EasySMX V07W Wireless Gaming Headset review: Convenience on a budget

The Easy in the name isn't a coincidence.

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The gaming headset market is jam-packed with fierce competition. Premium brands like SteelSeries, Turtle Beach, and HyperX dominate consumer sales and mind-share, but often times that brand recognition comes at a price. Sometimes you just want an inexpensive headset that just works.

I recently spent some time with a lesser known brand's wireless gaming headset and walked away very pleased, especially considering the price point. If you're shopping on a bit of a budget, the EasySMX V07W offers incredible value and solid performance.

How is the EasySMX V07W's sound quality?

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CompatabilityXbox (Wired - 3.5mm) PC/PS4 (Wireless - 2.4GHz) Switch/Mobile (Wired - 3.5mm)
Charging time2.5 Hours
Battery life8 Hours
Battery capacity800mAh
Wireless range15 meters
Charging methodMicro-USB

When reviewing a headset, sound quality is almost always the most important factor, especially when it comes to gaming. Impressive audio can help immerse the player in the experience and poor audio quality can have the complete opposite effect. Great audio can even be the difference between spotting an enemy during a match and a disappointing loss. During my sessions with the EasySMX V07W, I felt the drivers genuinely delivered in some areas, while struggling in others.

Let's start with the low-end, where this headset absolutely shines. I was genuinely impressed by how much bass impact the V07W delivered. During shootouts or explosions in Cyberpunk 2077, this added some impressive weight to the actions my character was performing. I could feel the rumble of my car starting up or collisions with pursuing vehicles. If you're a fan of sub-bass, this headset will not disappoint.

The mid and high-end frequencies, on the other hand, are another story. While the audio quality wasn't poor, I'm a bit of purist and noticed a distinct loss of clarity in brighter sounds like glass shattering or weapons being unsheathed. I could immediately tell a difference in character's voice lines when playing comfort games like Smite. It's easier to ignore in action-focused games like Gears 5 or Call of Duty, but don't count on crystal clear clairty from this headset.

How is the design of the EasySMX V07W?

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From a design perspective, the EasySMx V07W is a fairly traditional gaming headset. It comes in a simple black with over-ear cushions and a foam-padded headband with metal accents. It looks like many others on the market. This simplicity make it a safe choice, but if you're someone who wants to add a little flair to their setup, you have the option of toggling on a color changing RBG light for maximum gaming energy.

When it comes to overall comfort, I didn't have any major complaints with the V07W. The padded headband and ear cushions remained fairly comfortable even during extended gaming marathons. The over-ear cups weren't exceptional by any means, but they were relatively soft and provided enough give to keep from causing discomfort to my ears. I was also able to walk out to my kitchen and grab a snack without losing connection, which adds some serious points to the convenience factor.

My biggest issue in the design department lies in the placement of the audio controls. The volume slider and microphone on/off toggle are located along the left ear cup and acccessing them requires an inconvenient level of precision and finesse. In many cases, I had to take the headset off to be able to properly adjust audio levels or mute my microphone, which was especially inconveinent during intense PVP sessions where communication is critical.

How compatible is this headset?

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The EasySMX V07W is compatible with any device that supports a 3.5mm connection, which meants it's incredibly simple to transfer between different consoles, phones, or computers. The option to disconnect the included arm microphone also made this headset far more viable for listening to music on the go. I was able to quickly and easily use this headset on my Xbox, PC, and even Switch.

There are some caveats to using this headset wirelessly, however as only select devices support the included USB wireless receiver. If you're playing on PC or PS4, you'll be able to fully take advantage of the EasySMX V07W's 2.4GHz wireless communication, but you'll need to use the included 3.5mm cable with every other device. So while this headset does offer wireless gaming at an affordable price, it's only truly wireless with a handful of devices.

That being said, wireless setup on my PC was a breeze and literally took less than 30 seconds to get going. Just plug in the USB receiver, power on the headset, and you're good to go. It was that easy. Doing a general battery test, I was able to get an average of 6-8 hours of continous use off a single charge. This isn't industry leading by any means, but it's more than enough for a solid day of gaming.

Bottom line: Should you buy the EasySMX V07W Gaming Headset?

Gaming is an expensive hobby and it's perfectly OK to shop with price in mind. There are plenty of companies that will try to convince you that you need to spend $200+ to get a quality gaming headset, but the reality is that $200 is a whole lotta money. The EasySMX V07W objectively doesn't deliver the same premium experience as other far more expensive models, but at this price point, there's no denying the value.

This headset delivers amazing low-end response, wireless capabilities, fun customization, and tons of flexibility for around $80 (at the time of this writing, you can get it for just $59 for the holidays). Despite my reservations about overall audio clarity and limited wireless functionality with certain devices, I would still absolutely recommend the EasySMX V07W to someone who wants a solid wireless gaming headset for PC at an unbeatable price.

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