Earn up to $60 worth of Xbox Live Rewards points by buying five digital Xbox One games

Microsoft is aiming to give Xbox One gamers some extra credit to use for buying games, movies or TV shows for the console. The company has just launched a new promotion that will give members of its free Xbox Live Rewards program up to 60,000 extra points, a $60 value.

Obviously, you have to sign up for Xbox Live Rewards first. Microsoft says:

"Then, go to the Xbox Store on your Xbox One or on the Web and buy or pre-order one of these exclusive, digital games: Halo 5: Guardians, Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, Forza Motorsport 6, Rise of the Tomb Raider, or Rare Replay. You'll earn between 3,000 and 6,000 rewards credits for each of the five titles you purchase up to 25,000 rewards credits!"As an added bonus: if you buy all five titles, you'll get an additional 35,000 Rewards Credits for a total of 60,000 rewards credits (a $60 value)! These reward credits get converted into your local currency and are deposited to your Microsoft account where you can use them to enjoy more blockbuster digital games, game add-ons, or the latest movies & TV shows."

This special promotion ends on January 7, 2016. People who have already pre-ordered or bought one or more games before October 27 won't get the individual credits for each game. However, Microsoft says that anyone who buys all five games between June 16 and January 7 will still get the bonus credit of 35,000 points.

Source: Major Nelson, Xbox Live Rewards{.nofollow}

John Callaham
  • It's not really worth it at the end, you're wasting more money than you are spending.
  • If you planned on buying these games it promotes buying for the Xbox store directly. But if you don't plan on buying five games, I agree with you
  • "...you're wasting more money than you are spending." What the hell does that even mean? :)
  • LOL
  • Some people after just------
  • I would assume he means that if you buy the tiles on sale at stores you will save more than the $60 you get from this deal. But those will of course be physical copies, which is good to some people and bad to others.
  • How? You get six great games and get $60 free
  • You can buy them significantly cheaper in store, and save a lot more than $60.
  • Those games aren't significantly cheaper in store.
  • Yes, they are.
  • Best Buy Gamers Club, save 20% off new games Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I won't buy digital again. You can't get your money back, can't sell them. And prices are still crazy so I might as well buy something that's physical and can sell later
  • It costs the same for the game either way, but I don't have to carry a disc from room to room (I have three Xbox Ones), I can't lose the disc, I can't damage the disc, and I can't misfile it. I have Halo 1, 2, 3, 4, Reach, ODST, Halo Wars, and now Halo 5, so what do I care about resale value? I'll never buy a physical copy again.
  • Interesting little promotion. I'll wait and see if some of these games drop in price(gears of war being the strongest candidate) and maybe ill get them
  • Amen can I hear another! You need to join me on Saturday ... Www.twitch.com/windowscentral massdeduction I want to see you in chat!
  • It absolutely does NOT cost the same. Digital games are very often full retail price while you can simply order many games through amazon for 35 or 40 bucks which is much cheaper and then still have the option of selling that physical copy. People that argue for digital copies tend to say things that are not true just so they don't feel bad about their decision to spend more money than necessary. Sure you may have to wait about a month for the price to drop on amazon but that's not a big deal assuming that you do not buy every single game out there on day 1. I would hope you have better things to do than playing every single game imaginable on day 1
  • On day one, Assassins Creed Syndicate is £55 digital, and £42 physical (If you go to the correct shop), that's a £13 saving - So you don't even need to wait for an amazon price drop in that particular case - That's also the physical price at a widespread UK supermarket, so you can go out day one, or at midnight and pick it up soon as it's available. It's not a lot of money in the grand scheme of things, but £13 is a lot to pay for the convenience of no disc
  • Halo 5 - £32.64, from the Xbox Store. Had to change region to Singapore, but can't argue with the savings (bought digital so went halves with brother-in-law, 1 licence each).
  • And that's the way to do it lol im all digital this Gen with my bro
  • How do you share a digital copy with someone? I never knew you could do that.
  • Do people damage discs? I have been using discs since the Sega CD, and have never had a damaged disc... And I am not über protective of them
  • I'd buy more games digitally but I can often get them for about £5 - £10 less if I just go to Tesco in the UK. I was surprised to see that Halo 5 is only £5 more for the digital version. If you look at the latest Assassins Creed though, that costs £55 digital, but only £42 physical, so a pretty good saving on that one in particular. Not enough to make a huge difference in a one off purchase, but if you buy 5-10 games a year you could add up to an extra game. I suppose you are paying for the convenience with Digital so it's good there's an option
  • Forgive the copypasta from above but: Halo 5 - £32.64, from the Xbox Store. Had to change region to Singapore, but can't argue with the savings (bought digital so went halves with brother-in-law, 1 licence each).
  • I bought halo 5 for 58 dollars instead of 99 dollars, at launch from a brick and mortar, that trumps your saving.
  • Im the exact opposite, so I always buy physical if I can. One Xbox one and 2 360s, never lost a disc and never damaged a disc.
  • Lol if xb1 ends up like 360 "content not available" or not registering that season pass content is being downloaded(common problem for turn 10 games) because their not bothering to update the xb1 download history then I could see people getting pissed just as much as they do about 360
  • I have over 500 digitally purchased Xbox 360 games, and no problem with any of them.
  • Well if u have a friend to split the cost of a digital game with, u never have the need to sell it. Pay $30 each and ur the same as if u bought it new and sold it to Gamestop. I've been doing it for the past 18 months and buy twice as many games because of it. And we can play at the same time, together on XBL.
  • Yep all digital for me as well
  • I'm never buying a physical copy again. I hate swapping discs, they also make more noise and risk getting scratched.
    Haven't bought disc based games for PC the last 8 years, bought one disc based game for xb1 last year and have regretted it ever since.
  • I don't think the Disc drive makes any noise on the XB1 once the game is installed - There are definitely other conveniences to digital purchases though
  • You also can't share a physical copy and still play it at the same time, you risk damaging it, or losing it. Some people prefer digital (tha majority of the gaming community for instance) It's the future of gaming so you should probably get used to it. Consoles are behind PC in nearly everything, so its just the next step for them.
  • I probably won't buy disc again. When a friend invites me to a game, no matter which game, I just accept. Don't have to run and get the disc, and deal with all that. I pay for the convenience for sure.
  • Personally I buy digitally for all sports games. They're not worth anything unless you sell or trade them in the first 5 months.
  • This is very true. Most of the resell places around me (other than Gamestop) won't even take a sports game unless its the current one or the year before. And even when Gamestop does, it's a small value.
  • I will but digital only if I don't get a good deal before hand on the disc. After E3, BestBuy had a sale of 20% off any 2 our more preorders, so I preorders ask my games for the year. That beats the Xbox store hands down. It is all about the initial cost, I don't care about selling the changes afterwards... Normally by the time I want to sell them they aren't worth much
  • Interesting little promotion, if these games drop price ill definitely get them, but I already preordered Halo 5
  • Too bad Microsoft screwed over their most loyal fans by not giving you these rewards to people who already pre-purchased these games.
  • Uh if you are registered Rewards member it'll still register them. I have Forza and Gears and they both showed up. I'm sure Halo 5 is the same. I got it physical and I'm sure once I sign into Xbox it'll show up as I owned it on Xbox Rewards.
  • Negative, the FAQ itself states that if you purchased before the promo began then that game isn't eligible for the rewards credits.
  • But... If you were on rewards program from the start you got credits.
  • You did, but significantly fewer credits. It's really bizarre that they would punish pre-purchasers like this when they should be rewarding them more.
  • Promotions tend to always go like that. Your purchases haven't decreased in value as you still got what you paid for. And while you're having a crack at MS for being unfair, just think of those with a ps4 that have to repurchase BC games.
  • yeah, I literally preordered tomb raider hours before I got the email of this promotion. never gonna preorder until last day any more, I feel l left out by MS since can't rebuy it... totally unfair.
  • Oh boo-freaking-hoo. You bought the game on its own merits, not with the clairvoyance of knowing they'd implement this sweetener. Deal with it.
  • Jesus you are such a fucking whine bag. Grow the fuck up and stop bitching about everything. Do you get pissed when you go grocery shopping and shit you buy is on sale the next week too? Nobody is under any obligation to please you, so man up and deal with it.
  • Go take your sociopathic ramblings elsewhere. You are a terrible human being, I have no respect for you, and I have no interest in your ignorant comments--never mind that your grocery shopping analogy is a false analogy, indicating you have no idea how logic works.
  • It is not a false analogy, but if you'd like I'll make an even better one, if you buy a game on steam and it goes on sale later, do you expect to get anything of it? Face it, you're a whiny little shit with nothing better to do than complain. Wahh I lost gestures, wahh someone got a game cheaper than me, I'm getting screwed. Grow up.
  • Terrible deal. I can save closer to 150 bucks by buying the games in store rather than online.
  • Look above, I saved £13 on Halo 5 on the Xbox Store.
  • Yeah, and I saved $40 by buying it in a store, which even with conversion is still more than your £13.
  • I get 8% cash back on anything I buy digital use to be 10%. Dropped last month.buy what you want.
  • Im thinking about this. Ive gone all digital on pc and xbox for years now. The reselling I have no interest. I like what I buy!
  • Is this USA only (as usual) or open to anyone in the world?
  • Anyone on Xbox Live.
  • I got a notification for this promotion and I'm in Australia.
  • It is open to all countries with Xbox Rewards. As of today that is US, UK, Canada, Mexico, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Italy, Spain, Taiwan, Sweden, Brazil, Netherlands and Belgium for 13+ years old. Norway 18+ years old
  • Best BUy + GCU's still better, IMO. Plus, with Black Friday inside of a month from now, no reason ot blow money on overpriced digital titles.
  • This deal does go until January I think
  • I love BB GC Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Resale prices are a joke as I take ages to finish games, hence I buy digital, but I tend to wait for the sales first.
  • In Germany you get 50.000 reward points that are worth 40,50€. To get this amount of points you have to buy games worth 240€. So in fact it's a shit offer.
  • Why is it? Rather than your irrational knee-jerk response, how about you give a valid reason why you believe "it's a shit offer"?
  • Coip is right it stinks. As a day one edition owner in used to it though. Take better care of loyal users.
  • How does it stink? Didn't you buy the game for the single reason of playing it? You people, always wanting something for nothing. Christ.
  • Microsoft has a better deal if you buy physical from http://Microsoftstore.com. You get 15000 points for each physical pre order that ships before the end of the year.
  • That's if you want disks
  • Too bad no street fighter 5 for Xbox
  • Unfortunately I bought most already wished they back dated for the ones we bought already
  • But if you preorder through the Microsoft store, you get 15,000 per game. Where were you when that started, WC?!
  • Well gears is the only one I don't have...
  • bummer, i bought forza 6 over live when it came out