Dying Light 2 features an exponentially larger map and multiple endings

Dying Light 2 Stay Human
Dying Light 2 Stay Human (Image credit: Techland S.A.)

Recently, Techland revealed Dying Light 2 for Xbox One at Microsoft's E3 2018 media briefing. The game came as a surprise and goes in a radically new direction where your choices not only impact your relationship with other characters, but also how the city evolves over time. It's unclear if zombies are the main focus this time around because the gameplay footage mostly showed off how certain factions control the city during the day.

In a report by Twinfinite, the outlet mentioned that Dying Light 2 will feature multiple endings due to its branching story. Considering that there are so many path to go down and so many choices, the endings might be radically different. However, whenever this promise has been made in the past, the results have mostly been slight variations rather than meaningful diversions.

Apart from that, the website was able to confirm that Dying Light 2's map is four times larger than the first game and just as dangerous. Dying Light always felt like a massive world so it's great to see Techland push the technology further. Hopefully it'll be filled with copious amounts of enemies and feature the same verticality as the prequel.

Dying Light 2 is expected to launch in 2019 but we don't have a concrete release date yet. We'll keep you posted as soon as we know more. Until then, be sure to gawk at the gorgeous gameplay trailer. So far, the only confirmation we have is that the game will be Xbox One X enhanced.

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