DOOM Eternal may be coming to Xbox Game Pass, according to teased image

Doom Eternal Hell
Doom Eternal Hell (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Xbox Game Pass is a Netflix-like gaming subscription that offers hundreds of games for one monthly price.
  • According to a teaser image from Xbox Game Pass, it seems DOOM Eternal may be heading the the service.
  • It's not clear if this has anything to do with the recent acquisition of Zenimax Media made by Microsoft.
  • If true, players may be able to try out DOOM Eternal's goretastic action through Xbox Game Pass soon.

DOOM Eternal continues the demon-slaying, goretastic, metalrific shoot-them-up that is the DOOM franchise, and it does so in a big way. The game delivers exactly what it promises, and gives players tons of reason to leap headfirst into Hell. In a surprising turn of events, Microsoft now owns the entire DOOM IP, thanks to a recent acquisition of Zenimax Media and all their companies, including Bethesda, Arkane Studios, and, yes, id Software. This, combined with a recent teaser posted on the official Xbox Game Pass Twitter account, makes us confident that DOOM Eternal is about to head to Xbox Game Pass.

If you observe the above image, it doesn't look like a ton. Clever marketing from the Xbox Game Pass team, for sure, but it doesn't tell us anything other than "something is coming" to Xbox Game Pass. However, thanks to our own Matt Brown, who decided to do some independent detective work of his own, we were able to reveal a hidden message hidden in the teaser image. Let's take a look:

Xbox Game Pass Doom Eternal Teaser

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

Matt Brown incorporated an advanced photo editing technique that's beyond my expertise known as "lowering the brightness", which reveals the hidden message I've been teasing: "The Slayer is coming." We can only assume "the Slayer" refers to everyone's favorite demon-slaying prodigy, the main character of the DOOM franchise, which brings us to our final conclusion: DOOM Eternal is making its way to Xbox Game Pass.

Of course, nothing has been confirmed by Xbox Game Pass or the team behind DOOM Eternal, but we're pretty confident in our assumption. Hopefully we won't have to wait long to get the final confirmation, and soon we'll all be hacking, slashing, and blasting through the armies of Hell through our Xbox Game Pass subscriptions.

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