Edifier R1850DB speakers review: Bookshelf size, huge sound

A two-speaker system with excellent sound and build quality.

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There are a lot of speakers on the market, ranging from small plastic devices that offer tinny sound, up to multi-thousand dollar setups that promise to bathe you in the best audio possible. In between, there are plenty of two-speaker systems that offer enough sound for most people to appreciate while also keeping the price down.

Edifier makes a lot of speakers, but I have here the R1850DB bookshelf speakers. You'll pay about $200 for these so they're not exactly budget, but after using them for a week I came away impressed.

What you'll love about the Edifier R1850DB speakers

The R1850DB speakers are made from medium-density fiberboard for a solid feel, and they have a sleek "piano finish" with black color that lets them blend in easily just about wherever they sit. They might be a bit big to actually place on some bookshelves, but it's definitely an option. The speakers have a 10-degree angle at the front to better direct sound, and you can choose to leave the fabric cover on or off.

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Power outputTwo 16W
Two 19W
Treble driver19 mm silk dome
Bass driver4-inch (116 mm)
InputsRCA, AUX, Optical, Coaxial, Bluetooth 4.0
Dimensions8.8 inches x 6.1 inches x 10 inches (per speaker)
223.52 mm x 154.94 mm x 254 mm

With the front cover removed — it comes off very easily but also doesn't sit loosely on its mounts — you have a view of the 19 mm treble driver and 4-inch mid-range and woofer driver. I prefer keeping the cover on, but it also looks great without and even has a second Edifier logo beneath the cover. These active speakers offer excellent sound. It's full, it gets very loud, and it remains clear. The speakers seem balanced and put together well, and there are no annoying vibrations or rattles when the volume is cranked.

These speakers are a perfect addition to most homes thanks to full, clear sound, relatively compact size and a sturdy build, and plenty of input options.

The kit contains the two speakers, a long cable (about 15 feet) for connecting the two, a 3.5 mm AUX to RCA cable, an RCA to RCA cable (perfect for an old record player), and a simple remote control with separate volume control for each speaker as well is quick-hit buttons for different inputs. The back of the speaker handles AUX, RCA, optical, and coaxial, and you can also connect your modern devices with Bluetooth. Also on the back are three dials for manual control of treble, bass, and volume.

Setup took about 10 minutes from unboxing to playing sound, and the hardest part was figuring out where I wanted to place them. Overall I really didn't have any problems with these speakers and have enjoyed using them for records, movies, and music from my phone. You never know what might go wrong, but Edifier seems confident enough that it's offering a two-year warranty.

What you'll dislike about the Edifier R1850DB speakers

There's really not a lot to dislike about these speakers. Edifier keeps them relatively simple while relying on great sound to build a reputation. At $200 they're certainly not as cheap as you can go, but I think it's a fair price to pay for what you're getting here.

The only thing I'd watch out for is the bass. If you're someone who needs the utmost bass no matter what audio you're listening to, you'll definitely want something a bit more robust. Here you get enough to balance out the sound well, but it won't feel like your chest is going to implode. Luckily, there is a subwoofer output included if you'd like to turn this 2.0 setup into a 2.1 setup with an extra sub you have lying around.

Should you buy the Edifier R1850DB speakers?

If you're looking for a quality set of speakers that can fit on a bookshelf yet won't look out of place elsewhere in your home — like on either side of a TV or in a corner with your record player — Edifier's R1850DB system will do the trick.

These speakers deliver full, loud sound and look good doing it. They're built well, they have a beautiful black finish, and they come with a two-year warranty to back up your purchase. Some might feel a bit more bass is needed, but for that, there's a subwoofer output waiting to be used.

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