The Economist app goes universal, but crashes abound

If you're a business news junky, you'll be glad to know that The Economist app is now a universal app across all Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile devices. However, there's one big catch here: the app currently crashes when loading on both desktop and mobile. We're sure the developer is aware of the crash issue, and we'd expect an update to be pushed out relatively soon.

Still, it's great to see another app added to the universal stable. If you're a subscriber to The Economist, here's what you can look forward to with the app:

  • Each week's issue available from 9pm London time on Thursday
  • Download issues to your Windows device to read without an internet connection (if enabled in Settings)
  • Switch easily between reading and streaming The Economist in audio (when connected to the internet)
  • Subscribe from within the app and receive full access to The Economist on Windows, Android tablets, Android smartphones, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry PlayBook and

The Economist subscribers will get access to articles from the full print edition, while non-subscribers can register for a free account and get access to select picks. Again, it's unfortunate that the update is hampered with crash issues at the moment, but hopefully they're worked out sooner rather than later.

Thanks to @sledgehamma for the tip!

Download The Economist from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

Dan Thorp-Lancaster is the former Editor-in-Chief of Windows Central. He began working with Windows Central, Android Central, and iMore as a news writer in 2014 and is obsessed with tech of all sorts. You can follow Dan on Twitter @DthorpL and Instagram @heyitsdtl

  • The app looks really nice, including a notes section and some nifty animations/transitions. Hopefully, they'll fix the login/crash issue ASAP. This may be too early for the Store or maybe they uploaded the wrong version (it happens).
  • I've certainly been there haha
  • Doesn't crash for me on desktop, only on mobile. Finally more and more apps are coming!
  • The Chive anyone? Remember how that app broke the phone so bad you had to hard reset to fix (even after uninstalling)...
  • Hey Dan and John, can we get download links back in the WC app or is this another lost cause?
  • How about one that is optimized for wm10 I have used it on 3 diff phones with the same issue takes forever to load the full article
  • They're beginning to look like so many other apps that aren't taking the platform seriously. And their silence on the issue is deafening.
  • Dan said on Ask Dan they're working on a Windows 10 app and a beta will be out soon. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • In a few weeks or so.
  • That's good to hear!
    Now, what about the download link?
  • The app looks reasonably fine now on the latest build 10549. I guess we can wait for the Universal app which will be out sooner rather than later.
  • The app shows download links for apps but only for non-tracking URLs. See here for details:
  • Still this shows that there are zero checks for the store ... If they don't even verify that an app can even open they are not checking anything
  • LOL ... You clearly don't know what you're talking about.
  • Explain
  • Just one example: If it's crashing during startup/auth, there's a good chance that the server is returning an unexpected result / behavior when authentication is attempted, causing the app to crash. Likely that the server was working as expected during development and certification. Stuff like this happens when different teams own the app, security services, and app/data services.
  • Thanks that makes since..hey maybe someone just forget to flip that switch on the server
  • Sounds like the "so called" universal app from The Weather Channel.
  • I decided farewell windows mobile I'm tired of half promise and lack of apps will change for android any way I can use microsoft stuff dare with all the benefits of android so cheers my friends!!!!
  • See ya
  • Good bye and good luck with Android.
  • Bye bye boy :D
  • Dont let the door hit you on the way out.
  • I did that. Grab a nice phone and you will be fine Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Fun to see "download issues" as a feature. :P Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Hope they fix it soon! I'll probably get a subscription.
  • A bit too blue for my liking :P.
  • Wow. Finally. I've only kept my old iPhone 4 to play Economist audio on my way to work. I can finally ditch the old monstrosity.
  • Wish there was a WSJ app.
  • I'm pleased to say I downloaded and used the app just fine on my 1520.3 running 10536. (Crashing is just a terrible way to start off a new fancy dancy universal app.). Looks like a very good app. The note taking feature is intriguing, but I'll need to spend some time to see how I'll use it.
  • Testing? Yeah, we"ve heard of it
  • There have been many good universal apps right now. Still as these apps are now more used on mobile devices snd Microsoft lack of good market share in mobile hasn't convinced few of imp devs like snapchat to make a universal app. Though that guy has a personal problem with Microsoft. But today many things are mobile only like one won't use today snapchat on a desktop or maybe not a tablet too. These things really hurts Microsoft everytime.
  • It was one of the reasons I left windows phone.
    I like to read it and I'm a paid subscriber, was feeling left behind Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Works fine for me on the desktop.  I look forward to seeing how it works on W10M when the update is released.