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DTS:X spatial surround sound coming to Windows 10, Xbox One

Windows 10 and Xbox One already support Dolby Atmos for spatial surround sound, but an alternative is on its way. Support for DTS:X, an object-based spatial surround sound standard, will be available for Insiders to test "in the coming weeks," according to a tweet from Microsoft audio lead Steven Wilssens (via Windows Latest).

Further, Xbox users will also eventually be able to take advantage of DTS:X. From Wilssens:

We also have DTS coming to PC and Xbox in the coming weeks. It will be available to the PC Insider audience first and then move to Xbox. Once any issues have been ironed out, they will move to the PC and Xbox audiences that are on retail builds.

It's worth noting that the DTS:X Ultra app, which will allow users to control audio effects, is already up on the Microsoft Store (opens in new tab). However, it can't, at least currently, be installed.

For those who may prefer Dolby Atmos, you're not being left out in the cold here, either. In another tweet, Wilssens added that Microsoft is planning to roll out some enhancements to the Atmos experience across both Xbox One and PC. They include "enablement enahncements (PC & XB1), laptop speakers (PC), customization (PC & x XB1), and Dolby Atmos upmixing for legacy channel based content with home receivers (Xbox)," according to Wilssens.

There's no concrete timeline on any of this, but Insiders should expect to get access to the DTS:X app in "the coming weeks."

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  • A few typos in this, Dan
  • Wicked 😁
    I love what the Atmos does for my on-board audio. Any enhancement on TOP of that is very welcome 🙂
  • How about giving us true bitstreaming?
  • Woo! Glad to have another stardard for spatial sound. However, I would like to see more media support Atmos, DTS:X and other spatial surround formats. Currently only BF1 supports Atmos, and Netflix makes you pay extra for atmos+4k. The spatial media experience is somewhat lopsided on PC currently, suffering a similar fate as 4k playback due to DRM and strange requirements. BlueRay + a capable player is the most viable option mostly, unless you want to pay for a premium Netflix account, Top tier streaming account (various platforms), and also have a network deemed capable of 4k. Streaming in 4K also requires a 7th gen Intel processor or AMD ryzen chip, as well as an HDCP-compliant AVR. (Or a $20 dongle from China to bypass the DRM requirement)
  • That is not right, some Indie-Games support Atmos too, but plan to switch to DTS:X because it's more like a game works. Like you tell the Graphics Card "render this object on this position", now you tell the sound processor "render this sound on this position".
  • Glade to hear it as well.