Downvote deluge: Microsoft gets ratioed for its latest Surface Pro vs iPad Pro ad

The Surface Pro 7
The Surface Pro 7 (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft's latest ad pits the Surface Pro 7 against the iPad Pro.
  • The ad focuses on power, ports, price, and other areas that Microsoft believes the Surface Pro outshines the iPad Pro.
  • At the moment, the ad has hundreds of more downvotes than upvotes.

Microsoft's latest ad for the Surface Pro 7 compares the versatile 2-in-1 to Apple's iPad Pro. This isn't the first time that these devices have been put head-to-head, and it certainly won't be the last. The ad focuses on the differences between the devices, such as form factor, operating system, and accessories, rather than just comparing the devices by specs.

The ad shows off the Surface Pro 7's kickstand, Type Cover, and port selection. It also highlights that the Surface Pro 7 is a full PC, rather than "just a tablet" like the iPad Pro. It concludes with a price comparison of the devices, which leans in the Surface Pro 7's favor.

While the ad seems innocent enough, people on the internet don't appear to agree. At the time of publication, it has 1,300 downvotes vs 933 upvotes. Getting ratioed is fairly common online, especially on YouTube. With many people already firmly in either the Microsoft or Apple camp, it's normal to see people come out in droves against what they view as competition.

Advertisements are subjective in value, but this latest ad from Microsoft seems to make more sense than Intel's latest campaign against Apple hardware. While the Surface Pro 7 and iPad Pro are both fine pieces of tech, they are different in several key areas.

Our sister site iMore's iPad Pro review calls it "the ultimate 2-in-1 for everyone." Our Surface Pro 7 review says that "Microsoft's king of the 2-in-1s retains its crown." Depending on your needs and wants in a 2-in-1, both of those headlines can be accurate.

If you're debating between the two devices, we have a piece comparing the iPad Pro 2020 vs the Surface Pro 7.

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