Does Mixer have a dress code?

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Does Mixer have a dress code?

Best answer: Mixer's clothing requirements restrict nudity and revealing clothing, with stricter guidelines based on the target age of the stream. The rules only apply to what is visible on camera, but streamers who plan to move around need to plan accordingly.Upgrade your experience: Mixer Pro ($8/month at Mixer)

Keep your clothes on

Microsoft's Mixer streaming platform doesn't so much have a dress code as a bunch of restrictions about how much skin you can reveal. The guidelines only apply to what is shown on camera, though if you shift or move around while streaming, you better be aware of what might become visible.

Nudity is never allowed. You must be wearing a shirt, no matter your gender. Robes, open shirts, and transparent clothing are banned unless you have clothing underneath. The breastbone can never be visible. You also can't be wearing a towel, show your underwear or lingerie, or focus your camera below your waist. Violating any of these rules will get your account suspended or banned.

Know your audience

There are additional restrictions in place based on the target audience for your content. Family-friendly streamers can't wear strapless tops or show cleavage. Clothing should start a few inches above the bust line. Strapless tops are still banned for teen streams, but you can show some cleavage.

The dress code is a lot looser if you're streaming for an 18+ audience. Tops that are strapless or reveal your midriff are allowed so long as the chest is covered from the bust line to the end of your rib cage, which means no breasts peeking out from under the top. The top also has to be clearly visible on camera — no implying that you might be nude.

Some of the 18+ restrictions are context-specific. Swimwear that would be allowed at a family-friendly beach works if you're filming at a beach or pool, or playing at a sports event. Similarly, if you're at a gym, you're allowed to wear a sports bra so long as the breastbone is still covered.

You must be 18 or older yourself to stream mature content. Sex appeal should never be the main focus of the stream. If your clothing is too revealing, Mixer might up the rating of your stream and narrow your audience. Platform staff could even suspend your account, so choose your wardrobe carefully.

Samantha Nelson