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Dropbox steps outside the box with colorful rebrand

Dropbox has announced a somewhat drastic redesign (via The Verge) today that will see the company supplanting its typical white-and-blue scheme for a bit more color in its logo and advertising. As part of the redesign, Dropbox has embraced a new, flatter logo that, while it still looks like the company's signature box, is a bit more abstract. That's in addition to a new typeface, called Sharp Grotesk, that will accompany branding.

The design refresh is largely a rebranding exercise that Dropbox plans to use to convey itself as a platform for creativity. The focus on creatives is overwhelmingly evident in Dropbox's explanation of the refresh, in which the company proclaims it wants to "unleash the world's creative energy."

All of that said, Dropbox still remains relatively conservative once you sign in, sticking to its blue-and-white color scheme and blue logo when viewing your files. The new design elements will be much more prominent in advertising as it attempts to reel in new users. In an interview with AdWeek, Dropbox CMO Carolyn Feinstein hinted at how we'll likely see the new, more colorful Dropbox used:

What this allows us to do is in different environments express ourselves in a way that makes sense for that situation. Sometimes, especially in products when we want to back up a little bit and put the showcase on the work and people using our products, we will stay really blue and white. In other cases, our palette is much richer and able to flex into different environments in the places we might show up while also giving a nod to the creativity of our users.

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  • And today we already got an update for Dropbox app for Windows 10 (mobile) with the new tile. I'd say that's pretty fast for a Windows phone.😊
  • Only because rudy works there.
  • Good guy Rudy hasn't left us.😁
  • Oh, Rudy wants to ignore us, but he feels bad.. Trust me. He's stuck between a rock, and a hard place.
  • If he feels bad to leave us, that makes him a good guy I think. Somebody else would just turn his back, and find an excuse for that.😉
  • That's true.. Very true.
  • I just updated and still clear tile with white logo
  • I think the logo is a slightly different shape now
  • Dropbox and AutoCAD mobile are the two apps with the most frequent updates on windows phone
  • I haven't logged into my Dropbox account in years.  Not sure if it's even still active.  No big loss though since I only had like 2GB worth of storage on there. 
  • Oh, good grief, IT'S A STORAGE SERVICE.  "Creativity", my rear end.
  • Just because you don't care about design doesn't mean everyone else doesn't. A user interface design can break or improve a program/web service.
  • totally agree with you!
  • It is, but I thought the change was supposed to have color
  • Im sorry but this is a mediocre attempt (at best) for a creative marketing team to show their worth. If their aim is to reach new 'creative' users then saying 'look, we have our box/checkerboard logo in different colour hues' is a poor attempt at conversion. I'm sure these 'creatives' would know how to use a saturation and hue colour slider in literally any image editting program.   Perhaps they should highlight how quick it is to transfer a photo shoot to mobile device to editting suite in the studio??