You can now play old Nintendo and Sega ROMs on Windows 10 with an Xbox controller

The developer behind the Nesbox console emulator has released its Windows 10 UWP app. It allows people to play old Nintendo and Sega console ROMs on Windows 10 PCs, Windows 10 Mobile phones, and even the Microsoft HoloLens.

Update: Universal Emulator is unpublished from the Store, but only temporarily. Microsoft wants the Xbox submission part removed. By the sound of, Microsoft will allow this on Windows 10 but not the Xbox One. See our full story for more information.

The emulator does require you to be on the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

Support for Xbox Controller on Mobile!

Perhaps the biggest news, however, is those on Windows 10 Mobile and actually pair - and use - the new Bluetooth Xbox One S controller with this emulator.

While the on-screen overlays remain we were able to use an Xbox controller to play all our old favorites with ease. The Bluetooth Xbox One S controller also works with Windows 10 for PC and HoloLens (which we're trying out right now).


The Nesbox app is designed to work with ROMs for Nintendo's older consoles like the NES, Super Nintendo, and GameBoy Color/Advanced games. Sega Genesis game ROMS are also supported. In theory, Nesbox should also work for the Xbox One console as well, but at the moment it looks like it is not yet been approved by Microsoft.

As a public service, we will point out that downloading ROMs for games is considered to be illegal in most parts of the world. For free games that are in the public domain (non-copyright infringing) please head to PDRoms Homebrew for support.

Update: We can confirm it also works on HoloLens

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Download Nesbox Universal Emulator from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

QR: Nesbox

John Callaham
  • This might actually make me go out to get an Xbox One S controller... Now if the two Halo games can get onboard with this too, that'd be nice.
  • Halo 5 forge is availabele for windows 10
  • I was actually leaning more towards the two Spartan games. My bad! :D
  • Does anyone know of any W10(M) Emulators that do N64 games?
  • Win64E10
  • I am thinking the same thing... Who would have thought W10M might explode because of... Games?
  • This is kinda condoning piracy.
  • Same with covering torrent apps like we did yesterday. Such is the world. We don't condone, we are reporting. Emulators are in and of themselves not illegal. It's what you do with them, much like a PC.
  • Torrents are different to Emulators though, there is a justifiable use case for legitimate reasons. The same cannot be said for Emulators, also the fact that you specifically talk about ROMs which there is no grey area regarding legality. Hey, it's your site, you can do what you wish, I'm just pointing it out.
  • False. Read the last paragraph of the article first before making such claims. There are open source and homebrew ROMs just like there are torrents. No difference.
  • Which is entirely contradicted by the paragraph before it talking about playing retro games on NES/SNES/GBA and Genesis, the vast majority of homebrew ROMs are not retro,. Like I said, it's your site you can do what you want article wise. You don't need to justify the actions of your writers to me.
  • If you own the console and game, it is legal to emulate them, as far as I'm aware in the US. You can also rip the ROM from your own cartridge if you want.
  • Actually, it isn't. Read the terms in the manuals for those games you have ROMs for.
  • I think this is where I'm confused. I seem to remember way back in the day that despite the manuals stating duplicates are not allowed, that there were some legal challenges that won, in the end. It's been such a non-issue for me for ages that I've forgotten. Will need to dig up some more on this. :)
  • Don't be confused during Bill Cliton's predency he allowed a consumer rights to own a backup copy of any digitally purchased item they purchase. It's the reason iTunes got rid of DRM on their music files, its the reason you can rip cds as backups, its the reason you can jailbreak your iphone and it's the reason why you can backup your games. Sin Ogaris is just intent on making himself look like a biggest imbicile the forums has ever seen by continuring his self rightous rant.
  • That makes sense and is about the era that I am thinking of too. Thanks for the clarification!
  • The terms in the manuals are not legally binding just like the "warranty void if removed" stickers on devices. Even Nintendo's legal page admits you have "second copy" rights. But you need to make the copy yourself. It can not be downloaded.
  • D'oh. That making it myself might be difficult when it comes to NES cartridges.
  • Law > terms or licenses... It's not because the terms state you may not name your firstborn child Mario that it has legal grounds. In the country where I live shrinkwrapping licenses have nill value.  If you have the right to make a backup nothing in any license or manual can override that in a lot of countries.        
  • There are several cases in which it is perfectly legal 1. It's in the public domain 2. It was sold/given to you by the copyright holder 3. The copyright has expired (not possible for a few more decades) 4. It a a copy YOU made from a game you legally own.
  • The thing is that the homebrew roms people make and make available for free are not illegal. Those Roms are based on whichever console/engine/emulator they use. I've seen a number of free homebrew roms that are designed with NES graphics and physics, as well as SNES, etc. Those ROMs are, as you said yourself are about "playing Retro Games on NES/SNES/GBA and Genesis" as those homebrew ROMs use those retro console physics, like a game Engine. Whether someone uses actually licensed video games like Mortal Kombat, Sonic or Super Mario Bros. Is the same issue as someone using a Torrent program to get a Movie like Star Trek Beyond, Scarface, etc. The thing is, is that Torrents are not all illegal either. There are many files on Torrent sites that are perfectly legal. Whether someone is sharing a personal file or program they made themselves or a developer / company using torrents to share updates, drivers, patches, demos, or whatever. Even budding musicians will use torrents to get themselves known. The point is, is that even if some use emulators and torrents for illegal things, that doesn't mean everything everybody does with them is illegal. The laws in your country are not the same for other countries.... Should WC not report or talk about something that might not be illegal in other countries but is illegal in your country? Just get over it.
  • I'm also curious about the legality of having ROMs for games I own. I own Super Mario Bros. 3 for my NES, for example. I remember this being a big thing years ago, but don't remember the outcomes of any of it. But if I own the cartridge, I'm curious if I'm able to have the ROM?
  • Technically, as per the manual for the game you own, no. That being said there is no task force in place to crack down on some dude downloading a ROM for a thirty year old game. You are completely safe if you do it. Just don't start putting them on discs and selling them.
  • You've already been proven wrong about "per the manual" give it up. It's not a big deal, which you claim after being corrected by the writers, yet you still continue to argue your false point.
  • The manual for these games are over 20 years old. There have been court cases since then regarding this matter. Like someone else said, you can make a copy from the game you already own as it's exactly the same. You can't download a ROM of a game you own.
  • Considering there are a number of old games I bought full price when they first came out on the NES or SNES which I can not physically buy anymore and don't work due to 30 some years of wear and tear..... And that many of those games I have again bought on the Wii and again on the WiiU as digital versions, I think Nintendo certainly got their money's worth from me that a rom on my phone to play the same game portably that I already own on the WiiU and bought originally at full price in the 80's isn't a big deal. Nintendo isn't losing out on money from me because they already got my money 2-3 times before already.
  • I agree. :) I just like knowing what the details are. I'd probably still consider downloading a ROM because yeah, I've bought the game decades ago, and while it still works on my NES more or less, I don't have a means to make a personal backup but I did pay for it. Still though, always curious how these things work out. :)
  • And dont download them from malware infested sites... THAT is the biggest risk ;)
  • So what of open source and home brew roms? Ate they also illegal??
  • I already talked about them if you bothered to read my posts.
  • Some people defend downloading copyrighted material off Torrents saying if the user owns the original, they are entitled to a backup copy. Some even say if you paid for the IP by buying a movie on DVD, it is legitimate to download it in another format to watch on the go since we use tablets instead of portable DVD players nowadays. Same can be said about emulators. I still have my original game consoles and cartridges and discs in a closet, but nowadays running an emulator on the living-room HTPC, hopefully on Xbox One UWP soon, or on a tablet is much more convenient. Not to mention while consoles still works, finding a monitor with scart or S-Video input is getting very difficult.
  • Because people defend it doesn't make it legal. Of all those games, movies, music, whatever you own you don't actually own the product itself, you own a license to USE that product for personal home use. That does not include reproducing it in any way. Again, check the legal jargon at the back of your game manual. In all honesty, unless you are ripping illegal copies and selling them by the thousands no law enforcement agency gives two ***** but that still doesn't make it legal.
  • Being legal or illegal doesn't make something right or wrong.  And the game manual legal jargon is usless until it is tested in court.  Companies fill EULAs with all sorts of legalease in the hopes something will stick.  Much of it wont.
  • So pedantic and obtuse.
  • Yeah chillax bros, even librarians don't shoosh anymore
  • Legal and illegal doesn't only depends on what IP owners would like and how they can turn some countries into their own little enforcement paradise. Many countries are lucky enough to have a real democracy and a roman-based legal system, with civil laws voted by the population and trying to pick laws that are fair to both sides. There is a difference between reproducing for distribution (conterfaited), or reproducing for personal convenience or backup. Many countries differentiate the two. Cracking the DVD CSS to make a personal copy of a DVD can lend you in jail in the US (thanks to the DMCA), and yet is regarded as perfecly legal in many other countries.
  • Wrong. You have "second copy" rights see my posts above.
  • From your statement that you don't own the product you own the license to USE means that it dosen't matter what product you play it from as long as you own the license to USE it your fine.  So if I paid for it years ago and never sold that license to USE it to someone else I could still USE it today on any product that I didn't own in the first place.
  • Indeed, you have bought a license to use that product and you don't own it, but if the object containing the data you have a license to Use doesn't work anymore for whatever reason, does that mean you have to go out and buy yet another license from another object containing the same data.... Thus having two licenses? If the people / business don't provide the same data/content for use with new devices and hardware because the old ones are no longer sold or obsolete, what happens to that license you have to use that data when they no longer support it.... Yet don't want you to find your own way to keep using the data you paid a license to use for? What about serial keys? There are a lot of products these days that use serial keys to protect your ability to keep using the license you paid for as your proof of purchase. If you lose the data, you can go back to their web site or even torrent and download the software again so long as you use a legit and registered serial / product key you paid for. Heck, even Microsoft does this, especially with Windows 10. If you can prove you bought the license already and you are using it for the same reasons you used it before (same system but needed to reformat, etc.), they don't care where you get Windows 10 from. If I bought Super Mario Bros on the NES, then bought it again on the Wii, then bought it yet again on the WiiU, I have three licenses to play that game. I think being able to play the same damn game on my phone is covered.
  • Would this still be considered illegal if you own the games in cartriage or disc form?
  • Yup. The title says it all.
  • You have the right to emulate anything that you own.
  • So you're mad about ROM files.  How much is Nintendo and Sega paying you?
  • Unless they've changed the laws, downloading a ROM for a game you already own in hard copy -IS- legal. It's downloading a ROM for a game you do -NOT- own already in hard copy is illegal. While I DO NOT condone piracy, it's not really policed at the 8-bit and 16-bit ROMS level (and probably not policed on newer systems either), so if you want an instant retro collection, you will almost definitely get away with it......but know that you're breaking the law to do it, and that there's always that paper thin chance you're gonna get ultra-busted. And if that happens, remember that I tried to tell you not to do it. :-) Now, for those of us who actually do have a retro collection in hard copy that's in a storage shed, or still in your parent's basement, or, as in my case, you just want to be able to game more conveniently in a second zone, again, unless the law's changed, you're good to go. Download away! I usually go to EmuParadise or CoolRoms for mine.....but I would definitely make sure to have your virus protection up to date. If you have a Linux or Mac machine that you can use to actually procure your ROMs with instead, that's probably the best. I don't know for a fact that there are viruses there, and I've never encountered a problem (at least not one I could pin to the site), it sure looks awfully "dirty lavoratory". So, caveat emptor, and all of that! :-) Lastly, PRO-TIP, be very careful that you're clicking the actual download link for the ROM!!! Even if they're not sending secret viruses to your computer just by showing up, they are most definitely not above providing a lot of highly misleading links to [at best] junkwear for you to click thinking you're getting your game......dirty lavoratory......the scoundrels!
  • There's been a lot of noise here over whether or not it's legal or illegal to download ROMs for games we already own in hard copy. I've been saying yes (black and white - white), others, citing a Nintendo article are saying no (black and white - black), but that ripping ROMs from your own carts is a yes (black and white - white). Well, if this article (which also references the Nintendo article) is to be believed, then all of us who have been arguing in black and white terms, be that white or black.......are all wrong. This article presents a scenario of total gray for everything -EXCEPT- downloading ROMs for games you don't already own (black and white - black), and sharing ROMs with people who don't own the ROMs (also a no no). Read for yourself: As I've said in comments on other articles on Mobile Nations, I'm a huge gamer with a collection that spans roughly 40 systems (themselves representing roughly 40 years of gaming history) with somewhere around 1000 games between them. My favorite eras are the "8-bit" (3rd gen), and even more so, the "16-bit" (4th gen) which are central to this article. After those, I suppose my favorite era is this current one. And as I've said in other comments on this specific article, I am in the habit of downloading ROMs for games that I already own. All my game systems older than XB360 are in the basement hooked to an old CRT console TV in order to preserve the proper graphics. But I don't spend a lot of time down there. I'd do a lot more retro gaming on my gaming PC in the living room, or on any number of the portible eletronic devices I have.  If I were to find out that it was absolutely black and white clear that I'm breaking the law in doing this, then even if there's no reasonable fear of any legal or criminal repercussions, I'm the kinda guy who still would face serious qualms of conscience over the practice, and would have an INCREDIBLY hard time just shrugging my shoulders and saying "F the police". Yet on the other hand, ceasing the practice would be a VERY painful loss for me. In short, it'd be a major blow. So with that said, even though I'm not generally a "loophole A-hole", if there's a gray area in this case, I'm gonna live there. Also, for whatever this is worth, consider the source. Just as we'd cast immediate suspicion on Emuparadise's article explaining the legality of downloading ROMs, would we not also be well suited to approach with some skepticism an article on the illegality of downloading ROMs from the single most litigious, most ridiculously-to-the-harm-of-the-customer jealous of their IP company in the gaming world? If we're allowed to believe that downloading ROMs for games we own is illegal, then Emuparadise is going to suffer a serious drop in traffic as a result, so of course, they're going to try to bend the truth in order to assure us we're not breaking the law. Likewise, if we're allowed to believe that downloading ROMS for games is legal (or at least, not necessarily illegal), then Nintendo is going to be seriously curtailed in their abilities to count on you buying your 7th paid copy of Super Mario 3, so would they not also be likely to present us a vision of the practice which is colored to their ends? Just some food for thought.
  • Does the controller work on Lumia 730 ? I mean does it have the drivers?
  • The drivers are part of the OS, not the firmware. If you have the anniversary update, it will work.
  • Does this work with continuum (connection to TV)
  • That's what I want to know too!
  • See my post DOES support continuum. I tried excitebike on my 50" TV and it looked great
  • Eeexcellent
  • Me Three!
  • I can start it in Continuum but I haven't tried any games so far. Looks promising though.
  • Cool if it has full Continuum support. I'll try it at my Continuum setup at work after the weekend.
  • Full Continuum support confirmed. Just played a few games via Continuum and a wired Xbox 360 controller. This is just what I was waiting for! With a dock or USB Hub, I will be able to play multiplayer games again with multiple wired Xbox controllers!!! Win64e10 works with Continuum as well but the games run slower due to more graphically intensive games and the reservation of CPU/GPU power to power the second screen and phone screen as two separate devices. Windows 10 Mobile on a high end phone has just become even more awesome!
  • .
  • ,
  • !  
  • Hoping this app makes it to Xbox One too.
  • Ill give this a go..i used to use dotNES on winphone which was good.
  • It DOES support continnum! Playing Excitebike on my 50" TV as we speak...
  • Did anyone try moga compatible games with the new Xbox One controller?
  • There are quite a few games using the controller on the store already, like wingman - fight for earth, pigboy, quary driver amd more... It is fun especially with continuun. :)
  • Any chance of this coming to Xbox One?
  • It's pending approval.
  • That's fantastic, hopefully it gets approved.
  • Genuine question, do you really think they would allow this? I am sure the politics and considerations of the idea could be worthy of an article. For me, I'd love some of my old amiga games on the Xbox One. If only just to see them. I am aware that there are ways of running them on PC.
  • Apparently it passed cerftification for the Xbox store too. Is there any real reason why Microsoft would not allow it on Xbox but would allow it on Windows?
  • Yes it passed and should be online and ready to download soon for XBOX ONE.
    ​However, the problem is Nintendo. I bet my d**k that they will force MS to remove it from XBOX Store atleast.
  • I don't think Nintendo can force them from a legal standpoint. Otherwise they would take it down from all stores.
  • Had to change my comment as Nintendo don't go after the emulators, more so the ROM sites.
  • I don't think they have legal grounds to request that. There is no IP in this.
  • Yeah, the only reason I can think for Microsoft rejecting this on Xbox is public perception.
  • Exactly, it could be Microsoft policy, but is voluntary at this point. Nintendo can't request anything.
  • I would disagree there. Nintendo can request all they want, Microsoft just doesn't have to oblige.
  • Yeah, that was my bad, I changed my comment, Nintendo have gone after ROM sites, but not emulators themselves.
  • your poor duck :-(
  • If Nintendo don't want their ROM pirated they can just port their games to Windows Store either free or paid. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Does anybody have a list of Bluetooth Xbox One controllers? I looked up the Design Lab and that has Bluetooth, but the Limited Edition Halo 5: Guardians controller does not have it.
  • No list sorry, but a wired USB connection does work if you're that way inclined!
  • All Xbox One S controllers are BlueTooth enabled.
  • Welldone but I have played DS games on my android atrix hd in 2014 and mame4droid neo geo emulations.Is there any app for these mame ds games rather than typical snes, sega, advance???
  • It being UWP... Can it.... ahem.... go to XB1?
  • Read comments above, or look on nesbox's website and twitter.
  • Yea it seems like it might pop up on Xbox in a couple of days. Insane.
  • Please forgive my ignorance, but how do i get the game onto my computer. Where do i get the files for Mario Bros from ?
  • Google is your friend.
  • Just search for ROM's of the games you want.
  • That's a good thing that emulators (and other apps) are coming on Xbox One already well optimized thanks to UWP logic. Maybe the UI of some apps should be less "smartphone" and more "console" oriented. p.s. If you're interested, I'm working on a Vectrex emulator called "Vettore 10" for Windows 10 (including Xbox One) ;)
  • I love you for this
  • Illegal? but all the screenshots show Mario and others, that may be not exactly legal.  Anyway I want to try some of them, but it is hard to find a real roms instead of hundreds of porn sites and spam.
  • Not illegal if you own the game in hard copy. Illegal if you don't.
  • Sweet, it should be this way. Nintendo should just go the way of sega and release games for other platforms
  • I have my XBOX One S Controller synced to my phone, but it still isn't allowing me to control anything on the app. Did you have to do anything in particular?
  • Download free nes & sega rom:
  • Linking to piracy sites? Really?
  • I'm surprised the mods haven't deleted it yet.
  • Not piracy if you already own a hard copy.
  • Its better and easier to download complete collections for consoles. Available on lot of torrent sites.
  • How to run super Mario game
  • Set up my Lumia 950XL to connect to my Microsoft Wirless Display Adapter.  Synced my Xbox One S controller w/ Lumia 950XL.  Played Road Rash II (Sega Megadrive / Genesis) and Street Fighter II Turbo (SNES) .... damn this is cool!
  • Hell yes! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Anyone would be kind enough to tell me from where I can get the ROM's for the games like super Mario?
  • emuParadise is a great resource, but make sure your virus protection is up to date. :-)
  • Is this only supporting Nintendo and Sega systems so far? Are there plans to do other systems? Big Turbografx16/PC Engine fan here! Also, there's all the Atari stuff! There's also the question of quality of emulation. I'm working to find the best win32 emulators for the various consoles. Important to me is sound quality in emulation, and the ability to add faux scanlines to make the graphics look the way they were originally designed to look. KEGA Fusion for Genesis/32X/SegaCD/Mastersystem is excellent, but I can't even get HuGo for PCE/TG16 to run. If we can have this for multiple systems all in one UWA that jumps form factors, then I'd be super happy man! Can anybody tell me how the emulation quality is, and whether more sophisticated options like scanline emulation is available? Also, the full list of systems currently supported and/or planned for future support would be great! :-) Thanks! Cheers!
  • p.s. I believe the law here in the states when it comes to ROMs is that it's legal to download them if you have a hard copy, but illegal if you don't. I do have a very big collection of old-school consoles and games, so I can legally download quite a lot. But why, you may be asking, if I already have them in hard copy? Easy! They're all hooked up to an old 36" console CRT in the basement to preserve their proper grahpics, but I'd probably play them a whole lot more if I could play them in the living room upstairs, or even on the go. Plus, real hardware vs emulation is a lot like listening to an album on vinyl vs listening to it on [take your pick] streaming music service. The latter is much more convenient, and practical, and chances are we all do MUCH more of the latter than the former even if we own a turntable and some albums....but the former is WAAAAAAAAAAY cooler, and nothing beats the sound/vibe. Well, it's exactly the same thing with consoles vs emulation. With emulation, you can have all your games on one drive, have a universal controller to rule them all, not have to either mess with unhooking one system to hook up another (or have them all hooked up at once with a billion surge protectors and selector boxes), not have to mess with finding the cartridge you want, blowing into it over and over, to make it work, and with the better emulators, you can tweak settings to give you a reasonbly authentic graphics and sound experience........but dammit, there's nothing cooler than slamming that Genesis cart into the system, see that red light come on, grabbing that beefy 3-button controller, and kicking some butt on the Streets of Rage over a giant CRT tube! :-) Cheers!
  • Wall of text. Did you write the bible too? :-)
  • Most.helpful.reply.evaaaaar.
  • Haha. But seriously, have you heard of paragraphs?
  • The app doesn't separate paragraphs properly. It's an 'app' issue. Assuming you are reading the above comments in the app :)
  • Even so, he only used two paragraphs in that post.
  • Hey, you know what I can't help but notice? How much time has been dedicated to the construction of my post, and how little time has been dedicated to answering the queries contained therein.
  • Yes, they're great! In fact, I used them, lemme go back and count......6 of them between the two posts. The flip side of the problem (and I'm guilty of this too sometimes) is that we've become so afraid of prohibitively long paragraphs on the Internet, or even in things like work e-mails that we make every sentence into a paragraph. Again, not completely innocent on this myself, but that's not how to do it either.
  • You're right, they are too short just as often as they are too long. But when they are too short they're still easy to read and digest, on the other hand, when too long, especially in a format like this, it makes it very hard work tp read. I'll admit it, I only skimmed thru your post for just this reason, thr formatting applied on this site - both on the web and in the app - made it too bothersome to bother reading it outright, especially the second post. So what I'm saying is, under certain circumstances it's okay to use very short one or two sentence paragraphs. Especially if you want your opinion to be heard :)
  • Okay, but even so, we've all spent quite a lot of time talking about the length of the paragraphs and in the meanwhile, absolutely no [digital] ink has been spilled on actually interacting with them. The tremendous irony here is the realization of how many times the comment could've been thoroughly read in the time we've spent discussing paragraph lengths. Anyway, I'm not trying to sound snarky, bro. In fact, I'm actually making a very deliberate, very focused effort not to. But can we all pleeeeeeaaaase either a) move the conversation forward from here to the questions/assertions I posed, or b) just move on from this conversation entirely to any of the other manifold marvels of the Internet - or beyond? It's getting a little difficult to maintain an outlook of the paragraph fixation as something classifiable as "non-trolling". Cheers!
  • This is awesome. I have installed the app on my 950XL and using Continuum I have the Xbox controller plugged in and it working awesome! This is exactly why I'm excited about the UWP apps. Other platforms get small little things and people go crazy, Microsoft gives us a phone that does pretty much everything a desktop and nobody blinks an eye. As far as the debate about how legal the ROMs are, if you are worried, don't do it or maybe talk to a lawyer, but nothing is going to be settled in a comments section. Let's have fun people!!
  • Can you please tell me some good games that I can download now.
    I have searched but im not able to find good ones.
  • Will we ever see a Xbox one s controller in black?
  • I've downloaded the app... Can someone please suggest some good games that I can play using the emulator? I was looking for Mario as an example but couldn't find it. And from where do I download them ? Is it possible to download directly in the phone ? Thanks !
  • Before I answer your question, I should repeat that downloading ROMs for games you don't own in hard copy is not legal. So I can't officially condone or recommend you doing that. There's been a lot of noise in the comments section here regarding legality / illegality of downloading ROMS you do own (no), or ripping ROMs from your own games (yes), but per the following article, both are apparently more gray than a simple yes or no, but even this article is clear concerning the legality of downloading ROMs for games you don't bueno: Now, that disclaimer aside, if you're looking for "best games" for a system, a second disclaimer: it's very difficult (or even impossible) to establish "best games" on universal, objective grounds. In a manner of speaking, then, there may be no such thing as truly "best" or "worst" games. And there is some ground for debate over any game. It's all subjective, and the closest you're gonna get to a good answer is "group think", the popular opinion of the masses. That said, in this case, I still believe that the group think is actually a pretty good measure -IF- you know how to sort through all the noise of a bazillion different voices on the Internet: I say approach it the way that ancient textual criticism scholars arrive at conclusions over what is and is not authentic in an ancient text: by examining as many copies of the text as they can from as diverse of regions as they can, and over the course of as many copies as possible (and with increasing reliability as the number of texts they encounter increases) the actual text emerges in the consistency across the copies. It's not a perfect analogy as we're comparing something objective with something subjective, and it's a method entirely dependent on populist thought, but if you look at as many "best games for xyz system" lists as you can, you will begin to appreciate a certain corpus of games that rises to the top in ubiquity. For instance, games like Skulls and Crossbones or 8eyes are not likely to make it into anybody's "my favorite 50 NES games" unless they've either only played 50 games or else they are acutely nostalgia driven in their list and the games were impactful to them in that way. Games like Metal Gear or Wizards and Warriors may appear in many lists but may not appear in many others. However, games like Legend of Zelda, or Super Mario Bros 3, or Mega Man 2 have this funny way of making it onto virtually EVERY list ever created, and thus emerge [subjectively and (?)] as "the best games for xyz system". This is why just one person's list of "best games" held all alone is almost entirely worthless, while many such lists held together is incredibly valuable. Look, it's an imperfect approach. Maybe you'll disagree, not like these games, and be disappointed. Maybe you'll fall head over heels in love with 8eyes instead. Who knows? That's the risk you always assume when trusting other people's opinions on a subjective matter. But in terms of questions over "where do I begin?", these games would represent an EXCELLENT starting point! :-) Cheers!
  • Wow. Great response man !!
    Now you listed certain games but from where do I download them ?
  • Thanks! :-) There are many sites you can go to for ROMs. I answered this in an earlier comment on the article, so I hope you're okay with my just copy/pasting that answer, rather than typing it all over again. Here's that earlier answer: ---------------------------- I usually go to EmuParadise or CoolRoms for mine.....but I would definitely make sure to have your virus protection up to date. If you have a Linux or Mac machine that you can use to actually procure your ROMs with instead, that's probably the best. I don't know for a fact that there are viruses there, and I've never encountered a problem (at least not one I could pin to the site), but it sure looks awfully "dirty lavoratory". So, caveat emptor, and all of that! :-) Lastly, PRO-TIP, be very careful that you're clicking the actual download link for the ROM!!! Even if they're not sending secret viruses to your computer just by you showing up, they are most definitely not above providing a lot of highly misleading links to [at best] junkwear for you to click thinking you're getting your game......dirty lavoratory......the scoundrels!
  • Thanks man !!! I'll try it for sure. I can download them on PC and just transfer to phone to make sure there aren't any viruses. :)
  • I would just download them on your phone without downloading them to your PC first. Windows 10 Mobile has no known malware.
  • [edit: was meant to be a reply to AbhiWindows10, but somehow ended up as an all new comment.]
  • Meh. If you want to play NES/SNES/ or Sega games, there are plenty of 3rd party programs that work fine. You can use amost any controller with them too. If your looking for portable, forget your phone, go out on ebay pick up a old Sony PSP, do a firmware hack, dump roms on it and play them on the console. Makes the best portable console emulator available...
  • Yep... And then have to carry a separate device as well as your phone, which is twice the size and battery lasts all of two hours, id rather carry my continuum dock ;)
  • and the app is gone
  • So pissed off i didnt get to download on my tablet!!! Got it on my laptop thou. Looks like ms or dev pulled it. Was really hoping to get it on my XB1 looks like it is not going to happen :( We can all dream!!!
  • Went to the MS store to try this with the new Xbox One S controller. Synced with my phone like a champ but couldn't get it to control the app. Is there a setting you need to activate to get it to work wirelessly? (Wired controller and 950 dock work but the wireless adapter and the dock/old Xbox one controller, still no dice).