Does Surface Pro X support Wi-Fi 6?

Surface Pro X on desk
Surface Pro X on desk (Image credit: Windows Central)

Does Surface Pro X support Wi-Fi 6?

Best answer: No, the Surface Pro X does not support Wi-Fi 6. It does support Wi-Fi 5 and up to Up to Gigabit LTE Advanced Pro.A fresh Surface Pro: Microsoft Surface Pro X (From $999 at Microsoft)

What is Wi-Fi 6?

Wi-Fi 6 is the latest Wi-Fi standard. It allows for a stronger and more stable connection when compared to previous Wi-Fi standards and doesn't drain your device's battery as quickly as previous Wi-Fi standards. Wi-Fi 6 handles simultaneous connections up to four times better than previous Wi-Fi 6 criteria. That means that in your home or office, you can have more devices connected to the same network without dealing with bottlenecks as frequently.

In short, when your device is connected through Wi-Fi 6, it will have a stronger, more stable, and faster connection that is easier on your device's battery.

Does the Surface Pro X support Wi-Fi 6?

The Surface Pro X doesn't support Wi-Fi 6. Instead, it supports the older Wi-Fi 5 standard. This older standard has been around since 2013 and is still used by many devices. Wi-Fi 5 isn't a bad way to connect your device to the internet, but it doesn't have the benefits listed above that come with Wi-Fi 6.

While the Surface Pro X doesn't support the latest Wi-Fi standard, it does support up to Gigabit LTE Advanced Pro. This allows you to keep your Surface Pro X connected anywhere that your mobile provider has coverage. The Surface Pro X is thin and light, so many will use it on the go. Having support for Gigabit LTE Advanced Pro makes the Surface Pro X a great companion for people on the move.

The Surface Pro X has a slot for nanoSIM and support eSIM so that you can connect it to networks easily. Many carriers still use nanoSIM. The physical nanoSIM card easily slots into a device and gets a connection. eSIM is a relatively new technology, especially in tablets, that allows you to connect your device to a carrier without having to use a physical card or placing anything inside your device.

Unfortunately, the Surface Pro X doesn't support Wi-Fi 6. Still, the device supports both Wi-Fi 5 and Gigabit LTE Advanced Pro with either a nanoSIM or eSIM, making it a versatile tool when it comes to connectivity.

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