Best answer: With a little patience and a wireless adapter, you can absolutely get your Xbox Chatpad to work with any Windows 10 PC.

Microsoft: Xbox Chatpad ($35)

Why use a Chatpad?

While initially, it might seem odd to use a controller keyboard accessory with a PC when you could simply use your regular keyboard, there are several advantages to having the Chatpad in your gaming arsenal. One such reason is that PC gamers who prefer controllers can use their Chatpad in order to access things like hotkeys, something normally exclusive to standard keyboards. This makes playing massively-multiplayer online games (MMOs) and role-playing games (RPGs) more enjoyable in particular, as you can quickly access abilities, your inventory, and quest journals with single Chatpad key presses while using the controller's triggers and buttons for standard attacks and movement.

Another great advantage the Chatpad gives is that it allows you to enjoy PC gaming on the couch, like you would with a regular console. While it's true you can plug in a normal keyboard to your computer and lengthen its reach with USB extension cords, this can lead to a messy wire situation in your room, and using a keyboard on a sofa is hardly comfortable. With the Chatpad, you can play your PC games in your living room with ease. No more trying to balance that keyboard on your lap.

A rare breed

While other types of Xbox One controller chatpads exist, like third party ones, very few of them are compatible with Microsoft's Windows 10 drivers, and thus, almost none of them will work with Windows 10. This means that the Xbox Chatpad is one of your only options available if you're looking to get a chatpad for PC gaming.

Getting the Chatpad working

In order to get an Xbox Chatpad working with a Windows 10 PC, you're going to need a controller, an Xbox Wireless Adapter, and a micro USB cable (one comes with every Chatpad purchase). We put together a guide on how to get it all set up here, so make sure to check it out. As long as you follow the steps, your controller and your Chatpad will be connected in no time.

Our pick

Xbox Chatpad

The best option

The Xbox Chatpad is durable, reliable, easy to set up, and nearly one of a kind in terms of PC compatibility. Using it will allow a PC gamer to move their experience away from the desk, while still retaining many of the features a keyboard offers to the player. Therefore, this is a must own accessory for any PC player that enjoys using controllers.

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