the speedy internal PCIe SSD that comes inside the Yoga Book C930, you can add up to 512 GB of storage space with a microSD card. Any cards larger than 512 GB might not be recognized properly by the device, but you can always give it a shot if you have a large microSD card lying around.

You certainly don't have to go as big as 512 GB either. There are plenty of microSD cards that are much smaller in storage size that will work perfectly well with the Yoga Book C930.

Which microSD card is best for the Yoga Book C930?

Since the reader in the Yoga Book C930 has a speed class of UHS-I, buying a UHS-II card for more money doesn't make much sense unless you have other devices lying around that are compatible with the faster speed. Stick with UHS-I cards for the most bang for your buck, but remember that UHS-II cards are backwards compatible.

Cheap storage

Silicon Power Elite

Slower theoretical speeds.

The best option for your Yoga Book C930 is likely this budget UHS-I microSD card from Silicon Power, with theoretical read speeds up to 85 MB/s. The model with 128 GB of storage costs just $20, but these cards are quality despite the price.

Fast storage

Samsung EVO Select

Faster theoretical speeds.

This UHS-I class card from Samsung theoretically hits up to 100 MB/s read and 90 MB/s write speeds, perfect if you have other devices with a speedy reader that you'd like to use alongside the Yoga Book C930. At $60 for 256 GB, this is a great performer for the cost.

Dual displays

Lenovo Yoga Book C930

A convertible laptop with two screens and expandable storage.

If you have a thing for inking with an active pen, the Yoga Book C930 should be right in your wheelhouse. Its standard 1600p touch display is joined by a secondary E Ink display, both of which you can use to write or sketch. It comes with an internal SSD, which can be complemented with removable microSD storage up to 512 GB.

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