Donut County PC review: A beautiful puzzle game with an unfortunate flaw

Donut County is, for the most part, an incredibly fun experience from start to finish.

Though there's no absence of puzzle titles on Steam, a lot of them tend to be hardcore ones that are hard for the "average Joe" to play through. Donut County, though, is simpler and easier to grasp, which makes it casual-friendly. This philosophy, paired with the creative design and the beautiful presentation, make Donut County a great game you should definitely consider picking up.

Consume an entire town

The premise of Donut County is simple and silly: You, as a raccoon, have to deliver "donuts" (holes that objects fall into) to "customers" (the people and places inside the in-game town). Every level, you start off with a tiny hole that's only big enough for small objects like tennis balls or blades of grass to fall through. Once you collect enough of these small things, your hole will start to grow in size. This allows you to consume more objects and continue the cycle until all objects in a level are within your hole.

Things get interesting once you reach the third or fourth level, though, as this is where level-specific mechanics are introduced. For example, a level that involves a small creek required me to collect the water in the hole and then take it to a thirsty animal nearby. My personal favorite was a stage where you had to light a firework, capture it in the hole, and then launch it into the air so it could break down a cliff face. These add some challenge to the experience without making it frustrating.

The mechanics keep everything interesting, but they're also easy to understand. This makes the experience fun for skilled and casual players. There is one major issue with the game, though, and that's how short it is. I was able to complete it in just an hour and a half. For the price, the game should be longer than roughly two hours.

Stylized visuals for the win

Donut County's silly and casual tone is complemented excellently by its cartoony 3D aesthetic, and the game's vibrant, warm colors give off a cheery, pleasant mood, which is ironic given that you're using a giant hole to destroy the town. The soundtrack is also surprisingly impressive, filled with a mixture of action, mellow, and electronic music in order to fit with the various settings of the levels.

Lastly, there are zero performance problems, which admittedly is to be expected with a game that isn't demanding on your system. Regardless, a smooth and bug-free experience is always appreciated.

Should you buy Donut County?

Despite the fact that the price is a bit high for the two to three hours of fun you'll get out of Donut County, it's still worth checking out. It has a fantastic core concept, a wonderful aesthetic, well-done music, and quite a few funny moments. The game should be longer, but that's the only negative thing about Donut County. You should definitely buy it.


  • Creative gameplay design.
  • Great presentation.
  • Perfect performance.


  • Too short.

Donut County is available now on Steam for $12.99.

Brendan Lowry

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