Does Razer Kraken Tournament Edition work with PlayStation 4 (PS4)?

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Does Razer Kraken Tournament Edition work with PlayStation 4 (PS4)?

Best answer: Console players don't get access to all the features but the Kraken Tournament Edition (TE) works just fine with the PlayStation 4 over a 3.5mm connection.Amazon: Razer Kraken TE ($90)

Hook up to your controller

The Razer Kraken TE headset has a USB audio controller but the headphones part connects to it with a standard 3.5mm cable. So, in order to use it with your PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch or even your mobile device, you simply remove the USB audio controller and hook up the headset directly to the device.

For PS4 owners, simply connecting to the 3.5mm jack on your controller will be enough.

USB works with limited features

Unlike on the Xbox One, standard USB PC gaming headsets work only fine with the PS4. Slightly crazy, but still true. In the case of the Kraken TE though, there's no benefit to using the USB audio controller at all.

The main reason to use it on PC is for the game and chat audio mixing, and most importantly, the THX spatial audio. You also have the Razer Synapse application for Windows to customize the experience.

None of these features are compatible with the PS4, but you do have an inline remote to adjust the volume and mute the microphone. The only functions you'd be using on the USB audio controller.

PC gamers get the most from this headset

Even though it does work just fine with consoles and mobile devices, the Kraken TE is geared towards PC gamers, and it's those buyers who will really get the most from this headset.

The THX spatial audio is the biggest deal, but in conjunction with the Razer Synapse application, you get access to an equalizer, microphone settings, and more.

The Kraken TE is a great headset to buy if you're a PC gamer, but if you also play on console and don't want to spend on an extra headset, it'll get the job done.

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