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Best answer: Sadly, the Samsung Galaxy Book S doesn't support inking. However, the screen does have basic touch support.

The lowdown on the Samsung Galaxy Book S and inking

As previously stated, the display for the Samsung Galaxy Book S does not support inking with any type of active pen or digital stylus. While this will inevitably disappoint some artists and note-takers out there, people who like using touch to scroll up and down webpages or to tap on things will still be happy. This is because the device's screen does come with basic touch functionality that works with your fingers.

Why you should still get the Samsung Galaxy Book S

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While the lack of inking support is a bummer, there are still a ton of reasons to get the Samsung Galaxy Book S. Chief among them is the device's incredibly thin and light design; coming in at 11.8mm thick and 0.98kg of weight, it's one of the most manageable laptops to take with you on the go on the market. In addition to that, the device has a stellar 23-hour battery life that can be attributed to its ARM-based Snapdragon 8cx CPU, meaning you'll be able to use it all day long without fear of it dying on you. Rounding out the laptop's excellent portability-focused features and design is LTE connectivity, giving you the freedom to connect to the internet wherever you get a cell signal.

In terms of hardware, the Samsung Galaxy Book S is also awesome. Its 13-inch HD display looks great and has strong color accuracy, and the device also comes with premium AKG speakers outfitted with Dolby Atmos tech for a killer sound experience. On top of this, the low-profile keyboard is pleasant to use and comes with a Windows Hello-compatible fingerprint reader. Lastly, dual USB-C ports (not Thunderbolt 3) ensure that you can connect peripherals, transfer data, and charge the laptop easily.

Long-lasting power

Samsung Galaxy Book S

Charging? Who needs it?

The Samsung Galaxy Book S has a fantastic, lightweight design and an extremely long battery life of 23 hours. This makes it a great laptop to take with you on the go.

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