Eggs Out, a Windows 10 Mobile game for the Humpty Dumpty in all of us

I've said it before and I'll say it again: sometimes the simplest games are the best. Eggs Out is a glowing example of the power of simplicity in gaming. The Windows 10 Mobile game has you predicting where an egg will land after falling through a maze of obstacles.

Mechanics are simple and the graphics take on a minimalist approach, but look good. Eggs Out spares the flash and complexity some games may have to deliver and enjoyable, somewhat addictive game. Eggs out is a free game for Windows 10 Mobile and Windows Phone 8.1 (including low-memory devices).

If I had to describe Eggs Out in two words it would be simple and fun. Simple as it relates to the design and mechanics of the game. Fun as it relates to the overall experience Eggs Out presents.

Eggs Out

The primary menu offers you the options to play the game, mute the sound, view your egg styles and view the gaming challenges. The free game is ad supported, though a $0.99 in-app purchase can remove those ads.

When you first launch Eggs Out, a brief tutorial screen appears to illustrate how to play the game and the scoring goals. I could not find a way to revisit this screen without re-installing the game, but gameplay isn't very difficult to pick-up if you accidentally skip over the tutorial.

The game screen has the egg suspended at the top of the screen with an assortment of bricks, blocks and other items the egg bounces off of as it drops. Once you have evaluated a puzzle level, simply tap the screen where you believe the egg will stop. A target appears, the egg is released and all that is left is to wait.

Eggs Out

The scoring is based on how much of the target zone the egg covers. Cover the white area only and you earn one star, cover the yellow area and you earn two stars and cover the orange area and you earn three stars. Stars are used to unlock different colored egg styles and the ultimate goal of Eggs Out is to see how many consecutive puzzles you can solve.

Eggs Out is not a very difficult game to pick up and play, but it can drive you a little nuts at times. Just when you think a gap in the maze is large enough to allow the egg to pass, it ends up being too small. When you think an egg can bounce left, it bounces right. Also, remember the basic egg shape rolls with less predictability of a round ball.

Eggs Out is an enjoyable game to help you pass short bits of time, but does have an addictive pull. It is easy to find yourself saying, "one more game" when the egg misses your target on a bounce or turn you miss judged. Gaming streaks can also be challenging to reach the double-digit territory.

Overall, Eggs Out is an entertaining Windows 10 Mobile game. Graphics are minimal and while gameplay takes an uncomplicated approach, the game is not without challenge. The free game is also available for Windows Phone 8.1 devices (low-memory devices included) and is a great option when you are in the mood for a game on the lighter side that doesn't skimp on challenge.

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