Elegoo announces the Jupiter, a large-scale 3D printer coming to Kickstarter

Elegoo Juptier Kickstarter
Elegoo Juptier Kickstarter (Image credit: Elegoo)

What you need to know

  • Elegoo is launching a new Kickstarter in early September.
  • The Jupiter is a large-scale resin 3D printer.
  • The cost will be $1,300 at retail but will be heavily discounted for the Kickstarter.

Update September 7: The Kickstarter landing page is live and will be ready to accept pledges at 2:00 PM(UTC) on September 11.

On August 16, 2021, Elegoo, the maker of the popular Neptune 2 and Mars line of 3D printers, announced a new product coming to Kickstarter in early September. The Elegoo Jupiter will be the biggest 3D printer the company has made to date and will feature an advanced set of features.

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The Jupiter is what we would call a large-scale resin 3D printer. A standard resin printer is small, with a build area of around 130 x 80 x 160mm, while mid-range printers are around 192 x 120 x 200mm. The Jupiter will feature a 277 x 156 x 300mm build area, putting it within the same realm as the Peopoly Phenom. Giant printers are the next step in the evolution of resin printers, so it makes sense for Elegoo to go this route. The Jupiter also sports a 6K monochrome LCD that should give excellently detailed prints that will print really fast.

Elegoo has chosen to launch the Jupiter on Kickstarter, which has caused a stir in the 3D printing community. Some detractors feel Kickstarter is not the place for established companies to launch new products. The idea is that said companies should have the resources to launch a product without shifting the liability to the consumer. Kickstarter offers no guarantees that you will receive your product even if it is fully backed, so a bad company could take people's money and not send the product.

Others feel Kickstarter is a good way for a company to gauge the interest in a product and allow those "early bird" buyers — those who love to be at the forefront of new technology — to get a new product at a discounted price. Elegoo is a large company whose reputation in the community would be severely damaged if it tried anything underhanded, so many people feel safe committing to a Kickstarter.

The Elegoo Jupiter Kickstarter will launch in early September with pricing between $600 and $850 and a retail tag of $1,300. We will keep you updated with the Kickstarter link as soon as it goes live.

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