EE to consider terminating its relationship with Carphone Warehouse

EE is looking to pull out of its partnership with Carphone Warehouse, with a decision to be reached following a review of its consumer retail strategy. Should the largest mobile operator in the UK terminate dealings with the retailer, it will be a sizeable blow leaving just O2 and Vodafone as viable options through Carphone Warehouse. The move would see EE deal directly with consumers, eliminating third-party retailers.

The UK mobile operator is a joint venture between Orange and Deutsche Telekom. Gervais Pellissier, the deputy chief executive of Orange, commented on how he wanted to see EE rely less on third-party retailers and drive sales by dealing direct to consumers. A EE spokesman failed to comment on negotiations, but did highlight how the company is reviewing its strategy:

"While we do not comment specifically on ongoing negotiations, we can confirm that we're formally reviewing our distribution strategy, primarily in the consumer space, with a view to fewer, deeper partnerships, based on value and shared ambitions."

Carphone Warehouse is currently looking to merge with consumer technology retailer Currys (owned by Dixons), which would be hit hard by potential retractions. EE will also be reviewing its partnership with retailer Phones 4u.

Source: The Telegraph[

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  • Phones4U offer really lucrative discounts and early upgrade, will be a shame if they go. CPW  on the otherhand, is okay to go.
  • CPW have served me fine since I got my Siemens S6 on one2one
  • I like carphone warehouse, they have really good customer service, the woman in mine even remembers your name when you've not been in for months. Three is still available through carphone warehouse I believe, so who cares if EE pull out, they're a terrible operator.
  • EE can just stop existing for me to be happy I'm stuck with a year left on my contract and the worst customer service ever cant wait to get back to o2
  • I can't agree more. I used to work for t-mobile, and still have a staff contract, but EE are just awful. I'm jumping to 02 when this contract is up.
  • This is a shame, unless EE can offer the same level of discounts these third parties offer.
  • Why wouldn't everyone just be on o2? It's better all-round in every aspect of phones on offer, price and customer service? Not one of my friends is on o2 and they do my fuc£ing nut in with their daily complaints!
  • Because some of us will not settle for anything less than unlimited data. I'm on T Mobile with unlimited data.
  • Because O2's signal is useless if your not in a major town or city.
  • ^^ This. Shit in my office too. Plus their handset range is abysmal now, ever since they sucked Apple's cock with the iPhoon.
  • They can close all their stores anyways. pretty useless points of sale without any help or support what so ever
  • This is bad news. Their stock of windows phones is extremely limited. They don't sell the 1520 had to get mine through a 3rd party retailer.
  • All the operators are failing in some way or another, ive been with them all over the years.  Right now im with Vodafone and EE.  3G is bad enough in London on ALL the networks,  for Vodafone 4G in London is pants - go outside of london and its non existant. EE seems to have the largest area coverage but the customer service is rubbish.  O2 was good, not sure what they are like now though.  I think GiffGaff (uses the O2 network) might be my next stop as they are dirt cheap compared to the others if you have an unlocked phone and contract is up..
  • Non existant outside London on Vodafone 4G. Best tell my phone that its wrong since we apparently have it in Greater Manchester and a series of other larger urban areas too. Or Vodafone are lying.
  • EE is just rubbish. They have many large stores but no demo phones. Their customer service is quite poor too. O2 and Vodafone are much better. CPW wouldn't worry at all. Posted via Windows Phone Central App