Elite Dangerous

Frontier Developments has announced that Elite Dangerous: Horizons The Engineers update is now live on both PC and Xbox One. The company has also touched on how future updates and releases will hit console and PC simultaneously. The latest release as part of the Horizons season, The Engineers, is joined by version 1.6 which is available to all players for free.

Have you ever felt like Elite Dangerous simply needed more loot and crafting? This is all now possible in The Engineers — version 2.1. You'll need to be rocking Horizons (separate from the base game), but should you not have Horizons you will still be able to enjoy all that's new in 1.6.

You should be able to download the latest updates on Xbox One and PC, depending on whether you have Horizons or not. It's a massive update just in time for the weekend, so be sure to set aside many hours to explore space once again.