EA Sports UFC comes to The Vault December 18

EA has announced that EA Sports UFC will be joining The Vault starting on December 18, giving All Access members unlimited game play to every mode. EA says that the UFC title is the seventh addition to The Vault for binge play on Xbox One.

EA SPORTS UFC lets you feel the fight with the most realistic take on Mixed Martial Arts ever achieved. Train your custom character to take on the world, or play as any of the legendary MMA fighters, past or present, in thrilling battles. The action, emotion, and intensity of the Octagon are brought to life like never before.

The Vault also contains access to Battlefield 4, Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare, Need for Speed Rivals, Madden NFL 25, FIFA 14, and Peggle 2.

Source: EA

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  • Too bad it's not my type of game...
  • Pretty good game when you play people who don't just try to do take-downs for points. Can be fun. Give it a shot guys!
  • Kind of like watching real matches. Hate when fighters just "point it out" in a match.
  • Can you play online against others or is it just local?
  • It has online multiplayer.
  • Excellent! Thanks Paul ;)
  • Well I'm selling my copy of it now
  • Hahahahaha, I just paid $13.20 (digital version). Sweet deal that. It very entertaining and faaaaar better than wrestling games.
  • So did I and I'm a vault subscriber too, bugger that was $13 wasted!
  • Most, if not all EA games will get there. They just gotta make that money first before they put 'em in there. Money makers will probably take longer. My 2 centavos.
  • I'm waiting for NHL 15 to go to the vault so I can sell that.
  • I didn't buy NHL '15 because I was waiting for it to go to the vault. I'll wait 6 months for a game so I don't have to buy it. The next one is Dragon Age that I'm also waiting for.
  • So close to jumping on the EA Access offer. But I need a basketball game too, would swing it. Peggle leaderboards would help too. Anyone any idea of any other games that may appear?
  • I'm happy enough with it so far based on PvZ alone for the past month lol. And BF4. Suppose the flip side is that EA Access subscribers also get discounts on purchasing EA games.
  • I have Plants v Zombies. Only really Peggle I want. And Peggle is £4 this week.
  • Peggle 2 has leaderboards now. :)
  • Game changer...
  • EA Access is awesome =)
  • I knew it was coming soon,when it went on sale for $13.00.
  • I knew this game would join the vault anytime soon, so I didn't even thought about buying it :P . Nice!
  • Yes!! Was looking forward to this.
  • True...the vault didnt change the offer latelly. I was even thinking on leaving the subscription.
  • EA Access is such good value! It paid itself back like.. 4 vault games ago :D They just keep nailing it!
  • Nhl 14 need to get there now!
  • Just purchased it on black Friday
  • great value,for 5 bucks