What you need to know

  • EA just posted a video of a cup with steam coming out of it.
  • It seems like the company is teasing its return to Steam.
  • No more details were provided aside from the cryptic video.

Today, EA posted a video of a cup with steam coming out of it on its official Twitter account. While many thought that the company was trying to sell you merchandise, it seems like it may be signaling EA's return to Steam.

No official announcement has been made this the video was posted, but one may occur early next week. We'll keep you posted as soon as we know more. This follows a Twitter post earlier this month suggesting backend changes preparing for Origin and Steam to cross paths once again.

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EA has its own store called Origin, but it doesn't seem like many PC gamers care about it. The move back to Steam may be a great way to boost sales. It's no secret that EA hasn't had the best time with games lately. Anthem was a colossal disappointment and even after all these months, it's still plagued with issues. Going back to Steam may at least boost sales.