Domino's Pizza app for Windows Phone 8 launched in 2013 is surprisingly a better experience in 2016 than their iOS and Android version save for one problem: it always crashed on Windows 10 Mobile.

Version 2.0.1 of the Domino's app is live in the Store and with it, the fast-food company has delivered a small patch to enable us foodies to order on the go.

Domino's Pizza 2.0.1

  • Minor bug fixes
  • Windows 10 support

No other features are noted, and it is still not a universal app for Windows 10 – a serious missed opportunity. In fact, in the U.S., we are still waiting for Xbox One app to order up their high caloric delicacies like they can in the UK.

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Hopefully, with this quick-fix, we'll see a new push from Domino's – and other restaurant chains – on Windows 10. If you wanted to tweet @dominos to thank them for the update and let them know you want a Windows 10 app, we would not object!

Download Domino's Pizza app for Windows Phone

Thanks, Vince B., for the tip!

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