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Microsoft has acquired ZeniMax Media (DOOM, Elder Scrolls, Fallout) for Xbox

Skyrim (Image credit: Bethesda)

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

Ahead of the launch of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S console preorders this week, today, Microsoft decided to drop a bombshell commitment (opens in new tab) to the future of its gaming portfolio.

For $7.5 billion dollars, Microsoft has unveiled its acquisition of ZeniMax Media, the holding company of Bethesda Softworks, id Software, Arkane Studios, Machine Games, Tango Gameworks, and all of its properties. This gives Microsoft ownership of legendary, industry-leading IP including DOOM, Quake, The Evil Within, The Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Dishonored, Prey, and dozens more, including future games like The Elder Scrolls VI, and Starfield.

The acquisition will send shockwaves through the industry and prove beyond any shadow of a doubt that Microsoft is deadly serious about its future in the gaming sector. With Project xCloud opening up Xbox gaming to markets that aren't necessarily interested in console gaming, this will beef up the catalogue tenfold with industry-leading games and household names, and also bring under its wing some of the industry's most talented and successful franchises and studios. It also brings some truly legendary, nostalgic IP into Microsoft's portfolio, which is a key advantage Nintendo and Sony both had over Microsoft's Xbox platform.

Microsoft has arguably struggled over the years to build up a lasting stable of franchises with broad appeal outside of Halo and Gears of War, save for more niche pillars like Age of Empires, Forza racing games, and Flight Simulator. Now, Xbox has the likes of DOOM, Wolfenstein, The Elder Scrolls, and Fallout exclusively to engage the masses, and placing them exclusively onto Xbox consoles, Windows 10, and Xbox Game Pass gives Microsoft's games catalogue some much, much needed meat.

Revenant in Doom (2016) (Image credit: Windows Central)

Dishonored 2 (Image credit: Bethesda)

Source: Bethesda and Windows Central

ZeniMax's operations also have incredibly high monthly active users, with mobile titles like Fallout Shelter remaining incredibly popular, and The Elder Scrolls Online being among the biggest MMO-type games on the planet.

Xbox has the likes of DOOM, Wolfenstein, The Elder Scrolls, and Fallout exclusively to engage the masses

Interestingly, this also gives Microsoft ownership of some of ZeniMax's proprietary technology, including the Creation Engine, used by Bethesda to build truly massive worlds on a comparatively rapid cadence, and the id Tech engine, used in games like DOOM and RAGE 2. These are assets that would fit nicely into Microsoft's Azure Gamestack offering, potentially. Gamestack is a suite of tools and services that include analytics, live ops features, and middleware for building games, but up until now, they included no fully-fledged game engines.

ZeniMax's key studios are building massively anticipated titles including The Elder Scrolls VI, a mysterious sci-fi title known as Starfield, Wolfenstein III, and more. ZeniMax was also building timed exclusives for PlayStation 5, in the form of Deathloop and Tokyo: Ghostwire, which will now presumably come to Xbox as well. Microsoft will likely honor the commitment of those games to also come to PlayStation 5, similarly to how they honored commitments with The Outer Worlds after purchasing Obsidian.

Either way, the acquisition comes at a truly exciting time for Xbox, as it expands its gaming operations to incorporate mobile with Project xCloud Xbox Game Pass streaming, Windows 10 PC with Xbox Game Pass, and both the affordable end and the premium ends of the console market with the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X respectively. The missing piece of the puzzle was always high-quality games with franchise potential. That missing piece is now, well and truly, accounted for.

The Xbox Series X/S preorders will go live tomorrow, on September 22, coming in at $299 for the 1440p-oriented Xbox Series S, and $499 for the powerhouse 4K-oriented Xbox Series X. Both consoles will be fully compatible with all of your best Xbox One accessories and your best Xbox One headset, as well as all of your existing best Xbox One games.

Xbox Series X/S


Jez Corden
Jez Corden

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  • Holy ****
  • My thought exactly
  • Mine too... Who knew?
    Both kept it secret?
  • Funny, thats EXACTLY what I said just now seeing the news, maybe with a F word in the middle. 😛
  • That's what I said too!
  • Mhmm. Game Pass just keeps lookin better and better.
  • Microsoft buying third party publishers. Good luck counting on Fallout 5 and The Elder Scrolls 6 coming to PlayStation lol.
  • MSFT said they will honor the commitment made to PS5
    That is what I call a $7.5B gentlemen agreement
  • Correction: Future Bethesda games will be on Xbox, PC, and "other consoles on a case by case basis" Those future games include Fallout 5 and The Elder Scrolls 6, which do NOT have current agreements with Sony.
  • They will honour existing commitments to PS5 but are unlikely to make any - or many, at least - future commitments to PS5. It's a possibility that current big franchises that are already cross-platform would continue to be so in future installments, because Microsoft may consider the ill will that would be generated by denying existing fans those future games would outweigh any benefits. There's also the fact that those franchises would generate a lot of income on PS that may or may not be offset by sales of those and other titles to players on Xbox or PC who would otherwise have bought a PS5.
  • If it was the other way around, and Sony bought Bethesda, Sony would absolutely deny those games on Xbox. Can't always be the good guy. You'll always get screwed.
  • You may well be right, but Microsoft have got to do what they think is best, not what their competitor would think is worst. Mind you, the fact that all Microsoft games will be available on PC would temper the backlash a bit. There would always be those PS owners who would curse Microsoft for denying them games they wanted to play while completely ignoring the fact that it is Sony having denied users on other platforms their games for so long that drove Microsoft to do this in the first place. Sony's strategy of exclusive games has been successful so Microsoft is simply following their lead. Many would be the same people who talked trash to Xbox owners online specifically because Sony had better first-party games. To see those people raging about how evil Microsoft was for doing what they had previously been boasting about Sony doing really would be satisfying.
  • they probably look at the install base of ps5 and see if it will be worth it to produce the game for ps5
  • Wow. This one was unexpected. But all of those franchise's future games on Game Pass and not on PS5? Just, wow!
  • I'm liking Xbox and game pass more and more
  • Hopefully future content is released across all platforms with cross play. The bigger the community the longer life a game can have.
  • Come join the Xbox community. We always welcome new members.
  • I am an xbox one x man, but recently switched to PC.
  • Which is still Xbox so we're good!
  • PC is still Xbox.
  • While this would be nice of them to do, I don't think they will. Sony is the one spending millions on timed exclusives and extra content (like Spiderman being exclusive to them in Marvel's Avengers). Microsoft was like, "You can continue to rent. We want to own."
  • MS does XBOX and PC.
    On occassion they'll do others like Android, iOS, and even Nintendo.
    They honor pre-existing contracts but if Sony wants new ZENIMAX games they'll have to make it worth their while with IP, not just cash.
  • Damnnnnnn, holy s***. Such a big bombshell
  • Wow. That's amazing. With the exception of the games from CD Projekt Red, Bethesda has all my other active favorite game franchises. I was already all-in on Xbox, but because I play games for months at a time before moving on, I was never interested GamePass. But with this addition, and the Project Xcloud stuff for playing on mobile, I'll give it all another serious consideration.
  • Thats how I felt a year ago, but once I gave it a serious try, they instantly hooked me. I love how I can do a few quick indie games in between my month long sessions of huge games. Game Pass Quests are also an awesome bonus on top of a great service.
  • Now give me Evil Within 3, Dishonored 2, Fall out new Vegas 2. Looking forward to Playing Deathloop on Game Pass after Sony funded the exclusivety. We might have a salt shortage this week, as Sony fans will be but hurt. Phil basically walked his dog to Jim Ryan's lawn and didn't pick up the poop. Showed Sony, they are playing chess not shoots and ladders. Excited about this acquisition.
  • You mean Dishonored 3, right?
  • Any announcement if these games will keep being released on all platforms, or do we think they may become Xbox/Windows exclusives at some point? This is such a huge announcement. Fallout. Elder Scrolls. Doom. Wolfenstein. If those all become Xbox exclusives, that's a HUGE draw. Would MS do that to such epic franchises? If they did, would that be good or bad?
  • Existing games will not be exclusives. future releases can be on Windows platform = Xbox + PC, but these games are successful on other platforms as well. This is a message to Sony, that if you try to build walls, there will be nothing inside these walls. The sooner Sony understands that the better. Sony just cannot afford such purchases.
  • Existing games will stay multiplat.
    New games? Negotiable but money alone won't do it, so don't count on it.
    ES5, FO5, STARFIELD, etc; all console exclusives almost certainly.
  • Actually they stated that games on other platforms will be on a case by case basis and potentially be timed exclusives to Microsoft platforms, possibly released years later on other platforms.
  • Right.
    As I said, negotiable. But why should the crossplat road be one way?
    If Sony wants XBOX games on Playstation, how about some Playstation games on XBOX?
    Lets see Sony cough up sometbing more than some pennies.
    (Gamepass is bringing in $3B a year and the new gen hasn't even started.)
  • I hope this will be the case, I've never been a fan of the exclusives. But Sony being the greedy company it is, and their blind fanboys, I don't think it's going to happen.
  • They set the rules: exclusives + FUD.
    MS changed them to subscriptions + transparency.
    We'll see who does better.
  • Now, Microsoft needs to make these games available only on PC a d Xbox. This is how you reward the gamers that support and play on the platform. People want to play these amazing titles, come join PC and Xbox gaming. I wonder what is the next bombshell they drop, before Tokyo GA. E show. Let me see, Microsoft buys Sammy Sega lol lol. X is gonna give it to ya! Jez thanks for the article.
  • If it sells very well on Sony then they don't. See Minecraft.
  • Case by case.
    Minecraft is one case. ES6 another.
  • "Now, Microsoft needs to make these games available only on PC a d Xbox. This is how you reward the gamers that support and play on the platform." You'll get to play them regardless. You're basically saying that you want to derive pleasure from other people's pain. I don't suppose you've been complimentary to PS fanboys who've done that and your solution is to become them. That's your prerogative, of course, but you've allowed yourself to become a bad person through tying your self worth to an electronic device.
  • For the game developers, do the engines referenced (Creation Engine or id Tech Engine) do what Unreal does, giving MS its own graphics and physics stack without licensing Unreal, or is that comparing apples and oranges?
  • All three have different strengths but there is slight overlap.
    But as long as EPIC remains platform neutral licensing Unreal is cheaper than reinventing the wheel.h
    If they don't, well...
  • this is important. Unreal step by step is losing to Unity. Unreal is corridor shooter engine with poor tooling. Limited verticality, limited map sizes. This is what developers say currently developing new games. Limitations are handled using custom development. It is costly. Creation is old. But id Tech is superb.
  • Unity's popularity is from its friendliness for indie/beginners and it's heavily emphasizes 2D development. Unreal engine is miles superior for real games.
  • Besides strong/weak points between engines what is also important is the team's knowledge about the engine (as in how to get the most out of it and workflow efficiency) as well as custom/inhouse plugins and tools build around it. It also can be a pain to port a game to an other engine for eg a sequel.
  • Are XGS the masters of western RPG? Obsidian, in Exile and now Bethesda.... Plus huge fat for their PC ambitions.... Philactus as my lil bro and I call him strikes again!
  • The Empire always strikes back.....always.
  • That's a big move. I might just get a Xbox this generation.
  • HOLY ######! The got the whole thing for a cool 7.5 billion!?? That's pennies to Microsoft. Like, good grab MS. Another acquisition that's going to take another 2-3 years to pay off but Game Pass will be ready when it does. Fallout, Elder Scrolls, Avowed, and Outer Worlds all under one roof and free on Game Pass. I'm liking my RPG options on Xbox.
  • All the back catog will be on game pass too. Big draw
  • They've always have been best on WRPGs and there's no end in sight.
    Imagine free RT upgrades to SKYRIM, FALLOUT, DISHONORED2...
  • Holy ****. That's game over. No way PS beats Xbox next Gen. Not a chance in hell. I said this would happen. When Stadia, Amazon, Epic Games all started down the road of locking multi ganes behind their services. Even Sony recently scalping up all these 3rd party exclusives. They all have themselves to blame. I don't like it anymore than the next person. But you keep poking the hornets nestx sooner or later they will sting you. And MS has the biggest pool of hornets out of all of them.
  • This is a very complementary deal, friendly on both sides.
    Now imagine MS going hostile takeover on one of the BIG guys...
    Their cash hozrd is over $150B by now.
    Let's just say EPIC et all had better be reasonably platform neutral.
    A few timed exclusives won't poke the bear but MS isn't done.
    23 studios gets them to their stated goal of a new AAAA exclusive every other month but that might change to a NETFLIX cadence of one big release each month.
  • Yeah Doom, Fallout (4) and Skyrim/Elder scrolls are huge (I remember Skyrim even being widely popular with casual gamers/people I know, Fallout 4 also to a degree).
    At least with MS I can also play it soon on pc's so it is not as exclusive as with PS games. :-)
  • I look forward to reading all the apologies from people who posting here and elsewhere that Microsoft was going to shutter the Xbox division at any moment. Of course, Microsoft did pay billions for Nokia and ended up shuttering that along with Windows Phone but I think that it's fairly obvious that this is not the same thing. If Microsoft do use these assets to create Xbox exclusives going forward, once all the existing commitments to PlayStation are out of the way, they will be pretty much on even footing with Sony or possibly even ahead when it comes to exclusives and will also have taken away a number of the big cross-platform titles that PlayStation owners assumed they would have access to. I expect a significant uptick in trolling from PlayStation owners while they try to work through their feelings of anger and disappointment before they mostly go very quiet, knowing they no longer have anything in particular to brag about.
  • The guys who bought Nokia "aren't with the company anymore".
    Nadella and Spencer are cut from a different cloth.
  • Bananas. Didn't see this coming, but guess it sorta makes sense. I know MS and Bethesda have had a good relationship so why not. As a primary Xbox/PC player, this is awesome news that these games will be on Game Pass. However, I do hope that they continue to publish these games on the other platforms. People are already used to Bethesda titles on multiple different platforms, so why not keep that revenue coming for those who prefer PS/Switch/Stadia.
  • Because they don't need it? ;)
    Sony has been dishing out the FUD on XBOX all year so why do them any favors?
    As pointed out above, what goes around comes around...
  • I'd like to think they probably want to see the biggest ROI, so it would be a curious move to omit those other platforms who have an existing paying user base towards those IPs. Personally, I hate exclusives and just want to play games. Don't get me wrong, I love Sony getting knocked down a peg but i'm looking at this purely at a business decision and what ultimately would be the best for gamers in general. If you're on Xbox: you can pick them up through GamePass. If you're on PS: cool, you can buy them just like you did before.
  • PS4 outsold XBOX 2 to 1.
    You don't see HALO or GEARS or anything else there, do you?
    Sony and Nintendo set the rules and MS can afford to play by them.
    They don't need Sony's customers. They're welcome on XBOX if they want the games. XBOX Exclusives aren't about quarter to quarter pennies or one rime console profits but about long term positioning.
    Plus MS is playing a different game this cycle; they're not looking to sell a 100 million games but rather 100 million subscriptions. And they alrrady have over 15M; $3B a year. And since Sony is never allowing GAMEPASS on Playstation they're never getting new XBOX games. Apple has more customers and MS isn't crying to get in there are they?
    $150B in the bank means never having to say, "pretty please".
  • Well said. It appears when every other company but MS plays hostile or unfair, no one complains. But when MS plays by exactly the same rules, people cry foul. The entire Zenimax portfolio going forward should be restricted to Xbox and PC. No where else. Sony will do the same with Spiderman. Apple will block xCloud. It's only fair.
  • Halo/Gears/Forza are on PC (and now Android sorta), so yes they are trying to put their IPs where players are. That's sorta what Microsoft's new approach is, and I for one am all for it. One could argue too that if you see Elder Scrolls on PS5 for $70, and then see it included for a $15/m for GamePass, you might be more inclined to then buy an Xbox/sign up for GamePass. But either way they get your money.
    Your points are valid, but we'll just have to see how this pans out. As long as the games get the financial backing they need while getting it to the best audience as possible, that's all I care about.
  • As I said above: multiplat isn't a one way road, if Sony wants XBOX games, cough up some Sony games.
  • Microsoft isn't so strapped for cash they need to make money off Playstation users, the strategy is so obviously about game pass, and these exclusives to game pass will help sell subscriptions to PC and android phone owning Playstation owners. Why would it spend 7.5 billion for these studios if it wasn't trying to stop "Xbox has no games"?
  • For this generation, I played PS exclusives on my PS4 and played everything else on my Xbox One X. But I was worried about MS this upcoming generation. This is BIG and makes me want to pre-order Series X now! Thanks for making us MS fans very happy.
  • Wow. Wow. Wow. I was upset when they didn't get Warner Bros. Studios but this makes up for it and then some. Microsoft is officially the "Home of the first-person shooter and RPGs." This means that after Avowed, Obsidian and Inexile can probably make a game in the Fallout franchise. Sony is so screwed. Next generation just got a whole lot more interesting. I just can't stop smiling.
  • Bryan Fargo presents Fallout 5
  • I wonder if they might want to do FALLOUT TACTICS 2.
    Or farm out FALLOUT 1 and 2 remasters.
    OBLIVION remaster...
    Bethesda has been leaving a lot of money on the table and the GEARS TACTICS approach might work for FALLOUT.
  • "I wonder if they might want to do FALLOUT TACTICS 2.
    Or farm out FALLOUT 1 and 2 remasters.
    OBLIVION remaster...", yes please :)
  • Holy moly, MS now just needs to let do their thing and not interfere. I'm just corious to know how much games are still going to launch on PS5.
  • A big acquisition, no doubt, although their portfolio of shooters and RPGs seems a bit redundant with what Microsoft already has. Nevertheless, Game Pass was already an insane deal before this, so, yeah.
  • Massive back catalog.
    Plus there's no such thing as too much RPGs or shooters.
    Just ask around.
    The whole point of GAME PASS is to have more great games that you can afford to buy.
  • I am not sure if MS has had something like Elder Scrolls / Fallout as exclusives, games like that are fairly unique (probably because they are hard to make). Doom is less unique I think but it does take the crown with graphics optimization (related to their engine) and simple gameplay perfected, so in that sense it is also a bit unique.
  • I'm wondering whether this will affect Sony's plans with regard to porting their console exclusives to PC. They may feel a greater need to have as many games as possible be PlayStation exclusives now, with Microsoft beefing up their library, but that will need to be balanced against the potential revenue to be made from selling to PC gamers. There are certainly a few PS exclusive titles that I'd look to play on PC. That said, I have such a backlog of unplayed games on Steam that I pretty much never buy anything at full price, so it might be a while before I felt compelled buy any of them.
  • Bethesda: "I used to be a third-party developer like you..."
  • Nice deal. It's expected, ofcourse it's MSFT.
  • Wow, just Wow! I didn't see this coming. MS has been known to be on good grounds with Bethesda in the past. Which the two timed exclusives to PS5 kinda surprised me. The question I have now is..... Does MS keep those titles exclusive to GamePass? The new Skyrim, Fallout and Doom, for example, strictly on GamePass would be a HUGE selling point. I just don't see MS giving up the $$ by keeping those titles exclusive and the vocal backlash by Sony gamers would be deafening.
  • Now it would be good time for MS to make Xbox handheld console in (dualscreen) phone shape. And it can be used as a phone too. And of course it will run Windows Core OS with specific CShell. And they can offer it with xCloud for a year or something like that. That would be serious attempt to return to mobile world. They would have a lot of games to offer. And other apps would come for sure.
  • It's called xcloud on Surface DUO 2.0.
  • Indeed. They have said that Duo is a productivity device but that they are looking to include more features in future iterations, which would make it more consumer friendly. There's no reason that they could not incorporate a dedicated controller for xCloud games, much as LG have done in their dual-screen devices for mobile games. It would never be as good to use as a physical controller but would be so much more convenient. With Game Pass getting that much more attractive, xCloud gaming could be a big driver for adoption of future Duo devices.
  • Why not something like Xperia Play? But with Windows.
  • The Value of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate just gets better and better Xbox Game Pass Ultimate now Equals: Xbox Game Pass for Xbox & PC, EA Play, XCloud, Games with Gold and now Zenimax content!!! All for the low low price of free if you use your Microsoft Reward points to buy the pass!!!! I don't think they will make all future Zenimax games exclusive, because they will be making money two fold, on Xbox people will buy Xbox Game Pass for everything mentioned above not to mention day one releases, but they will also make money from those £70 games on PS5!!! Either way I'm happy to be an Xbox player right now, but most likely will get both consoles because my brother is a big fan of The Last of Us, God of War and Uncharted, the mention of Wolfenstein 3 Peaked my interest though!!!
  • "But, but, but Microsoft only releases incomplete games on game pass as games with a service." Microsoft just dropped a stealth napalm bomb out of nowhere. The same week as pre-orders open. This is how you set up hype for console pre-orders. The true drop the mic moment that everyone's been waiting for. This announcement single-handedly blew away the entire Sony event last week for me. And to think they still haven't had an event this month. They still haven't shown all of their cards. They've yet to reveal what the rest of their first party studios are working on. I wonder what happened to Dying Light 2. All the discussions about it went silent for months now. Be funny if it's announced as an XBox exclusive
  • They're going to be on the Tokyo show but they said its not for hardware. They haven't nailed the date on SENUA 2 or FLIGHT SIMUATOR or whatever THE INITIATIVE is up to. Or any other new studios.
  • BAM!!!!! Can you smell what we are cooking?!?!?!?!!
  • It had better not be overheating PS5s.
    That wouldn't be fair now.
  • The PS5 is massive. I really doubt it will over heat with as much room there is for dispersion.
  • Hopefully not.
    But they're overclocking the heck out of the GPU.
    How many PC video cards run their GPUs at 2.23GHz?
  • Lots of crack rocks?
  • I would have been more excited had they bought Sega or Bandai/Namco. Or for that kind of money, both.
  • Wow! I was losing faith in Zenimax/Bethesda and wasn't even looking forward to ES6. But now those storied franchises have been pulled back from the brink transferred to Microsoft and Phil Spencer. Shockingly good news.
  • Wow crazy acquisition! I think what's even more surprising is the amount $7.5b!!
    Now, as I always said I'd rather have these company investing money to making their own studios and creating their own games than going for an existing 3rd party company like that. That's $7.5b of MS's "gaming investment money" that didn't go into gaming or making game. Besides getting these games on day one on gamepass it brings no more added value to XB gamers. Spending that on new studios and new franchise would have meant XB gamers would have the usual Bethesda games + the games made with that $7.5b... I play quite a few Bethesda games, Fallout 4 (not the 76 bs), the Wolfenstein, Rage, Doom, Dishonored franchises... I'm looking forward to Deathloop... I really hope MS help them by giving them better resources and support to help them make greater games. I think the good news is that MS shows that they are willing to spend here, so it could only be good for Bethesda's future games, unless they try to change their games into services ofc....
  • First, $7.5B is "dinner and a movie" money for MS. They have $150B in the bank and make $11B in *net* every quarter. (Sony has earned $6B over the last three years *combined*.)
    Second, Buying the 8 studios is an AcquiHire; they added 2500 *experienced* employees.
    Third, they bought the development tools and gear already installed and working.
    Fourth, they bought the IP to be exploited in new games. If they want, they can give Fallout to Obsidian to work with while Bethesda works Starfield and Elder Scrolls. They can farm out remasters.
    Fifth, Zenimax didn't have a way to fully exploit their back catalog; EA has an old game subscription service of their own but it hasn't set the world on fire. They're joining Gamepass. The Zenimax games are just sitting out there, making no money. With XBOX BC enhancement the old games get higher resolution and higher fram rates and get a channel to reach new players. Old games are new to those that haven't played them.
    Finally, Sony has been throwing money around turning multiplat into exclusives. Would you be happy if you had to wait an extra year to get STARFIELD on XBOX like the DEAD SOULS remaster? Or not at all, like SPIDERMAN? Notice that Bethesda already had given Sony two year long exclusives. Given enough money, they might do the same to STARFIELD and ES6.
    That would be a problem.
    If Sony throwing money around is the issue, then by all means; throw money at the problem.issue
    Buy Zenimax, problem gone. As they say on the playground: "He started it."
    Sony turned multiplat games into first party exclusives and now tbey complain because MS can do tbe same to them? Tough luck. You poke the big bear, expect him to swipe back. Now, look at Zenimax as a financial investment for Gamepass alone; say it brings in ten million new subscribers at $180 a year. That's $1.8B a year. $7.5B sitting in banks earning low single digit interest vs putting the money to work... Hmm. What to do, what to do...
    Rest assured, the money *isn't* coming from the XBOX STUDIOS budget, it was literally sitting around doing nothing. Now it's put to work, generating more money. And the other 15 studios will keep on doing their thing.
    The saying is you gotta spend money to make money, well MS spent big money to make bigger money.
  • Exactly, you can't just take $7.5bn and turn it into games by throwing it into studios that already have fully funded projects. You need new talent, IP and functional infrastructure. Buying existing studios is the fastest and most reliable way to turn your cash into profit generating games and quality IP. Also there's the added bonus that the money Sony paid upfront for the two timed exclusives now goes into MS's coffers and helped pay for the development of a game/IP they now own. That being said I think Sony is going to be just fine this generation. Their brand is second to none, they've got a bunch highly anticipated games, from established studios (most of which they purchased over the last 10-15 years) with great reputations and they've also got PSVR, for which MS/xbox has no answer for (a consumer Hololens seems really far away). I'm officially looking forward to this gen now.
  • @fjtorres
    First, $7.5b is a huge amount of money in video games whichever way you want to look at it. Plus We're talking of the XB division here. PS and Nintendo does communicate on how much profit/loss they make, XB never communicates these numbers... And that doesn't mean that the money is going towards gaming, it's not. Second, but these employees were already working on making 3rd parties games. Again, this is a shortcut investment that doesn't really benefit gaming, if they had spent that money to try to get new employees, creating jobs in the process and more people working on games, means more games and better for REAL gamers. ofc for "fans" of a company they don't care, their priority is that country first before gaming and games... Third, yeah well, with $7.5b you can buy a lot of tools and gears. lol Fourth, again, MS has SO MANY unexploited IPs, what are they doing with those? Just look at what Rare has, and last generation all they could manage this gen was a kinect game, a collection of old ports and a overhyped pirate game that didn't do too well critically. Now you tell me couldn't some of that money been used to build some inner studio that worked on a new Conker, Banjo or perfect Dark? How about revive Scalebound? Fifth, I've never been for timed exclusive deals, whether it's Sony or MS doing it. And I don't mind trashing whichever company doing this. Let's not forget that MS are also very guilty of this and they have been doing this for years. When asked whether these games will come to other consoles, MS gave a typical vague "case by case" reply. ofc all that it could mean is the potential of games sold as "XB console exclusive", only to see it coming on other platforms later. This type of lies and misleading marketing is what MS already does so much. See how Ori's sequel landed on Switch even though MS told they won't be doing it? But I can understand why MS "fans" celebrate, if a game comes late on a platform or doesn't come on the competition it's more ammunition for them in their console war. They clearly did this to popularize game pass. We won't really get that much more games, just more "XB branded" games.
    For XB "fans", this is great ammo, so I can understand their joy...
    So far, this deal brought no NEW games for gamers. The only thing real gamers can hope for is more investment from MS to improve quality of the new games, and also hope that MS doesn't turn Bethseda's games into services... That it.
  • "For XB "fans", this is great ammo, so I can understand their joy...
    So far, this deal brought no NEW games for gamers. ", also consider this will bring the game faster and better ported on pc then if Sony would have bought them. Also this can mean extra remasters and crossovers (Bethesda was kind of sitting on its IP apart from a few games), which I think is exciting. And hopefully another fallout made by Obsidian again (which Obsidian really wanted but Bethesda blocked). They will not put these games behind services only, would be to much backslash and missed income (on pc/Steam at least).
  • Sony/Sony Fans, "For the PS5 we have many timed exclusives for Playstaton fants including Deathloop, GhostWire: Tokyo, Kena, Resident Evil and many more...." XBox has a weak lineup. XBox, "Sony.....Hold my beer."